Crime Stories


The story revolves around the murder of Professor Eulemberg, with Martin Mystere as the detective trying to put the tiny pieces of the puzzle together in order to find out what happened and who did it.

Strangely enough, the game puts you in Martin's shoes without making any sort of introduction. Martin seems to be a bit of a mix between Indiana Jones and any CSI investigator: an expert in science, history and the occult, he questions people, searches for clues and puts evidence together. This guide helps you do just that.

Note: Look at the notepad in your inventory to know what to do next.

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Act 1

Martin Mystere wakes up from a nightmare with his phone ringing. Pick up the phone on the bedside table to answer and learn about the murder. Look at the post-it on the closet door. Diana has hidden the keys, so you have to find a way to get dressed. You also need the mechanic's number to get your car back.

Leave the bedroom, go downstairs. Talk to Java to learn that the basement is flooded, and ask if he wants something in return for the wardrobe key. Look at the end table with the phone, take the New York Map from the papers on it. Enter the room on the left of the table. In the kitchen, look at the fridge and take the Diana's notes, which has part of the mechanic?s number. Inspect it in your inventory.

Leave the kitchen and go to through the door on the right, behind the armchair. This is the study. Look at the bookcase to the left of the door, and inspect the spot where a head-shaped paperweight is. This is the item Java wants, so take it with you. Look at the magazine rack under the desk and take the pen. Look at the papers on the desk to find the missing piece of the mechanic?s number. Martin will automatically call him.

When you go back to the living room, you will hear the bell ring. Go through the doorway on the left to find the car keys on the floor. Look at the boxes on top of the closet and take the small caliper. Give Java the paperweight and get the wardrobe key. Go back upstairs and get dressed.

The notepad says you still need your cell phone, so where is it? Go to the living room and use the cordless phone in your inventory to dial Martin. You will hear ringing coming from the sofa. Inspect the sofa and behind the pillows you can see the tip of the cell phone. Take it, and put the cordless back on its base.

Go back to the entrance where you found the car keys and leave. Use the red car parked outside and on the map click on the Professor's Villa. The cell phone will ring, so answer it to know that your leaky basement will be repaired.

Act 2

A journalist approaches Martin with some questions. Answer whatever, the police officer will intervene anyway. Enter the villa.

Inside, Travis talks to Martin about possible causes for the murder. The museum will appear on your map.

Talk to the forensic investigators, one by the stairs and another at the bottom of the screen (the perspective changes when you approach it to reveal another area).

Enter the double glass doors to the Library. Look at the desk near the Globe. Take the letter opener from under the envelopes. Talk to the police officer. Leave the Library and go upstairs. Enter the only open door on the left.

In the housekeeper's room, look at the parcel behind the chest. Look under the blankets to find a box. Take the key and use it on the chest. The key breaks, so use the letter opener to open the chest. Martin makes a big mess taking everything out of the chest to finally be able to move it and see what the package is: a painting with a note "Here behooves us use a little art, Purgatorio 10:10".

Leave the housekeeper's room and head to the right, where a police officer will tell you that you can't get in without an ID. Use the map to go back to Martin?s house.

At Martin's house, try to talk to Java. Go to the kitchen and get a "powerful substance" from the shelf under the table. Go back to the living room. Behind the sofa there's the door to the basement, go through it. Inspect the shelf and take the latex gloves. Use the powerful substance on the washing machine's door. Open the door and look at Martin's pants. The ID will be in the pocket, take it with you. Go back to the villa.

Go upstairs and show your ID to the police officer. Enter the Professor's bedroom. Look at the handkerchief in the Professor's hand, there's a name: Alexander Uben. Use the gloves in your inventory so you can touch things. Look at the pictures on the dresser by the window, Professor Uben is in one of them. Take that picture. Look at it in your inventory to find an envelope. Look at the bedside table on the left to get the Professor's notes. Find the airline tags on the desk. Head back home.

To open the envelope you found on the picture, go to the kitchen and take the teapot from the table. Use it on the stove, and use the envelope on it. You find a phone number and an address in Mexico. Click on the note in your inventory to automatically dial that number. The airport is added to your map. After the cutscene with Java and Diana, Martin flies to Mexico.

Act 3

Talk to Rosalita on the balcony to learn about Prof. Uben and his relationship with Prof. Eulemberg. Talk to Pedro, napping on a chair. Pedro needs a different kind of music to listen to, and then he might let you in Prof. Uben's house.

