Character Interview: Leon S. Kennedy

The life of Leon S. Kennedy has never been a simple one. After escaping his first day on the Raccoon City Police Department, which was ruined by a city-wide infestation of zombies, Leon thought he had things under control. After making deals with the US Government and spending some time with the military, Leon was assigned to rescue the president's daughter Ashley from a psychotic cult in the wilderness.

After having completed this mission, which earned him the praise of fans worldwide, we thought it would be a great idea to interview the man, the myth, the legend himself: Leon S. Kennedy.

Brandy: How are you today Leon?

Leon: I'm good. A little restless, but otherwise fine.

Brandy: That's good to hear. So, how have things been since your last outing against Los Illuminados?

Leon: Oh... well... actually I'd rather not talk about that. (looks down)

Brandy: Um ok. (shuffles some papers on the couch next to her) Well, what do you want to talk about?

(The oven timer rings in the background)

Leon (jumps up, drawing a dagger from his left boot): What was that?!

Brandy (stands up hurriedly): Oh, I'm sorry; I thought they'd be done by the time you got here. I've got something special for you in the oven.

Leon: No, that's not it. There's something (turns head back and forth, listening) there! (points outside)

Brandy (turns head to see what he's pointing at): Wha...?

(Leon jumps at Brandy, sending her flying back into the couch, which then topples backwards, sending papers and legs flying into the air. Leon lands on Brandy's chest and covers her mouth with his right hand)

Leon: SSHHHH! They'll hear you.

Brandy (muffled, yet making no attempt to move): Who will hear us?

Leon (gets closer to her face): Shhhhhh...

(Brandy nods affirmatively)

(Leon rises, rushes to the nearest window and quickly closes the blinds so as to not be detected)

Brandy (Standing now, a visibly disappointed look on her face): You didn't need to get up, you know. If you think I need protection you're more than welcome to... protect me. (raises her eyebrows)

(Leon has no reaction, and keeps peering through the blind slats)

Brandy (sighs): Fine.. What was all that about then?

Leon: There's... there's something there! It must have followed me.

Brandy (annoyed): Whatever... (walks into the kitchen and puts cookies from the stove onto a platter, then comes back into the living room) I baked you cookies.

Leon (shoves the plate away): Save them! (peeking out of the blinds again) We'll need rations for later.

Brandy (visibly dejected): But... they're chocolate chip... with love baked into every morsel.

(What seems like hours have passed. Leon has barricaded every door and window in the house. The kitchen table is propped up against the front door, blankets cover the windows and Leon paces back and forth. Meanwhile, Brandy sits on the floor, bored.)

Brandy: If we're just going to be held up here, I still don't understand why I can't ask you some questions for my interview.

Leon (quickly turns his head to face her): I told you! If we are to survive this, we must not waste our energy.

Brandy (mumbles): I could think of something to use our energy for...

Leon: What was that?

Brandy: Nothing... (stomach growls very loudly)

Leon (reacting to the noise): There! I knew something was there! (redraws his dagger and takes a fighting stance towards the door) Have at me, you foul beasts!

Brandy: Leon! It was my stomach. Calm down!

Leon: No! No, it wasn't! It was that creature! Sherry's father back from the dead!

(more growls)

Leon: There! See?! I told you I heard it!

Brandy (sternly): It was my stomach! It's growling because you won't let me eat anything! Even after I slaved away for hours in the kitchen making you those cookies!

Leon (pacing between window and door) : No! No, you're wrong!

Brandy (spins Leon around, grabs his head and places it against her stomach): Just listen. (growls again) There, are you satisfied?

Leon (stands up, looking very confused): Oh... I guess you were right about that. (regains energy) But I know I am right about something being out there. (peers through two blind slats) Yes! There! I can see it moving!

Brandy (rushes to his side): What?! Where?! Let me see!

Leon: No! (turns to stop her from getting close to the window)

Brandy: Man, will you just let me see?! If my life is on the line, I want to know what the hell is going on! (reaches over his shoulder trying to grab the blinds)

Leon: NO!! You mustn't!! (grabs her hand) They KNOW I'm in here - they don't know about YOU...

Brandy: (smiling and batting her eyelashes) You keep holding my hand and I'll do whatever you want.

Leon: Good. Then please, just go sit down. I'm in enough danger as it is, I can't involve you as well.

Brandy (walking towards the once again upright couch): You care about me? That's sweet.

Leon: I care for all civilians. That's my job.

Brandy (jealously): I thought your job was to protect slutty women like Ashley and Ada.

(Leon remains silent to the comment)

Brandy: Hmm... You know, if this is the end, don't you think we could... you know...

Leon (turns with a look of surprise): Nonsense, I barely know you.

Brandy: That doesn't stop most men. Not with me I mean, but with other women. I'm not a slut, mind you.

Leon: I never thought so.

Brandy: Good. (reaches for his hand) But, you know, there is a first time for everything, right?

Leon: I... I suppose so.

(They lean in towards each other... closer... closer...)

(The phone rings)

Brandy: Dammit! Who could that be?! You wait here. (answers phone) Mom? Wait, slow down! What are you talking about? In my yard? Covered windows?! What?

Leon (rushes to Brandy's side): She's in your yard?! Tell her to run, now! She must be surrounded! It's a trap! (leans into the phone and screams) RUN!!!

Brandy: Oh my goodness! Mom! You gotta get out of there – Leon says the house is surrounded! Please, save yourself! (Mother speaks for a moment. Brandy's face turns red) What do you mean the street's empty?! Alone?! Hold on a second!

(Brandy slams the phone angrily and turns to Leon)

Brandy: Leon! What exactly is out there?

Leon: SSSHHH! You can't speak of them! They'll know we're talking about them.

Brandy: WHO will know we're talking about them?!

Leon: Shhhhhh! Please, you must stay calm.

Brandy: Leon, I swear to all things holy, if you don't tell me what's going on right this instant, I'll... I'll... Oh forget it!

(Brandy rushes to the window, pulls off a blanket and tears down the blind. The street and the yard are empty save for her mother waving her arms towards the house)

Leon: NOOOOOO! What have you done?!! (drops to his knees) You've doomed us all!!

Brandy: Leon! Look outside! There's nothing there! What the hell is wrong with you?!

Leon: No! They're there! Don't you see them?! Red beady eyes and tattered clothing! They're everywhere... (sits on the floor, grabs his kness and starts rocking back and forth) everywhere... everywhere...

Brandy (kneels beside him, holding his shoulders): I'm gonna get you some help, Leon, I swear.

(An hour goes by. An ambulance sits in the driveway, with Leon wrapped and secured tightly under a blanket. An EMT approaches Brandy, who is being comforted by her mother.)

EMT: Well, miss, it looks like the young man here has had a psychotic break.

Brandy: What do you think caused it?

EMT: A traumatic event, most likely. At least that's what normally sets them off.

Brandy: Is it permanent?

EMT: Hard to know, really. We'll have to get him to the hospital for tests before we find out for sure. (walks away)

(Leon is loaded into the back of the ambulance, which slowly drives away)

Brandy (sighs): Men... They're either taken... or crazy.