Aspiring Dancer's Guide

There's plenty of fun to be had in Audition, as well as plenty of challenges to conquer.

Learn about experience, beats, license tests, game modes, challenges and more in this handy guide to the popular online dancing game.


Audition is one of those games that anyone can start playing right away. It's simple enough that everyone can hop right in but offers enough challenge for advanced players.

When you first log on you are taken to the server/channel listing. Each server is composed of several different channels, and in each channel there's a lobby and user-created rooms. You can either make your own or enter one that's already made, unless the room has a little lock symbol (password-protected). Rooms needing more players will have a "waiting" tag, while games in progress will show "playing" next to them. On the right side, there's a list of users that are crurrently on this channel, along with their location (lobby or a room number).

Then you will create your character. There isn't much available to start with, just some basic clothes and a single hair style. The real character customization comes later, we will cover that in the Fashion Mall chapter. basically, you pick your gender and give it a name.

Once you're done, you are taken to town. The main building ahead is the TV Station, where you play against other people. The other large building is the Mall, where you can purchase clothes. The little UFO shows the player rakings. There are two other areas that aren't active yet, but in other versions of the game one is your house and the other is a socializing place.

The game automatically places new players in a tutorial when you first enter the TV Station, so that you learn the game mechanics. The tutorial shows you only the bare minimum to start playing.

Once you're done, you can go out there and play against other people. You start in the Beginner server, and once you pass your first License (more about that later) you can enter the Free server. I don't know what's the problem with the Intermediate server, but it crashes me every time I try to access it.

Each room can accomodate up to six players, and while you can play by yourself, you won't earn any beats nor experience. You can join any room that's not in play by clicking on it. If there's a spot, you will be placed on the "dance floor"; if not, you will be in the back watching the game.

You can create your own room just as easily. Click Make a Room to start your own game. Your character will be displayed as the DJ, and you will be able to control everything from room type to game modes (we'll cover those later), songs and sceneries. You can even invite or kick out players if you want.

Basic commands

/go room # : automatically takes you to the specified room number

/w username: whisper something to someone, it's a private message (messages won't go through if the person is not in the TV Station)

/to username: continous whispering to someone

/wla : allows incoming whispers from everyone

/bl username: blocks that person from messaging you.

/bla : blocks everyone from whispering you

CTRL+S : brings up the volume control

/invon : turns on invitation decline feature

/invoff : turns off invitation decline feature

How to Play

Playing the game is done via the arrow keys and the space bar. Arrows will be displayed on the screen and you have to press them in the right order.

Your interface shows the arrow combos in the center, your total score on the top right and the song that's playing and time remaining on the bottom left. Any chat lines appear temporarily on the left side of the screen.

The smaller bar above the arrow combinations will have a sphere and a shiny spot. When the sphere passes this spot, you hit the space bar to successfully do your move. Every time you do a move, you advance a level and get a new sequence with more arrows. If you fail your move, you go back to one arrow (not in all game modes though) and start again.

A perfect move happens when you hit the space bar at the perfect time. It takes practice to hit the right spot on the bar at the right time. Get several perfect in a row and watch how your score jumps.

You are awarded points for how well you do your moves. They rank from lower to higher in this order: Miss, Bad, Cool, Great, Perfect. The higher level you are, the more points your moves are worth.

1 1,200 900 600 419 -
2 1,500 1,125 750 524 -
3 1,800 1,350 900 629 -
4 2,100 1,575 1,050 734 -
5 5,400 4,050 2,700 1,890 -
6 6,400 4,800 3,200 2,240 -
7 7,400 5,550 3,700 2,590 -
8 8,400 6,300 4,200 2,940 -

Usually, the person with the highest score will be dancing in the front, but that doesn't happen in all game modes, since sometimes everyone takes turn coming to the front. There is also a competitive system that activates when someone makes a Perfect chain. The player who did the chain will have a blue circle around him and he/she will give the character ahead or behind in terms of score a yellow circle. While in the yellow circle, the player will lose points if he/she can't do a Perfect. You will see little faces in blue, green, yellow and red above the characters at certain times during a dance session, those appear when this is happening.

Whoever has the most points at the end of the song wins. A score table will appear showing how many moves of each kind everyone did, total score and experience earned. You can see everyone else's performance summed up in this chart. The only thing you won't see is how many Beats the others got. All players are awarded some Beats and experience according to their performance.

