Dreamfall: The Longest Journey


Dreamfall begins with a very strange event at a monastery, some sort of ritual where a man is transported into a frozen tundra, only to find a blackness destroying it and engulfing him. Next thing, we see a girl laying in bed. She tells us her story: her name is Zoe Castillo, and she has fallen into a coma.

Zoe takes us back to two weeks earlier, when she was still in good health and walking about. So here we are, finally in Zoe's shoes, to see how everything began.


Follow the head monk out in the prayer room. Walk around for a bit until the monk tells you the ritual is ready. Step on to the dais.


Pick up your clothes from the closet. Pick up your mobile from the chair. Go downstairs. Say goodbye to dad and leave the house.

Run down the street and talk to Liv. Tell her you have time, so follow her into the store. She will give you some software for your mobile that makes it untraceable next time you come by. Turn left when you leave the s tore and go down the stairs. You meet a girl who is on her way to the gym, follow her across the plaza, past the fountain. In the next area, just walk across the little square. When you get the hang of combat, head to the stairs and leave the gym.

Go back to the plaza with the fountain and meet Reza and the Moca Loco. Reza asks you to go to Jiva to get a package from Helena Chang. After the conversation, go back to the small square and take a cab.

Walk up to the elevator and push the call button. Walk over to the receptionist. Something appears on the screen behind her. Choose "distract" and after much talk she will go into another room. Click on the buttons near the door to lock her in. Use the computer on the desk to open the doors to the hallway and go through.

Try to open the door. The woman inside points up. Climb on to a box on the left side, and climb to the top of the cabin. Use the handle to release the pressure on the door. Jump down and open the door. Follow the woman back to the reception area. The elevator isn't working, so she will use the computer to make it work. Push the call button when she tells you to and get in. Talk to Helena. She will give you a package to deliver to Jericho. Use the taxi panel to call a cab and leave.

When you leave the cab, go back to the plaza with the fountain. Take the narrow alley left of the sushi place. Go up the stairs and open the door to the apartment building where Reza lives. Go upstairs and to the right, you'll see a cat jumping out the window and the door to the apartment open. Go inside. You will be captured.

Regardless of what you choose to reply, you will have to reveal information about Reza and lose what Helena gave you.


After using the phone, walk into the bedroom and talk to Wonkers, the purple gorilla, he has a message from Reza. Go to Liv's shop and get the new mobile software. Go back to the plaza, past the sushi bar, to Reza's apartment. There is a security clamp on the door. Open your inventory, select the mobile and use it on the door. You need to match the symbols at the botom with the correspondent one on the grid, but you have to be quick.

Once the door is unlocked, go inside. A security spider is in the way. Sneak around the room without stepping on anything and go into the bathroom. Turn the shower radio on to get the robot?s attention. Once the robot steps inside, close the shower door. Pick up Lucia?s (the gorilla) broken parts and go to Liv's shop.

Give the broken Watilla parts to Liv (use focus on her and pull up the inventory, select the parts and press X). Liv will give you a Watilla power source. Go back to your house and interact with Wonkers (the purple gorilla) to get his brain. Now go back to Reza's apartment and use the brain and the power source on Lucia. She will open a safe on the floor with a notepad in it. Take it. Take the brain from Lucia. Grab the notepad from the floor and take it to Liv.

Go back home. Give Wonkers his brain back. Pick up the backpack near the closet.


You now play as April for a short while. You have to fight two Azadi soldiers, one at a time. Use quick attacks and defeat both.

Back to Zoe, go through the alleyway and talk to the Chinese merchant. Ask where The Fringe is, it's basically through the alleyway across from the merchant. One you find it, press the call button. Inside, talk to Charlie until he tells you about the Border House, aka Venice Hotel. Leave The Fringe, go back to the Chinese merchant and go up the stairs next to him.

Go to the right and all the way to the end of the alleyway, until you see a small courtyard with a broken bench. There's a door, but it's locked and the intercom doesn't work. There's a scaffold near the wall, jump down and there will be a passage to the canals. Climb the ladder and you will be at the back entrance to the hotel. Use your mobile to call Liv and ask for help.

