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This guide gathers our experience over the years about many topics that will help you get around if you're just starting or that will help you make the most out of your Neopian life if you're a veteran. No cheats, no scams, just tips, hints and a few helpful links.

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Newbie Pack

A good way of saving money and a step closer to richness, is to take advantage of the freebies Neopia has to offer you.

After creating your first pet, open a bank account to receive an extra 30np, then go to your inventory to receive a newbie pack.

Money Tree Giveaways

The Money Tree offers free items and neopoints that other players donate, but you have to be fast to get something. A good way to get better chances of grabbing an item is to scroll down to the bottom of the page, keep refreshing it, and once something appears click it as fast as you can. You can only take 5 items a day.

There are also special giveaways at the Money Tree (see Secrets to know when they happen).

Free Food

You can feed your pet for free by taking your daily piece of omelette at the Tyrannian Plateau, a daily jelly at the Giant Jelly (see Secrets for the location), or if your balance is under 3000nps, you can use the Soup Kitchen. However, if you're over 3000nps you can trick the Soup Faerie (see Secrets).

Good items to feed your pet with are apples and jelly, since each of them equals 2 meals, and omelettes, which feed your pet 3 times. Food can cost you a pretty penny if you go to the food stores, so your daily omelette and jelly (which equal 5 meals) can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Besides, you have a chance to get a more expensive omelette or jelly in the process. Don't feed your pets Poison Jelly, it makes them sick.

Other food items that are worth buying (if you can find it at the stores) are pizzas (up to 6 meals) and apples (2 meals).

Another way of getting free food is to take your pets fishing in the Underwater Cave. The fish are good meals, but there is a chance you can also catch a nice rotten shoe. And you can also catch kelp to put in your neogarden.

There are other places where you can feed your pet for free (see below for links):

  • The 7-Eleven store gives you one free rice ball per pet, per day.
  • The Mirinda Stand gives you one free drink per pet, per day.
  • The Pepsi Stand gives you one free Pepsi per pet, per day.
  • The Coca-Cola Diner gives you one free Coke per pet, per day.

Your pets have no reason to go hungry with all this free food!

Free Healing

If your pet falls victim of a disease and you can't afford the cure, visit the Healing Springs every hour and hope the Faerie casts a spell that says your pets are completely healed.

During the Faerie Festival (on September 20th), the Faerie will completely restore your pet's health everytime you visit.

If your pet is hurt and needs a heal, you have a chance to get free heals, or potions and elixirs by the hour. You can sell the potions and elixirs for some extra neopoints: since they were free, it's pure profit.

Other Free Goodies

Every day you are allowed a free Tombola Spin, a free Fruit Machine Spin, and a visit to Coltzan's Shrine (you can only visit the Shrine once your pet is 2 days old). And since they're free, why pass on three chances to win something good?

If you get a prized ticket at the Tombola, you can win faeries, codestones, food, neopoints or booby prizes.

The Fruit Machine can give out neopoints, battle muffins, desert food, paintbrushes and petpets. It all depends on the symbols you get: if the first two match, you get a small prize; if all three match, you get a good prize.

Visiting Coltzan's Shrine can be very profitable. The prize list includes faeries, dubloons, desert food, neopoints, free healing, and you might even be lucky enough to get your pet's level or stats raised or to win that million neopoints.

Dare to enter the Snowager's Cave! You have a chance to pick at his pile of treasure when he's asleep (see Secrets for his nap times), and you can get a wide range of items: battledome weapons or equipment, neggs, scratchcards, keychains and plushies.

During the entire month of December, the Advent Calendar will be available in Happy Valley, where you can collect your daily prize (mostly food and toys, sometimes an avatar or a petpet) and some neopoints.

Every day you can collect Slorg Neopoints, it isn't much but it's 50 or 100 nps that you didn't have before! In the long run, it can add up to at least 1500 a month.

And if you have some neopoints saved up, don't forget to collect your bank interest every day.

Daily Freebies Quick Links:

Underwater Cave:
Bank Interest:
Slorg Neopoints:
Tiki Tack Tombola:
Fruit Machine:
Coltzan's Shrine:
Giant Jelly:
Healing Springs:
Giant Omelette:
Mirinda Stand:
Pepsi Stand:
Coca-Cola Diner:


Where to Find Quests in Neopia

If you're looking for some adventure and have some neopoints to spend, why not go on a quest? Aside from random faerie quests, there are many more you can do.

The Chef in the Kitchen of Mystery Island is looking for some ingredients to finish his latest recipe. Haunted Woods is a busy place for quests, and they're all linked. The Brain Tree asks difficult questions... Are you a match for his intellect? The Esophagor is always hungry! Can you get him the food he wants? He usually rewards you with the answers to the Brain Tree's questions, if you are doing one of its quests. Edna The Witch is looking for some strange ingredients for her new transforming spells, and she usually rewards you with the food the Esophagor wants.

Climb to the top of Terror Mountain, the Snow Faerie could use a hand with her new spell. Jhudora the Dark Faerie has some special rewards for you if you help her within the time limit. Find her in Faerieland.

Illusen the Earth Faerie also wants you to find her some items within a time limit. You can find her in Meridell.

Jhudora's Quests

Jhudora is not the nicest faerie in the world, but she also needs help finding a few things. She doesn't appreciate you working for Illusen's, so if you have recently done one of her quests, Jhudora will refuse to give you one.

Here is a list of what you can get from her.

Level 1: Poisonous Lollipop (food item)
Level 3: Noxious Nectar (battledome item, earth and dark damage, single use)
Level 5: Jhudoras Brush (grooming item)
Level 8: Purple Blob Potion (battledome item, fire and dark damage, single use)
Level 11: Jhudora T-shirt (clothing item)
Level 14: Gnome Shroom (food item)
Level 17: Caustic Potion (battledome item, earth damage and heal, single use)
Level 20: Dark Faerie Magic (book)
Level 23: Malice Potion (may give Blurred Vision ability to your pet when fed)
Level 26: Purple Spotted Shroom (increases pet's strength or hp by 1)
Level 29: Clockwork Rat (toy)
Level 32: Toxic Shroom
Level 35: Dark Shroom
Level 38: Jhudoras Potion (battledome item, great dark and physical damage, single use)
Level 41: Bartamus (rare petpet)
Level 44: Dark Faerie Collar (battledome item, great dark damage, reflects some light damage, unlimited use)
Level 47: Portable Cloud (battledome item, light and water damage, reflects earth damage, unlimited use)
Level 50: Wand of the Dark Faerie (battledome item, great dark and physical damage, bonus damage, may block all light damage, may heal up to 33% of pets hp, unlimited use)

Illusen's Quests

Illusen prefers to stay in her peaceful glade and send out help to fetch items for her. She gets upset when she finds you have done one of Jhudora's quests and will refuse to give you a quest for a while.

Here is a list of trinkets she'll reward you with.

