Dungeon Lords

Dungeon Crawling Made Easy

From the official site:

Dungeon Lords is loaded with quests, personal missions, extensive skills and special abilities for customizing your own character hero from a variety of races and multiple class specializations, as you journey through an enchanted land of ancient castles, dark forests, and dungeon lairs.

If you want to become a Dungeon Lord, you need to know your way around the game world and its dungeons. This guide will help you do just that.


In your first visit to Fargrove, you begin outside the Theatre. While in town, you should pick a couple of guilds to join, depending on what type of class advancement you would like. If you created a female character and you save Lady Loriea from her attackers, she will tell you of another guild, The Sisterhood.

Visit the Jail and wait for the keeper to walk back into the doors to the hallway. Go inside and talk to Derlinger, who is being held in one of the cells. He tells you about the Guild of Mystery and gives you the password to enter the Slums District. You can access it by telling the password to Mr. Gribbs. In the slums, you will find Delia?s Curio Shop and the Custard Mansion.

If you want to join the Guild of Mages, talk to Aleister in the Arcane Emporium. To join the Guild of Fighters, talk to Grunmeir in the Arms of Argus. To become part of the Sisterhood, save Lady Loriea and talk to Lady Chana at the Apothecary. To join the Guild of Mystery, talk to Delia in the Curio Shop.

The main objective of this "chapter" is to meet with the Celestial Order at the Temple of the Circene and learn about the Relics. The first one, Galadryn's Horn, is in the Crypt. Once you obtain it, you can leave Fargrove and head to Arindale.

Other things to do:

  • Rent a room at the inn and it in you will find a heal potion, a cure potion, a magic missile spellbook and a light chain mail.
  • You will find Montre Felore being attacked by a few bandits. If you kill them and then catch up to him, he gives you a reward.
  • Visit Old Hetta the Fortune Teller to receive a heraldry badge.
  • When you approach the Moon Bridge some of Barrowgrim's soldiers will come through it and attack you. Defeat them and step on the Moon Bridge and activate it to receive the runes so you can use it later.
  • Swing your weapon at the troll to fight it.


The Moon Bridges are mystical artifacts that allow you to teleport from zone to zone, provided you have the respective glyph code for them.

To actually use the Moon Bridges, first you will need a moonstone. You can obtain moonstones from the blue wolves guarding the Shrine of Celestial Power on the island in the middle of Lost Lake, to the east of Talendor. Then, you need the glyph combination for the Moon Bridge you want to go to.

To obtain a glyph code, you must first step on a moon bridge to activate it (except fot the final glyph, which is obtained through a quest). The glyphs will automatically show on the Moon Bridge list as you uncover them.

To see the location of the Moon Bridges, view our world map.

Glyph RunesLocation Name
Forbidden Lands
Vale of Ruin


Heraldry is one of the many ways to customize your character. There are several different ways to obtain badges, but most of them come from completing quests. Below is a list of heraldry badges, their attributes and where to obtain them from.

Badges obtained from:


Badge Name Attributes
The Acrobat Athletics +10%
Speed +10%
The Astrologer Celestial Magic +10%
The Fool + Luck
The Lady And The Lion Strike +2
The Magician Arcane Magic +10%


Badge Name Attributes
The Knave of Cups Inspect +5%
Pick Locks +5%
Disarm Traps +5%
The Knave of Stars Celestial Magic +5%
Crystal Mana Regain +5%
The Knave of Swords Strike +1
Damage +5%
Parry +1
The Knave of Wands Arcane Magic +5%
Arcane Spell
Regain +5%


Badge NameQuest Attributes
The Healer Celestial Order Heal Spells +20%
The Hierophant Celestial Order Crystal Mana Regain +10%
Rune Mana Regain +10%
The Alchemist Guild of Mages All Potions +10%
Resist Poison +10%
The Conjurer Guild of Mages Nether Magic +10%
The Scribe Guild of Mages Arcane Spell Regain +10%
The Warder Guild of Mages Rune Magic +10%
The Angel The Sisterhood Protection From Death
The Protector The Sisterhood 10% Less Damage Taken
The Dragon House of The Tiger Resist Fire +10%
The Master House of The Tiger +10% Double Damage
The Serpent House of The Tiger Critical Strike +5%
Ninjutsu +2
Speed +10%
Resist Posion +10%
The Sun and The Moon House of The Tiger Arcane Magic +15%
Nether Magic +15%
Ninjutsu +2
The Tiger House of The Tiger Strike +2
Speed +10%
Parry +2
The Justicar Guild of Fighters vs. Undead Strike +5
vs. Undead Damage +25%
The Night Walker Guild of Fighters Strike +2 Parry +2
The Warrior Guild of Fighters Damage +10%
The Merchant Guild of Mystery Bargain +15%
The Thief Guild of Mystery Inspect +10%
Pick Locks +10%
Disarm Traps +10%
The Noble Argalia of Eryldorn Quest Strike +2
Damage +10%
Parry +2


Badge NameClass Attributes
The Jester Cabalist Nether Magic +15%
Thief +10%
Resist Poison +10%
The Avenger Crusader Strike +4
Damage +20%
Speed +20%
The Conqueror Deathlord Fear Strike +25%
Strike +3
The Eagle Hatamoto Critical Strike +5%
Strike +4
Speed +20%
The Defender Lord 20% Less Damage Taken
Rune Magic +15%
Resist Magic +10%
The Hunter Ranger Lord Archery Strike +5
Archery Damage +25%
Archery Speed +25%
The Watcher Stargazer Celestial Magic +15%
Pro Petrify +10%
Parry +4
The Four Winds Shaolei Master Critical Strike +5%
Parry +5 Speed +20%
All Resistances +10%
The Raven Warlock Nether Magic +15%
Damage +10%
Speed +10%
The Guardian Warlord Polearm Strike +4
Polearm Damage +20%
Polearm Speed +20%
The Wizard Wizard Arcane Magic +15%
Nether Magic +15%
Resist Fire & Ice +10%
The Vixen War Witch All Magic +10%
All Resistances +10%
Strike +2
Damage +10%
Speed +10%
Fear Strike +10%