When entering the backyward, there is a lit window to your right, which is where you need to enter. Unlock the container and push it under the window. To break it you will need an axe from the shed.

Climb the ladder to find out the gate is locked. Calling Liv again lets you know that you need a lock pick. Go back to the Chinese merchant and he will give you one in return for a mobile phone cloak, which you got earlier. Call Liv , she will transfer the software and you can get the lock pick. Go back to the locked gate and open it.

To sneak past the dog only move when the train passes. Take the fire axe and use it to break the window. Enter the Hotel.

Pick up the rag and the broken axe handle, combine them to make a torch. Inspect the cans until you find petrol. Use the torch on this can to soak it. Ignite the boiler and use the torch with the pilot flame. You can now go down the dark hallway.

Enter the control room to the right. You will find Reza's lighter. The little girl appears on the screens and points you to room 201. Use your mobile with the security monitors to start a mini-game. Match the symbols to open the door. To get past the man blocking the stairs you can tamper with his pizza oven and sneak by as he gets the pizza.

Room 201 is to your left when going up the stairs to the second floor. It's locked. Enter the bathroom and pick up the handle from the window. Enter the room with no doors just past the stairs to the third floor and use the handle on this window. You can climb out and use the fire escape to go up to the third floor.

There is a man wandering the hallway. Go in the bathroom and take a towel. When the man in the hallway leaves for the bathroom, take the sheet from his bed. Combine the towel and sheet to make a rope. Open the window in the hallway past the room where you got the sheet. Tie the rope to the radiator beneath the window and climb out. Go to the window opposite of where you landed and open it to enter room 201.

Look in the closet and take the videograph. A man enters the room and a conversation begins. If you meet him at the Fringe, he helps you find Reza, so go back there.

At the Fringe, give the videograph to Charlie. After the conversation, go upstairs and into the room at the end of the hallway. Use your mobile to call Reza. Here come the Japanese twins!

When you regain control, go to the house and talk to the little girl to go to another world.


You wake up in a cave and have to find your way out while dodging the creatures. You can fight all of them if you want, but there are alternatives. To get past the first creature, pick up the pebbles. Throw one in the water near the creature's patrolling area. When it turns, you can sneak by. For the second creature go up the cliff and throw the other pebble in the water. Sneak behind the creature and take the glowing egg.

Now you need to activate the water wheel. Use the egg on the machine. Pick it up after the wheel starts moving since you will be needing it again. Jump on the wheel and you will be pulled up tot he platform. Climb the ladder and go to the end of the tunnel to your left. There is a music puzzle here where you must play the music the creatures were humming. From left to right, by hitting the glyphs, touch left glyph, middle glyph, left glyph, right glyph. A portal opens and you can go up to the surface. You come out in a cellar. Kick the door in the middle to break it and enter the inn.

Talk to inkeeper Benrime, who wants you to talk to Minstrum Magda. Exit the inn and talk to Blid Bob. You need to get him some mulled wine. Go inside and talk to Benrime again. She needs spices to make the wine. Go back outside, past Blind Bob and enter the Tower Square. Run to the midle of the square and enter South Gate. The merchant is on your left. He sends you back to Burrow Crook to talk to Ary, the bearded man to your left as you pass the inn, he will give you the spices. Go back to the South Gate once you have them and talk to the merchant again. He will give you some other spices for the wine. Take them to Benrime.

Combine the spices with the pot behind the bar. Use the bottle with the pot. You can now give Blind Bob his wine. He tells you to find Crazy Clara at Crab's End, past the South Gate, to the left. Go up the bridge to see Clara sitting there. You have to find her baby, a creature that the Azadi soldiers have confiscated. Go back to South Gate.

In the center of the square you will see a creature going around in circles. To the right, there is an alley where you will find Clara's pet. Enter the alley as the creature passes it so the soldiers won't spot you. Free the pet and return to Clara. She will tell you Minstrum Magda is the woman making soup in South Gate. Go there and talk to her. Magda tells you that you have to go to the Magic Ghetto. After the chat, you are brought back to the inn.