Level 1: Illusens Cream Cookie (food item)
Level 3: Illusens Potion (battledome item, earth and light damage, single use)
Level 5: Illusens Comb (grooming item)
Level 8: Cucumber Eye Cream (grooming item)
Level 11: Illusens Novel (book)
Level 14: Mud Mixture (battledome item, earth damage and heal, single use)
Level 17: Flower Cake (food item)
Level 20: Rain Water Shampoo (grooming item)
Level 23: Rose Shake (food item)
Level 26: Earth Spell Book (expensive book)
Level 29: Leaf Shield (battledome item, can block water, earth and physical damage, unlimited use)
Level 32: Illusens Earth Potion (battledome item, earth and physical damage, single use)
Level 35: Honey Potion (battledome item, great earth and physical damage, single use)
Level 38: Illusens Scroll (rare and expensive book)
Level 41: Illusens Blade (battledome item, earth and physical damage, unlimited use)
Level 44: Leaf Taco (food item)
Level 47: Illusens Orb Plant (extremely rare garden plant)
Level 50: Illusens Staff (battledome item, great earth damage, some physical damage, bonus damage, reflects dark damage and heals, unlimited use)

Random Faerie Quests

A Faerie showed up and asked you to get something for her? You can't use the Shop Wizard, and don't know what to do? Here are some answers to help you complete your tasks.

  • Check the Auction Genie. Or ask a friend to buy the item and send it to you. Or wait for the shop most likely to sell that item to restock.

  • If you still can't find it, randomly pick usernames from the auctions (preferably those who are selling an item of the type you want), do a user lookup and visit their shops. The Faerie won't even know you were there. I recommend having a second account to help with quests, since then you can change accounts, search for the item on the spare account and transfer it to your main account to complete the quests.

  • If you can't remember what the Faerie asked you for, go to the Faerie Quests house in Faerieland. This is also where you go to deliver the item.

Faerie Demands and Rewards

Certain quests are random events and they're given out by the faeries. Each of them asks for a different type of item, and some ask for random things.

The only faerie quest not worth doing is the Earth Faerie's. She usually asks for motes, some of them are expensive too, and in the end all you get is a meal for your pets and a heal, and you can get that for free at the Healing Springs. If she appears to you, I suggest you go to the Faerie Quests House in Faerieland and say you don't want to do that quest.

Faeries Demands Rewards
Air Faerie grooming products increase agility
Dark Faerie toys increase hitpoints
Earth Faerie magical items (motes) feed and heal your pet
Fire Faerie clothes and accessories increase strength
Light Faerie collectible trading cards raise level
Water Faerie books increase defense
Fountain Faerie ? access to the Rainbow Fountain
Space Faerie space equipment raise level
Faerie Queen random, expensive items increase multiple stats

When you complete a quest, the reward isn't always bestowed upon the active pet. Any of your pets can be compensated.


Situated in the Faerie City in Faerieland, the Agency provides jobs to all those Neopets who don't mind doing a little fetching. There are two types of job listings available, Basic Jobs and Special Jobs.

Special Jobs have much higher rewards than Basic jobs, even for the cheapest items such as Toy Sailboats (2np each). These jobs require Job Coupons to complete, but they are so rare most people will only part with them for hundreds of neopoints.

Basic Jobs don't require Job Coupons in order to complete, just a willing pet and a little money. These jobs will require you to collect a certain amount of items in a time limit and there is a base reward for the completion of the job.

The faster you come back with the items the better is your bonus paycheck. Have another browser open on the Shop Wizard so as soon as you get your task, you can start looking for the items.

I completed a job that asked me to collect 3 White Chocolate Wockys (see image above), each of them costs around 180np. The base reward was 600np, but with the bonus I got 710np. Since I spent exactly 480np on the Wockys (I found two for 150np in the Shop Wizard), I had a profit of 170np.

But then I made the mistake of accepting another job with another pet that asked me to find 3 medicinal toothbrushes which cost around 1000np each and it only paid 2430np. Really not worth the time, so I paid the 200np of penalty for not wanting to complete the task. Still, paying 200np is better than a 700np loss!

Most of the Basic Jobs will give you profit considering the price you have to pay for the items, but some aren't really worth doing. Pay special attention to those that pay the most, since sometimes you won't get much profit, if any.

Completing jobs adds up to your pet's resume and will eventually get your pet promoted, but you are limited to only four jobs per day. (See Secrets chapter below for information about the job listings.)


Snowager Nap Times

The Snowager always sleeps for an hour at a time, but he's a light sleeper. You can enter the cave from 6 to 7 am, 3 to 4 pm and 10 to 11 pm (all Neopian Standard Time), but entering doesn't guarantee you will get away with a piece of his treasure.

Hard to Find Places

On the World Map, there are a couple of places that are easy to miss. One of them is Roo Island. Here you can play Dice-a-Roo and Deadly Dice, connect to your neohome, buy souvenirs or have your pets go on the Merry-Go-Round. You can also link to Kiko Lake from there.

It's right next to Neopia Central, but it's very imperceptible at first sight.

The Volcano in the Tyraniann Plateau is no longer accessible from the usual location, but you can still visit the link: This is the home of Magnus the Torch, one of the one-player battledome opponents.

The following are two places where you can create new pets. One is very easy to miss, the Fungus Cave. It's right next to the Smuggler's Cave, just point to the left of it and a bit lower. If you bring a Krawk petpet to this cave and let him eat, he will turn into a pet Krawk.

The Draik Nest can be found here: If you have a Draik Egg, this is where you come to hatch it into a Draik pet.

Last but not least, the Darigan Citadel is another area that's not so visible, it floats above Meridell nearly hiding in the horizon. It is definetly worth a visit just for the Petpet Battledome.

Jelly World

This area is not linked to the world map yet, so you can follow this link to get to it: You can come here to get your daily jelly at the Giant Jelly.

The Hidden Tower

The Hidden Tower is where the Faerie Queen lives, and it's basically a shop for those who are neo-millionaires. All sorts of expensive items, from toys to battledome gear, can be found here.

To find it, go to the Faerie City and click on the left side of the castle. You will notice the cursor change into a pointing hand when you have the right spot.

Coltzan's Shrine Times

It is better to visit the Shrine at certain times. The following are known facts and their respective times:

  • From 11am to 12pm NST (Neopian Standard Time) the shrine will give out burnt food.
  • Every hour on the hour, the king will raise your pet's hit points.
  • Every two hours on the hour, you can gain a level.
  • At the strike of noon a single lucky visitor will win a million neopoints.

These are rumors that are yet to be proven true, so try them out and see how it goes:

  • Visit exactly 5 minutes after the hour for a speed increase.
  • Visit exactly 10 minutes after the hour for a defense increase.
  • Visit exactly 30 minutes after the hour for a strength increase.
  • Visit exactly 55 seconds after the minute to get a random dubloon coin.

