Meet The Robinsons

Secrets & Unlockables

Jacoby Action Figure

This figure can be found in the Industrial District underneath Jacoby’s Junk. To do this, Wilbur will need to perform a global scan outside, on the left side of the building to reveal a scanner icon. Single Scanning this icon will reveal a Hidden Door. Wilbur can open the door and Charge Ball the target behind it to open a secret passageway that leads below the building. The chest with the Action figure is down here.

Unlock All Action Figures

Want all of the Action Figures? Scan the Bosses! Once you scan the Robot Guardian, the LieutenAnt and Prometheus, Laszlo will reward you with this Blueprint!

Orphans Action Figures

By scanning all 4 of the Orphans in Old Town once Wilbur reaches Orphan Island, the player will be able to read some humorous descriptions of each orphan as well as receive the Orphans Action Figures.

Optional Component Carrying Capacity Upgrade #1

By scanning 40 different items / characters / enemies that have descriptions, Wilbur will be rewarded the 1st Component Carrying Capacity Upgrade Blueprint. By building this in the Transmogrifier, he will be able to carry 40 more of each type of component than before.

Maximum Carrying Capacity Cheat Blueprint

Inside of Magma Industries, in the Invincible Door Room, Wilbur can press a switch in the back of the room that will open a side door. If Wilbur enters this door, he can climb some stairs to reach a Disassemble Chest with the Maximum Carrying Capacity Cheat Blueprint in it. Building this blueprint after the dungeon when back at the Robinson House will allow Wilbur to carry up to 200 of each type of component, and is MUCH less expensive to build than building all of the carrying upgrades.

Magma Industries Invincible Door Room

Disassembler Efficiency Upgrade

Want to get twice the number of components out of the objects you disassemble? You can with the Disassembler Efficiency Upgrade Blueprint! How do you get this blueprint? Scan! Once you scan 130 unique objects, enemies or characters with descriptions, Laszlo will give you the Blueprint!

Upgrade All Gadgets to Full Potential

Get the most out of your gadgets! Defeat all of the opponents in Charge Ball to get the Upgrade All Gadgets to Full Blueprint! The opponents you need to unlock and defeat are Art, Billie, Franny, Grandpa, Laszlo, the Champ and Tallulah. Make sure you are playing from Wilbur’s room or the Chargeball Emporium to get the reward.