April then teleports you to Newport . You now play as Kian. Fight the three trainees and you will be taken to the council of The Six. Follow the child. Talk to the council to learn you have to find the "scorpion" in Marcuria. Talk to your trainer again.


Talk to Charlie and leave The Fringe. Go back to Venice Cross roads. Olivia calls you and tells you to go to Japan.

Now as April, talk to Chawan and then leave to Tower Square. Go to the large scaffolding and around it so you can sneak up on the guard and knock him out. Climb the scaffolding. Listen to the conversation between the hooded man and Sister Sayah. When he leaves, follow him to the inn, down to the cellar and into the portal.

As Zoe, you have to find Damien in the WATI building. Buy a pack of gum from the machine using your mobile. Examine the pack to get a sticker. To get a ticket for the cable cart, comfort the Japanese man until his girlfriend arrives. Use the ticket on the cable cart and you will be at the museum.

Enter through the main gate. Talk to the little boy and give him a piece of gum. Talk to him again, he will start a robot. Use this chance to hack the door at the other end of the museum and enter the wardrobe. Take the overalls and follow the maintenance robot that will appear from the vent.

Go over to the woman by the elevator and either trick her into getting the elevator for you or knock her out. Inside the elevator, use the mobile to hack the system. To get to Damien's office, you have to avoid the robots by hiding behind the vending machines. To find Damien, go right as you enter and then left. Talk to him to know what to do next.

Go downstairs to the Dreamcore. Hide in the doorways to avoid the spider bots. Go right and hug the right wall to find the hidden panel (you will find a spot to interact with). Open it and use the mobile to hack the system.

Go back to where you came from and open the first door to your right. Pick up a capsule and combine it with the worm Damien gave you. Keep going in that direction and enter the next office to the right. Use the encapsulated worm with the bio-scanner, then scan yourself with the larger scanner. Keep running to the right when you exit and enter the second door to the right. There is a red grid of the floor, and you will get instructions on how to control a spider bot into this room. Leave this room and go left. The first room on your left has the spiders. Use your mobile to control the spider and go to the room with the grid. You will have to destroy another spider on your way to get a security upgrade from it. When you have it, go into the office and use the docking pad to switch off the grid.

Run to the room where you left the spider in and take the data key from the lab coat on the chair. When leaving the security room, go to the first door on your right and use the data key to open it. Use the control panel on the right to operate the airlock and enter the Dreamcore. To insert the encapsulated worm through a lock one floor below you, dodge the scientists working on the core.

You will meet with April again and you see the hooded man crossing the water. You must get to the other side. Run to the slope above where you took the glowing egg. Wait here until you see one of the creatures climbing the ledge (if none comes, you're too close to the ledge, so step back) and entering the door on the left. Follow it once it enters and you will be at the Necropolis.

Hide behind the altar in the first chamber and use the focus field to watch a creature use the code on the wall. You can center the dungeon after that. Your objective is to open the main gate, and you will need an egg for that. To get to the egg you have to open another gate. As you come to the first intersection you will see four symbols on the floor and four statues, you must match the symbols to the statues. The solution to this puzzle is displayed on a gate in the lower grounds of the dungeon, which is also the first gate you need to open.

To get downstairs, go left and then right from where you entered the dungeon. There will be a spot where the wall can be torn down. Once you're down there, go straight across the intersection where you landed, turn left, then right. This will take you to the gate with the symbols, write them down. To go back up, use the tunnel next to this gate.

Head to the first room you entered with the four symbols on the floor. In addition to each symbol there is also an arrow. Follow the arrow and you will find a statue. Adjust the symbol on the statue to match the one on the floor. Do this four times for al the statues to open the gate. Go back down to the gate and get the glowing egg from the chest.

Now turn left, right, then left again at the intersection to get to the main gate. Use the glowing egg on the socket to open it. Follow the path to enter Temple Square. There are creatures patrolling the dungeon, and if they spot you, they will run to get a warrior to fight you. If they spot you, hide behind the statues or rocks until the warrior leaves.