Deadly Dice Times

Count Von Roo is awake from midnight to one o'clock NST (Neopian Standard Time) and you can play Deadly Dice during that time. Here is the direct link:

Employment Agency Recruiting Times

The Employment Agency refreshes their Basic Job listings on the hour and every 10 minutes after the hour, like so: 3:00, 3:10, 3:20, 3:30, 3:40, 3:50, 4:00.

Basic Jobs are taken in the blink of an eye (mostly because you don't need Job Coupons to complete them, unlike Super Jobs).

I strongly advise you to get there a couple of minutes before the new list arrives, and keep refreshing the page a few seconds before the right time. Then once the jobs are up, click one.

Money Tree Special Giveaways Times

Sometimes, certain characters decide to give away items on special occasions, all you have to do is be there on time. The Health Frog donates healthy food on random times. Balthazar will sometimes donate bottled faeries at 6.00am NST. The Lupe Pack Chocolate Chia Buffet will happen on Sundays, at 5.50pm NST. Pango Pango will stock up the Money Tree with tropical fruits on Mondays around 10.45am or pm NST. So be there or be square!

Broken Neopoints

Sometimes when you go fishing you can reel in a bag of broken neopoints. This is a toy that can be taken to the repair shop in Terror Mountain to be repaired. It costs a bit to repair, but the reward can be worth it.

Using the Soup Kitchen When Over 3,000np

Usually, the Soup Faerie adds up all the neopoints you have (pocket money, bank savings and shop till) and if the total is over 3,000np you're not allowed to feed your pets at the Soup Kitchen.

There's a way to get around it and trick the Faerie. First, have a friend place an item for trade (or do it with a spare account) and then offer all your neopoints on that item. Now the Faerie will gladly feed your pets for free.

Meerca Chase Negg Hint

When you start the game and the first negg that appears is behind you, your chances of getting different colored neggs are higher. I've noticed I get more blue and green neggs when this happens.

Pets Over Maximum Hitpoints Trick

Extra hitpoints is something that will give you some advantage in battledome fights. It's really easy to do, and it's not exploiting since it just happens with healing.

When you go to the Healing Springs and get healed several times a day, whatever amount of hitpoints she heals is added to your pet's current hitpoints. Unless the faerie casts the spell that completely restores your pet or the one saying your pet regains their hitpoints and is not hungry anymore, then you can be sure that your pets are gaining extra hitpoints. Below is a screenshot from the Quickref page where you can clearly see what happens.


Your pet can gain a level or a stat increase on random events or as a reward for completing a faerie quest. But the sure way to increase your pet's level, strength, agility (movement), defense and endurance is to register him in one of the two available training schools.

Mystery Island Training School

Situated in Mystery Island, this Training School will only accept Codestones as a tuition. The higher the pet's level, the more Codestones you will need to train him. Once you enroll your pet and choose the stat you want to raise, the course level is selected automatically. In the Status page you can see which type of Codestone you need to pay with. Once you have the Codestones, go back to the Status page, pay for the course and your pet's training will start.

Course Type Pet's Level Cost Course Duration



1 Codestone

2 hours


21 - 40

2 Codestones

3 hours


41 - 80

3 Codestones

4 hours


81 - 100

4 Codestones

6 hours


101 - 120

5 Codestones

8 hours


121 - 150

6 Codestones

12 hours


151 - 200

7 Codestones

18 hours

Grand Master

201 - 250

8 Codestones

24 hours

As of September 23rd, the Training School increased their fees for higher level pets and made level 250 the maximum you can train to.

Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy

Situated in Krawk Island, this Academy is ran by pirates, and they only accept Dubloons as payment for your pet's lessons. It works just as the Training School, you select the stat you want to improve and the course type will be selected automatically. The only disadvantage is that courses at the Academy take longer to complete and it will only train your pet up to level 40.

Course Type Pet's Level Cost Course Duration

Sea Urchin


1 Dubloon

4 hours


11 - 20

2 Dubloons

6 hours


21 – 30

3 Dubloons

8 hours


31 - 40

4 Dubloons

10 hours

For both the Training School and the Academy, once the course timer runs out, you can go back to the course Status page and finish your pet's training.

You can only take one course at the time, but sometimes your pet will have an outstanding performance while training and be rewarded with a bonus increase!

Secret Ninja Training School

This elite training school is reserved for pets level 250 and higher. It's situated under the volcano in Mystery Island, right here:

Once you have access to it, the courses are paid for in red codestones (Mag, Vux, Cui, Kew, Sho and Zed).

You can get these red stones by going to the volcano with a set of basic codestones and exchange them for a red codestone:

The Secret Ninja School also has a very cool store with rare equipment for your pets. Gaining access to it will be a sure way to make a profit, by buying items and bringing them out into the market.

Other ways to train

There are also other items that you can use to improve your pet's stats: Neggs and Mushrooms. The Neggs can be found at the Neggery in the Ice Caves and the Mushrooms can be found at the Apothecary in the Haunted Woods.

Here is a small list of items that you will find useful.

Level Up Shroom - Raises pet's level by 1.
Mega Power Plusshroom - Raises pet's random stat by 1 or 2. No effect sometimes.
Strength Shroom - Raises pets strength by 1.
Super Fast Shroom - Raises pet's agility by 1.

Cool Negg - Raises level by 1, raise 2-3 hitpoints, agility and strength.
Faerie Queen Negg - Raises hitpoints by 1.
Silver Knight Negg - Raises defense by 1.
Snegg - Raises hitpoints and agility by 2-4.
Spiked Negg - Raises hitpoints by 2-6.
Super Negg - Raises level by 1, raise 2-3 hitpoints and agility.
Power Negg - Raises strength by 1.

Last but not least, visiting Coltzan's Shrine, doing certain Faerie Quests and Kitchen Quests or using the Lab Ray on your pets can also increase their stats or levels.


Below is a list of active single-player battledome oponents that I have found throughout my years of playing. In order to find some of these oponents in their fixed locations, you will have to keep refreshing the page wherethey can be found at. It can take minutes, it can take hours, and it's completely random.

I have provided links to a few others, since they are located on secret pages.

Happy hunting!

Battle Dome
Opponent & Difficulty Where to Find

Battle Faerie


You need to have 100 referrals



Random event, anywhere on the site

Chia Clown



Donna Williams


Retired, used to be in Haunted Woods

Down for Maintenance Pteri


Random event, anywhere on the site

Flaming Meerca



Inflatable Balthazar


Auto-challenger (sometimes you may get the real Balthazar)

Kasuki Lu


Buy the collectible card with his name and inspect it in your inventory



Magic Shop or Kauvara’s Neopedia Article

Lab Ray Scientist

You must have all 9 pieces of the map, and refresh a lot.

Mootix Warrior



Punchbag Bob


Auto-challenger (doesn’t fight back but has 5,000 hp)

Shadow Usul


After he steals something from you, random event

Tax Beast


Random event when he taxes you (takes 10% of what you are holding)



If you wake him up and he eats your petpet.

