Call of Duty 3 (Wii)

Chapters 1 & 2

Chapter One - Saint Lo

The game begins with a small wager between friends as Pvt. Huxley challenges you to a few exercises. Grab the glowing yellow M1 Garand rifle next to Huxley by holding X. After you shoot four helmets, Huxley will open a box; grab the grenades inside and toss them through the yellow windows on the shed. After tossing a smoke grenade, Cpl. Dixon will tell you to grab your weapons. Crouch under the training net, grab the Thompson inside the box and press Y to switch weapons. Climb inside the truck and get ready for an intense scene!

Guzzo hoists you over the wall and into a graveyard, an apt setting for a bloody battle. Use the tombstones as cover and shoot the oncoming enemy as you make your way up to the church. Go into the church, clear out the enemies and duck under the debris to get through.

After heading outside, you'll be told to take point before entering the ruined house. Enter the door and you will be physically attacked by a German soldier. Follow the onscreen "Battle Action" button commands as you duke it out with the soldier.

Tank Mission
Go outside with Guzzo and climb onto the back of the tank. Use your binoculars to spot out the three enemies shooting machineguns from the windows. Press X when you spot the target to command the tank to fire.

The tank will move up to the intersection where another enemy will be firing from above the Nazi flag. A little further down, you will need to target a Panzer tank, and then you'll finally reach the Checkpoint.

Inside the café, Guzzo and the Sarge get a little testy with each other, an example of some of the subtle relationship dynamics that occur throughout the story. Take point, enter the wine cellar and clear out the building. Keep following the marker on your radar to the enemy command post.

Command Post
Once you clear out the command post, regroup with your squad on the second floor. Stave off the counterattack as long as you can. Stay with your team and shoot from the window to hold the position until support arrives. Enemies will eventually come up the stairs so keep up your guard. The enemies will soon retreat - the Americans have taken Saint Lo, opening up the road to Paris.

Chapter Two: The Island

Stay behind the tank and use it as cover as your squad steps out onto the field. When the tank makes its first stop, look to the right and take out the gunner in the bunker. Keep following the tank (be careful not get run over) until it breaks through the barrier to the other side. Follow the tank down the down the road along with your squad. Two objective markers will appear: one for the barn and the other for the house. Clear out both areas and regroup with the squad.

Sgt. McCullin tells you to take point. Two objective markers will appear; this time you need to make a choice between two mission paths: through the riverbed or over the ridgeline. When you reach the rendezvous point, stay low and attack the German anti-tank position. Advance towards the marker point and eliminate the enemies by burned down farm. Shooting the explosive barrels will take out most of them at once.

This is a tough battle and will require some patience. Just keep using cover and stay prone as much as possible. The best way to get up the hill is to flank up the right side along the stream. Don't waste your time trying to snipe the gunners on the top of the hill. Once you get to the top, you can enter the trenches from the side and catch them off guard. After regrouping with your squad, run across the field from the mortar shells. Eventually, you will get shell-shocked, followed by a cut scene.

House to House
Follow the tank, enter the next house through the cellar and clear out the enemies on each floor. There is a scoped FG42 on that top floor that can be used to shoot the next onslaught of enemies outside. Go through the next house and head into the bunkers on the other side.

Infiltrate the bunkers and clear them out as you follow the objective point marker. Make sure you don't get too far ahead of your squad; you will need their support as you make your way through here. Secure the anti-tank position at the end to end the chapter.

And the battle rages on!