Culpa Innata



Phoenix' Office:

Third floor of the Global Peace and Security Network building left of Exit sign. Look around the room. Check the computer, pink makeup kit, cabinet and Human Development Index (HDI) certificate on wall.

Locate Julius and Personal Assistant (PA) - Use the elevator left of third floor Exit sign. Go to second floor. From the elevators, go to the right. Go forward and talk to Julius about dead bodies. Maybe the cemetery should be checked? Talk to Julius every now and then to learn more about the background of the Union.

PA: Pick up the blinking PA from the floor behind Julius & Phoenix. The cabinet key is still not found. Right mouse click brings up the PA. The PA has the contact list, inventory, navigation map, diary and game controls. Right click again to disable the PA.

The contact list has the description of the characters that Phoenix has been in contact with during gameplay. The inventory has the GPSN Rules. The navigation map is disabled and needs to be updated. The diary has Phoenix' thoughts. The Game Controls has the in game menu.

Cabinet puzzle - Take the pink makeup kit and social security card from desk. Look close at the cabinet under the left HDI frame behind the desk. See a close up of the lock. The security pass is in there. Open the makeup kit in inventory (use the ?i? icon) and take out a hairpin.

Insert the hairpin in the lock. Move it up, down right and left and listen for the different sound each time. Listen for the sharp click sound and not the clunk sound. Find the correct sequence that produces all click sounds.

Click to move the hairpin: 2 up, 1 down, 1 left and 1 up. Ha, it worked! Take the security pass. Back out of close up.

Chief Morssen's office: Located across from Phoenix' office. During the game, Chief Morssen will call Phoenix to a meeting or Phoenix will automatically report her findings.

Floor 1:

History of the Union: Exit the office and go to the elevators, left of the EXIT sign. Take the elevator to floor 1. Go right of screen and look at the 2 wall panels that described the conditions that led to the present day situation. Go right and look close at the third wall panel to see what supposedly this Utopia has done to date.

Auditorium: Enter the door at right under the beautiful stained glass. Go down to front row and take the ID card of Talay Talayman. Look around Check out the stage, flags and podium. There is a full version of Chief Morssen?s speech there. After you have looked at everything, exit the auditorium.

Exit: Go left screen, pass the elevators and go to the EXIT at intersecting corridor. Use security pass on EXIT door.

Global Peace and Security Network Exterior:

See a cutscene of a man sneaking towards the building. Chase is on. Wow - he went thorough the graveyard gate. Look at the plaque on the right. It is the Pater Noster.

Textured plaque: Look at the plaque left of the gate. Click on it while in close up. There's a shape here but the carving is too fine. Open the makeup kit in inventory. Take the Desiree hand lotion and apply it on the plaque. Take a cotton ball from makeup kit and apply it on the lotion on the plaque. This needs to be scanned. A camera icon appears. Click the camera icon to get recovered image 3.

Graveyard gate: Look at the gate and see that it has a lock. The lever on top left resets the puzzle. The 4 buttons pulls back different bars at center of the lock. The object of the puzzle is to press the buttons in order to remove all the bars at the center. Check what bars each button affects. Note that a second click on some buttons shows another set of affected bars. To solve, click on (top to bottom 1-4): 4 4 3.

Graveyard: See a digital disk on the ground. Use camera to take a picture of the butterfly image on the disc to get recovered image 4. Take the graveyard CD. We can check all of the items collected so far later on Phoenix' computer.


Follow the path to the left, cross the bridge and then click on the signs on either side of the path. The blue one is the mighty Union flag. Metro: Enter the Metro area. Look around and check the different active places. Go down the front stairs on either side of the balcony to get to Platform A. Look at the posters on the wall. Note that one has a rainbow butterfly. Go to extreme left of the rail tracks under the left stairs. It is an entry to the tunnels. Go back up to the top level. Go to either right or left side of the main floor and turn the corner. Go pass the green Station Omega 10 sign and then to Platform B. See an energy field that blocks the stairs.

