Accessories: WaterField All-in-One DS Lite Case

I never gave carrying cases much importance until recently. With the upcoming trip and all, I wasn't sure what to get to protect our handhelds. Oddly enough, our PSP was already well-protected in a Logitech Case, but finding something for both DS and DS Lite proved to be one of those difficult treasure hunts.

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I kept seeing these rubber sleeves that just go around the system and seem to offer no protection at all, not to mention they look awful in those semi-transparent florescent colors. Those aluminum cases seemed fine, aside from the fact they are way too bulky to fit in my handbag. Even the Airform that at first seemed so great was way too flimsy. Not to mention most of the carrying case options had no solution for transporting games...

The light at the end of the tunnel turned out to be a request for a product review - you got it - of a carrying case for the DS Lite.

This little baby came from WaterField Designs. And when I say little, I mean it. The stylish case weighs only 3 ounces (85 grams) and is just a shade bigger than your DS Lite and it measures 5.75" x 3.5" x 1.25" (approximately 14.5 x 9 x 3 cm).

Designed by Gary WaterField himself - who also happens to be a DS Lite owner - protection, functionality and style were the main ideas behind this protective pouch.

Leather and ballistic nylon we used in the manufacturing. The flap is made of a double leather layer with two snap buttons, which were a little tough to snap closed at first.

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The back zipped pocket is lined with a very soft padded fabric, so you know your games, extra batteries, headphones or whatever else you have in there will be safe. Ok, so I don't recommend going crazy doing drop tests, but it will do the job protecting the delicate DS Lite from scratches, bumps and bruises while it bounces around in your purse, handbag or backpack.

There are a few design options available as well. The leather interior of the flap comes in black, pink and kiwi, and the alternative exterior flap has decorative cutouts.

But this case is as functional as it is fashionable.

The DS fits snuggly inside the main pocket, also lined with the same soft padding. Under the flap, in leather stitched over the nylon, there are three storage slots for DS cartridges (you can fit two in each slot) and a space where you can insert an extra stylus.

I was very curious to see how many games I could fit in the WaterField case, so I pulled out a bunch of DS and GBA games of my collection and started testing.

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Aside from six DS cartridges in the three front pockets, this is what I could fit in the back in three different occasions of mixing and matching:

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- 6 GBA cartridges, placed vertically in two rows of three;
- 2 GBA cartridges placed horizontally, with 6 DS cartridges on top;
- 12 DS cartridges.

So, the good news is that I can carry 18 of my DS games without any struggling with the zipper or the flap. The carrying case will still close without any problems. Now I only have to decide which games to take with me, and I'm set!

Designer Gary WaterField was right when he stated the All-In-One DS Lite Carrying Case was a great travel companion. You can take your DS, your favorite games or accessories and an extra stylus is this compact little pouch, knowing that it will be carefully tucked away.

The WaterField All-in-One DS Lite Case is available for $39 from the WaterField Designs online store at

Special thanks to Gary WaterField and Heidi Marzke for providing the product for reviewing.