Guild Wars

Pre-Searing Ascalon Guide


See the Pre-Searing Ascalon Map for this reference guide (must be using IE6, Firefox or equivalent browser). Any blatant inaccuracies please report to


Shared Settlements

These cities/settlements are basically the areas of the game where you can see other players in the game who are in that settlement and district. They are the only locations where you can change your skills/spells in your action bar. It's also the only time you can abandon a quest.

Ascalon City (access from Lakeside County)

Ascalon City is your starting city, basically the home of the Ascalon kingdom. You'll find many starting quests here.

Ashford Abbey (access from Lakeside County)

Probably your second major settlement that you will visit. There's a lot for monks and necromancers here, and many quests involving the Catacombs begin here.

Foible's Fair (access from Wizard's Folly)

This settlement is right at the edge of the snowy mountains. You can guess that there are more elementalist quests originating here, considering the zone is called "Wizard's Folly."

The Barradin Estate (access from Green Hills County)

Duke Barradin resides here, who is a warrior trainer. There are also more warrior quests here.

Fort Ranik (access from Regent's Valley)

This is probably one of the more difficult settlements to visit, because of its distance from everything else.

Instanced Areas

This is basically where all the game play happens. Only you (and a party member if you have one) will be in the zone.

Lakeside County (yellow shaded on map)

The beautiful countryside just outside of the city, and the first area you will come across. Most of the mobs are level 0-1.

The Catacombs (access from Ashford Abbey, Green Hills County, Wizard's Folly)

This is basically the only area where you won't see your location on the main map. Roughly you are in between the 3 entrance/exit points on the map, and it's probably the most difficult to navigate through. Watch out for poisonous swamps that will deplete your hit points.

Green Hills County (green shaded on map)

A very large, green and hilly area, go figure.

Wizard's Folly (blue shaded on map)

Most of this is on the snowy mountains. In the green valleys there is a fishing village.

Regent's Valley (purple shaded on map)

Basically this is ranger-land. Lots of trees.

The Northlands (red shaded on map)

Area north of the Great Wall, which is becoming more dangerous with the ominous Charr. Stay away from them, btw, unless you really want a challenge....


Rewards in bold are class-specific gear items.

  • "Ringmail xxx" - Warrior
  • "Leather xxx" - Ranger
  • "Stylish xxx" - Mesmer

Elementalist, Monk, and Necromancer gear should be fairly obvious :)

Name Location Item (#) Rewards
Brownlow Lakeside County Skale Fins (5) Belt pouch (5 item)
Devourer egg (quest item)
Jacobs Lakeside County Baked Husks (3) Idol (Energy + 3)
Flame Artifact (Energy + 3)
Healing Ankh (Energy + 3)
Ringmail Gauntlets (Armor +27, Armor +10 vs. physical atks)
Leather Boots (Armor +12, Armor +30 vs. elemental atks)
Stylish Footwear (Armor +7, Energy recovery +1)
Humphreys Lakeside County Worn Belts (3) Belt pouch (5 items)
Walden Lakeside County Unnatural Seeds (3) Truncheon (Dark Dmg 2-4)
Scroll (Energy +3)
Battle Axe (Slashing Dmg 4-8)
Monk Raiment (Armor +7, Energy +5)
Leather Gloves (Armor +12, Armor +30 vs. elemental atks)
Leather Vest (Armor +12, Energy +5, Armor +30 vs. elemental atks)
Kaylee Lakeside County Grawl Necklaces (3) Jeweled Chakram (Energy + 3)
Grim Cesta (Energy + 3)
Scroll (Energy + 3)
Divine Symbol (Energy + 3)
Ringmail Hauberk (Armor +27, Armor +10 vs. physical atks)
Leather Vest (Armor +12, Energy + 5, Armor +30 vs. elemental atks)
Karleen The Catacombs Gargoyle Skulls (5) Storm Artifact (Energy + 3)
Holy Rod (Fire Dmg 2-4)
Crimson Carapace Shield (Armor +4)
Inscribed Staff (Energy + 3, Chaos Dmg 2-4, 2H)
Ringmail Boots (Armor +27, Armor +10 vs. physical atks)
Necromancer Boots (Armor +7, Energy recovery +1)

