EverQuest Diary IV: Greater Faydark
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Marla had decided to teach me all she knew about the dense forest and the creatures within. I learned that following the dirt path was the best and safest way to get from Felwithe to Kelethin and to not get lost. I also learned to inspect the trees carefully to know which way was North! Marla told me to look around the trees for moss, and whichever side the moss grew, it would be facing north.

There were several creatures lurking in the darkness of the forest, thus staying on the path was safer. Most of these creatures were hostile, like the horrible skeletons, the vicious Crushbone orcs, the tiny but aggressive brownies and the wasps that tend to attack in swarms. Other creatures weren't that bad, and if we left them alone they wouldn't bother us either, like wolves, spiders, bats and pixies.

Oh, the pixies! I would have never guessed such lovely creatures could be so wicked, always playing tricks on travelers.

Then there were the faeries, but we wouldn't see those often. They would grace us with their presence when passing by, delicate little beings of golden tresses and sparkling wings enveloped in a silvery light. It was said that if a faerie stopped near you, it was a sign of good fortune, and we heard rumors that a Faerie Village existed in the depths on the Lesser Faydark.

Of course, not all of our late night promenades were free of troubles. One night after a long walk, as we rested under a magnificent oak tree savoring some royal jelly and foraged berries, a pair of orcs surprised us. Marla, her druid instincts always alert, got up on her feet right away and immobilized one of them. "You take care of that one, this one is mine!" she said while casting some sort of slow spell on the other orc. He promptly started trying to reach her without being able to run, giving her time to invoke nature's powers upon it, then run and gain some distance to do it again.

I didn't know what to do, and as I looked into the eyes of the black creature struggling to get free, fear took over me. "High Elves like you have no place in our realm!" uttered the orc in between grunts. On that moment, rage took over my fear. How dared that despicable creature call my forest his realm? I wanted to smite him right then and there for such blasphemy! Red particles of energy gathered around me scattered at first, becoming denser by the minute. Flowing towards my hands, they gathered in my palms and exploded towards the orc in a blast of crimson light and in the next moment, it was all over. The orc muttered his last words as it fell: "The Crushbone Clan shall hunt you down..."

What had I done? Priests were supposed to give life, not take it away. Marla told me not to worry about it, that the orc got what he deserved for invading Tunare's lands, since they were placed in Faydwer to spy on us and report to the Dark Elves. She didn't understand, she couldn't possibly understand the job of a priestess. I excused myself and snuck back into the palace, guilt and remorse taking over me.

I couldn't bear to go out the following day or the day after. Images of the dying orc kept coming back to haunt me, and just looking out the window to the vast woods made me sick with grief.

I sought refuge in the library, keeping my mind busy always helped me process my feelings. It didn't help me hiding them, since Master Tabren came to me inquiring about my state of mind. I couldn't help myself and between tears and sobs, I told him everything, from the wood elf outside my window to the slain orc. When I was done, I thought he would ground me or demote me of my functions as a priestess, but instead, he comforted me. He told me not to worry, that fighting the Crushbone Clan has been a must for our race for ages, and that getting rid of members of this clan was a way of purifying the land.

He explained to me that the 'red energy explosion' was one of the special powers of the priest class.

"We can call upon the wrath of the gods to smite our foes for defensive purposes" he told me.

So it wasn't my fault after all, the gods intervened through me in order to protect me from imminent danger. That made me feel very relieved. The elder priest revealed some more about this special gift.

"Beware, these powers should not be taken advantage of. Use them wisely, and the gods will surely be there to protect you when you most need their blessings." I nodded.

"And since you are now spiritually ready for the outside world, it is time to learn some new tricks."