Stone Dome
Opponent & Difficulty Where to Find



Random event in Haunted Woods

Black Pteri


Random event, anywhere on the site

Brain Tree


Complete one of his quests

Count Von Roo


Random event, or be at the Defense Shop at 6pm NST

Edna the Witch


Complete one of her quests



Complete one of his quests

Evil Sloth Clone

85 (Random event)

Giant Ghostkerchief


Jelly Chia




(Refresh a lot)



When your pet gets sick with Neoflu or Sneezles, go to the quickref page.



Pant Devil


Random event when he steals something from you.

Robo Grarrl

150 (Refresh a lot)



Win a level 3 prize from a Deserted Fairground Scratchcard

Spider Grundo




Random event, anywhere on the site

Zafara Rogue

39 (Refresh a lot)

Tyrannian Arena
Opponent & Difficulty Where to Find

Cave Chia


Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby

350 (Refresh a lot)



Harry the Mutant Moehog



Highland Chia



Magnus the Torch


Quiggle Warlord


Win a fight against a Quiggle



Try to take 2 pieces of omelette, or random event in Tyrannia

Ice Arena
Opponent & Difficulty Where to Find


Go to the cave when he sleeps and get blasted with ice (if he wakes up)

Snow Beast

300 (Refresh a lot)

Snow Faerie


Complete one of her quests

Island Arena
Opponent & Difficulty Where to Find

Advisor Broo


Random event when you play Dice-a-Roo

Fire Faerie


Win a Gormball game while playing against her

Ghost Lupe


Lava Ghoul


Wheel of Excitement, when you land on his picture

Meerca Henchman

150 (Refresh a lot)



http:/ /

Ryshu the Nimmo


Tekkitu the Witch Doctor


Go on the Mystery Island Tour:

Tiky Tack Man


Space Arena
Opponent & Difficulty Where to Find

Comander Garoo

120 (Random event)

Robo Grarrl

150 (Random event)

Space Faerie


You need to redeem a rare code given out when you buy Neopets merchandise.

Water Arena
Opponent & Difficulty Where to Find


500 (Random event)

Koi Warrior 62 (Random event)
Slug Monster 500
Have slug flakes in your inventory and refresh a lot.


There are six kinds of bottled faeries: Air, Dark, Light, Earth, Fire and Water.

By releasing a faerie from a jar, your pet may be blessed with a battledome ability. You can find faeries randomly on the site, when visiting King Coltzan's Shrine, you can buy them from the Magic Shop or other users' shops, or if you get lucky you can win them in Scorchy Slots or Tombola spins.

If your pet's level is too low, when you try to bless it the faerie will more than likely just fly away and thank you for releasing her. This means that your pet wasn't strong enough to wield that magic ability.

Faeries will bestow their blessings upon your pets according to their level and to what abilities they already have. For example, if you bless a level 30 pet with a Light Faerie, but he doesn't have any Light abilities yet, he will get the level 1 Light ability and not the level 27 one.

You can raise your pet's ability level by feeding it Radioactive Neggs or Paid Neggs, or you can try your luck at the Wheel of Excitement and hope you land on the Light Faerie.

Below you can find each faerie's abilities and their effects, and the level required to bestow them upon your pet. Remember that your pet can only have seven abilities activated at any given time for use in the battledome, so choose them wisely.

Air Faerie Blessings Level Effect



Bolt of electricity attack

Air Shield


Defense against air attacks



Pet becomes faster

Thunder Tail


Tail attack



Pet can fly



Surprise attack



If they can't see you, they can't attack

Diamond Dust


Can freeze opponent for one round, does light damage



Increases the chance of evading attacks

Dark Faerie Blessings Level Effect
Night Vision


Pet is able to see at night



Darkens illuminated areas

Temporal Leak


Slows down oponent



99% invisible to creatures of god faith

Demon Breath


Prevents most creatures from coming closer

Shadow Health


Extend your pets' maximum hp

Drain Life


Takes 11% of your opponent's hp and heals your pet with it



Defends against dark, fire, light, water and physical damage

Earth Faerie Blessings Level Effect

Magic Pebbles


Earth attack

Tough Skin


Defense against water attacks

Magic Berries


Creates healing berries (3 to 9 hp heal each)



Defends against air, earth, physical, fire and water attacks



Creates healing neggs ( 4 to 5 hp heal each)

Twisting Vines


Does dark and physical damage, defends against dark attacks

Great Fest


Creates healing apples (2 to 3 hp heal each)



Restores 33% of your pets hp

Stone Legion


Earth attack

Fire Faerie Blessings Level Effect

Smoke Screen


Makes it harder for the opponent to see you

Fiery Roar


Scares opponent

Fiery Gaze


Can freeze your opponent for one round and does light damage



Fire damage

War Cry


Makes pet more aggressive

Lava Spit


Does air and light damage

Song of the Volcano


Does dark and earth damage



Defends against water attacks

Meteor Shower


Does fire and physical damage

Light Faerie Blessings Level Effect

Magic Torch


Lights up dark areas



Blinds enemies



Makes pet stronger and heal faster



Light damage

Psychic Blast


Overwhelms weak-minded opponents

Mote Dance


Defends against dark attacks



Restores 33% of your pets hp, annuls bad effects



Avoids an attack

Water Faerie Blessings Level Effect



Heals according to pet's level

Bubble Shield


Defense for a short period of time

Water Jet


Physical damage



Damage against fire creatures

Steam Shield


Temporary defense against light attacks

Water Breathing


Makes your pet breath underwater

Water of Life


Creates healing waters

Healing Vapour


Heals 33% of lost HP

Watery Guardian


Increases physical damage


The Cooking Pot is located in Mystery Island. In it, you can mix all kinds of ingredients to create a wide variety of items, from petpets and toys to scrumptious meals. Below are the ingredient tables for all the recipes I know.

If you see something missing or incorrect, please let me know.

Negg Recipes
Ingredients Result

Sausage + Negg


Milk + Purple Negg

Deviled Negg

Ice Negg + Chocolate Cake

Ice Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie + Scrambled Rainbow Negg