Elementalist's Shoes (Armor +7, Energy recovery +1)
Gwynn The Catacombs Skeletal Limbs (3) Cane (Chaos Dmg 2-4)
Frost Artifact (Energy + 3)
Holy Staff (Energy + 3, Fire Dmg 2-4, 2H)
War Hammer (Blunt Dmg 6-9, 2H)
* Leather Leggings (Armor +12, Energy recovery +1, Armor +30 vs. elemental atks)
Necromancer Gloves (Armor +7, Energy +5)
Savich Wizard's Folly Icy Lodestones (3) Bone Staff (Energy + 3, Cold Dmg 2-4, 2H)
Battle Axe (Slashing Dmg 4-8)
Ascalon Bow (Piercing Dmg 7-10, 2H)
Monk Sandals (Armor +7, Energy recovery +1)
Elementalist's Gloves (Armor +7, Energy +5)
Stylish Attire (Armor +7, Energy +5)
Mindle Wizard's Folly Enchanted Lodestones (3) Cane (Chaos Dmg 2-4)
Grim Cesta (Energy +3)
War Hammer (Blunt Dmg 6-9, 2H)
Ascalon Bow (Piercing 7-10, 2H)
Elementalist's Leggings (Armor +7, Energy recovery +1)
* Elementalist's Gloves (Armor +7, Energy +5)
Monk Handwraps (Armor +7, Energy +5)
Rownan Regent Valley Dull Carapaces (3) Devourer Egg (quest item)
Grim Cesta (Energy + 3)
Elementalist's Shoes (Armor +7, Energy recovery +1)
Ringmail Leggings (Armor +27, Armor +10 vs. physical atks)
Monk Pants (Armor +7, Energy recovery +1)
Hatcher Regent Valley, Fort Ranik Unnatural Seeds (5) * Elementalist's Robes
Varis Regent Valley, Fort Ranik Spider Legs (3) Water Staff (Energy +3, Cold Dmg 2-4, 2H)
Smiting Staff (Energy +3, Light Dmg 2-4, 2H)
Earth Wand (Earth Dmg 2-4)
Fire Wand (Fire Dmg 2-4)
Stylish Hose (Armor +7, Energy recovery +1)
Necromancer Leggings (Armor +7, Energy recovery +1)
* Elementalist's Leggings (Armor +7, Energy recovery +1)

* UPDATE NOTE: Thanks to everyone for your help, and please continue to send me any updated information! I still haven't gotten around to witnessing the changes first hand, but I will try my best to make sure this is more accurate. Here are my notes so far:

  • Leather Leggings (ranger) may no longer be with Gwynn, but with Varis in Ft. Ranik.
  • Some people don't see the Elementalist Gloves on Mindle.
  • Hatcher appears to have all robes for all classes, I will list them all once I get their stats. I'm not sure if he has them in his Regent Valley location.


Note: Every class has a "starting quest" with a trainer standing just outside of the gates of Ascalon. These trainers only appear for this first quest.

Trainer Names
Warrior Van the Warrior (Lakeside County, starting quest only)
Duke Barradin (Barradin's Estate)
Little Thorn (Axe Trainer, Barradin's Estate)
Warmaster Grast (Swordsmanship, Green Hills County)
Ranger Artemis the Ranger (Lakeside County, starting quest only)
Master Ranger Nente (Regent Valley)
Aidan (Wizard's Folly) note: not on map yet, he's in the fishing village
Ivor Trueshot (Marksmanship, Regent Valley)
Mesmer Sebedoh the Mesmer (Lakeside County, starting quest only)
Lady Althea (Lakeside County)
Vassar (Foible's Fair)
Monk Ciglo the Monk (Lakeside County, starting quest only)
Brother Mhenlo (Ashford Abbey)
Grazdan the Protector (Green Hills County)
Elementalist Howland the Elementalist (Lakeside County, starting quest only)
Ralena Stormbringer (Air Magic, Foible's Fair)
Elementalist Aziure (Wizard's Follly)
Necromancer Verata the Necromancer (Lakeside County, starting quest only)
Kasha Blackblood (Green Hills County)
Necromancer Munne (The Catacombs)
Oberan the Reviled (The Catacombs)

General Tips for Pre-Searing Ascalon Adventuring

Remember to use the Alt key and the Control key to see names of mobs (red), npcs (green), and ground objects (yellow). Oh, and non-aggressive mobs (also green, but turn red if attacked via area spell). The control key shows only the bad guys, and you can see their names as long as they are in your mini-map area, meaning you can see through hills to see just how many charr are in that blob of red!

Also while holding down either Control or Alt, you can target something, though be careful when you do this because you will automatically start moving towards the target as long as there is an obvious path available. Of course this is useful when you are looking for a merchant or storage agent. You can interrupt your movement by moving manually.

The "u" key opens a mini version of the full map, which you can resize to be as large as you want. It is just like the main map (opened by hitting "m") so it has your walking trail as red dots, and the quest target marked if it's within the visible map area. It's very useful when you are trying to retrace your steps, and it doesn't stop you from moving like viewing the main map.

