World of Warcraft Fiction: The Locket


"What about this one?"
"Is she awake?"
"Then throw her into the fire with the others."
"What now?"
"She's real pretty."
"Marv... she's dead."
"So are you, you know."
"...good point."


"Toss her in."
"Marv, just toss her in!"
"All right, all right!"


I lurched awake with a start, my hands grasping the nearest thing to me. What I grabbed yelped and pulled me out of the fire.

"Hellfire, lady, you scared me to death." One... man - I guess you could call him - stood in front of me. His skin was pale, his eyes glowed yellow, and bits of flesh were missing from his face and hands.

"You are dead, remember, Marv?" Another one, taller than the first stood behind, his jaw wide open. I looked again and saw it was just dislodged. I wondered how he spoke.

"Shuddup, Larry." Marv turned back to me, "You'll want to see the priest in the church over there. He usually likes to talk to the recently awake."

"What... hap..." My voice cracked and strained.

"Don't bother, you won't be able to speak for a few days. Just head down there and go into the church. They'll know what to do."

I walked, or rather lurched to the church. My entire body felt stiff and cold. I was conscious but I felt as if I were in a dream, strangely accepting my surroundings without question. I finally got to the church and a man near the back beckoned me toward him.

"Ah, another has awakened. Come closer, warrior."

It was then I noticed the armor I wore. Dull and stained with blood, it had clearly seen better days. Then again, so had I.

"I am Sarvas. You are in Deathknell and no doubt a little confused."

I tried to speak, then thought better of it and just nodded.

"You will come to accept your new 'life' quickly." I noticed his lower jaw was missing and his eyes were covered by leather straps. He wore a red robe that was in remarkable shape considering everything else. Sarvas continued, "We are now free of the Lich King, thanks to our Lady Sylvanas. You are safe here for the moment, but the humans surround our lands."

Humans. Me. I was human. "Was." My mind struggled to remember my life before a few minutes ago. Flashes of a home, of... someone. Then a battle. Undead?

I felt something on my hip. Reaching into a small handmade pocket in the side of my armor, what I found was surprisingly protected. It was a locket with half of a circle with the letters mostly rubbed out.

That night in the inn I struggled to remember my life. I could still see flashes, brief glimpses at memories but nothing that I could remember. I still was amazed at my calm at all of this. I was clearly the living dead and yet I didn't care. I knew I had lost a lot, but I didn't care. When I looked into a cracked mirror in my room, I saw a half rotted corpse, something that would ordinarily strike fear in someone, but I didn't care!

Bells suddenly rang, loudly. It seemed to permeate the air with a thick haunting sound. I ran to the window and saw the death guards gathering in the center of the town, others had started crowding around as well. I grabbed my sword and headed out.

"The humans are advancing forward. A small group has reached the town of Brill and are sacking what few buildings we have there." The deathguard in the center was clearly in command. She looked at me "Can you fight?" I nodded. The deathguard raised her voice "All that are able, to arms. The humans will be here soon and we must keep them out. Defend this place at all costs!" Another deathguard muttered "We're dead, what can they do to us?" The captain of the deathguards glared at him, then began filing us in lines.

In the distance I could see the torches, which seemed to line in the hundreds. Our small band had maybe fifty at most. The mages and priests took the back of the line, while the warriors provided a shield against the coming onslaught. Our formation became a half circle, bottling the humans into the center and allowing us to easily flank. It was an obvious maneuver but we had little time.

The roar of the living swarmed on us as an entire legion of humans was suddenly upon us. Our first flank was ripped to shreds by a flurry of arrows. My line stood ready as their warriors advanced on us.

Their people kept advancing and our line continued to shrink. However, the humans did not seem to notice our line had became a more complete circle, further bottling them in. Suddenly, out of the shadows our defenses grew, rogues sprung their trap and took the enemy by surprise. The rest of our line closed the gap, forming a full circle and closing the army in.

A man charged at me, then suddenly stopped short in his tracks seemingly in horror. I took the opportunity in his weakness and cut him down. One more took his place, and another and another. Their morale quickly diminished, screams of pain and pleads for mercy filled the air but they fell on deaf ears. We executed the remaining humans, slaughtering them as if they were animals. We had surprisingly lost few, or maybe it was just too hard to kill something that was already dead.

Some of the nearby wild dogs were attracted by the blood and lapped up the remains. Those of us left picked over the bodies of the dead, gathering what useful items we could. I came across the body of the man who had stopped in horror. He had a few useful things on him, a dagger, some silver...

...and a locket. I thrust my hand into my pocket and pulled mine out. My hands trembled as I put the two pieces together. Wiping the man's blood from it, I read "Love" and the word "Husband" below. I looked closer at mine, finally able to read the words in the light of the moon, "Forever" and "Wife" below.

"Love forever, husband and wife."