In-game commands

Tab : changes arrows display

Ins : changes arrows to 8-key mode

Del : activates chance mode

F2 : switch camera view

CTRL+Q : used when watching a game to take you back to the lobby


Everyone starts on Level 1 with "Poser" as a title. You gain experience by dancing with others, but when you reach certain levels you will have to past a test to advance to the next. Until you pass the test you won't get any experience, but you can still earn Beats. These tests are called License.

When you're ready to take your License test you will see a little blue round icon flashing near your character's head. Go to the Free server and enter any channel, the License button will be on the top right portion of the screen.

Once you enter License mode, you are given an overview of what you need to do. The License requires you to fulfill some prerequisites such as reaching a minimum score, a certain number of Perfect moves and a Perfect chain. Only if you complete the test successfully can you advance to the next level and start earning experience again.

It costs Beats to play the License mode, so you better be prepared to hit those perfects at the right time. Once you pass the test, you receive some Beats and at certain levels, a new title.

Chain Perfect
6 (Bopper) 200 Normal Individual 10 2 200,000 800
7 250 Normal Individual 11 2 240,000 1,000
8 300 Normal Individual 11 2 280,000 1,200
9 550 Normal Individual 13 2 300,000 2,800
10 600 Normal Individual 13 2 330,000 3,000
11 (Shuffler) 700 Normal Individual 14 2 350,000 3,500
12 750 Normal Individual 14 2 370,000 3,800
13 850 Normal Individual 15 2 380,000 5,100
14 900 Normal Individual 15 2 390,000 5,400
15 1,000 Freestyle Battle 15 2 300,000 6,000
16 (Clubber) 1,050 Freestyle Battle 15 2 330,000 6,300
17 1,500 Freestyle Battle 16 2 350,000 10,500
18 1,600 Freestyle Battle 16 2 370,000 11,200
19 1,700 Freestyle Battle 18 2 350,000 11,900
20 1,800 Freestyle Battle 19 2 370,000 12,600
21 (Hot Stepper) 1,900 Freestyle Battle 20 2 390,000 13,300
22 2,000 Freestyle Battle 21 2 410,000 14,000
23 2,100 Freestyle Battle 20 2 350,000 16,800
24 2,200 Freestyle Battle 21 2 360,000 17,600
25 2,300 Freestyle Battle 22 3 370,000 18,400
26 2,300 Freestyle Battle 23 3 380,000 19,200
27 2,500 Freestyle Battle 19 3 500,000 20,000
28 2,600 Freestyle Battle 20 3 520,000 20,600
29 3,400 Freestyle Battle 21 3 540,000 30,600
30 3,500 Freestyle Battle 22 3 560,000 31,500
31 3,500 Expert Choreography 19 3 410,000 32,900
32 3,750 Expert Choreography 20 3 430,000 33,800
35 4,150 Expert Choreography 15 4 470,000 ?
40 4,750 Expert Choreography 17 4 540,000 47,500
45 6,450 Expert Choreography 18 4 480,000 65,535
50 7,200 Expert Choreography 22 6 510,000 65,535

Exp Needed
Exp Needed
2 220 37 1,757,500
3 1,260 38 1,882,500
4 3,480 39 2,012,000
5 7,140 40 2,147,500
6 12,500 41 2,288,000
7 19,695 42 2,434,000
8 29,000 43 2,585,000
9 40,500 44 2,742,000
10 54,500 45 2,904,500
11 71,000 46 3,072,500
12 90,000 47 3,246,500
13 112,000 48 3,426,000
14 137,000 49 3,611,000
15 165,000 50 3,802,500
16 196,000 51 4,000,000
17 230,000 52 4,300,000
18 268,000 53 4,650,000
19 310,000 54 5,000,000
20 354,500 55 5,400,000
21 403,500 56 5,850,000
22 456,000 57 6,350,000
23 512,000 58 6,900,000
24 572,500 59 7,500,000
25 637,000 60 7,850,000
26 705,500 61 8,400,000
27 778,000 62 9,000,000
28 855,500 63 9,600,000
29 937,000 64 10,250,000
30 1,023,000 65 10,900,000
31 1,113,500 66 11,600,000
32 1,208,500 67 12,350,000
33 1,308,500 68 13,150,000
34 1,413,500 69 14,000,000
35 1,523,000 70 14,900,000
36 1,638,000 71 15,850,000


Single modes mean every dancer for himself or herself. Everyone in the room will be competing to be the best and get the highest score. You can start a single mode on your own, but you won't earn Beats nor experience for playing by yourself.


