Nancy Drew: Danger by Design

Junior Walkthrough

You start out in Nancy's room. You can either get a tutorial lesson, read about the case or click on the plane tickets on the desk to leave for Paris right away.

Talk to Heather and receive a metro pass. Go to the desk across from Heather and look at the "To Do List" in your computer. Look in the drawer to find a notebook and instructions on how to fix the plotter and some other notes and doodles.

Go in Minette's office to meet her. Head to the tea stand and mix Boojum, Breland, Callicula, Fennellery, Gibbering, Hogbone, Macrophylla, Phyrigia, Pipsweet, Varvaine and Yellow Buttons in the pot. When done, click on the teapot. Have a look around the room and read the GlamGlam magazine on the coffee table. Exit the room.

Minette calls you back so you can go shopping for her. She wants things that are like the items she already has: they are all metallic, round and either green, red or blue. You receive a purse with 195 Euros and a basket. Exit the office and head to the front door. There is a red envelope on the floor, open it and read it. Put it in the Dodo Box. Go outside and take the metro to Pont Neuf.

Examine the cross. There are three vendors here, Monique on the far end, Marchand in the middle and Malika on the left. You can haggle with them and ask for a lower price on items. Buy the green rings from Malika for 4 Euros. Buy the blue film canister from Marchand for 21 Euros. Buy the lava lamp for 15 Euros and orange cone for 1 Euro from Monique.

Talk to Marchand and paint some reproductions if you want to earn some money (15 for Mona Lisa, 30 for Sunflowers). All you have to do is match the colors.

Exit the area and take the metro to Les Abesses, back to Minette's studio. Minette is now too busy playing a computer game and won't stop until she beats the previous score. Go to your desk and use the computer. Go into Jane's Game Portal. When asked for a login enter "Carol" and "rude" for the password. Play Model Match (match 3 of the same kind) and beat Minette's score. Minette will think she did it and will go back to work.

Go to Minette's office and give her the new items. Go back out to your desk and fix the plotter, just add one bar to the H and the plot will print a perfect page. Answer the phone when it rings to talk to Lynn about the previous owner of the windmill. Exit the office.

Take the metro to Place Monge. This is JJ Ling's apartment. Read the magazine on the phone table and the newspaper on the dining table. Pick up the envelope from JJ. Take the metro to Rue de Bac.

This is the studio of Dieter Von Schwesterkrank, Minette's ex-boyfriend. He doesn't have time to print those pictures so you have to do it yourself. There is a manual near the fish tank that explains how to do it" use the enlarger, then the developer, then the stop bath and finally the fixer. This has to be done in the dark room in about 8 seconds per process.

One way to do it is to mark on your computer screen where the different objects. The other way is to flush the toilet ten times (and get an easter egg) and then click on one of the film processing objects to get the pictures ready to go. Or, you can leave the room and come back ten times in a row. Leave Dieter's office and take the metro to Les Abesses.

Answer the phone. Prudence Rutherford wants her dress, but the designs aren't finished so you have to do them. Go to the draft table and read the notes in the book. You need to know exactly which colors to use, what head gear to put on and what to accessorize with.

For the summer outfit use alpine hat, black sunglasses, pink top, green pants, pink boa and pink slippers. For the cruise outfit use bunny ears, bunny mask, furry white top, orange capri pants, pineapple purse and white furry boots. For the fall outfit use the straight blond wig, yellow mask, long-sleeve purple checkered shirt, black purse, white pants and green boots.

As you exit the office, Minette asks Heather to go get JJ for a fitting. Take the metro to Place Monge. Talk to JJ, who is baking cookies. She will go to Minette if you bake those cookies right, but you will need mint and a substitute for brown sugar. Exit the apartment.

Take the metro to Hotel de Ville. Order a Crème de Glace (ice cream) from the menu, which comes garnished with a sprig of mint. Take the metro to Pont Neuf. Check what Malika is selling… look, it's mint, for 50 Euros… aren't you glad you ordered the ice cream? Talk to Marchand, he has a food substitutes book. Buy it for 1 Euro to find out what you can use to substitute brown sugar. Talk to Monique and buy the French/English dictionary for 23 Euros.

Take the metro to Place Monge. Go behind the kitchen table and open the pantry. Look at the books and put the molasses in your inventory. Turn around and place the mint and molasses on the table with the ingredients for the cookies. Use the dictionary if you need to translate the names of the ingredients, but the packages are easy to recognize.

