Didi's Quick Guide to Lazy Gaming

Lately, my health hasn't been the best. Energy levels are basically nowhere to be seen, and my normal life and gaming time are suffering because of it. I had to find a way to keep on playing while staying as comfortable as possible, which meant finding stuff that I could play while laying down. So, I came up with a few things that I could play without leaving the comfort of the sofa or when in bed. This can be my list of games to play when I am exhausted, feel extremely lazy or during surgery recovery time, which is bound to happen.

In fact, I even have a catch phrase for this... An entire commercial, really! It goes something like this:

Tired?! Sick?! Just lazy?! Is life is sucking the life out of you?! Fear not, we have the answer! With Didi's Guide to Lazy Gaming you can play all these games and more! Grab your controller, your PJs and a blanket, get comfortable and read on.

7. Sudoku Gridmaster
I don't know when was the last time I played this. Actually, I think it wasn't even me, it was my dad who last played this game, three years ago when I went to Portugal to visit. He loves Sudoku, and he thought it was just awesome on the DS. Lately, I've been keeping it handy for moments where I don't feel like anything that requires more than tapping a touch screen. Besides, it's a good brain exercise and helps me to remember how to count to 9. You know, in case I forget. You never know.

6. Cafe World
Yes, yes, I know, social Facebook games... But there's something about Cafe World that I like though, it sort of reminds me of a cross between The Sims and Cooking Mama. Ok, so it's not the type of game that you stare at for a long time, but it's something I can do in between whatever else, check my dishes, serve my coffee, redecorate, move along, come back some hours later and do it all again. Or not. Depending on how I feel. And that's why it's so convenient.

5. Diner Dash
Something I can run on the laptop and requires only some clicking. Although I also have it on the PS3, so I can play it on the TV too. However, that one requires more effort, since we must use the thumbstick to move Flo around, while on the PC you just click spots. Of course, you must enjoy time-management games. Fortunately, I do, and there's plenty of Dash titles out there to keep me entertained.

4. You Don't Know Jack
The wonders of this trivia game still amuse and amaze me. I like the attitude of the host, some of his comments make me laugh quite a bit, and there is nothing better than being in a good mood when you're sick: that's half of the recovery. I can play by pressing a single button, and the most I need to do is read some text. However, there are times when Jack Attack makes me a little dizzy and unable to focus on the flying words properly.

3. Puzzle Quest
Doesn't matter which version, DS or Xbox Live, Galactrix, Challenge of the Warlords, 2. Puzzle Quest is always great, it's one of my favourite puzzle games, has lots of replay value and doesn't require much effort to be played. I'm sure someone out there will complain "yeah, but I still have to move my thumbs to swap gems!"... Well, until someone invents a thought-controlled gaming system, this is the laziest I can get with a puzzle game.

2. The Sims 2
My laptop wasn't designed for gaming, but for functionality of site updates, so not much can be done there. However, I can play the Sims 2 on it, so yay for that! I have an entire Sim Vizima with almost the entire cast from The Witcher in there, with skins that I made on purpose. Normally, my Sim experiences limit themselves to building and decorating, but now it's funny to just watch what happens when you give the characters the right personalities. It's hilarious to see the city guards rollerblading while wielding swords and shields, or the courtesans trying to seduce all members of the opposite sex. Not to mention Sim Dandelion singing (read: squealing) with no creativity skill whatsoever... Yes, it amuses me, and no, I don't expect you to understand.

1. Rock Band / Guitar Hero
Let me tell you, I love Rock Band and Guitar Hero so much that I have learned to play it horizontally. On the sofa, using the back of said sofa as my rest for the guitar neck. Sure, it's weird, but whatever works, I say! I can even deal with not being able to activate Overdrive or Star Power as much - or not at all. I can play bass, guitar and even vocals if I feel so inclined. Or reclined! As for the drums, no thanks. Arms and legs at once? Too much effort. Laziest... rock star... EVER!