Negg Cream Cookie

Blue Negg + Yellow Negg

Negg Stew

Orange Negg + Mummy Spaghetti


Purple Negg + Chocolate Ice Cream


Rainbow Negg + Vanilla Milkshake

Rainbow Vanilla Negg

Rainbow Negg + Chocolate Ice Cream


Rainbow Vanilla Negg + Cinnamon Swirl

Scrambled Rainbow Negg

Purple Negg + Orange Negg

Sliced Neggs

Green Negg + Lettuce and Tomato Baguette

SuperVeggie Baguette

Fish Negg + Muntando Fruit


Yellow Negg + Chocolate Ice Cream


Petpet Recipes
Ingredients Result

Angelpuss + Triffin


Avabot + Neotrak


Buzzer + Fungree


Bloop + Baby Fireball


Cool Purple Teddy Bear + Huggy

Huggy Bear

Snorkle + Mongmong


Spyder + Poppit


Ultra Pinceron + Combobot

Ultra Mega Bot 2000

Pinceron + Wheelie

Ultra Pinceron

Dwarf Tree + Buzzer


Battledome Item Recipes
Ingredients Result

Basic Hair Dryer + Bubble Blower

Bubble Blaster

Jhudoras Crystal Ball + Everlasting Apple

Everlasting Crystal Apple

Carrotblade + Hubrids Noxious Blade

Noxious Carrot Blade

Little Timmys Slingshot + Faerie Acorns

Faerie Slingshot

Toy Recipes
Ingredients Result

Neonip Critter + Pink Spinning Top

Cuddly Yoyo

Flaming Torch + Purple Fuzzle

Flaming Wuzzle Toy

Gumball Machine + Snowglobe


Super Blue Poogle Toy + Springy Toy

Super Springy Poogle

Fuzzie Bear + 100% Fake Uni Mask

Uni Bear

Sand Sculpture Recipes
Ingredients Result

Bottle of Green Sand + Bottle of Black Sand

Angular Sand Sculpture

Bottle of Red Sand + Bottle of Blue Sand

Bottle Shaped Sand Sculpture

Bottle of Green Sand + Bottle of Blue Sand

Curvy Sand Sculpture

Bottle of Red Sand + Bottle of Black Sand

Heart Shaped Sand Sculpture

Bottle of Purple Sand + Bottle of Blue Sand

Modern Sand Sculpture

Rainbow Sand + Invisible Sand

Rainbow Sand Sculpture

Bottle of Purple Sand + Glowing Sand

Regal Sand Sculpture

Bottle of Purple Sand + Bottle of Orange Sand

Spiral Sand Sculpture

Bottle of Green Sand + Bottle of Red Sand

Swirly Sand Sculpture

Bottle of Blue Sand + Bottle of Black Sand

Triangular Sand Sculpture

Grub Recipes
Ingredients Result

Woo Woo Grub + Cheeseburger

Chebu Chebu Grub

Woo Woo Grub + Ham

Ha Ha Grub

Woo Woo Grub + Mechaberries

Mec Mec Grub

Woo Woo Grub + Spotted Pudding with Custard

Spoc Spoc Grub

Woo Woo Grub + Watermelon Soup

Wa Wa Grub

Food Recipes
Ingredients Result

Sunflower Seeds + Magic Potion


Green Apple + Onion Rings

Apple Onion Rings

Lemon and Lime Fish Pop + Organic Carrot

Baked Fish

Wriggling Grub + Organic Bananas

Banana Grub

Bargusaurus Steak + Prime Veggie Burger

Barga Burger

Bargella Root + Dargil Meat

Bargil Surprise

Carburnujelly Sandwich + Bargil Surprise

Bargjelly Sundae

Neopox Pizza + Bread

BBQ Porkwich

Spooky Jelly Brains + Baked Apple with Cream and Jam


Vein Cabbage + Mud’n’Mayo Dip

Cabbage Sorbet

Neocola + Wine

Caffeine Bubbles

Coffee + Chocopie Slice

Cake Coffee

Carburnup Pepper + Felrum Jelly Cube

Carburnujelly Sandwich

Organic Carrot + Blueberry Snowpuff

Carrotberry Smash

Vegan Cheese + Neo Crakers

Cheese Cookies

Cherries + Can of Neocola

Cherry Neocola

Chicken + Mud n Mayo Dip


Orange Chicken + Neowaiian Bread

Chicken Bread Bowl

Spicy Wings + Hot Cakes

Chicken Roll

Pizza + Choco-Strawberry Muffin

Chocberry Pizza

Cherry Pie + Chocolate Coated Peanut Butter

Chococherry Suprise

Chocolates + Asparagus

Chocolate Asparagus

Sausage and Cheese Roll + Chocolate Neodrops

Chokito Wrap

Spironut + Cheese

Cho Sticks

Cone-Shaped Watermelon + Chili Cheese Dog

Cone Dog

Popcorn + Kau Kau Farm Milk

Corn Crunchies

Asparagus + Hot Chocolate

Cup of Hot Borovan

Deli Trukey Slices + Bread


White Chocolate Chia + Chocolate Chia Truffle

Deluxe Chocolate Chia

Organic Red Grapes + Flowers

Deluxe Organic Salad

Dung + Snow Cake

Dung Cake

Ergy Fruit + Broccoli

Ergy Broccoli

Doughnutfruit + Snowberries

Frosted Doughnut

Banan + Bread

Fruit Loaf

Boiled Sea Serpent + Strawmelon Jam Burger

Fruity Seafood Delight

Strong Berry + Fungi Fruit

Fundus Fruit

Fungi Fruit + Pizza

Fungi Pizza

Grundo Stix + Fresh Baguette

Grundo Stick Sub

Gummy Star + Black Eyed Peas

Gummy Parcel

Ham + Grilled Cheese

Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Hot Soup + Chocolate Milkshake

Hot Chocolate

Fish Pop + Cornupepper


Milky Moo Ice Lolly + Green Ham

Iced Hamwich

Doughnutfruit + Ice-Creamy Jelly Large

Jelly Doughnut Smoothie

Lemint + Cherryberry Krawkade


Cracked Keno Egg + Lemwart

Lemon Omelette

Runny Snot + Lollypop

Lolly Snot

Baby Tomatoes + Stale Bread


Snowghetti and Meatball + Hot Soup

Meatball Broth

Pork Snout + Lime Starfish

Meat Stars

Mechaberries + Bread


Mechaberries + Purple Doughnut


Mechabread + Grapes


Mechabread + Tigersquash Mega

Mecha Tiger Jam and Toast

Mechabread + Veggie Sausage

Mecha Veg Toast

Crablett + Faerie Block Mellows

Melted Delight

Green Mouth Wash + Metalicious Ice Lolly

Mint Stew

Teal Juppie + Kraku Berries

Muntando Fruit

Green Apple + Cheese

Pizzapple Surprise

Plum + Grilled Cheese

Plum Cheese Bread

Plum + Neo Crunch Cereal

Plum Crunch Cereal

Purple Juppie + Snow Sandwich

Purple Icewich

Roast Gargapple + Salmon Steak

Roast Gargamon

Asparagus Balls + Brown Sauce

Saucy Veggie Balls

Sausage + Bread

Sausage Wrap

Scabu + Ergy Fruit


Tut Trout + Peachbread


Combomelon Plant + Spiced Apple Pie

Spiced Melon

Golden Juppie + Hot Cakes

Sticky Stack

Pickled Eel + Honey Blossom

Stuffed Eel

Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry) + Chewing Dung

Stuffed Surprise

Strawberry Chia Pop + Vanilla Milkshake

Strawnella Shake

Joint of Ham + Muntando Fruit

Sweet Ham and Fruit

Thornberry + Chocolate Chip Cookie

Thorn Cookies

Thornberry + Toffee Ice Cream

Thorn Cream Cone

Spotted Pudding with Custard + Scabergy

Tropical Pudding

Green Cabbage + Leek

Twice Veggie

Chicken + Asparagus

Veggie Chicken

Juicy Melon + Bottle of Water

Watermelon Soup


The Gourmet Club points are obtained by feeding your pet foods with a rarity between 90 and 100. Each food equals one point. To check how many points your pet has, go to the Gourmet Club page ( You won't see a list of foods your pet has eaten, but you will see their images and the total of points.

