Daemonica is a 3D isometric view point-and-click adventure that has an RPG feel to it. You do a lot of running around talking to people to find useful information, you do even more running around gathering herbs which you need to create potions, and you do a little bit of fighting.

The puzzle component of the game resides in interpreting riddles or putting evidence together in order to perform the rituals correctly, to communicate with the soul of the deceased. This guide will help you through the story and give you a few hints, as well as show you all important locations, including herb spawn locations.

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Before you walk towards the town gates, walk around the woods to mark the Mines and a Weird Place on the map, and pick up any herbs you find.

Head to the town gates and show the letter to the guard. There's no need to fight him, just insist the mayor has sent you. Once inside, the mayor greets you and walks you to your house. On the way, pick up any herbs you find. At your house, you learn about the murders. Once the mayor leaves, go down to the basement and place your potion set on the table.

Go outside and head south to the Doctor's house. Talk to him about the victims.

Go back north near your house and talk to the blacksmith about a lock you. He wants a key back that he lost in the swamp. Head north to an area between two ponds and you will see the key. You can't reach it, so you need to find a way to get it. Near that area you will find Helena picking herbs, talk to her.

Head south to find the herbalist's house. Go inside and talk to her.

Head southwest to a pond at the end of the river. Talk to Simon the fisherman there. Learn about Emma (the mayor's maid), and ask if he likes her. He won't let you have the fishing rod.

Go to the mayor's house (just next to yours) and talk to Emma inside. She tells you that she likes Simon, reply that he likes her too. Go back to the pond and talk to Simon, tell him that Emma likes him and then ask to borrow the fishing rod. He still won't let you have it, but he will go and fish the key for you.

Take the key to the blacksmith, receive your lock and use it on the door of your house. Go to the cellar and make a Drowsy Eyes potion. You will need 1 Watersleep, 1 Gwynlock, 1 Devil's Luck.

Now you need to get Duncombe's body from the scaffold, a little west from the mayor's house. The guard won't let you take it, but he tells you he's thirsty. Go to the inn and talk to the bartender. He won't give you a drink, so talk to the mayor and tell him the guard is thirsty. Talk to the bartender and you get a wineskin.

Go back to the mayor's house and ask Emma if you can have some wine. Now use the potion on the wineskin. Go to the scaffold and give the wineskin to the guard. Use your dagger on the rope.

Now that you have your dead victim, it's time to make a Soulgreep potion. You will need 2 Gwynlock, 2 Watersleep, 1 Devil's Luck and 2 Tear of Stone. Use the potion and you will find yourself at the Temple of Sacrifices.

Approach the door next to the hangman image, it opens for you to go through. Inside, the answers for the altars are: love; Rephen, the blacksmith of destiny; Dahn-en-nyan, soul bearer. Go back to where you came from and walk along the corridor into another room with double doors. Talk to the dead Dumcombe and learn about the brooch at the crime scene, you need to find out who it belongs to. Promise to burn his body.

When you get back, go talk to the mayor at his house. He doesn't seem to want to tell you. Talk to the blacksmith and go back to the mayor. This time he tells you he threw it away near Duncombe's house.

Go to the inn and talk to the landlord sitting at a table. He says the brooch belongs to his son. Go to the landlord's house (near the Doctor's) and you will find John training in the backyard. Confront him about the brooch and you learn that Duncombe wasn't responsible for the girl?s death. John will fight you and in the end you can either kill him or spare him. The mayor arrives and has a chat with you.

Go to your house and pick up Duncombe's body. You will automatically place him on the pyre. Walk left, go up the stairs towards the monastery and then right to Duncombe's house. Inside, take the shovel and open the chest to find a tinderbox. In the graveyard, look between two ferns to find the brooch. Go back to the funerary pyre and use the tinderbox on it. Go back to your house and go to sleep.


You wake up from a nightmare to a bloody mess on your walls. Talk to the mayor at the inn about the blood and your dream. Go talk to the Doctor to learn someone stole some the documents he had prepared for you. Outside his house, examine the trampled cornfield. Talk to the Doctor again to learn that the field belongs to landlord Limsey.

Go to the inn and talk to the landlord. He says he saw Harrel in the field. Go back to the Doctor and tell him what you just learned. Go to the blacksmith and ask him about Harrel. You find out that he bought a rope.

