E3 2012: EA media briefing

Dead Space 3 was the first game showcased at EA's media briefing this year. Taking place in a new planet and featuring new Necromorphs, Dead Space 3 will allow players to drop in and out of co-op mode at will. We are treated to a scene where a massive Necromorph pulls in the player, as he struggles to not be "swallowed". The trip down the organic intestine-like tube is definitely disturbing, yet we couldn't look away.

Moving in a completely different direction, on to Madden NFL 13. The new Infinite Engine was highlighted, which allows for better and more complex animations. This means that when you begin a tackle animation, that is not how the play ends and your fate isn't sealed by being tackled. Instead, that takcle is now just the beginning: you can struggle, break free and keep on moving.

The new Legacy feature in career allows you to play as a coach (you can even be John Madden himself) or as a player in 32-player leagues. A newsfeed is generated as you play, a bit like an RSS feed, and you can manage your team on your PC, tablet or phone.

Maxis perked my interest with SimCity Social for Facebook; and a new SimCity for PC which will include the new GlassBox simulation engine providing detailed information and visualization. Players can develop a region on their own, or play with a group of friends building a series of cities in a region.

A Battlefield 3 Premium edition was revealed, which will include early access to all four upcoming expansion packs (which will add up to 20 maps, weapons, 4 game modes, a unique knife and dog tags) and offer double XP weekends. Call of Duty Elite-inspired, for sure.

The Star Wars: The Old Republic trailer gave us a quick glance at new content (higher level cap, a new world, new companion, character transfers and more) and revealed free to play functionality up to level 15 starting in July, for those wanting to give it a go.

Based on real-world events, Medal of Honor: Warfighter features the new Frostbite Engine, which adds detailed water physics and sound distortion while underwater. Slow motion during key moments allow you to land more shots before an enemy reacts. The multiplayer portions introduces twelve Tier 1 warfighter units.

EA Sports' lineup followed, beginning with Madden NFL Social a Facebook/mobile phone interchangeable game. Not much was said about the game, and we moved on to FIFA 13 and a trailer showcased the upcoming features, announced as the biggest update in the history of the franchise yet.

The next surprise was the appearance of Dana White with the announcement of a partnership between EA Sports and UFC for a new series of games.

Stunts and crash physics are coming to Need for Speed: Most Wanted, in an open-world setting where you can explore, pursuit, race and evade the cops afterwards. A new version of the Autolog is sure to integrate competition into all aspects of the game.

Crytek wrapped up the show with Crysis 3. Prophet returns to New York in 2047, where nanodomes have turned the city of concrete into a real jungle. The trailer showed vast environments providing different paths, environmental destruction, and focus on Prophet's new nanosuit abilities such as stealth and archery.

While the announcements made during the briefing weren't overly impressive, the lineup is diverse enough to be satisfactory. (Read: I saw SimCity and I want it NOW.)

For trailers of the announced titles, watch the playlist below.