Cartoon Network Racing

DS and PS2 Cheat Codes


Type the following as player name:

  • GIMMIE - Unlocks everything in the game. Effectively just the renamed "Unlocked" cheat
  • AAARGH - Enables all hazards and pickups in time trial games. Effectively just the renamed "Speedy" cheat
  • STONEME - All pickups are the dumb rockets. When the rocket is fired, a stone block is fired instead, which turns any non-invulnerable player it hits to stone.
  • IMACOPTER - Top-down view, Micro-Machines style.
  • SPINACH - Unlimited superpower energy.
  • ROCKETMAN - Player has unlimited dumb rockets. Firing one results in the player being given another.

All cheats should work in multiplayer. Each player needs to enter the cheat separately for them to be able to use it in multiplayer.

Saves will be disabled until the console is reset, once the player enters a cheat code. They will be notified of this.

Cheats are stackable, so multiple cheats can be entered one after the other by re-entering the name entry screen. STONEME and ROCKETMAN are mutually exclusive. If both are entered, only the ROCKETMAN cheat will have any effect.

Jump Start

You can get an extra speed boost at the start of a race by performing the Jump Start.

When the Race Countdown appears onscreen before the start of the race, hold down the A Button. You must press and hold this as soon as 3 appears.

Now watch the Countdown and when it changes from 2 to 1, release the A Button for half a second before pressing and holding it again to start. You must keep the button held until the race actually starts for the jump start to work.

The easiest way to fail is to press the button more than two times in total or to not keep it held until you are in motion.

The rhythm of the Jump Start is:

  • On 3: Press and hold A button
  • On 1: Release A button (how long you release for doesn't matter- it can be quick or up to 0.5 seconds)
  • After Release: Press and hold A button and keep it held down until your kart is moving.
  • Keep the button held normally for driving after the Jump Start


To unlock everything, use the combination below when in the main menu (frontend screen):

- D-pad down
- Circle Button
- D-pad down
- Square Button
- D-pad Up
- D-pad Down

Also the buttons need to be pressed fairly quickly after each other about a three-quarters of a second interval.

A flash animation of cog wheels and a sound effects sample plays as confirmation and UNLOCKED displays.

Note: once activated the UNLOCKED can only be de-activated by re-setting the console.