For new players to get used to the game mechanics and practice their timing.The key notes will only go up to level 5, and if you miss the beat you can continue it on the next turn. There is no Freestyle mode during Practice. Practice is only available in the Beginner server.


Available in the Intermediate and Free servers, Practice-8 is the same as Practice, but instead it shows you dance moves that combine the regular arrows with diagonal arrows. You play with the Number Pad on your keyboard.

Normal Individual

Normal individual is the basic gameplay mode. You do a series of dance moves up to level 7, then Freestyle for a bit. There are also finishing moves after Freestyle2. You can change from 4 key to 8 key anytime during play in this mode.

Choreography / Expert Choreography

Choreography is played with 4 keys only. In this mode, everyone does the same moves. If you miss a move, you can't dance the next one. Expert Choreography is the same, but it uses the 8 keys.


This mode combines Choreography with Freestyle alternatively. If you miss a move before your Freestyle move, you can't do the Freestyle. You can switch between 4 and 8 keys during gameplay.


In this mode, dancers create and show off their own Freestyle moves.

One-Two Party

To pay One-Two Party you need to create a room specificaly for it, there will be a check box when you make the room. In this mode, you watch and liten to an NPC saying a series of numbers and "go" or "yeah". Each number will correspond to a direction, "go" corresponds to the space bar, and "yeah" is number 5 on the NumPad. You have to press the correct keys in the right rhythm. To actually dance the move fully, you can't miss any of the movements, but you still get points for the ones you get partially right. After a series of NPC moves, there's a period of time where you will see the characters dance.


Generally speaking, group modes use the same modes as single but apply them to teamwork. While in the room, players will allocate themselves into a team, red or blue. Teams must always have the same number of players.

Normal Group

This is like Normal Individual mode but arranged for teams. The dancers on each team will take turns doing their moves. Each successful move makes you advance a level. If someone misses, the level resets. Players doing the moves will move up to the front then slide back as another's turn comes up. It gets a bit laggy at times.

Boys Vs Girls

Same as Normal Individual Teams, but boys will be on the blue team and girls on the red team. There are some very funny animations at the end of Boys vs Girl dance-offs. There is also a randomizer at the end that can give your team bonus Beats, bonus experience or reduce the experience gained by the losing team.


Two teams take turns doing Choreographed and Freestyle moves. Missing a move doesn't affect your team mates.


Teams Choreography is actually a Freestyle team battle. Dancers can do whatever move they choose, but their team members must do the exact same move or they miss the move and skip a turn. Points are still awarded even if only one or two members of the team do the move successfully.

Battle Party

This mode requires you to create a room specifically for Battle Party gameplay. When you make a room, there is a little box for you to check. You also much be at least level 6 to enter this mode. In a Battle Party, an NPC will jon the room. A team of five dancers will battle the NPC by betting a certain amount of Beats (varies according to the NPC's level). If the team's total score is higher that the NPC's score, the team wins the Beats. If not, they won't win anything at all.

B-Boy Battle

In this mode, a member of one team will do a Freestyle move. The arrows for the move will briefly appear on the screen so that the opposite team can memorize the sequence. The purpose is to mimic your opponent's move to counter their "attack". If one of the team members activates the chance mode, then the other team will have to deal with three red arrows in the move and do the opposite of what they say. As you sucessfully memorize and counter your adversary's move, your team's meter goes up. When it's full you can do a Team Move. B-Boy can be played in 4-key or 8-key modes.

Couples/Expert Couples

Couples is a lot of fun, but it requires extra effort from both dancers. A male and female pair up (no same sex couples allowed) and they each get a long bar with several arrows. Some of the arrows will be faded out, others will be blue. This means that you only hit the blue ones (the faded arrows are your partner's part). If both of you manage to hit a perfect move at the same time (synchronized perfect, you get a heart. Accumulate three hearts to see the couple hugging at the end of the dance, and five hearts to see them kissing. Earning five hears allows you and your pair to take the couples license test and become a couple in game. The winner is the couple with the most points at the end of the song.