Agatha Christie: Evil Under the Sun


Simplistic walkthrough to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together.


Talk with Gladys Narracott. Go to the lobby and talk to Mrs. Castle. Check the registration book. Go to the hotel bar and and talk to Henry Bailey. Go to the tennis court and talk to Kenneth. Take the stone from the back exit of the hotel.

Go to Rocky Beach, talk to Emily Brewster and take the stone. Go to the dining room and talk to Rosamund Darnley. Go to the lawn chairs and talk to Christine Redfern. Go to the bathing beach to talk to Geroge Strumm and Major Barry. Look at the float in the sea. Take the rope from Bathing Beach. Take the posts from the ladder to Cutter's Cove. Go to the Monastery Ruins and talk to Stephen Lane. Go to Sanctuary Cove and talk to Linda. Build the blind with the stones, posts and rope.


Go to the lookout and take the binoculars from Mrs. Castle. Look in all directions with the binoculars. Go to Mrs. Castle's office and take the Hotel map from the drawer. Examine it. Take the key from beneath the blackboard and use it on the bust. With the same key, open the safe and examine the objects.

Go to the balcony from the 1st floor and eavesdrop on Kenneth Marshall. Go out to the suntrap. Listen to Kenneth and Rosamund Darnley. Go to the ledges and talk with Carrie Gardener. Go in the equipment shed in Bathing Beach and take the oar. Go to the summit and talk with Oakley Gardener. Go to the Monastery Ruins and use the oar on the stone blocking the entrance to the tunnel. Find the gold coin.

Go to Sanctuary Cove and talk with Linda. Return to the hotel and go to the Gardeners' room. Give the gold coin to Carrie. Return to Sanctuary Cove, and use the shawl on the guillemot. Go back to the hotel, first floor. Take the brush, scissors and detergent from the cart. Go out onto the balcony and enter Major Barry's room. Use the scissors on his suitcase.

Go to Stephen Lane's room, take the mineral oil and the tablets from the bathroom. Go to Poirot's bathroom and talk with Linda. Go to the hotel bar and take the ice pick and the empty bottle from the trash. Use the ice pick on the leather strap.

Go to the Bathing Beach and use the binoculars on the float. Go to Cutter's Cove and talk to Patrick Redfern. Use the leather strap on the goggles and talk with Patrick again. Retrieve the buoy. Go to Rocky Beach and talk to Arlena Marshall. Go to the causeway and call for the sea tractor. Talk with Will Jenks inside the motor pool.

Go to the Chemist. Take the spatula and cough syrup from the chemistry section. Buy the sketch book from the library. Send a telegram to get more money. Take a pamphlet from the stand near the exit.

Go to Monk's Hood and talk to Albert Bagby, Colonel Weston and Horace Blatt. Return to the island and then go back to Leathercombe Bay. Go to the Post office to receive your money. Go to the library and return Mrs. Castle's book, buy a book about birds another about knitting.

Go back to the island. Go to the lawn chairs and give Oakley the book. Go to Poirot's bathroom. Use the mineral oil on the brush and use it on the bird. Use the detergent on the brush and use it on the bird. Wash the bird. Take the towels and use them on the bird. Return to Leathercombe Bay. Go to the Chemist and talk to Linda. Go inside Smuggler's End and check the darts board.


Talk to Kenneth Marshall. Go to Major Barry's room and look under his pillow. Go to Rosamund Darnley's room and the take the paper sheets from her suitcase. Talk to Patrick Redfern on the Balcony. Go to the Redferns' room and use the paper sheets on the typewriter. Eavesdrop at Linda Marshall's room. Eavesdrop at Gardeners' room.

Go to Kenneth Marshall's room and use the paper sheets on the typing machine. Go to the dining room and talk to the Gardeners. Go to the suntrap and talk to Christine Redfern. Go to the Monastery Ruins and talk to Emily Brewster. Eavesdrop on Patrick and Arlena at the ledges. Find the ghost of Tom Cutter at the Smuggler's End, and follow it to the cellar.


Talk to Linda Marshall in her room. Go to the causeway and observe Mr. North. Return to the lobby and ask Christine to sketch Mr. North. Take the Motor Enthusiast magazine. Go the lookout and look around with the binoculars. Go to Leathercombe Bay. Go to the Monk's Hood and take the sandwich from the table. Talk to Major Barry.

Lure the dog inside the post office with the sandwich. Look a the letters behind the cabinet and take them. Talk to Adelaide Hughes. Go to the Police Station and talk to Colonel Weston. Use the paper sheets on his typewriter. Solve Milly Parsons' murder.