Go up the stairs on the right and jump down from the top platform. You will land behind a creature, so sneak just after landing. Go back to the temple and enter the Dream Chamber. Watch the cutscene.

Zoe now needs to get out of the Dreamcore. As you escape, the alarm sounds and soldiers will come in. Go out through the airlock, then head for the elevator where the soldiers come from. Avoid them by hiding in the doorways, like you did for the spiders. Enter the elevator when the path is clear. Once on the top floor, follow the path into the room until you see Peats.


There's a conversation between April and Na'ane. Head downstairs and talk to Benrime, she tells you to look for the White of the Draic Kin. After you catch up to Brian, who will walk in in the meantim, he tells you you can find White of the Draic Kin at the Dark People's library. Leave the inn and go to the Magic Ghetto.

Enter the Magic Ghetto tthrough the door on the right of South Gate. Follow the path up the hill and you will see a scene showing you the market. Walk further up and you will see Roper Klacks at a stand selling items. Talk to him, ask him for help and ask him about being an author. Walk down the path opposite of his stand to find the Magic Docks.

A scene will show you a docked Shadowship. Walk down the dock to find a Dark Person. Talk to him but don't threaten him. He won't let you pass, so go back to Klacks. Ask Klacks about his book, he will give you a copy. Go back to the docks. The Dark Person will now let you pass if you give him the book. Show him the book and you will find youself aboard.


April arrives at the Dark People City. Talk to the Dark Person waiting for you as you exit the train, the follow this person to the library. Wait there while he goes to the White Kin.

Talk to the crow that lands on the desk. Talk to the White Kin when they arrive, and they help you open a portal. Enter the portal.

Damien approaches Zoe, talk to him.

April and Crow are now in front of a bridge. April walks across the bridge and go up the stone stairs. Talk to the Guardian. April goes back down the stairs and across the bridge to talk to Crow before going back through the portal again.

There is a scene with Zoe walking towards the doll house and Faith appears.


You play as Kian and will begin in a battle with two soldiers. Defeat one at a time. A conversation with Sniveling Rat Bastard begins. It doesn't matter what you pick to talk about, you will get the same result. An Azadi soldier comes and talks to Kian. The scene ends. Walk out of the alley and take the path up to your left.

Walk straight towards the blue fire in the middle of the Magic Ghetto. More scenes take place. When you regair control, walk out the front door of the Keep. Walk straight down the path away from Friar's Keep. Cross the bridge to find April. In this conversations there are three options to talk as each character: friendly, unfriendly, and neutral as April; truth, lie and cover as Kian.

Playing as April, go up the path to Friar's Keep. At the top of the path, go right through the broken section of the wall. Watch a few more scenes. As Zoe, inspect your surroundings to try to find a way out. Walk to the door and talk to the guard. He will leave the hatch open. Inspect the door to see the latch on the door side.

As April, talk to Crow and tell him about the guard and the door. Go back out, through the wall, down the path away from Friar's Keep, then down to South Gate Market, through the door on the other side of the well, to the Magic Ghetto. Talk to Klacks about potions to get some magic items to take care of the guard and the door. You receive a smoke bomb and some acid. Go back to where you left Crow outside Friar's Keep. Give him the two potions. He will go up to the prison cell and you will see him give Zoe the potions.

As Zoe, pour the acid on the door latch. Open the door. Go left, sneaking towards the guard, who is distracted. As you pass the cell door on your left, use focus to look at the guard.

Throw the smoke bomb at the guard and he will pass out. Take his prison keys. Go tell Crow about the guard, he says you need to do some scouting. Use the keys to open the gate that leads to the stairs. Go down the stairs to the left until a scene stars. The jailer is asking the warden for food. Go back to Crow and tell him about the jailer. Crow runs off to tell April.

As April, go to the Journeyman Inn and get a sandwich from Benrime. Then go to the Magic Ghetto and get a sleeping potion from Roper Klacks. Combine the potion with the sandwich. Go back to Friar's Keep. Use the call tube to the right of the front door to talk to the warden, he will let you in. Go up the stairs and the door closes behind. Go clockwise around the middle area of the prison. Halfway around you will see a double gate, open it ag go into the boiler room.