The following list contains all the Gourmet foods that I know of.

For gourmets on a budget, look for the items marked with an *, since these are priced under 10,000 neopoints. You can start by collecting those foods and feeding them to your pet without spending too much. There are over 100 budget gourmet items on this checklist, a quite good head start to climb to the top of the Gourmet Club list.

Acara Ice Cream Surprise
Angelic Ice Lolly
Ants on Ants*
Apple and Custard Drops*
Apple Lantern
Artichoke and Onion Surprise
Artichoke Cupcake
Artichoke Fondue
Asparagus and Butter Hot Dog
Asparagus Balls
Asparagus Pie*
Aubergine Chia Pop
Avocado Chia Pop

Baby Bloater
Baked Apple with Snowberries
Banana Achyfi*
Banana Grub*
Banana Split Chia Pop
Bangers and Mash
Barnacle Bills Belt Busting Burger
Bat Kebab
Beans and Tuna Jacket Potato*
Berry Blend Slushie
Big Gulp Neocola
Bilge Rat Madeira
Blackberry Eyrie Cookie
Black Caviar
Blood Mole Plant
BLT Croissant
Blue Moon Sundae*
Blue Pepper Pizza
Blue Toobers*
Blueberry and Oyster Ice Cream
Blueberry Deluxe Cake
Blumaroo Cookie*
Blumaroo Tail Salad Extravaganza*
Bluna Burger*
Bomberry Grog
Brain Kebab*
Bread Wreath
Broccoli and Mustard Sandwich
Broccoli Kebab
Broccoli with Sprinkles
Brussel Sprout Jelly Beans*
Bullseye Pizza*
Burning Hot Dog

Cabbage Cup Cake
Caesar Salad
Cannon Fodder
Capn Threelegs Cutlass Crusade
Caramel and Custard Drops
Caramel Chia Parfait*
Caramel Poogle Biscuit*
Caramel Skeith Surprise*
Cauliflower Lolly
Cauliflower Shake
Cauliflower Soup
Chain of Onions
Charcoal Jelly Beans*
Cheeseburger Slushie
Cheese Slushie*
Cheesy Apple Stick*
Cheesy Asparagus
Cheesy Broccoli Bite
Cheesy Carrots
Cherry Lemonade Slushie
Chia Cake
Chilli Salmon Souffle*
Chip Butty Pizza*
Choccy Chip Skeith Biscuit*
Chocolate Cherry Cheesesteak
Chocolate Chip Eyrie Cookie
Chocolate Chip Quiggle Cookie
Chocolate Coated Blue Cheese
Chocolate Coated Cheese
Chocolate Coated Cheese Strings
Chocolate Coated Eye
Chocolate Coated Holey Cheese
Chocolate Coated Tangy Cheese
Chocolate Covered Toffee*
Chocolate Cream Biscuit
Chocolate Duck Rump*
Chocolate Fish*
Chocolate Fun Pop
Chocolate Gum
Chocolate Lipstick
Chocolate Orange Easter Negg
Chocolate Orange Volcano
Chocolate Peach
Chocolate Peanuts With Peas
Chocolate Sandwich
Chocolate Stuffed Pastry
Chocolate Shoyru Meatball*
Chocolaty Cheese Wedges
Chokato Chia Pop
Chokato Crepe
Chokato Deluxe Aisha Cake
Chokato Swirl Pretzel
Christmas Pattern Negg
Christmas Pudding*
Cinnamon Eyrie Cookie
Clam and Meatball Pizza*
Cloud Muffin*
Cocoa Juppie Mocha*
Coco Pumpkin
Coconut Juice Bowl
Combomelon Plant*
Cone-Shaped Cherry
Cone-Shaped Lemon
Cone-Shaped Orange
Cone-Shaped Strawberry
Cone-Shaped Watermelon
Cookie Negg
Corn Pyramid*
Cracked Keeno Egg
Creamy Choccywhip
Creamy Chocolate Pie
Crunchy Bone Sandwich*
Crunchy Chocolate Grarrl
Crunchy Snotball
Crusty Clam Surprise
Crystal Burger*
Crystal Cookies*
Crystal Crunch*
Crystal Taco
Crystal Turkey
Cube-Shaped Cherry
Cube-Shaped Lemon*
Cube-Shaped Orange*
Cube-Shaped Strawberry*
Cybunny Carrot Burger

Dargil Meat Mince Pie
Dark Chocolate Covered Toffee*
Dark Chocolate Poogle*
Dark Chocolate Shoyru*
Dark Chocolate Skeith*
Deluxe Chia Cake*
Deluxe Jacket Potato*
Deluxe Strawberry Toffee Chokato
Deluxe Strawberry Usul Cake
Deluxe Water Pizza
Diamond Hot Dog
Diet Big Gulp Neocola
Double Chocolate Jelly Beans
Diet Big Gulp Neocola
Double Chocolate Jelly Beans
Double Chocolate Surprise*
Double Cream Vanilla Sponge
Double Stuffed Guppy
Dr. Backwash*
Dried Blusops
Dung Slushie

Edible Tar Pizza*
Egg and Tomato Sandwich
ErgyFruit Jelly Beans
Evil Blancmange
Evil Pinanna
Exotic Plant*
Extra Cheesy Cheddar Crisps*
Extra Gherkin Hot Dog*
Extra Meaty Sausage Roll*
Eyrie Meringue

Faerie Block Mellows
Faerie Chocodrop
Faerie Dreamwich
Faerie Fruit Salad
Faerie Hot Dog
Faerieland Gourmet Burger*
Faerie Sparklecake
Fish Flavour Ice Cream*
Fishy Delight Grarrl Gobstopper
Flotsam Fin Soup*
Fluff N Stuff Grarrl Gobstopper*
Forbidden Plunder
Four Dirt Pizza Block*
Four Layer Carrot Cake
French Onion Soup
Fresh Fruit Goblet
Fresh Lobster Tail
Freshly Cut Grass Slushie
Fresh Sushi Cone
Fresh Sushi Roll
Fright Pop*
Frog Leg Pizza
Frozen Negg
Frozen Prawn Delight*
Frozen Veggie Delight*
Fruit Juice Sack*
Fruity Brucicle
Fruity Faerie Lolly*
Fruity Swirl Souffle

Gargaraptor Arm*
Ghost Marshmallows*
Golden Caviar
Golden Juppie*
Gooseberry Chia Pop
Gooseberry Crepe
Grapefruit Cake
Green Chyrsaberry
Green Draik Egg
Green Ham
Grog Light
Grundo Goo Sundae
Grundos House Special*
Grundos Luxury Kebab
Grundo Space Grub Platter
Grundo Toe Lint
Gwontek Melon

