EverQuest Diary I: Sania Nightfall
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I ran as fast as I could towards Butcherblock's Docks, just in time to see the last shuttle floating away.

With a long wait ahead of me for the next shuttles to arrive, I plunked down my bags and took out a short hand made fishing pole to help me pass the time. It could be hours before the shuttles returned, and fish for dinner sounded much better than summoned bread.

"A little too late eh?" A blond bearded dwarf said with a chuckle.

"As am I, my short legs never let me run as fast as I want to! Hello, I am Corbin the Mighty. " I smiled back at him. Dwarves are affable and modest people and, I like them. And I especially like a dwarven warrior who refers to himself as Mighty. It's very optimistic.

"Not even my Journeyman's boots helped me get here on time. How long until the shuttles return?"

"'Twill be a few hours. Where are ye off to lass?" The dwarven curiosity... I was waiting for him to inquire.

"I heard of this new continent called Kunark, and I mean to see it by myself, all the rumors about it had me intrigued. There is even an elven outpost there." I explained.

"Hehe...You don't look like an adventurer though..." He smirked.

"Oh but I am! That's all I ever wanted to do, explore! I suppose mine would make a good story for any bard to sing about." I assured him.

"Well do tell, miss...? I didn't get your name." He looked at me inquisitively.

"Sania. Sania Nightfall."

Sania of Felwithe

I don't remember being a child at all. Maybe because I never was one. I don't remember growing up, having birthday parties or playing like children always do. I don't remember spending time with my parents, only nannies, teachers, guards and others around like me. I never really tried to understand why I didn't have any memories of my past, and it wasn't until later that I decided to look for my origins.

We were princesses, high elf royalty; we had to learn to act according to our social status. Do not talk about your roots, culture or society. Always speak in your native tongue. Koada'Dal do not mix with the commoners. That's what we were told. Did I really have parents? Or was I just another creation of the great Mother, built to her own image, a beautiful, fragile creature of ivory skin, absolutely perfect? Was I born or just created? I can't remember.

But surely we couldn't all be daughters of the same parents, we were all the same age. And it was very unlikely the Queen had twelve twins! She looked as young as any of us.

King Tearis Thex didn't look much older either. But that's one of our aspects, elves don't seem to grow old.

He wasn't very friendly, still bitter from his daughter Firiona leaving him with a group of pioneers to some unknown land.

I didn't like it in the palace. The cold marble walls were like a prison to me. Everything and everyone was cold. And quiet. The only excitement I heard came from the guards, telling about their shift at the gates. I tried to go out a few times, but only guards were allowed outside. Wizards too, they went anywhere they want for research purposes. Like them, I wished I could travel all over the world... The things they must have seen and heard, how I envy them! I wanted to go out, but I couldn't. I was supposed to be a princess and should focus on study the responsibilities of someday becoming a queen or a high priestess, and leave the fighting for the men. "There is nothing but darkness and monsters which lurk in the forest, so you might as well enjoy the safety of these marble walls." the gate guards used to tell me.

I spent most of my days in the library, with the Elders. It was located in Southern Felwithe, inside a lovely circular building above a peaceful lake, with teleports to the caster guilds. The Elders were the most experienced high elves alive. Since our race's life span is very long, it's not hard to imagine how much these men and women have seen and heard. In human years, an Elder has already lived 350 years! We reach middle age at 175 years. I am almost 88 years old, which makes me about 20 in human years.

There was so much to learn from the Elders! They knew of all the cities and their inhabitants: the strong Barbarians, the evil Dark Elves, the stout Dwarves, the intellectual Erudite (or High Man), the innate tinker Gnomes, the crossbred Half Elves, the stocky Halflings, the common Human, the massive Ogres, the ugly Trolls and the agile Wood Elves. I was eager to learn more about these races and their culture, but was always told there were more important things for me to learn, and that I had to set my priorities straight.

They had every spell scroll in existence in the library (even some forbidden scrolls, that I've heard rumors about), and a multitude of maps. It was amazing how much there was to see outside the walls of Felwithe. I used to sit at my desk, pretending to study, while I was actually listening to their tales of other places and different people, and oh, how I wished to see them.

I was initiated in the art of healing by Priest Yeolarn, my guild master. I tried other types of magic, evocation, divination, abjuration and conjuration, but I could never get it right. Healing was my vocation, and I decided to master it under Tunare's blessing. Alteration would be my specialty.

At night, I used to sit by my bedroom window staring at the majestic trees of the Greater Faydark, wondering what would it be like beyond them and what had Firiona found. I would often fall asleep like that, and dream of strange lands full of mystery, new people with vast knowledge of their surroundings teaching me about their civilizations, a world where every race would be in peace and share a common purpose of keeping the peace.