Go to the gate near the truck. Click on the hook to the right side of the gate to loosen it. In the storage unit, get the Tango and Salsa Mix record sleeves. Also take the wooden box with the nailed-down lid. Go back to Pedro and give him the record sleeves. The record isn?t in there, so let's see what's in the box. How to open it? Use the box on the mule, then touch the mule. Get the records from the box, combine them with the record sleeves and give it to Pedro. You get the key to the Professor's house. Use the key on the door and go inside.

Inside the house, look at the framed hankie on the wall. Examine the portrait of Prof. Andrew Robertson. Click on the Lemur and notice he is sitting on something. Check the middle shelf on the bookcase to get a map. There are marks on it, so obviously something is missing. Near the desk there is a bin with rolled maps. You will notice a shiny paper in it, take it. Combine it with the map. Go to the sink and take the yellow plug hanging above it. Go outside, and head to the truck.

Click on the truck (where there is a tube and a tank) to get a close up. Use the valve on the tube. Click on the valve and leave the close up. Click on the truck to start it, and off goes Martin and Java to the excavation site.

In front of the Aztec temple, head left to another area. Talk to Prof. Uben who needs some proof of who you are. Your ID won't do this time. Exit the area back to the temple and leave through the right side. Martin and Java fly back home.

Act 4

Go to Prof. Eulemberg's house and talk to Travis. Go through the double doors to the library (it was guarded before). Inspect the ceiling, the rug and the large painting. Look at the phone on the desk, take it with you. Look at the box on the desk and take the magnetic card. Inspect the middle shelf on the bookcase and pull the golden book to reveal a phone plug. Plug in the phone. Inspect the phone and look at the numbers that are worn out. Dial 4 - 1 - 3 and a metal door will appear behind the large painting. You can get in yet, so leave the library and go to the Professor's bedroom.

The room has been ransacked and there is a slash on the mattress. Pick up the notepad on the rug, look at it in your inventory. There are marks on it. Use the pencil on it to reveal a message: Erika Wallas, Donovan Culture & Science Museum 2nd Floor, Sector C. Look at the open drawer on the desk by the window to find a letter to Erika, read it. Use the map to go to the museum.

The main entrance to the museum is closed, so go to the door on the left of the steps. Use the magnetic card on the switchboard. Go inside. Take the elevator to the first floor. Now use the elevator on the left to go up to the second floor. Go through the wooden door on the right side.

Talk to Erika. Learn about the amulet and the argument between Uben and Eulemberg. Inspect the Purple Rose poster. Exit through the left (near the cart) and look at the photocopy machine in the library archives. Looks like you'll be using that later. Use the map and go to the bookstore.

Look around the bookstore at the items for sale. Talk to Barney and he will mention the Blue Rose, which is added to your map. Barney will give you a Blue Rose ticket if you return his short stories book. Go to Martin's home and in the study look near the globe there's a book you can take. Grab the book, go back to the bookstore, give it to Barney. Get the Blue Rose ticket. Go to the Blue Rose.

At the Blue Rose, give your ticket to the bouncer. Wrong ticket, this one is for ladies only. Look at the poster to the left of the door. Take a sample pass. Go back to the museum.

In the museum, go to the library archives on the second floor. Use the sample pass with the Blue Rose ticket in your inventory. Use the false ticket on the photocopy machine to obtain a perfect reproduction of a Blue Rose ticket.

Go back to the Blue Rose and give the fake ticket to the bouncer. Inside, Martin will talk to Jenna. Talk to Jody the bartender. Look at the blue rose on the table. Try to take it. Talk to Angie (the dancer) and ask her to distract the bartender. When she does, take the blue rose. Head back home.

Act 5

At Martin's house, go to the basement. On top of the washer there is a purple spray. Take it and use it on the blue rose.

Go to the museum. In your inventory, combine the purple rose with the unfinished letter to Erika. Give the result to Erika. She will give you a medallion. Now you need to go back to Mexico and talk to Prof. Uben, so go to the airport.

In Mexico, go to the Aztec ruins. Head left, go up the stairs ruins and talk to Prof. Uben. He will give you a sealed casket. Now you need to find a way to open the inner temple door.

In the room with the hieroglyphics on the wall, inspect the wall. There are different colors on each row: top to bottom, purple, green, red, blue and yellow. There is a pillar on the room with rings that you need to turn and match the writings on the wall. The inner door will open, but the exit will close.