Hair Stuffed Maggot
Halloween Candy Cane
Hamarama Ice Lolly
Happy Birthday Pizza
Haunted Milk
Hazelnut Whirl
Headless Horsefish
Healthy Grass Hot Dog
Honey and Bacon Burger
Honey Blossom
Hot Dog Sundae
Hot Tyrannian Pepper

Iced Tuskaninny Cake*
Intestines and Marinara*
Island Meatloaf

Jelly Covered Greycorn*
Jellyfish Sundae*
Jelly Finger
Jelly Ham
Jelly Spider Eye Ball
Jolly Green Jiggling Jelly
Juicy Melon
Juppiemint Bar*

Kau Sundae
Keel Haul
Kiko Day Cake*
Kiko Paw Cake*
Korbat Grave Cake
Kraku Berries*
Kraku Berry Cove
Kyrii Cream Parfait*

Land Lubber
Large Chia Cake*
Leaf Taco
Le Sausage
Lemon and Lime Easter Negg
Lemon Chia Pop
Lemon Faerie Mousse*
Lemon Nova Pop*
Lemon Pop
Lemon Sherbert Jelly Beans*
Lime Chomby Cake
Lime Jelly Eye Ball*
Lime Nova Pop
Linked Hot Dogs
Lobster Berry Surprise
Loretta Fontaines Perfect Pizza
Lunar Grunpop
Lupe Bone Cake
Luxury Cabbage Cake
Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg

Magical Blueberry Chia Pop
Magical Lime Chia Pop
Magical Red Starry Slushie
Man O War
Maple Syrup Negg
Mecha Hot Dog
Meerca Apertif
Meerca Bolognese*
Meerca Pie
Megachilli Hot Dog
Mega Lemon Blitz Smoothie
Mega Manoroot Sandwich
Mega Pipper Sandwich
Mega Salmon Sherbert Smoothie
Mega Tuna Sandwich
Mighty Steakwich
Mild Burnumup*
Milkyway Shake
Mini Baby Hot Dogs
Mint Chocolate Blumaroo*
Mint Chocolate Chia*
Mint Chocolate Easter Negg
Mint Chocolate Kacheek*
Mint Chocolate Lupe*
Mint Chocolate Peophin*
Minty Choccywhip*
Minty Eyrie Cookie
Minty Meerca Mini Cake*
Minty Shrimp
Moehog Sundae*
Moehog Surprise*
Mosaic Negg*
Mouldy Cheese
Mouldy Gruncheese
Mummified Hot Dog
Murky Green
Mustard and Tofu Hot Dog
Mutated Negg
Myncibean Punch
Mynci Surprise Ice Cream*

Nimmo Day Fruit Cake*
Nutritional Block*

Octopus Ice Cream Platter*
Odorra Pod
Omnipotent Onion Grarrl Gobstopper
Onion and Mustard Pie
Onion Cola*
Orange and Grape Cone
Orange Chia Cake*
Orange Chocolate Scorchio*
Orange Jelly Ice Cream*
Our Famous Krawk Pie
Oyster Obsession

Pan Galactic Gargle Slushie
Parsnip Pie*
Parts on a Pizza
Patrapiller and Honey
Peach Chia Pop
Peach Jelly*
Peachpa Stuffed Potato
Peachy Pizza
Peanut and Chocolate Slushie
Pear Chia Pop
Peophin Chocolate Medallion*
Peppered Kersla Bug
Pickled Cauliflower
Pickled Onion*
Pinanna Paradise
Pinanna Plus
Pineapple Chia Pop
Pink Peachpa Cooler
Pink Spooky Floss
Pink Spooky Ice Cream
Pink Spooky Popcorn
Pizza of Death
Pizza Sandwich
Plum Chia Pop
Polka Carrot
Polka Dot Hot Dog*
Poogle Biscuit*
Pretty Pink Easter Negg
Prime Beef and Chicken Meatballs*
Pteri Seed Cake
Pumpkin Scoopings
Punk Rocker Hot Dog
Puntec Cupcake
Puntec Fruit*
Puntec Parcel
Puntec Pie
Purple Juppie Slurpbowl
Purple Sardplant*
Puzzle Fruit
Pyramid Banana
Pyramid Pear
Pyramid Purpple
Pyramid Strawberry

Quiggle Pie  

Radish and Cheese
Radish Meringue
Radish Pie
Rainbow Carrot
Rainbow Hot Dog
Rainbow Melt Pizza
Rainbow Negg
Raptraphant Leg
Raspberry and Vanilla Nova
Raspberry Jelly Muffin
Raspberry Pop
Red Buzz Lolly*
Rest in Peace of Chicken
Roast Chestnut Neggnog
Roast Pork
Rock Negg
Roe Sushi*
Runny Snot

Salt Water Hot Dog
Scamander Cookies
Seafarers Hot Dog*
Seafood Pasta Salad
Seaweed Flotsam Burger
Secret Sloth Slushie
Seven Layer Mousse
Shiver Me Shrimp
Slithering Snake Taco*
Slithering Squid Surprise
Smelly Sardine Wrap*
Smiley Pizza
Snacking Bread*
Snorkle Pudding
Snowberry Crepe*
Snowberry Ice Lolly
Snowberry Quiggle Cake*
Soup Faerie Soup
Sour Uni Cake*
Space Slushie*
Spicy Juppie Pasty
Spooky Flying Doughnut
Spooky Ghostbeef
Spooky Handwich*
Spooky Jelly Brains
Spooky Muffin
Sporkle Leg*
Spotted Easter Negg
Spotted Pudding with Custard*
Squid on a Stick
Squirming Squid Pasty*
Stack It High Cake
Starfish Pizza*
Starry Scorchipepper
Steak Surprise
Stick of Butter*
Strange Pinanna
Strawberries and Cream Easter Negg
Strawberry and Orange Blend*
Strawberry Chia Pop*
Strawberry Fondant Surprise*
Strawberry Poogle Biscuit*
Strawberry Salmon
Strawberry Shimmer Cake*
Strawberry Skeith Biscuit*
Strawberry Tonu Foot Shortcake*
Strong Berry
Stuffed Chokatos
Stuffed Olive Salad*
Stuffed Penupe
Sugar Coated Leaf
Sugary Sausage Roll*
Super Spicy Jelly Beans
Sweet Necklace*
Swill Pudding*

Taco Hot Dog*
Tar Slushie
Tartan Chia Pop
Tasty Pie
Tchea Fruit Pasty
Tchea Grog
Techo Jelly Surprise*
Terry Berry
The Stuff
Thistleberry Crepe*
Thistleberry Pie*
Thistleberry Sandwich*
Tigerbuggle Scorchio Cookie*
Tiger Orange Slushie
Tigersquash Crepe
Tigersquash Spectacular
Tomato Cannon Ball
Tomato Chia Pop
Tomato Kebab
Triple Choco-Strawberry Cake
Tropical Breeze
Turkey Dinner*
Twin Salad*
Tyrannian Goulash
Tyrannian Water Negg

Ugly Pinanna
Ultimate Ice Negg
Ummagine Candy Cane

Vein Cabbage Vionanna Mince Pie

Waffle Burger*
Walk The Plank
Water Pizza
Watermelon Roll*
White Chocolate Asparagus Souffle*
White Chocolate Covered Toffee*
White Chocolate Nova
Whole Chilli Deluxe Pizza*
Whole Garden Fresh Pizza*
Whole Yummy Cloud Pizza*
Whomp Berries
Wing of Korbat
Wormy Slushie

Yellow Healthshroom Yummy Drops

Zafara Cherry Strudel
Zeenana Crepe*
Zeenana Split
Zonutuk Fruit*


Pyramids Bonus Trophies

Aside from the usual high score trophy, there are bonus trophies you can win throughout the game as you clear pyramids.