Go to the herbalist's house. She will help you find Harrel if you bring her a herb called Snake's Tongue. To actually be able to see this herb, you have to make an Azraim Eye potion first. You will need 1 Serpentica (she gives it to you), 1 Tear of Stone, 2 Devil's Luck and 2 Gwynlock. Drink it.

Go north to the strange wooden marker by the swamp and wait until you hear a sound. A bird flies by headed east, follow it. You will end up a little south from the bridge to the monastery. The Snake's Tongue will appear by the river. Pick it up and go back to the herbalist. Leave her house for a little while (pick some herbs for a bit) and then return. She says Harrel went to the mine.

Go to the town gate and talk to the guard. Go to the inn and talk to the mayor. You are not allowed to leave. Go back to your house, neaby there will be a monk. Talk to him to learn that the Abbot wants to talk to you. The monk gives you a key to the monastery. Go to the monastery and open the metal gate with the key. Talk to the Abbot, who wants you to talk to a monk who is trying to kill himself. The monk is at the edge of the cliff near Duncombe's house. No matter what you say, you can't talk the monk out of it and he will still kill himself. Looks like his body landed on the outside of the town's walls. Go back to the monastery and talk to the Abbot. He will get you permission to go outside so you can bring back the monk's body.

Talk to the mayor at the inn. Talk to the guard at the gate twice, you can finally go outside. Save your game. Go northeast along the river towards the cliff to look for the monk's body. You will see a pool of blood and find a thief. You have to fight the thief and kill him. Check his corpse to take the monk?s cassock (soutane).

Enter the mines to the east and use the tinderbox to light the torches. Save your game. You will find Harrel's body and Greer, one of the presumed missing people, who is now a zombie. Fight him and he will run away. Pick up Harrel's body by using the monk's cassock. You will take his body to your house. Make a Soulgreep Potion: 2 Gwynlock, 2 Watersleep, 1 Devil?s Luck and 2 Tear of Stone. Drink it.

In the Temple, pick the door of the one murdered by a wepon. At the altars, pick: wealth; Lertyan, the shepherd of dreams; Dahn-en-Nyan. Go through the door near the the sun mural and talk to Harrel. When you return, talk to the Doctor and tell him what you learned.

Go back to the monastery and talk to the Abbot about the monk's death. Head to your house and go to sleep.


You awake with someone banging on your door. Go outside and talk to Fabius, who came in response to the Doctor's letter.

Go to the Doctor's house and talk to the mayor. Talk to the blacksmith, he doesn't know where the Doctor is. Talk to the guard at the main gate to find he let him out. Go to the mines. Save your game.

Go down the shaft. You will come across Greer again and will have to fight him. This time you kill him. Talk to the Doctor, who is seriously hurt by the xombie poison. Give him the Sneeya's Touch potion. You will automatically be at your house with the Doctor, who is dying. Ask him his birthdate.

When he dies, take his body to the cellar and prepar another Soulgreep potion: 2 Gwynlock, 2 Watersleep, 1 Devil's Luck and 2 Tear of Stone. Drink it.

In the Temple, enter the door of one who was killed by poison. At the altars, pick: knowledge; Talanos; Dahn-en-nyan.

Enter the door by the sun mural and talk to the Doctor, he has much to tell you. Learn about the demon, the stone from the bed Jesus was layed on, and the Brotherhood's attempts at covering the whole thing. You find that the Doctor has sent information to Rome about what's going on in Cavorn.

The password is "For so is the will of God, that with well doing". The reply to it is "ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men". The riddle for the location of the stone is: "Where I stood, autumn had surrendered its reign, but spring still slept. It slept like the dead in their dreamless sleep, lying all around. And before my eyes, in the direction where the day falls asleep, in the ground I found what I sought".

When you return, go to the monastery and talk to the Abbot. Two of the monks are missing. Talk to Fabius at the cemetery. He wants the guard north of the herbalist's house. Go to the herbalist's house and move the mouse pointer over the guard to learn his name. Go back to Fabius and tell him about the guard.

Inspect Phillip and Helen's plaques and the dates on the side of the crypt. Pick up a piece of cloth near the SaintJohn's crypt. Show it to the Abbot and tell him to send someone to investigate.

Since you need to wait until Fabius leaves the cemetery, go to the mayor's house and tell Emma that Simon is dead. You will find her in the swamp and see her with Simon's dead dog. She's gone insane.

