E3 2008: EA

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (X360, PS3, PC, DS)

We talked to Eddie Rojas from EA and Cory Lewis from Pandemic to learn some more about the upcoming Lord of the Rings: Conquest game.

This fantasy action/adventure game (here presented in its Xbox 360 form) is brought to us by the team who created Star Wars: Battlefront, but unlike other LOTR games, this one goes beyond the movies' events. In LOTR Conquest you play the good campaign up to the point where Frodo tries to cast the ring into the molten lava, at which point you will play as the Lich King on the way to try to kill the hobbit and retrieve the ring.

Basically, this is a re-telling of the ending of the movie, since the One Ring isn't destroyed. And in a way, the good and evil campaigns are actually similar to Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, since you can play as the bad guys and kick the crap out of the good guys. Both campaigns are composed of 15 levels each, each level lasting about 30 minutes. You have four main classes to play as, Warrior, Archer, Mage or Scout, and although you don't directly control your army, your character affects the morale of the other soldiers around you.

Multiplayer is a major feature in the game. Local multiplayer allows you to play in split-screen mode competitively with up to four players, or co-op with a friend. Online multiplayer offers deathmatch, capture the flag and conquest for up to 16 players (two teams of eight). There is also a Crusade Mode, where you can go head to head with someone else, against the AI or co-op with a friend.

The Lord of the Rings: Conquest is expected to be out this November for Xbox 360, PS3, DS and PC.