Jack Keane


Chapter 1 - In a bind

Talk to either of the thugs a few times until Jack's knife falls out of his pocket. Insult them again so the chair moves closer to the knife. Take it.

Walk to the platform on the left. Look at the safety line on the roller. Untie (use) the knot on the restraining rope to the right. Take the broom, use it on the barrel.

Take the rag that was under the barrel. Walk to the right and try to open the door to the attic. Walk to the corner and look at the knife in the nest. Climb down and look at the bird droppings. Go back up and use the rag on the water bucket.

Go back down and use the wet rag on the bird droppings. Go down some more and try to take the knife. Go left and take the sandbag. Use it on one of the thugs down below on the hands of the clock. Go back to the right and take the knife from the nest.

Go up to the top and onto the platform. Use the knife on the safety line.

Chapter 2 - The Voyage

Walk left and enter the Adventure Shop. Pull the curtain to find a woman behind it. An adventurer appears, talk to him and make him prove he was successful, prove he visited the Canary Islands, and prove that he's wealthy. You get a bottle of rum.

Go back to your ship and use the bottle on one of your shipmates. Click on the lighter board on the side of the ship to find Jack's secret stash and get 30 shillings and a rotten plank. Walk to the right and look at the leaky rowboat. Walk left and talk to the Mexican to learn about your mission and the secret parcel you have to mail.

Walk to the left some more and talk to Amanda. You learn where she is going, and she shows you an invitation letter. There's a stamp on it. Walk left towards the store and talk to Captain Cookster about his tale and some tips. Give him the rotten plank and you can take his pipe that's on the barrel.

Go past the shop entrance and climb the crates onto the ledge. Follow the ledge, climb down and use the pipe on the wasps. Take the cereal bowl. Climb down and pick up three tea tins then use them on the ones on the floor to unlock some bonus content.

Climb back up, go around the ledge, climb down the crates and go to the rowboat. Use the cereal bowl on it to fill it with water. Use the letter on the bowl. Use the stamp on the parcel. Go back to the store and use the parcel with the mail box.

When you come out, go right and talk to your shipmates. Mention the payment you were promised. Go back into the Adventure Store and tell the shopkeeper you want to buy something. There are four items, but you can only buy three. Pick any three. Go outside and talk to the shipmates again. Tell them which objects you have bought and mention your razor-sharp mind.

Go back to the ship. On the way, talk to Montgomery. Cast off.

Chapter 3 - Shipwrecked

Look around to spot a wooden plank in the water to the left of the bluff. Take the starfish and the elephant piggy-bank next to Montgomery. Talk to him and receive twine from the sewing kit and a short fuse.

Go in the cave. Inspect the contraband. Take the old musket. Inspect the musket twice (left click, right click) to get some gunpowder. Take the starfish from the other side of the contraband. Walk left to the exit, covered in vegetation. Use the knife to cut it and exit the cave to see the Charming Princess destroyed.

Take the two starfish that are on this side of the bluff. Go up the stairs, and at the top try to jump across the precipice. Look at the boulder and the crevice behind it. Combine the piggy bank with gunpowder in your inventory. Use the piggy bank with short fuse. Place it in the crevice. Use the lighter to light it up. If you don't have the lighter, use the knife to take the lens out of the compass, then use the lens on the piggy bank to ignite the fuse. Jump across the precipice.

Look at the fallen pillar. Cross the wooden walkway and look at the ship rigging on the ledge. Use the knife on it. Go back down through the precipice and look closely at the ship. Go to the right and walk on the post onto the ship. Take the fishing rod, jack's duffle bag and a giant woodworm from the plank.

Enter the cave and go to the end of the bluff. Combine the fishing rod with twine in the inventory. Use the woodworm on the fishing rod. use the rod on the wooden plank that's floating in the water.

Go back up to Montgomery and the spot with the fallen column. Use the wooden plank on the column. Climb the right boulder. Use the wooden plank and talk to Montgomery to do the jumping.

Take the wedge and prayer wheel. Inspect and right click the old chest in the temple. Go up the stairs to the left and take the hair wax. Take the two pieces of stone head from each side of the temple door. Go to the winch on the left. Pick up the starfish and the hook. Use the wich. Lubricate it with either the oil you bought at the store or with the hair wax (open it with knife or scissors). Use the lubricated winch. Use the rope to climb down. Take the piece of stone head. Look at the oysters under the ship.

Go back to the old chest above Montgomery. Talk to him to take his clothes off. Place the three pieces of stone head in the old chest. Montgomery will jump up. Talk to Shari.

Go up the stairs. Use the hook to open the temple entrance. Go in and take the hot spice from the ledge. Go left and take the brooch. Look at it in your inventory. Inspect the flagpole on the wall of the cliff. Exit the temple through the entrance. Use the hot spice on the oysters under the ship. Take the pearl. Use the pearl on the brooch. Give it to Shari.

Pick up the thrown vine. Talk to Montgomery. Climb the stairs and go through the temple entrance. Go left and use the vine on the flagpole. There goes Montgomery!

Chapter 4 - Payment and the voyage home

Go forward and enter the jungle. Look at village. Go down, enter the path and climb the shrine on the right. Take the burnt incense stick. Go back down and left to the checkpoint.

Talk to the British soldiers. They need a British identification to let Jack pass through. Go to the road on the left that's being paved. Enter the inn on the left. Notice the cleaning product and turpentine on the cart in the lobby. Look at the shiny star on the base of the reception desk. Look at the lit fireplace. Use the bell on the reception to talk to the manager about everything.

Ask for a glass of water to get one. Use it on the fireplace. Go to the cart and take the cleaning product and turpentine. Swap their positions with each other on the cart. Use the burnt incense with the shiny star. Take the shiny bronze star. Talk to the manager again to get the key to room 7.

Go up the stairs and use the room 7 key on the first door. Go right and take the secret parcel. Inspect it in the inventory. You will get Montgomery's ID and deed.

Leave the hotel and go show the ID to the guards. To the first question answer "crows". To the second, answer "train". Keep talking to them - doesn't matter what you reply and they will let you through.

Go past the elephant. Look at the plant in a cage behind the guard house. Go back to left and enter the marketplace. Take a flyer from the stand. Talk to Rupiah about everything. Use the deed on her to get a key. Talk to her again to know the house is in the swamp.

Go left and down the stairs. Go forward and left to find the path to the swamp. The door is locked. Take the candle from the grave. Go back and enter the village again. Walk up to house #3. Try the key on old rotten hatch. Climb up and use key on the green house's keyhole. The door falls off. Go back to Rupiah and tell her about the house in ruins. Rupiah buys it back for 10 pounds and 1 schilling.

Watch the gorilla and Dr. T talk about the road blockage to his home and airfield. Go back to the checkpoint. Talk to Pandu (cab driver) about how he lost his license. Ask the guards about the elephant. Pay the guards 10 pounds. Re-enter the market place and talk to Louise. Ask for the jam to get it. Talk to Shari and the little old man beside her. Use the jam on Shari. She gives you back an empty jar. In your inventory, combine the jar with the candle. Use the jar with the red sock. Go back to the elephant with your improvised rear light. Place it on the frame on the elephant.

Talk to Louise about the elephant handler and about the guards. She has to talk to the guards. Talk to the guards about the elephant handler. Then talk to Pandu about the airfield.

In Cape Town, see the thugs talking to Captain Cookster. Look at the blocked road. Take the upper path and look at the road block. Go back to Pandu, who has unloaded the elephant. Take the tools from the tool box by the elephant. You will get a spade blade, shaft and prod. Combine them together to get a spade.

Go back up the path. Go down to the water at the center of screen and cross the over log. An anaconda pops up out of the tree roots. Go back up and climb the big root. Climb up twice to the statue's base. Go up the steps and see a nut on a ledge. Take it. Look down at the gorge to see the anaconda.

Climb up, into the stone arm and out the side of the head. Go right and walk over the stone arm to the main road. Go down the road and pick up the flat piece of wood before the tree trunk. Climb back up and you will find yourself at the electrified fence of the airfield. Look at the warning signs. Pick up the screwdriver. Go back down, through the stone artm and to the head. Place the nut on the statue's mouth.

Go left to the other side of the head. Use the piece of wood on the hole near the left ear. Climb up twice and go left to the treetop until you see a hut. There's a monkey powering up the fence. Use the screwdriver on the grate to losen it, and take it with you. Go back down to the ledge where you found the nut and throw the grate at the anaconda's nest.

Go down to the lake and cross it through the root. Go left, cut the vine and go left again. Enter the elephant shrine and pull the elphant trunk lever. Use the knife to cut the vegetation to the left and go through. Go up the path and use the vine to tie up the carnivorous plant. Dig the plant up with the spade. Go back up to the statue's mouth and take the large nut. Place the unearthed plant in it. Go back to the hut with the monkey and throw that plant onto the veranda. Cut the vine with the knife to free the plant. Ring the bell with the prod. Now you can go back up the statue, to the electrical fence and climb over it.

Chapter 5 - Put to the test

Here we play as Amanda.

Go right to the lookout platform. Look at the map and the telescope. Use the telescope to look at the balcony of the hotel. Go left to the roadblock. Shoot the rope with the rifle. Go to the crossroads, go down and talk to Pandu. Tell him that a customer is waiting at the other end.

Enter the village. Use the rifle on the clothesline and take the umbrella and garter belt. Combine the rifle with the garter belt. Give Pandu the umbrella. Go back to the lookout. Use the bottle opener on the socket where the telescope is mounted. Combine the rifle with the telescope and mount it on the socket.

Shoot a vase or the barrel, then the hanging pot and lastly the wedge. Get an incense stick from the shrine and go the Punjab Inn. Take the turpentine and the letter from the counter. Light the incense stick on the fireplace, go up the stairs and enter Jack's room (room 7). Fill the oil lamp with turpentine and light it up. Decipher the letter by using the light from the lamp. Leave the message on the table and leave.

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