Follow the recipe as it's on the little card and mix everything in the big bowl. Since you don't have brown sugar, add half a cup of white sugar and a teaspoon of molasses. Click on the baking sheet when done. JJ will call you to check if you made the right cookies. Tell her the cookies curl up so she knows you got the recipe right.

Take the metro to Les Abesses. There is a pink note on your desk for you to pick up a stuffed parrot from one of the Pont Neuf merchants. JJ is in the studio with Minette. The phone is ringing and Heather is not there. Answer the phone to get a suspicious phone call from a man with a german accent. Tell him to leave a message and he will hang up.

No one is around, so let's open that Dodo Box. The purpose is to move the Dodo piece into the highlighted square without being caught by the other pieces. The dots are walls that will block their path. The arrows at the bottom left are used to move the Dodo piece.

First puzzle: yellow goal.
Move the piece as follows: right, left, up, up, up, up, up, left, down, down, right, right, right, down, down, down, right up.

Second puzzle: green goal.
Move the piece as follows: left, down, down, down, right, down, down, right, right, right, up, up, left, up, up, left, up.

Third puzzle: blue goal.
Move the piece as follows: left, down, down, left, up, right, down, down, right, right, down, down, left.

Read all the letters inside the Dodo Box and note that one is different from the other three. Take the metro to Pont Neuf. Walk to Marchand and notice Dieter sitting on the bench. Check what he left behind: a clock and a newspaper obituary. Buy the parrot from Marchand for 1 Euro.

Take the metro to Les Abesses. Enter the studio to see Minette run out explaining someone just sent her a box of chocolates with cockroaches inside, and they're all running all over her studio. You have to go in and catch them, and put them back in the box alive. There are nine roaches, they walk around the office and can be seen in specific areas, but you have to be quick to click on them and catch them. Make sure you look at the computer desk to find a note from Heather and a roach, and behind the platform with the red dress to see a letter from a historian. Turn your screen's brightness and contrast up to spot them better.

Once you have all nine cockroaches in the box, head to the door and talk to Minette. She will leave before you get out. Use your Zippy phone card to call the historian that wrote the letter and learn about Noisette.

Take the metro to Pont Neuf. Enter the park and click the box of roaches to release them. Take the metro to Rue du Bac. Dieter is too busy in the dark room, but if you ask about the clock he tells you that it opens a puzzle on the wall near the bookshelf. Talk to Dieter again, and he asks you to take some photos. Take the digital camera on the chair. There's a list on his desk that says which photos you need, in French. He wants photos of a stapler, a spider, a candle, a skull, a cross and a teapot.

Now use the clock on the spot on the wall near the bookshelf. A panel opens with 9 clocks. You have to set all clocks to 3, but moving some causes others to move. Move the clocks in this order until the hand is on 3 p.m.: 8, 1, 4, 7, 9, 6. A passage opens. Go through.

Take a photo of the spider on the wall. Keep going down the hallway to find metal door with a hazelnut (noisette) on it. Open the door to reveal a number lock and a sentence that translates into "'the year our despair ended and my despair began". Enter the numbers 1945 (which you can find on the Cross of Lorraine and Noisette's obituary) and it will open.

Take the red book and read it. There's a photo of a decoding machine (M380) and a code. Nancy will note that the gears look like those in Minette's studio. Take the graph paper from the book. Keep reading to learn how to operate the machine and a color code for numbers and metro lines.

Take the metro to Pont Neuf. Take a photo of the cross. Buy a book about codes and ciphers from Marchand for 4 Euros. He also has a M380 decoder, but he won't give it to you unless you find a bottle of Mouton Fouette 1968.

Take the metro to Les Abesses. Take a photo of the stapler on your desk. Go to Minette's studio and take a photo of the teapot. Call Zu. He won't help you out unless you get him an autograph from JJ Ling.

Take the metro to Place Monge. Ask JJ for an autograph. No such luck, so let's play hangman. Pick the letters Z U M Y L O V E J I N G. At the end of the game, Nancy takes the piece of paper with the letters.

Take the metro to Denfer Rochereau and enter the catacombs (5 Euros). Find the skull and place the "autograph" in it. Take a photo of the skull and another of a candle.

Take the metro to Place Monge. Call Zu. He thanks you for the autograph and tells you about the hazelnut symbol. He also saw the same symbol in the catacombs and tells you you will need a wetsuit to get to it, since the catacombs are underwater. He also says the Mouton beverage company used to own that area.

Take the metro to Rue du Bac. Talk to Dieter about Noisette and the moulin's lost treasure. He admits that his great uncle was romanticly linked to Noisette, and that he started dating Minette to try to find that treasure.