Indigo Prophecy


When Lucas Kane's life takes a turn for the worse, it becomes up to you to control his actions and his destiny.

Indigo Prophecy is a game of choices. This walkthrough is just a possible way of playing the game, but it is the way I've played it to get the most out of the story. Included you will find optional actions, bonus card locations and the most relevant optional endings.

Chapter: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 & 12

Chapter: 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23

Chapter: 24 - 25 - 26 - 27 - 28 - 29 - 30 - 31 - 32 - 33 - 34

Chapter: 35 - 36 - 37 - 38 - 39 - 40 - 41 - 42 - 43 - 44

Chapter 1: The Murder

Drag the body into the bathroom stall. Pick up the mop and use it on the blood stain. Drop the mop. Pick up the knife near the urinals. Lucas gets rid of it automatically. Use the sink on the right to wash your hands and face.

Walk out of the bathroom to the booth with the food. Pick up the check twice to pay. Sit down and have some food and drink. Make sure you leave the diner before the cop gets up. Leave the diner through the front door, turn right and walk all the way to the end of the street. There's a cab parked there. Get in.

Optional actions:

  • Shake the condom machine a couple of times to get a coin (+5 sanity).
  • Use the coin on the jukebox in the diner to hear some music (+5 sanity).
  • Leave the area through the subway (from the diner entrance, turn right, turn the corner to the right, walk past the alleyway to the end of the street) instead of the cab and there will be one less piece of evidence later on to link to Lucas.

Optional ending: Let's drive Lucas insane!

Wash your hands before leaving the bathroom, and do all of these to deplete Lucas' mental health:

  • Look through the window in the bathroom (-5 sanity).
  • Use the payphone just outside the bathroom door to call Markus (-5 sanity).
  • Talk to the guy sitting on the booth nearest to the bathroom (-5 sanity).
  • Try going behind the counter (-5 sanity).
  • Try to leave without paying your bill (-10 sanity).
  • Talk to the cop sitting at the counter (-10 sanity).

Optional ending: Let's arrest Lucas!

Leave the bathroom without washing your hands or hiding anything. Try to leave the diner.

Chapter 2: The Investigation

As Carla, walk in and talk to the cop. Talk to the investigators. Sit at the booth with the waitress and talk to her. Ask whatever is relevant about the suspect and try to cheer her up when the option comes along. Go to the booth where Lucas was sitting. Inspect the bill, the silverware, the coffee cup and the book under the table.

In the bathroom, have Carla inspect the window, the mop and all three stalls. There is a cubby on the stall where Lucas was that could be a hiding place for the murder weapon, make sure she finds the spot.

As Tyler, inspect all stalls and the garbage bin. The knife can be found in the trash or the toilet stall on the right (by flushing). Talk to Garrett about the new evidence.

As Carla, leave through the back door and talk to the bum in the alley. Go around the diner, back to the front door and inspect the blood stain on the floor. Go inside and tell Tyler you're ready to leave. As Tyler, walk to the car and get in.

Optional actions:

  • As Carla, inspect the payphone to get another piece of evidence for later on.
  • As Tyler, pee in the urinal (+5 sanity).
  • As Tyler, use the payphone to call Sam (+5 sanity).
  • Take any character behind the counter and drink a cup of coffee (+5 sanity).
  • Exit any character through the back door and try to open it again (-10 sanity).
  • As Tyler, turn on the jukebox (-5 sanity).

Chapter 3: The Day After

Get out of the bed and take some of the medicine on the nightstand. Examine the bed twice to cover the bloody sheets. Exit the room and pick up the phone to talk to Markus. Listen to Tiffany's message on the answering machine. In the living room, find the bloody clothes near the pillar. Take them into the bathroom and place them in the washer. Have a shower. Look in the medicine cabinet above the sink to find the bandages and a vision in the mirror. Go back to the bedroom and get some clothes out of the closet.

When the cop knocks on the door, get the key from the dining table. Since you already hid the evidence, open the door. When the cop asks about the shouting, say it was you. He asks to look around, say yes. Once he is gone, you can leave too.

Optional actions:

  • Read the newspaper by the door (-5 sanity).
  • Drink some water in the kitchen (+5 sanity).
  • Drink some milk from the fridge (+5 sanity).
  • Turn the stereo on to hear the soundtracks by Theory of a Deadman (+5 sanity).
  • Turn the TV on (-10 sanity).
  • Look at the picture on the desk (-5 sanity).
  • Use the toilet to pee (+5 sanity).

Optional ending: Let's kill Lucas!

Examine Lucas' nightstand and take the medicine. Walk to the kitchen and check the counter facing the living room to find some liquor. Drink it, and Lucas falls flat on his face.

Bonus cards:

  • One of the kitchen cupboards (+5 points)
  • Left side of the balcony (+10 points)

Chapter 4: Confession

Lucas meets Markus at the park. Explain the powers, the visions and mention the child. When the option comes to "convince" or "break off", pick convince. Accept the crucifix Markus gives you for an extra life.

As you walk away, you will have a vision of a kid falling into the ice. You can dive in to save him or leave the park, but you can save the boy, resuscitate him and get away with it. The cop recognizes you but nods and lets you go.

Optional actions:

  • In the conversation with Markus, be aggressive for a -5 sanity change.
  • In the conversation with Markus, choose "break off" for a -10 sanity change.
  • Walk away without saving the boy for a for a -30 sanity change.

Optional ending: Let's arrest Lucas!

Pull the kid out of the lake, but try to run before doing CPR. The cops will stop you.

Optional ending: Let's drown Lucas!

Dive in to save the boy and don't do the L/R event.

Bonus cards:

  • Walk past the middle plaza towards the ice and turn right on the nearest path. Keep following it around back to the plaza, you will find it on the path (+20 points).

Chapter 5: Police Work

As Carla, walk through the metal detector and up the left stairs, through the door and towards her office. Sit at her desk (by the window) and use the computer to check her email. Then use the police search files to look for Kirsten. Use the phone to call Tyler.

As Tyler, get out of the bed, into the bathroom and have a shower. Get some clothes out of the closet. Go to the living room and look at Sam. Drink the coffee on the counter. Be understanding in the conversation with Sam. Get the coat from the rack and leave the apartment. At the police station, take the same path Carla did. Jeffrey will stop you about the $100 you owe him, so make a proposition to play some basketball later. In Carla's office, put your coat on the rack and leave to meet Carla at Garrett's desk. You will get to ask every question about the evidence found.

Optional actions:

  • As Carla, pick up the yo-yo on the desk to do a few tricks (+5 sanity).
  • As Tyler, get out of the bed, go around to Sam's side and look at her. Then pick the heart option for a sex scene consisting of shots of Tyler's room accompanied with music and slight moaning (+20 sanity). Switch back to Carla and use the phone again so Tyler can actually go to work.
  • As Tyler, look in the big mirror (+5 sanity).
  • As Tyler, use the toilet to pee (+5 sanity).
  • As Tyler, be harsh in the conversation with Sam (-10 sanity each option).
  • As Tyler, be understanding in the conversation with Sam (+10 sanity each option).
  • Kiss Sam before leaving the apartment (+10 sanity). She will send you a nice email for you to read at the office.
  • Leave without kissing Sam (-30 sanity). She will send you a negative email that if read at the office makes you lose 10 sanity points.
  • As Tyler at the office, pick up the basketball to play around a little (+5 sanity).
  • As either character at the office, drink some water from the cooler (+5 sanity).

Optional ending: Let's make Tyler quit!

First, make sure that in Chapter 2 you helped deplete Tyler's mental health by using the jukebox, talking to the bum and trying to open the back door from the outside.

In this chapter, be upset and then aggressive in the conversation with Sam. Leave without kissing her. Tyler and Sam kiss, get in the car and leave to Florida.

Bonus cards:

  • Walk through the metal detector, turn right. Walk around until you're in a close up of an area with a bookcase. Walk behind the bookcase. (+10 points)
  • Near the toilet in Tyler's bathroom (+10 points).
  • In Carla's desk drawer (+5 points).

Chapter 6: Alternate Reality

Walk towards the red dot on your map and enter the office. Sit at the desk. Look in the drawer to the right to find a crucifix (extra life). There will be a couple of action sequences, one to read your co-worker's mind, the other to reveal a vision. Pick up the phone when it rings. Tiffany wants to stop by to pick up her stuff, so say yes. You're sent out to fix one of the workstations, so leave the office and head towards the red dot on the map. Fix the workstation, and you'll find yourself in a crazy action sequence with giant bugs. If you keep failing this sequence, lower the game's difficulty setting.

Optional actions:

  • Wash your hands in the bathroom (+5 sanity).
  • Drink some coffee from the machine on the rightmost hallway (+5 sanity).
  • Look at the picture of Lucas and Tiffany in the left drawer on the desk (-5 sanity).
  • Have Lucas use his computer (-20 sanity).

Optional ending: Let's drive Lucas insane again!

When the action sequence begins, don't try to run away and don't match the analog movements.

Bonus cards:

  • After leaving the toilet stall, turn right and walk into the corner. The card is on the opposite side of the mirror and sinks. (+10 points)
  • Two of the office cubicles without workers have cards in them (+5 and +10 points). Locations may be random.

Chapter 7: Reconstruction

With Carla at the morgue, get the action sequences right to discover facts about the victim's death and the killer. Each action sequence you fail is a -10 sanity bonus. Each action sequence you pass if a +10 sanity bonus. At the end, the coroner mentions the Kirsten case.

Chapter 8: Tyler and Kate

The waitress (Kate) comes to see Tyler at the office to describe the suspect. You have to make a sketch of the killer by using the different parts for hair, eyes and nose, lips, face and facial hair. It's basically a memory test, where the end result will have a percentage of how much it resembles Lucas (75%-100% being the highest). The sketch should look something like the image shown.

If you want to make things easier for Lucas, make a completely different sketch.

Chapter 9: Lost Love

Go to the bedroom, lie down and nap. Tiffany will knock on the door and wake you up. Answer the door and let her in. Talk to Tiffany, ask if there is any news and then pick the glass option to serve her a drink. Find the liquor bottle under the kitchen counter and pour a drink. Give it to Tiffany.

Find the boxes with her stuff: one is near the desk in the bedroom, the other is near the pile of boxes by the phone. Bring them back to near her one at a time.

Another conversation with Tiffany begins, she asks about you. Be sincere, then sentimental and ask her if she's alone. Did we just make Lucas smile?

She asks you to play the guitar for her. Turn on the amplifier and pick up the guitar. If you successfully play a tune, you can kiss her and they will have sex. Although you don't get to see anything but a dim kissing scene, thanks to the usual Europe-to-North-America censoring.

Lucas wakes up from a nightmare. Get up, leave the bedroom. Look at the chair (what is this crow doing here?). Notice the front door is open, walk to the hallway and Lucas will find a little girl. This time he wakes up for real. If you got to the making out with Tiffany part, she will still be there and ask if you're ok.

Optional ending: Let's kill Lucas again!

Do everything you can to deplete Lucas' mental health meter. The easiest way is to grab the liquor bottle and drink several times (-20 sanity for each drink after the first). He will commit suicide by jumping off his balcony (you see the scene after the narration starts).

Optional actions:

  • Play the guitar successfully (+10 sanity).
  • Fail to play the guitar (-10 sanity).
  • Take the medicine on the nightstand (+10 sanity).
  • Listen to some music (+5 sanity).
  • Drink the milk in the fridge (+5 sanity).
  • Use the toilet to pee (+5 sanity).
  • Use the punching bag successfully, you kick it off from where it's hanging (+10 sanity).
  • Watch TV (-10 sanity if the sketch resemblance is above 50%).
  • Look at picture on the desk in the bedroom (-5 sanity).

Bonus cards:

  • In the kitchen cupboard, same place as before (+5 points).

Chapter 10: Hide and Seek

Lucas is now at the cemetery. Walk straight all the way to the end of the path to find a crucifix laying on a grave (another extra life, so if you have done everything well so far, you have six). Turn around and take the second path to the left to find Markus. Place the flowers on the grave. Lucas has a flashback to when they were kids living in Wishita.

After Markus and the others leave, Lucas has a vision and has to run off to warn the others. Walk forward and right towards the fence near the right wall, you can climb there. Climb the fence and walk left towards a large rock. Wait there for the patrolling soldier to pass towards where the trucks are leaving. You need to go across from the rock towards the US Air Force sign. Walk along the fence to the left to find an opening near a large boulder.

Move behind the tarp-covered crates, to the one closest to the hangar. When a truck comes out, wait for it to come near and walk to the right alongside it, keeping the truck between you and the soldier so he doesn't see you. Once you're halfway between both hangars 4A and 4B (line yourself up by the map), stop moving and let the truck go, then cross.

Go through the opening on the side of hangar 4B, and tell Markus to get out. Now you have to find the other kids. Run past the shelves to the other side of the wall of crates, look around near the end to find a kid hiding in a crate. At the bottom of the stairs, there's another one hiding in the cockpit of an airplane. Go around it to the wall side, and lie to him so he leaves. The third kid is up the stairs at the end of the walkway, but just before it gets fully dark.

The flashback ends with a conversation between young Markus and young Lucas. Back to the present, Markus gives Lucas an address to go to.

Optional actions:

  • Find and save all the kids in the hangar (+10 sanity).
  • Don't save the kids (-30 sanity).

Bonus cards:

  • From the initial position at the cemetery, walk forward and take the first right to a small dead end to find a card. Use the camera to see it (+20 points).

Chapters 11 and 12: Friendly Combat

Play as Carla or Tyler, it doesn't matter. They are both in the gym and both need to do two warm-up exercises before the combat. You can do them in whatever piece of equipment you want (they are all L/R trigger events) as long as you do two with each character. Whomever you pick to play with gains a +10 sanity bonus after completing the warm up, and +20 at the end of the match. The first one to score 10 points wins.

Optional actions:

  • With either character, drink water from the bottle (+5 sanity).

Bonus cards:

  • In a corner behind the ring (+10 points).

Chapter 13: Debriefing Carla

Carla and Tyler are being questioned by the captain. It doesn't really matter what choices you pick in the dialog.

In the basement, walk forward and turn on the light switch on the right wall. Past the gate, you need to control Carla's panic by using the L/R triggers. If you don't feel like going through the breathing exercises, use Tyler instead.

To find the terminal, start by turning the wheel on the shelf to the right to open a path. Go through it. Now turn the wheel on the shelf to the left. Now turn the wheel on the shelf to the right to open a path. Go through it to find the archives terminal.

First, you need to power up the terminal. The switch is behind the shelves to the left, so facing the computer, turn left. Turn the wheel on the rightmost shelf (1970-1975), go through the passage. On the next set of archive shelves, turn the wheel on the rightmost shelf, then the wheel on the leftmost shelf to reveal the path to the switch. Flip the switch and go back to the terminal and face the other set of shelves.

Now you need to open up the way to the Kirsten file, which should be in the 1990's. It's actually between both shelves marked 1990-2000. Start by turning the wheel on the leftmost shelf (1980-1985). Go through the passage and turn the wheel on the leftmost shelf. Go back to the terminal area and again turn the leftmost wheel (1980-1985). Now turn the rightmost wheel (1985-1990). Go through the passage. Turn the rightmost wheel (1990-2000) and go between the shelves. Pick up a tape and bring it back to the terminal. You find the name of the officer in charge of the Kirsten case.

Optional ending: Let's make Carla quit!

While in the basement looking for the Kirsten file, fail the breathing event several times in a row and deplete Carla's mental health meter. You will lose 10 sanity each time she panics. She leaves her resignation, gun and badge on the captain's desk.

Bonus cards:

  • From the initial position in the basement, turn left and go to the end of the hallway to find a card.

Chapter 14: Debriefing Tyler

Talk to Takeo, insist then cough. The little action sequence will only make Tyler say a witty remark about Gremlins. Ask the man about his expertise, and insist. Walk away, he will change his mind and help you.

But you need to find him a book first.

Take the book to the desk behind the stairs and examine it. It's entitled "Cave Ne Cadas" (which is latin for "be careful, don't fall"), by De Gruttola. Put the book down and examine the book Lucas left at the diner. Flip the page three times and look at the top left corner with the magnifying glass to reveal a dedicatory: "To my brother on his 18th birthday. M.K." Put the book away and a piece of paper will fall from it. Pick it up.

Now to search for the book Takeo wants. Examine the book on the table up the stairs, to the right of the door. De Gruttola is number 1796. Walk down the stairs, past Takeo, to the raised desk and go behind it. Examine the book on it. There are some color codes for the authors' names, so you know your book (De Gruttola) is on the white section. Since the number is between 1700 and 1800, you also know it's on the third floor. Go to the third floor, find the white section and pick up the book. Take it back to Takeo.

Optional actions:

  • Give Takeo the wrong book (-5 sanity).

Bonus cards:

  • From where Tyler enters the library, turn right and walk to the end of the pathway (green lights on the shelves). You will find it near the wall (+20 points).
  • After giving the book to Takeo, a card will appear at the bottom of the stairs (+20 points).

Chapter 15: Agatha

Walk up to the door to Agatha's house. Ring the bell. Open the door. Walk to the other end of the hallway and enter the room. Examine the table with the red tablecloth. Enter the bedroom door by the window. Tell her you need help. Push the wheelchair out of the bedroom, into the hallway and into the room with the birds. In the conversation, tell her you were possessed and had a vision. She asks you to feed her birds.

Turn left and walk towards the wall, there is a small cabinet here. Open the bottom drawer and get the bird feed. There are three cages to interact with, so feed all three birds and talk to Agatha again. She will ask you to push her into the sitting room where the table is. Place the wheelchair next to the table and the covered chair. Examine the cupboard next to the totem, there are candles in the top drawer. Take the candles and place them on the candlesticks. Get the matches from the kitchen table. Light all three candles. Close the curtains on both windows, turn off the light switch near the door to the hallway and sit on the chair next to Agatha.

You will go through a series of action sequences, very slow and easy. The scenes will show what happened at the diner that night. When the vision ends, Agatha tells you to come back again the next day.

Bonus cards:

  • In Agatha's kitchen (+5 points).
  • In Agatha's bathroom, the far corner near the toilet (+20 points).

Chapter 16: Questions and Bullets

Carla is now at the shooting range, looking for Sgt. Mitchell. He's the last one on the row. You're not getting many answers without doing some shooting yourself, so grab the gun and aim at the targets. Each correct target you shoot, gives you a little time bonus. The conversation goes on between target practice sessions. Each failed shooting session gives you a -10 sanity bonus, each successful shooting session gives you a +10 sanity bonus.

Chapter 17: Double or Quits

Finally Tyler takes on Jeffrey on a one-on-one basketball match. This is just like the boxing match, where the first one to score 10 points wins. Each time you score points, you get a +5 sanity bonus. Winning the game gives you a +20 sanity bonus, but if you lose the game you will lose 20 sanity points.

Optional actions:

  • Make fun of Jeffrey before the game instead of warming up (+5 sanity).
  • Every time Jeffrey scores points, you lose 5 sanity points.

Chapter 18: The Storm

As Lucas gets through the door, the phone rings. Pick it up, and the most insane action sequence begins. The contents of the apartment are being thrown at Lucas, and you will have to dodge everything from bottles to kitchen cabinets, boxes, chairs, the fridge and pretty much everything else in the room. Add some L/R trigger sequences in between the dodging analog movements and you have one of the craziest scenes yet. Eventually, the walls and floor start disintegrating too. Hang on till the end, and you will gain control of Markus.

With Markus, walk down the hall and inspect the door to the right. Ring the bell. Use the triggers to force the door open and run to the balcony. Use the triggers to pull Lucas up.

Optional ending: Let's kill Lucas one more time!

Fail to reach Lucas in time or to pull him to safety with Markus and Lucas will plunge to his death.

Chapter 19: Dark Omen

Carla gets out of the shower and the phone rings. Leave the bathroom, get out of the bedroom and pick up the phone. It's Tyler telling you about the piece of paper he found. Go back to the bedroom and open the closet to put some clothes on.

After a while, Tommy comes to knock on Carla's door. Get the wine glasses from the kitchen cupboard. Put the glasses on the table and sit next to Tommy. He will read your fortune with Tarot cards, so pick two cards at a time (no matter which, they will always be the same cards in any game you play) and hear what the future brings you. After Tommy leaves, inspect the Tarot cards on the table. Switch to Tyler.

At Tyler's desk, pick the question mark to hear his thoughts. Pick up the piece of paper. Use the fax machine to send it to Carla. Pick up the newspaper on Carla's desk, you will figure out that the paper is part of a list of stocks. Call her and let her know what you've found.

Switch back to Carla and get the piece of paper from the fax machine. Leave the apartment and go across the hall, ring the bell and ask Tommy about it. Go back into the apartment and call Tyler.

Switch to Tyler, sit at his desk. Pick up the piece of paper to examine it against the light. Move the light to the paper to find the watermark code. Call Carla again and let her know. Now you can pick either Carla or Tyler to go to the bank. I picked Carla.

Optional actions:

  • In the tiny bathroom connected to living room, make Carla pee (+5 sanity).
  • Have Carla sit on the sofa and watch some TV (+5 sanity).
  • Have Carla eat a slice of pizza (+5 sanity).
  • Have Carla lay on the bed (+10 sanity).
  • Have Tyler drink some water from the cooler (+5 sanity).
  • Have Tyler play with the basketball (+5 sanity).

Bonus cards:

  • Carla's bathroom, in the corner between the tub and shelf (+10 points).

Chapter 20: Face Off

Lucas is back at work and has a vision of Carla entering his office. You still have a little time, so let's hide some obvious evidence. There is a sheet of paper with a corner missing on the right side of desk. Pick it up and select it again to hide it. On the left side, there is a book, so do the same thing to it. You won't see where you hide these though.

When Carla walks in and starts questioning you, there will be some action sequences where Lucas starts seeing the bugs again. Succeeding in completing these will make him freak out every time and lose some mental health, not to mention raise suspicion. Do nothing during these sequences.

In the conversation with Carla, tell the truth and joke about the sketch. Lie about what happened to your arms, and then say no when she asks about what happened the day before. Lucas will then leave to use the washroom.

As Carla, pick up Lucas' pen. Now you need to find the book and the piece of paper. The hiding places are random, so look in both desk drawers and in the box with computer parts. Wait for Lucas to return, and you can leave.

Bonus cards:

  • In Lucas' desk, inside the right drawer (+10 points).

Chapter 21: Back to Agatha

When you reach Agatha's house, walk straight to the living room to find Agatha dead and a voice on the phone saying the Police are on the way. Go to the room with the bird cages and inspect the cages. One of them has a piece of paper inside, but it's locked. Open the small cabinet where the bird feed was before; there is a key in the little package. Use it to open the cage. Return to the living room and exit through the window.

Optional actions:

  • Inspect Agatha's body (-30 sanity).

Bonus cards:

  • In Agatha's bedroom near the nightstand (+10 points).

Chapter 22: Happy Anniversary!

As Tyler, walk over to the oven and turn it on. Get the champagne from the fridge and pour the glasses. Put some music on (use the record player). Sam appears, and there will be a relatively easy action sequence for them dancing together. Don' worry about missing a few steps, all you do is step on Sam.

As Carla, you now have to compare and link at least two pieces of evidence to prove the killer's identity. Pick up the piece of paper found at the diner. Now pick up the sheet of paper found in Lucas' office. Compare them and you have the first link. The phone will ring, pick it up. The fingerprint results are on your computer. Look at the fingerprint file in Carla's email. Now look at the fingerprints from the pen you took from Lucas' desk and compare them. Compare them and there's your second link.

Officer Martin will come in to say hello and that if you need anything, he will be at his desk. If Lucas saved the boy in the park, he will also tell Carla that he couldn't bring himself to arrest him.

If the sketch you made had a 75%-100% likeness (on the wall), you can compare it to the bank's employee file on Carla's desk. If the sketch you made doesn't resemble Lucas, you can pick up the employee file, take Lucas' picture out of it and show it to Martin for a positive ID. If you have both Shakespeare books, you can also compare them for a match.

If, as Lucas, you left the crime scene in a cab, the fax machine will have a list of cab destinations, which you can compare to Lucas' address in the bank's employee file.

Once the two links are made, Carla calls Tyler and the scene switches to him. Tyler, stand up and pick up the phone. He will then leave, regardless of Sam's mood.

Chapter 23: Bloody Washing

Not much to do here but watch as Lucas has another vision of the Oracle, a murder in the Laundromat, and again the little girl reaching out for him.

Chapter 24: Confrontation

Carla and Tyler arrive at Lucas' apartment building. As Carla, follow Tyler down the hallway until he stops. Kick in the door to the apartment. Then inside, do the same to the bedroom and bathroom doors. Some redecorating has been done while Lucas wasn't home! Lucas isn't here, but the cops outside have just spotted him.

Lucas has a vision of Carla and Tyler at is apartment. As he turns around to leave, the cops stop him. This triggers an awesome action sequence for Lucas escaping, with a bit of L/R trigger action dangling from the helicopter.

Chapter 25: Captain Jones is Really Upset

It doesn't matter who you start the chapter with. The captain is yelling at Carla and Tyler for letting Lucas get away. To split the mental health losses, alternate between Carla and Tyler to answer the questions.

You receive news of the laundromat murder.

Chapter 26: Fallen Angels

Lucas seeks refuge in Saint Paul's church. He wakes up hearing Agatha's voice. Wake him up and stand. Agatha appears to tell Lucas what she knows. Ask whatever you wish to know, and she will soon be gone.

A new action sequence begins, with two angels out to get Lucas. It's a fast-paced scene with a few L/R trigger actions.

Lucas is called back to reality by Markus. A conversation between them begins, the options you pick aren't all that important. In the end you can choose to hear Lucas' or Markus' thoughts, who is convinced his brother has gone mad.

Chapter 27: Soap, Blood & Clues

As Carla, walk up to the door to the laundromat to automatically talk to Tyler, then walk up to Garrett. Inquire about whatever you want. Go inside, turn right and inspect the man's body. Inspect him again to look at the wrists. Walk towards the payphone, but stop where the bloody footprints are. Inspect them. Walk to the back and inspect the other victim. Go back near Tyler and inspect the floor to his left. More bloody marks. Inspect the toolbox as well. Switch to Tyler.

As Tyler, inspect the door. Turn and inspect the man's body. Walk to the back and inspect the female victim. An option to check out the phone will appear, use it. Walk towards the laundry basket and inspect the washer. Talk to Carla and leave.

Bonus cards:

  • Inside the laundry cart (+10 points).

Chapter 28: The Fugitive

Lucas has nowhere to go, so he heads to Tiffany's apartment. As he approaches the front door, he has a vision of the police hanging around the building. Walk back until you see a chain link fence and gate. Climb it. Climb the second fence. There are two cops standing outside the back entrance. Watch the in-screen scene to see when they're not looking your way. When they're not looking, walk across and climb the drainpipe. You will have to walk along the edge and do a few action sequences to prevent falling. At the end of the ledge, climb down the pipe.

Turn right and climb the chain link fence. Now you can struggle through a nasty (but not impossible) L/R trigger sequence to open the window. Once it's open, get in. Once inside, Lucas has a vision. Pass the action sequence and he will see Tyler looking under the bed. Exit the bedroom. Turn left and enter the bathroom to pick up a crucifix. Lucas is hungry, so raid the kitchen and get a sandwich and some milk from the fridge.

Pick up the remote from a box in the living room and watch some TV. Shortly after, Tiffany gets home. Tiffany's will give you a hug and tell you she loves you, but only if they shared that intimate moment before. She agrees to buy some time so you can hide. You already know under the bed is a no-no, so I recommend outside the window if you didn't break it to get in.

Tyler asks a few questions and then walks in to search the apartment. A few action sequences will make Lucas cough and reveal himself if failed (and lose 10 sanity), so make sure you get them right. Tyler will leave after searching a few places.

Optional actions:

  • Pick up a rock from the nearby pile of rubbish and break the window to get in. This leaves some broken glass that will raise suspicion later on.
  • Listen to the message on the answering machine (-20 sanity).
  • Lay down on Tiffany's bed (+10 sanity).
  • Pick up the newspaper near the door to see your picture all over it.
  • Eat the jam in the cupboard (+5 sanity).
  • Hide in the shower, under the table with the paint cans, in the closet.
Optional ending: Let's kill Lucas some more! Fail one of the action sequences or let the timer run out while on the ledge. Lucas will fall to his death right at the cops' feet.

Bonus cards:

  • Across the street from where the bum is, next to a dumpster and a tree.
  • In one of the kitchen cupboards in Tiffany's apartment.

Chapter 29: Janos

Carla arrives at the Bellevue Asylum to talk to Janos, the murderer in the Kirsten case. Walk straight ahead and take the second corridor to the right. Enter the cell. Inspect the walls. Sit on the chair across from the prisoner. Ask him about Kirsten. Tell him he's not crazy. Ask about Kirsten again. Now pick "who" and then ask about the other murders and the link between them.

Great, as you're about to leave, the power goes out and all the cell doors open. Controlling Carla's breathing and getting out of the cell area are first priority. However, there's a bunch of nutcases roaming in the darkness. If one comes near, don't move, don't breathe, just wait and let him pass. Listen to what Carla says to know when to stop and when to go on.

First, walk forward from where you are. A prisoner will pass by, stop as Carla says something. Turn left (hug the wall so you don't get lost), walk a little further until another one walks by. Stay still and don't breathe, move once he is gone. Walk forward a bit more and you will see a gate. Walk in and the lights will come on. When they do, just run as fast as you can towards the main gate. Carla gets out just in time.

Bonus cards:

  • From Carla's starting point, walk straight ahead to find one at the dead end (+10 points).

Chapter 30: Meeting Kuriakin

Lucas enters the museum to talk to the professor. Tell him you're a freelance journalist. Avoid the question when he says you look familiar. There's a little action sequence here to avoid suspicion.

Walk with the professor to the first stone carving, and you get to ask a few questions about the serpent and the sacrifices. Walk over to the second stone carving and you will find out more about the oracle and the ritual. The professor is suspicious anyway and asks who you are. Tell him the truth, and show him your arms. Follow the professor through the exit to the parking lot.

An action sequence with Lucas dodging the cars beings, with a L/R trigger event in between to hold on to one of the cars.

Lucas makes it, the professor doesn't and we find out that the Oracle is really pissed off now.

Optional actions:

  • Inspect the artifacts in the museum. Nothing like a bit of culture!
  • Roam too far away from the professor to raise suspicion.

Bonus cards:

  • As Lucas enters the museum, turn left and look in the corner between the display case and the wall (+5 points).

Chapter 31: Mayan Secrets

Lucas wakes up in some unknown place, face to face with the Oracle. You get to ask him two questions. Pick what you would like to know (I picked "chroma" and "why").

The Oracle summons some beast to hunt Lucas, and you get into an action sequence with him running away until Agatha appears.

Chapter 32: The Clan

Another long vision with a long but very easy action sequence. Lucas is seeing what the Oracle is going through in the presence of his clan. If you fail the sequence, you don't get to see everything.

Chapter 33: Danger & Ubiquity

Lucas wakes up in a hotel room and realizes Markus is in danger. Pick up the phone to call Markus. As Markus, turn left and go into the room. Pick up the phone. Lock the door as Lucas says.

As Carla, walk to where Tyler is and kick the door in. Wrong room! Walk a bit further down the hallway to find the correct room 369. You wouldn't expect Lucas to be waiting in there, did you? Neither did you expect to see him hanging upside down not sure from where!

As Lucas gets back in the room, the phone rings. The Oracle has Tiffany.

Optional ending: Let's kill Markus!

Once Lucas calls Markus, you can pick to answer the phone or talk to the person arriving the church. Pick the talk option, and the Oracle will take control of Markus, killing him. The game goes on without him.

Alternatively, when Lucas is on the phone, pick any option other than "no time". The Oracle will reach Markus before he gets to lock the door. Or you can leave the door unlocked.

Chapter 34: Fate on Russian Hills

Lucas enters an amusement park knowing his death is near. Still, he has to save Tiffany. Turn right and walk as far as possible, turn right again between two shacks, there's an extra life behind them.

Go back to where you came from, past the bum and turn right towards the rollercoaster. Enter the little shack and activate the controls. Get in the coaster car, pull the safety bar down and take a little ride.

Now you need to walk across a beam maintaining your balance with the L/R triggers. This is different from the breathing action; you don't have to keep the meter in the center. Only press the triggers if they're about to reach one of the edge zones, since sometimes the meter will move right across to the other end and other times it moves just a little. It's a stressful scene.

Once you get to the other side, untie Tiffany. All that work for nothing, they both fall to their deaths. But the story is not over!

Optional actions:

  • Inspect the bum sitting near the amusement park entrance. Look familiar?

Chapter 35: Child's Play

It's flashback time. Young Lucas wakes up in the middle of the night. Jump down from the bunk bed and wake up Markus. Jump out the window.

The purpose is to follow the yellow line without alerting the guards. Wait for the spotlight to move right and follow along the house. Stop near the stairs. When the guards aren't looking, move across. Avoid the spotlight and walk across towards past the jeep. A guard is coming the other way, so back up and hide behind the jeep. Once he walks away, go back to where the guard came from. Walk along the building and stop.

A cutscene tells you that Markus will now go look for a diversion. Switch to Markus and walk back to where you came from. There are some piles of rubbish where an exclamation mark appears, that's an option to create a diversion. Use it and walk Markus back to near Lucas. Change to Lucas.

Avoid the spotlight and walk across towards a rock, stop and do the same with Markus. Walk between the two buildings following the yellow line. Markus decides he will distract the guard so you can go on alone with Lucas. Go back and around this building to find a garbage can to create a diversion (you will see the exclamation mark). Markus will give it a good kick and the guard will come check it out.

Move Lucas to the pole and climb. Now you need to move across and dodge the spotlights. Once on the other side, slide down the pole. To avoid crossing right away between the spotlights, walk along the wall until you're lined up with the center of the hangar. Cross there and walk along the wall of the hangar, turn left and you will find the door. Walk inside to find... a very surprised Lucas!

Chapter 36: Checkmate!

Play as the Oracle to see a vision of the clan again. The Oracle tells them that Lucas is dead and that they need to find the child. It's a slow action scene, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

Chapter 37: The Pact

Carla is at the cemetery. Walk forward on the main path, take the third right. Approach the grave with the flowers on it. Poor Tiffany... Lucas shows up and talks a little about Tiffany. Pick "trusting". Pass the action scene for Carla to realize that there is no visible breath coming out of Lucas. Ask him why, and then ask about the Oracle. Succeed on the next action sequence for her to start believing in Lucas' story. A couple more action scenes will reveal what Carla is thinking about the situation and another fact about Lucas being cold as ice as they shake hands.

We know he's dead. She doesn't.

Chapter 38: Jade

Lucas has another vision and finds out where Jade is. Low and behold, there is Carla in her underwear comforting him with a gentle touch on the arm. Looks like some time has passed since they met at the cemetery and they're now quite friendly, but we never get to know how that happened.

Chapter 39: Frozen to the Bone

You can play as either Tyler or Carla. As usual, I picked Carla.

Tyler asks her what exactly has she been hiding from him. Tell the truth, it's better for her mental health.

Sam shows up at the Police Station with an ultimatum, and you gain control of Tyler. Talk to her and choose to leave. Tyler isn't relevant for the rest of the story, and that makes him and Sam have their happy ending. Tell Carla goodbye, and away go Tyler and Sam.

Chapter 40: Where is Jade?

Lucas and Carla drive to the orphanage where Jade is. Carla waits in the car, and you gain control of Lucas. Walk inside, Jade is in the last room down the hall to the left. There's also an extra life on the room across from Jade's. Pick Jade up and leave the room. The Oracle appears as you step out to the hallway. Take the emergency exit on the right side of the hallway.

Prepare yourself for the most incredible and best action scene in the game. Lucas has an epic battle with the Oracle on the rooftops, lots of analog movements and some L/R trigger action running on the side of the building with Jade in his arms.

Lucas ends up in a small room, where Agatha (supposedly) appears. The choice you make here affects how the final chapter is played. You can hand Jade over to the fake Agatha, or you can refuse.

There will be a L/R trigger event to resist the power of the A.I. and Lucas will burst out through the wall, still holding Jade. Someone helps him and Carla escape into the underground.

Optional actions:

  • Look at Jade's chart on the bed to find out a bit more about her.
  • Let the timer run out as you go into the orphanage. You will still have the fight in the rooftops, but Agatha's conversation will be different.

Bonus cards:

  • In the orphanage, second door to the left, between the bed and the window.

Chapter 41: Bogart

Time to find out why these homeless guys seem to be everywhere and look suspicious. Here you meet Bogart, the bum in the alleyway behind the diner.

Follow the guy escorting you through the subway. You are given the option to ask Carla two questions, pick what you want to know about. Lucas hands the child over to Carla. He finds Markus sitting with the other people (unless you killed him, then you won't see him). Bogart welcomes you and tells you to take a seat. You can sit down to his right, on a crate. Ask him about the Invisibles, the Chroma, Agatha, the Indigo Child, the prophecy and the Orange Clan. End the conversation with "Now what?".

Carla hands over the child to the man who helped them escape. Lucas goes to sleep in the train.

Walk past Bogart and enter the first door of the second train to find an extra life. Walk to the end of the platform to find a radio. It doesn't work, but you can get batteries and improvise an antenna for it. Enter the last door to find a flashlight and take the batteries. Now walk towards the first train. You can go inside the door closest to the campfire and find Jade laying down. Walk to the first cart of the first train, but don't go in yet. There is a pile of rubbish with a barrel and some wood, you will find the antenna here. Pull twice to get the wire out. Go back to the radio fix it, you can listen to a few stations and realize the entire world is freezing.

Now you can go through the first door on the first train to find Lucas. Lie down beside him and watch the sparks fly. At least this scene wasn't fully censored! Bow how does this work when Lucas is dead? We'll never know!

Bonus cards:

  • Before walking the small ramp near where the subway is stopped, keep walking along the tracks to find a card (+20 points).

Chapter 42: Revelation

Lucas is dreaming about his childhood again. He wakes up to his parents arguing. Get out of the bed and out of the room. Go down the hallway and listen at the door. You learn how Lucas got his powers and the ability to see things before they happen. After hearing enough, Lucas gets caught eavesdropping.

Chapter 43: Final Countdown

Lucas and Carla drive to the military base. Lucas has to carry Jade inside the hangar, facing some nasty winds and a ton of snow by the means of a long L/R trigger event. Once past the doors, Lucas finds some company: the Oracle and a couple of soldiers. Lucas puts Jade down and confronts the Oracle. There are a few action sequences with L/R trigger events in between, as you charge up the bar to full. Once it's full, one final action sequence and Lucas will defeat him.

Now he has the guards to deal with, which isn't that complicated, just some bullets to dodge. If you fail the dodging and get shot, the A.I. will take care of the guards for you. Either way, your battle is with him. I mean, it.

There are two L/R trigger events as Lucas resists the mind control powers of the A.I. and then one action sequence. Pick up Jade, place her on the Chroma altar and listen to what she says. Carla will come running to hug you.

Optional endings:

If you gave Agatha the child in Chapter 40, the scene will be different. The A.I. will be at the hangar with Jade when you get there. You fight the A.I. first. At this point, the Oracle appears holding Carla hostage and you can either give him the child or refuse.

If you give him the child now, you and Carla survive but the Oracle places Jade in the Chroma, gaining the infinite power he wanted for the Orange Clan.

If you refuse to give the child to the Oracle, Carla shows she can take care of herself and gives you time to place Jade in the Chroma altar and listen to what she says.

If you fight the Oracle and lose, Lucas is knocked out and you have to bring Carla inside. There will be a guard in her way, but there is a metal bar she can pick up and hit him with. Grab the guard's gun, go inside and shoot the Oracle. Lucas wakes up and has to fight the A.I.

Another option is to lose the fight with the A.I. and become possessed. Lucas will then carry Jade to the Chroma and gaining the power for the Indigo Clan. You will still have a second chance by bringing Carla into the hangar.

Chapter 44: Epilogue

If you followed my instructions from the main walkthrough (not the optionals), you get the happy ending. Enjoy! Wait for the credits to end to get 200 bonus points, and you can go unlock all the goodies and play the mini-games.

Note: Play through Chapter 43 again (without saving) and make the different choices to watch all the possible endings.