E3 2012: Ubisoft media briefing

Ubisoft's presentation began with dancers on stage promoting a few songs from the upcoming Just Dance 4, Moves Like Jagger, Wild Wild West, Maneater followed by a live performance of Flo Rida on stage. The music didn't win me over, and I certainly haven't played any of the previous titles, because when I look at them, I have the feeling the neon colors will eventually cause me to have some sort of seizure or something.

Some of the gameplay was shown on the WiiU, introducing the new Puppet Master mode where the player holding the WiiU tablet will pick the moves for others to dance. Battle mode and single play were highlighted as well, with the release date announcement of October 9, 2012.

Moving on to some naughty bits from the FarCry 3 trailer, boobs, nipples and all! I am amazed at the lack of censorship, thinking back of how The Witcher a few years back had nipples magically erased from the collectible cards... But here is this tribal lady baring it all (well, at least the top), explaining that your tattoo has special powers - the power to undress the ladies, I thought! Smart-ass remarks aside, FarCry 3 looks interesting. Jason Brody seems invincible as he takes down a camp full of mercenaries with knives, bows and gunfire, and bonus feline help. Then mortality hits him, as main bad guy Vaas stabs him. The following moments look like hallucinations just before he blacks out. Way to leave us hanging!

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist followed, with Sam Fisher stocked up on gadgets and a mix of stealth and action. You may notice a bit of Assassin's Creed-reminiscent acrobatics in some of his movements. Co-op and Spies vs. Mercs will be returning, rogue agencies are depicted, and it looks like Sam may have a spybot to help him gather intelligence, as well as some help from hostages. You may miss Michael Ironside's voice though.

A graphically impressive trailer of The Avengers: Battle for Earth showed Wolverine battling Venom and Spider-Man facing Magneto, while other Avengers team members watch from a rooftop. The game is confirmed for WiiU and Xbox 360 Kinect.

Rayman Legends for WiiU looked like a fun game to play, supporting up to 5 players. The WiiU GamePad is used manipulate and rotate platforms on the TV screen, and the game offers different types of gameplay, and we watched as the traditional platformer with some Sonic-inspired sequences turned into a rhythm game.

One of the games that got my undivided attention this year was ZombiU. This trailer played to the sound of "God Save the Queen", more like a slideshow of stills/stop-motion with some animations. It takes place in Britain, and we even see one of the Royal Guards taking out a zombie." Awesome, I want it, give it to me now" where the only thoughts in my head at this point.

From the gore and death to a more upbeat trailer, a sequence of short presentations for upcoming WiiU games was shown: Rabbids Land (they're back, BWAAAHHHHH!!!), Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013, Sports Connection (golf and kart quick peeks) and Just Dance 4.

Ubisoft then emphasizes Assassin's Creed III, which takes place during the American Revolution and stars a new hero. In the trailer we see Connor fight his way through a series of redcoats, spotting his target, shooting him with an arrow and finishing him off with a strike of his tomahawk. Definitely inspired by Native American heritage. The gameplay demo followed, as Connor runs through snowy woods, jumps cliffs, climbs trees and does some branch to branch acrobatics. A bow and arrow is used to hunt a deer. Knife and gun combat with a pack of wolves follows. A quest initiates on passing by. Horseback riding his way up the hills, Connor eventually dismounts and climbs a tree, surprise-attacking more redcoats near a fort. Rooftop action ensues, with a target in sight.

The stage was then set up for Shootmania, a first-person shooter by the creators of TrackMania. Two teams battle it live, and I honestly spaced out through the whole thing. It was really THAT interesting... You can learn more about it at shootmania.com.

After the final trailer mix which focused on games with community involvement, social aspect and free-to-play experiences, the last presentation we saw was a new IP, Watch Dogs. Now this got my undivided attention! New, immersing, interesting, reminiscent of GTA and Heavy Rain with the movie Eagle Eye. The main character, Aidan Pierce, seems like some sort of special agent with incredible hacking abilities. He walks through the amazingly rendered streets of Chicago viewing details about his targets, a result of everyone having a "digital shadow". He can do just about anything by manipulating computer technology, such as cause traffic pileups, access personal information or tap in to security systems. If it's connected to the city's Central Operating System, he can access it and make it work in his advantage, and in the game's open world, all kinds of missions and possibilities will open up.

This briefing could have done without the annoying backstage host. But at least Ubisoft has invested enough in diversity, WiiU titles, and a surprising new IP that seem to blow everyone away.

Check out the trailers of the announced titles in the playlist below: