Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Wii)

Hellicarrier Mission

1. Flight Deck

The game throws you right into the heat of action aboard the U.N.N. Alpha. You can use the D-Pad to select the character you want to control. Here are some tips that will help you out as you make your way through the level and battle the Ultron Warriors:

· Objects can be destroyed for coins and health items.
· The "Smash" button can be held down for charge attacks.
· You can grab enemies by standing next to them and pressing the "Action" button. Enemies can be tossed by moving the left analog stick or you can punch them while holding them by repeatedly pressing the "Attack" button.
· Hold down the "Special Powers" button and you will see the Power icons appear in the right hand corner. Select one of the powers to use while holding down the "Special Powers" button (note that only one or two powers are selectable at this point). The blue meter on the bottom left hand corner indicates how much Power energy you have.
· Some characters can fly if you press the "Jump" button twice.
· Use different combinations of "Attack" and "Smash" buttons to create devastating combos. Try pressing "Attack", "Smash" and "Attack" to execute the tripping combo. If you do a combo successfully you will hear a thundering voice saying things like "Fantastic!", "Amazing!" etc.
· If you feel lost at any time during the game, check out the map displayed on the right hand side of the screen - the white areas are where you have already been, while the red areas are places you need check out.

Scorpion is the first Boss. Defeat the surrounding Ultron Warriors first and get them out of your way. This will free up your teammates so you can gang up and finish off Scorpion. If you find your health is dangerously low, quickly switch to another character - the controlled-character may be able to save itself. This tactic works pretty often throughout the game so keep it in mind. After picking up Scorpion's Tail, continue down the level and fight more Ultron Warriors.

2. Command Deck

Meet Nick Fury on the Command Deck. You can speak to him again if you want more plot details, otherwise go downstairs and exit the bridge.

The glowing circle on the floor is the S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Point. Here you can save your game, organize your team, swap out characters and spend upgrade points. There's not much you can do here at this point, so you might as well go through the door to the right.

When you enter the next room, the enemies will activate a force field and damage the conduit for the control panel. After you've cleared the room of the enemies, use one of the characters to pull the damaged block out by pressing and holding the Push/Pull button and using the analog stick to drag it out. On the left side of the room is the new conduit block. Destroy the cylinders around it and drag and push it into where the old conduit used to be - the circuit panel will come back on. Head back up and use the console to disable the barrier. Continue though the level.

When you get to the split in the path, head down either side and destroy the console at the end with the yellow arrow over it. Head down the other path and destroy the console on the other side. Unfortunately, the ICBM launches anyway and Nick Fury tells you to go activate the self-destruct sequence.

On your way back from the second console, Bullseye will be guarding the door. He's a little tougher than any of the enemies so far. Take out the Ultron Strikers first, and then gang up on Bullseye to take him down. Head inside the door and activate the Navigational Computer to destroy the missile. Use the elevator at the bottom of the stairs to enter the Barracks.

3. Barracks

Find and pick up Black Widow's laptop on the ground near the S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Point - this will come in handy if you want to enjoy one of the many sub-plots found in the game. Further down, you'll find S.H.I.E.L.D. agents locked up in cells. Go into the only door that's open and jump over the red laser beam. Move one of the characters over to the green circle in front of one of the consoles; switch over to another character stand on the other green circle. Hit the "Action" button to free the soldiers.

Further down, a Doom Bot will break the window and come inside. Use the same window to go outside and continue along the outside of the carrier. Eventually, you'll run into Radioactive Man and Winter Soldier. If you take off enough of their health, they will stop the fight and run away; keep running after them.

At the end of the path, you will need to fight several Ultron Strikers. Use the Double Jump move to get up to the platform on the right side (the other platform has a secret Striking Upgrade). Keep pursuing Radioactive Man and Winter Soldier and you'll finally have a showdown against them at the end of the platform. Wielding one of the pipes on the ground can make quick work of this battle. Head back to the inside of the ship and use the elevator.

4. Upper Batteries

Fight more Doom Bots as you head down the hall; go outside and face Fin Fang Foom, the final boss of this stage. When the dragon flies away, run up to the cannon and take control of it with the "Action" button and shoot him down from the sky. He will come back down to the platform; attack him while avoiding his flame and punching attacks. Ultron Strikers will be distracting the main fight, but leave them up to your teammates. If you are running low on health, however, fight one to get some Red Orbs as replenishment. Keep alternating between shooting the cannon at the dragon and fighting him on the ground. After about four or five trips to the cannon and the last battle on the platform, he should be defeated. Finish off any remaining Ultron Strikers and head back to the door to end the mission.


Stark Tower is the main S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters where you can regroup before taking on new missions. Take your time and explore this area, you'll find a few upgrade bonuses lying around. Speak to the various characters like Nick Fury, Black Widow and The Vision to get plot details (there is also a small side-mission if you picked up Black Widow's laptop in the carrier). Here are some other things to look out for in this area:

· Notice that there is a Review console that lets you check out all the movies, artwork, comics and stats. These features will unlock as you collect items and progress further in the game.
· The Training Simulator will be accessible once you start collecting bonus Comic Missions that can be found throughout the game. These missions can be replayed at any time from the simulator.
· This will be a good time to use the S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Point to upgrade the Powers and/or Outfits of some characters.
· At the S.H.I.E.L.D. Access Point, enter the "Change Team" menu, select a character and press "Details". Notice that each character has several unique Power abilities, some of which are still locked. These powers can be mapped onto any of the four face buttons on your controller for easy access once you gain enough abilities.
· Additional Outfits can also be earned as you progress in the game - each Outfit has different strengths and abilities. As you earn points in the game, you can spend them to upgrade various abilities for each character.
· Note that you can choose to have the game distribute the points automatically for you by setting the Auto option to "Auto-Spending Points." The Gear menu can also be set to "Auto-Equipping Gear" if micromanaging isn't your thing.

When you're ready to leave, talk to Wyatt Wingfoot to board the Quinjet. You will be taken to the Omega Base, your next mission.

The adventure is just getting started!