To find the stone, you need the riddle. "It slept like the dead in their dreamless sleep, lying all around" is a hint to read the epitaphs on the crosses at the cemetery. "Where I stood, autumn had surrendered its reign, but spring still slept". Jonathan Winter's epitaph says "Winter by name, fire by heart". The monastery is north of Winter's cross. Look west from Jonathan?s tombstone, "in the direction where the day falls asleep." Use the shovel on the soft ground behind the tree (next to Mary Cobb's tombstone) near the wall to find the stone. Save your game and make sure you are fully healed.

Go to the herbalist's house, to find she has been strangled and engage a fight with a zombie. When you kill it, you will take her body to your cellar. Helen comes over to have a chat, she wants to live with you. After that talk to the mayor. Go to the mayor's house. The mayor drowns Helen and poisons you.


Clear space in your inventory to make room for potions: drop the brooch, bucket, Drowsy Eye potion, mayor's invitation, shovel. Make a few Sneeya's potions, as your herbs allow, since you will need them to heal Nicholas from all the zombie fights.

Go outside and talk to the blacksmith, who seemed to have enjoyed killing a zombie. Go to the inn and kill the zombie attacking the innkeeper. Head to the bridge near the Doctor's house to find the landlord injured and hear that Greer's wife has turned into a zombie as well. Give him a potion. Go towards his house and clear the way, there is another zombie. Kill it and go back to the landlord to tell him it's safe.

Go towards the pond where you met the fisherman and you will see Helen's body. Take it to your cellar and make a Soulgreep potion. Drink it. It's time to bring her back to life.

Enter the "embraced by water" door. At the altars, pick: love; Rephen; Marghet-en-dryat. You did the correct ritual, but it didn't seem to work.

Go to the monastery and talk to the Abbot about entering the crypt. Insist on entering.

Enter the crypt and talk to Fabius on the other side of the locked gate. Walk through the hallway and keep going straight (the door past the tapestries is locked). In a cell with a chest there is a Sneeya's Breath potion. At the end of the hallway where near a blocked door, there is an extinguish torch, take it. In what seems like a kitchen there is a zombie, kill it and inspect the corpse to obtain an unknown object. Leave the kitchen towards where you found the torch and go across the chasm.

In a room with a chest, pick up the bucket and a dagger from the chest. In the other room, use the torch on the lever that is missing. Pull all the levers. Inspect the cells and grab another bucket from one of them. In another cell, a mattress with a swollen portion has another unknown object inside, use your dagger to cut the mattress open. Talk to the zombie in the last cell to learn about the library. Flip all the levers again to open the exit and go back across the chasm.

Fill the two buckets in the water basin in the kitchen. Inspect the room next to the door that's blocked by rubble, there is a button on the wall panel that opens the library. Find a scroll on the bottom shelf on ab bookcase, and a decorated key on a wall shelf next to the blocked door.

Go back to the heavy door past the tapestries and use the decorated key on it.


Go across the bridge and talk to the mayor, who ends up killing himself. There are four adjacent rooms and a bridge that?s not connected. In the first two rooms, place the unknown objects on the walls to activate the tiles. Enter the room with numbered tiles.

Read the scroll from the library: "There must be 3 people for journeys to open the demon's prison. .... decide how to lay the paving stones correctly. Only one who knows all the elements of earthy forces, the deadly sins and the number of the beast should be allowed in. ...prove their identity in order to gain access to the demon. One of the keys from the northern gate must be kept here in this room."

Place one bucket of water on tile number IV ("elements of earthy forces"), another on tile number VI ("the number of the beast" and then stand on tile number VII ("the deadly sins"). This will lower a bridge. Save your game. Go across the bridge.

This is where you make a choice, to get one of three possible endings.

Ending 1: Agree with Fabius and let him release the demon.
Ending 2: Kill Fabius, and when Helen appears, kill her too.
Ending 3: Kill Fabius, and when Helen appears, talk to her.


  • At the beginning of each chapter, walk around and pick up all the herbs you can find. Your herb bag can hold up to 10 of each herb.
  • Always talk to everyone about everything.
  • If you're in need of healing, create a Sneeya's potion and drink it.
  • Use your map to teleport around.
  • Always save before you go into the Temple of Sacrifices. If you pick the wrong options at the altars, the game ends.



Written by Didi Cardoso. Last updated 2006-06-03.