To the right of the boiler is the food elevator. Use the handle to open the door and place the sandwich in it. Use the handle to close it and send the food up. The jailer will get his sandwich.

As Zoe, go back down the stairs to where the jailer is sitting. Unlock the gate and keep going down the stairs until you see April.

As April, go clockwise around the middle area of the prison. Go through the first door on your left to enter the kitchen. Go left and through another door to find a storage area. Push the big box towards the window.

As Zoe, pick up the rope near the door and climb onto the box. Tie the rope to the hook under the window and climb down. Follow April through the broken wall and there will be a few scenes.

As Zoe, talk to Crow. You can ask him for suggestions and go find Brian. Brian won't arrive at the South Gate Market until you go back to the Journeyman Inn. An Azadi guard will be at the front door. Watch the next two scenes.

Walk through the door by the fireplace. Two rebel swordsmen will come down the stairs, fight them and defeat them. Go up the stairs and to the end of the hallway, to Na'ane's room.

As Zoe, go back through the Magic Ghetto to the South Gate Market. Go right towards Brian and Crow. A converstation begins, and Brian agrees to take you to the Dark People City.


Playing as Zoe, talk to Brian until "thanks" shows up as an option. Leave through the door behind you. Follow the Dark Person to the library until you reach the "White Dragon". A scene ends the chapter.


As Zoe, follow the only path available through the boardwalk. You will see fireworks shooting up to the sky. At the end you will find April.

Now playing as April, follow the walkways towards town. Go down the spiral ramp and walk over to the two characters standing nearby. There will be a scene. Walk past Kara and up the next ramp, then go left at the top. Walk a bit further and there will be a conversation with Na'ane. After the chat, go left, then right, towards the pier. You will see the fireworks again. At the end of the pier, there's a scene.

Playing as Kian, follow the walkway to the spiral ramp and go down. Walk past Kara towards Na'ane. You will see the fireworks again. There's a scene of Kian talking to Na'ane. Walk to the pier to meet Apri. There's another scene of them talking, and the Azadi arrive. Kian has a conversation choice to make, but the scene continues as Kian and Zoe watch April die.


Playing as Zoe, use the computer. Go to the bathroom to change clothes and leave the apartment. Outside the factory you will see a walkway that goes over the electrified fence, but you can't reach the ladder. Look at the right side tire to find a panel and use a lockpick on it. There's a matching puzzle to solve. When it's open, use your mobile on the car near the drivers' side. There's another matching puzzle with seven symbols; once solved, the car can be moved to under the ladder.

Climb up to the walkway and up the ladder. Sneak past the sentry by hiding behind the pipes. Climb the ladder on to the higher part of the roof. Push the last letter of the sign so it breaks the skylight below. Go back down the ladder, sneak past the sentry and enter through the skylight.

You get a message from Olivia. After reading, walk to the right and climb down the ladder. Go across the conveyor belt. Inspect the grate. A bit down on that wall there is a panel, inspect it. Open it and turn the power back on. Go to the control station and head towards the crane hook. Turn the hook so it will catch the grate. Go back to the control station, raise the grate with the crane and go through the shaft you just opened.

Examine the desk in the middle of the room. Get a key from the drawer and use it to unlock the locker on the wall, there is an access card inside. Use the access card to get into the girl's room. Examine the dollhouse to find a data cube. Go back to the previous room and use the cube on the computer. Watch the scene and thenuse the access card to go up the stairwell. Use the access card again on the door near the control station to exit the warehouse. Open the gate outside by using the same card. Enter the taxicab.


You arrive at the taxi stand. Talk to Karen. Go straight home to get a phone call from dad. There's a scene of the conversation and then Zoe goes to her bedroom to lay down. If you fixed Zonkers before, he will hop on the bed and tell you you have a visitor. Helena Chang enters the room and she talks to Zoe about connecting to a Dreamer again.


As Zoe, you're in Faith's dream again. Run towards the house. There is a short scene. Run up the stairs and you will see another scene with Zoe and Faith. A scene of Zoe in the hospital follows. The end!