You CAN run away from mobs, in most circumstances (this doesn't always seem to be the case, but heck you might as well try when you can). Most of them well give up on chasing you after a short distance. I don't recommend doing this as a habit in post-searing, where mobs crawl up out of the ground and ambush you as you run by. There are no death penalties in pre-searing Ascalon (hurrah!) but don't get too cocky since you start getting them in the post-searing world.

Item colors are in this order from least to greatest rarity: white, blue, purple, gold. You probably won't see any purple or gold items in pre-searing Ascalon.

I recommend keeping an identification kit and a salvaging kit in your inventory once you can afford them. However I don't recommend salvaging items unless they say they are "highly salvageable," or unless absolutely necessary to clear out your inventory.

Get the belt pouch as soon as possible, via collecting the appropriate item (skale fins or worn belts). This will give you 5 extra slots of inventory space. You'll notice there are 2 bag slots in your inventory screen - but you won't be able to purchase them until the post-searing stage.

Quest Hints

This is not a walkthrough by any means - we won't be going over every single quest in pre-searing, mostly because the quests are not that difficult to figure out! However here are some tips for a few quests:


She's just a little girl looking for a new hero to admire. I don't think anyone has figured out her full purpose, but you can give her the following items (in this order):
  • Gwen's broken flute (found by the river skale isle across the river just SE) - She'll ask you for this one initially.
  • Flute (available at any merchant)
  • Small Girl's Cape (available at any merchant)
  • 5 Red Iris Flowers (ground spawn)

After all that she gives you a Tapestry Shred - that's the last step I know about. If you have her follow you, she will heal you every now and then for 20 HP. I don't know what you do with the shred though. I've found Gwen's broken flute again in post-searing, and no clue what to do with it. Perhaps we will see her again later on. I'll update this guide if I find out anything!

UPDATE: It appears that at least for monks, the broken flute doesn't appear. Gwen is part of the starting quest for monks. However you can still give her 5 flowers and she will give you the tapestry shred. I'm going to look into whether she gives you the tapestry independently of the other items, for a class other than monk. Also, I will have to look into the fact that sometimes the merchants charge for the flute and cape -- 4 gold for the flute and 200 gold for the cape. However I have seen it on the merchants for 0 gold. These could be bugs that have been "fixed" or this may be just for monks.

Gift for Althea

Captain Osric (who is right outside of Ascalon, just west) asks you to find the most beautiful gift for Lady Althea. You might be frustrated when you find something beautiful and give it to him, and he thinks there's something more beautiful. Well the truth is, there are 3 beautiful items to find, in whatever order, and the last one you give him will do nicely. Go figure.

  • Beautiful Pearl (in a Beautiful Shell on the shore of the small lake by Miller Upton)
  • Beautiful Feather (on a hill in one of the farms by Ashford Abbey)
  • Beautiful Pendant (found on top of the path on the hilly area between Ascalon City and Ashford Abbey, SW of the city)

NOTE: This quest is only available if you have done the mesmer quest from Lady Althea to kill the rogue bull. She gives you mesmer spells, so you cannot have already picked a secondary profession, unless of course you are a mesmer already (or secondary mesmer).

Poor Tenant (at Miller Upton)

You use a honeycomb to lure bees across the bridge. This is probably the first quest you will see that has you transporting an object. You may notice that you can't really do any attacking or casting when you are holding an object, and that you run more slowly. Keep that in mind for other quests that make you carry something!

Take the honeycomb and gather all 3 swarms of bees. There will be 2 that are easily visible, the other one is down on the shore by the lake (near the Beautiful Shell). Just run over to lure them, and you will see them as green dots on your mini-map moving erratically around you so you know you have them. They also kind of get in the way so moving is a little more difficult. Once you get across the bridge, drop the honeycomb by clicking the "Drop Item" button that appeared when you picked it up. Drop it to the side of the road so it doesn't block your way back.

Drunk guys in Regent Valley

If you do some exploring, you will find a group of drunk guys in the south-center area of Regent Valley. I don't remember all their names, but you can't miss them because you will see their chat bubbles as they play drinking games. One of them you talk to will say something about catching a bear in less than 3 minutes, and you will see a timer start. So make sure you haven't killed all the bears! When you kill a bear, return to the same guy and he will give you experience and a Hunter's Ale so you can drink with them! The only effect I can tell that it has is it makes your vision a little blurry.

North of the Wall

This is the only quest that I have seen that involves the Northlands, the area north of the Great Wall. You get it from Gate Guard Torin who stands by a gate along the wall west of Ascalon City. The only catch is you need at least two party members (which at this point is a full party), because in order to get through the wall there is a lever on top of the gate that one person has to pull, and the other waits at the door to run through to zone. It doesn't stay open long enough for a single player.

More to come, hopefully! Thanks for reading this far. If you happen to see any inaccuracies, or feel that I should include something in this guide, please let me know.