Click on energy field and learn that you need to renew metro pass. Turn back and go to the right side hall where you see the brown Metro Pass machine.

Metro pass machine - Click on the machine and buy metro credit. Enter the social security number seen on the social security card in inventory: 293-72-4925-2. 100 credits are added to your account.

Metro Car: Go forward, right, forward and through the energy field of Platform B. Go down the stairs to see Phoenix ride the metro. Right click mouse to access the PA but the PA has reset. Click OK on the first 2 frames seen. The last reminder showed unidentified binary data. Click to 'Save' the unidentified binary data to get Data Dump from PA crash.

The Navigation Map has expired. We need to update the map. Exit the PA and look close at the white map on the wall inside the metro car. See the Adrianopolis Metro Map. Take a picture of the map to update the navigation map. Phoenix will say that the map is now updated.


Right click to show the PA. Click on the navigation map tab and see Vassily Bogdanov's house in delta quadrant. Click on Bogdanov's home. Go right of elevator and click on room 3105.

First visit: The home security program does not let Phoenix in. Select Access Case# response for a more diplomatic approach.

Look around at the different items in the apartment. Go to bottom screen to see a wide window. Take a close look at the items on the coffee table on the left. See an old fashioned business card. Bogdanov is the owner of The Thing Store at The Pyramid. The PA adds the Thing Store to the map. Look close at the magnetic card on the bar. Take the swipe card.

Bogdanov's bedroom: Enter the room on the left. Look around. Take a look at the 'Arrivee in 21 Days' on the side table. Click twice on the Mata Hari picture above the bed. There's a colored lock safe. The solution is to replicate the colors of the Russian Flag in exact order. Once the player opens the safe, an unknown sculpture will appear in Phoenix?s inventory, but its purpose until later in the gameplay, in visits to the Thing Store after Piper appears.

Second visit: To be done after visit to Bogdanov's Office and Rubik's cube puzzle completed.

Safe puzzle: Go to the bedroom and click on Mata Hari's picture above the bed. See the safe. Change the colors of the safe buttons to the pattern on the Rubik's cube completed puzzle at Bogdanov's office. Top row is white, middle row is blue and bottom row is red. Take the unknown sculpture.


Anti Chaos Poster and kiosk: Click on Pyramid and then Thing Store in the map. Exit the Thing store and go across the street. Look close at the Anti Chaos poster and the kiosk beside it. The poster has #505 on it. Look at kiosk and enter the number 505. See the fourth line change to Truth is never linear.

Note: Later in the gameplay, all the Anti Chaos poster/kiosk locations appear on the Navigation map. They can be visited by walking out of locations nearby, once those locales open or by directly going to each kiosk icon on the map.

Alicia Cordoba:

First visit: Click on Pyramid and then Thing Store in the map. Walk to the left screen and up the stairs. Talk to the female sales clerk in blue-gray uniform, Alicia Cordoba. Learn about Harry Callahan, a Peace Officer impersonator.

Suspect modeling comparison - See a face. Click on a feature of the face and then click on 'compare'. Alicia will say if is not or is a match. Once that part of the face matches, go to another feature of the face.

Do the hair, eyes, nose, mouth and chin comparison. Alicia's answer will progress to: Slightly like him, moderately like him, more like him, very much like him and when all features are correctly done she will say 'that is exactly him'.

When Alicia says ?That is exactly like him, click on 'reconstruct' button to see a picture of the impersonator. The picture is added to your inventory. Continue to ask Alicia about Bogdanov's death and learn about the other sales clerk, Piper and Monica. Ask her anything pertaining to Bogdanov. You are allowed only one visit per day in interrogating witnesses. Check Bogdanov's office.

Second or third visit: Talk to Alicia at left side of the store about Bogdanov and about his business venture. Learn about art consultancy and the club that Bogdanov frequents. Talk again about Bogdanov's business. At last visit with Alicia, Monica will be at the other side of the store. Visit Monica.

Go down the steps and walk to right screen. Check the Thing Store elevator. Use the swipe card taken from the bar at the apartment. Note: this can be done before speaking with Alicia.