Go to the motor pool. Clean the car engine by reading the article in Motor Enthusiast and using the tools found on the table. Examine the wrench. Return to the island. Talk with Arlena at the Bathing Beach. Take the float from the equipment shed and give it to Arlena. Check the darts board at Smuggler's End. Take the shovel from the crossroads and go to the summit.

Return to Monk's Hood. Go to the lawn chairs. Find Tom Cutter's treasure. Go to the Smuggler's End cellar and use the darts on the darts board. Enter the tunnel. Take the coat. Talk with Emily Brewster at Rocky Beach. Take the sketch from Christine (Sanctuary Cove). Eavesdrop on Kenneth Marshall in his room. Give the sketch to Weston in the Leathercombe police station.


Talk to Hillary Castle in her office. Go to the dining room and take the empty glass. Go to the Bathing Beach. Go to Cutter's Cove with Emily Brewster. Examine the crime scene. Talk to Patrick Redfern. Take the coffee flask. Use the scissors on Arlena's hat. Go towards the ladder and take the broken pipe. Take the green fabric from the entrance to Cutter's Cove. Take the broken perfume bottle from iside Cutter's Cove, to the right. Observe the mud on the wall. Use the spatula to clean the mud.

Talk to Emily Brewster and go back to the Bathing Beach. Talk to the Gardeners at the lawn chairs. Talk with Mrs. Castle in the lobby. Go to Arlena's Room and take the three letters. Take the hairbrush from the table. Inspect it to get sample of hair. Take the unmarked bottle and perfume bottle from the bathroom cabinet. Turn left and take the bathsalt bottle. Go to Kenneth's room and talk to him.

Go to Linda's room. Examine the puzzle box with zodiac signs. Take the watch from the fireplace mantle, the pin from the hat, the burnt hair and burnt fabric from the fireplace.

Go to Rosamund's room, ask her about the pieces of green fabric. Go to the Redferns' room. Talk to Christine and search her suitcase. Go to Horace Blatt's room and search his suitcase. Use the spatula on the oily spot to get a sample. Go to the Gardeners' room. Find a letter in the trash and another on the cabinet. Search Emily Brewster's room and find the letter.

Go to the tennis court and see George Strumm there. Go to the Bathing Beach and talk with George Strumm. Go to Smuggler's End pub and fill the empty glass with dark rum. Pour the cough syrup inside the grenadine bottle. Go to the bar, and ask Henry Bailey for a Planter's Punch. Take the cocktail to George Strumm and he will dive and bring you a bottle.

Go to Sanctuary Cove and talk with Linda. Go to the Chemist. To examine the items, click each on the test tube and then on the book. Examine the following: chicken feathers, tablets, hat pin, oil sample, broken perfume bottle, unmarked bottle, bottle from the ocean. Examine the hair from the hairbrush and the burnt hair on the microscope.

Go to the post office. Send a telegram to Arlena's solicitors and one to Miss Porter's school. Talk to Colonel Weston. Go to Monk's Hood. Talk to Horace Blatt. Beat Bagby at darts. Take the life ring and give it to Horace Blatt. Go to the hotel and talk with Gladys on the first floor. Send her with the jar to Emily Brewster. Exit the hotel and then return to the same location to talk Gladys again.


Talk to Gladys on the 1st floor. Go to Hillary Castle's office and take the contents of the safe. Talk to Patrick Redfern at the hotel bar. Talk to Henry Bailey. Go to Cutter's Cove and take the sandwich tin. Examine the sandwich tin to get a packet of powder.

Go to the Chemist and examine the powder package you got from the tin. Take the telegrams from the post office. Talk to Colonel Weston at the Police Station. Talk to Major Barry at the motor pool. Take the winch handle from Will Jenks and open the tunnel door at Cutter's Cave. Examine the telegram from Miss Porter.

Go to Kenneth's room and take the letters. Use the info from Miss Porter to open the puzzle box from Linda's room (Sagittarius, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aries). Go to the Monastery Ruins. Use the key on the monk's door. Take the wire recorder.

Do the stopwatch timings: from the hotel, from the tennis court, from the ledges, from bathing beach, Sanctuary Cove, from Monastery Ruins, from Smuggler's End via tunnel, from monastery ruins via tunnel.

Go to the Chemist and analyze the packet of powder.


Use the magnet fragment on the compass. Return the compass to Horace Blatt at the hotel bar. Go to Cutter's Cove (ask Emily to go there) and place the sandwich tin back where you took it from. Go to the causeway and call for the Sea Tractor. Talk to Will at the motor pool. Talk to Colonel Weston. Get back to Cutter's Cove with Weston. Enter the tunnel and arrest Horace Blatt.


Present the summation.

Code for finger of suspicion: 4 3 6 4 8 7 - GENIUS.