Enter the inner chamber. Pick the round stone from the mouth of the head on the left of the door. Walk towards the boats by the water. Place the round stone on the crumbling pillar. Martin's soul will release from his body and fly away. At his house, talk to the sleeping Diana.

Act 6

Now we get to play as Diana. Diana wakes up unsure if she had a dream or if it was real. Go to the window on the right and open it. Look at the dust on the carpet.

Go to the kitchen and look at the white board next to the refrigerator to find the address in Mexico. Diana and Java will travel to Mexico.

In professor Uben's house, inspect the lemur to see it is sitting on the excavation site map. In the kitchen, take the jar of nuts from the lower shelf. Use it on the armchair. The lemur will leave its spot, so take the map. A bus arrives outside. Exit the house and Diana will automatically hop on the bus.

Go to the campsite and check the dig site. Take the machete. Climb the stairs to the temple and talk to Martin. To the left side of the entrance, there's a structure covered in vegetation. Use the machete on it to reveal a stone head. Inspect it to see it's standing on a platform. Go back to where Java is standing. Use the machete on the climbing vines next to the alligator head to reveal a platform. Look at the rock on the ground. Talk to Java and he will place it on the platform. Talk to Java again and he will sit on the platform.

Look at the columns on each side of the entrance. They have switches on them. Press the buttons in this order: top button on the column near Java, bottom button on the column on the opposite side, bottom button no the column near Java and top button on the column on the opposite side. The door opens.

Martin, Java and Diana leave and the door will seal shut again.

Act 7

After the chat between Diana and Martin, we gain control of him again. Go to the study and look at the package on the floor. Open it and see what's in the parcel: another Aztec casket.

Go to Prof. Eulemberg's villa. Enter the library to find the third parcel with another casket on the red sofa.

Now to open those caskets. Use the medallion on the first one to get a big cylindrical stone. Use the medallion on the second casket to get a small cylindrical stone. Use the medallion on the third casket to reveal a strange lock. A trusted "someone" has the code for this box. You are the trusted someone. In the game box, look inside the manual for a letter from Prof. Eulemberg. At the end there is a code: 2 - 3 - 1 - 3 - 3 - 1. Press the Roman numerals in that order to open the casket and receive a medium size cylindrical stone.

Combine the big cylindrical stone with the medium one. Combine the result with the small cylindrical stone to obtain an Aztec Sceptre. Use the sceptre on the hole on the door that was behind the large painting. Go through the door to find the Professor's secret lab.

There is a vessel in the lab connected to a bed. Inspect the chair near the computer to find more notes. Jenna - the journalist - barges in with a series of assumptions. Next thing you know, Martin gets hit on the head. When he wakes up, he is no longer himself but is now trapped in the body of a sickly bum named Alfie. To make it all worse, he only has a few hours to live.

Act 8

Walk down towards the forklift. Pull the lever near the door on the right to turn the lights on. Now that you can see, take the metal rod on the floor near the door to the left. Go back to where you were before and use the metal rod on the truck door. Open the door and grab the rusty keys from the seat. Use the whiskey in your inventory on the rusty keys to clean them. Use the keys on the door next to the lever where you turned the lights on.

Outside, talk to Terry. Look inside the car and take the map of the port. Look under the hood and take the wire. Check the residuals near the door you came out of. Take the screw. Leave the area through a passage on the left side of the residuals.

Go up the stairs and take the boots lying in the corner. Go back down the stairs and enter the door. Offer the boots to Malocchio to receive a gold chain. Go outside and use the wire on the switches near the door. Go back up the stairs and the pile of dirt has been removed. Look at the remains and take the pocket watch. Combine the watch with the gold chain and give the pocket watch to Malocchio. He will give you a key.

Go back into the warehouse and use this key in the glove compartment of the truck. Take the medal of valor. Give it to Terry outside. Learn that the bad guys were heading to Dock 9. It's now marked on the map.

Listen to the conversation. Enter the basement window. There's Martin's body. Go up the stairs and talk to Nick, the Professor's assistant. He needs the medallion, which is locked in a safe.

Take the poster next to the dartboard. Inspect the metal door to see that it's being guarded on the outside. Slip the poster under the door. Open the door. Click on Feng and take his keys. Use the keys on the back door of the van. Take the page of Jinx's journal from the van. Exit this area through the right side.

Enter Jinx's number as a code to the safe: 001857890. Take the Professor's stone from the safe. Go back to the warehouse and give the stone to Nick. Watch the ending unfold.

Written by Didi Cardoso. Last updated 2006-05-18.