Clear 2 pyramids to win a bronze trophy.
Clear 5 pyramids to win a silver trophy.
Clear 2 pyramids in a row (after getting a silver trophy) to win a gold trophy.

Cheat Trophies

Playing Cheat is an easy way to get a chat avatar and a great way to get neopoints. I get an average of 3000np by completing all rounds, plus battlecards and of course, trophies.

Beat Round 3 to win a bronze trophy.
Beat Round 5 to win a silver trophy.
Beat Round 7 to win a gold trophy.

The easiest way to win is to pay attention to what cards the other players get, and catch them cheating as much as you can. Say you just discarded 3 of a kind, and the next player says he's discarding 3 or 4 of the same kind, obviously he's cheating. You accuse him, he picks up the pile, now you know he has 3 of a kind of a certain card.

If you can, avoid cheating and when you do have to cheat, don't claim you're dropping 4 cards of a kind, be modest. And never cheat in front of Spectre, he will always catch you. Win the first round of Cheat to get a Neoboard Avatar.

Oh, and don't trust the faerie that sometimes passes by and whispers "Psst! I think someone is cheating." She's not always right.

Go Go Go Trophies

Beat Round 2 to win a bronze trophy.
Beat Round 5 to win a silver trophy.
Beat Round 8 to win a gold trophy.

Sakhmet Solitaire Bonus Trophies

Just like the Pyramids game, Sakhmet Solitaire also gives out bonus trophies, with the advantage of gaining items when successfully completing a game.

Clear 2 solitaires to win a bronze trophy.
Clear 5 solitaires to win a silver trophy.
Clear 2 solitaires in a row 8 to win a gold trophy.

I also gained some items when clearing the game, but I can't prove if the items will always be the same or if they will be given under the same circumstances. Here is what I got so far:

  • On the 3rd win, Enamel Elephante Sword.
  • On the 5th win, Cheops Juice.
  • On the 8th win, Water Muffin.
  • On the 9th win, Corn Pyramid.

Neoquest Trophies

It's very time consuming to play Neoquest, but if you enjoy this RPG keep on playing and you will get an addition to your trophy cabinet in the end.

Finish Neoquest on Normal difficulty mode to win a bronze trophy.
Finish Neoquest on Evil difficulty mode to win a silver trophy.
Finish Neoquest on Insane difficulty mode to win a gold trophy.

Scarab 21 Bonus Moves

Aside from the ones stated on the score chart, these are the secret moves you can do for extra points.

Reshuffle: 10 points (start of a new deck)
5 of a Kind: 100 points and clears all columns (all columns have the same total)
Super Blackjack: 50 points (Jack and Ace have to be of the same kind)

Haunted House

Tired of getting stuck trying to get to the end of the Haunted House adventure? Here is the solution! Choose the following in order:

  • Continue down road.
  • Stay in car.
  • Run from the car in terror.
  • Continue along the path, avoiding the old house.
  • Keep asking questions.
  • Head up to the house to look for the woman's baby.
  • Investigate the noise in the bushes.
  • Descend the steps into the dark cellar.
  • Try to break down the boards.
  • Read the book on history.
  • Run back up the stairs.
  • Continue along the corridor.
  • Continue.
  • Shine your torch in his face.
  • Run down the right corridor.

Sutek's Tomb

There are two special icons that appear randomly during gameplay which have helpful effects.

Scarab - When a Scarab reaches the bottom row, it clears it fully.
Ankh - When an Ankh reaches the bottom row, it clears the row and the column fully.

For chances to get a higher score, play on Hard Mode. Try to anticipate your next move and make as many combos as you can. Try not to stop clicking or your timer will run out fast. Score at least 2000 points to get a secret chat avatar.


These are the cheeses available for purchase and their respective price:

Spicy Juppie Cheese: 150np
Smoked Snorkle Cheese: 300np
Triple Mustard Cheese: 400np
Honey Cheese: 600np
Big Beefy Cheesy Cheese: 750np
Purple Spotted Cheese: 900npv Brain Cheese: 1050np
Alkenore Cheese: 1200np
Mutated Cheese: 1350np
Bubbling Blueberry Cheese: 1500np
Tyrannian Dung Cheese: 1650np
Quadruple Fudge Cheese: 1800np
Brick Cheese: 1950np
Gooey Snot Cheese: 2100np
Peppermint Cheese: 2250np
Overgrown Cheese: 2400np
Heavy Bark Cheese: 2550np
Warty Blue Cheese: 2700np
Ummagcheese: 2850np
Furry Chocomint Cheese: 3000np
Myummified Cheese: 3150np
Nimmo Tube Cheese: 3300np
Space Cheese: 3450np
Angelpuss Cheese: 3600np


I found I have better chances of clearing more spaces in a row if I begin by clicking the corners. The more squares you clear in one move, the better your bonus. This bonus equals the number of squares you clear in one move, and it's doubled in the medium size puzzle and tripled in the large size puzzle!

You will also get extra bonus points for uncovering certain neggs.

Fish Negg: 500np
Crystal Negg: 300np
Rainbow Negg: 150np
Purple Negg: 100np
Blue Negg: 50np

Word Poker

Don't get stuck with a low score anymore. Each game I get at least 750np. If the letters are favorable I can even get the top prize, 1000np. Play it 3 times a day, that's 2150np easily made, and all you need is fast fingers and a word unscrambler. Here are a few.

Wordles Words in Words:
Scrabble Word Builder:

What you do is open a browser with one of these unscramblers and size it so you can have it and your game side by side (use smaller game size). Once the game starts, type in the letters on the unscrambler and it will give you all the words. Type the words as fast as you can in the game, and choose the best score for each category.

You can also download a tool that has a word unscrambler. It's called Words and it's a dictionary and word unscrambler in one. You can find it here:

Carnival of Terror

This is a fast-paced shooting game with a few simple rules to follow for a good score:

  • Shoot the pies before hey hit you.
  • Shoot the clows about to explode (they start shaking in one spot) or you get hit.
  • Always shoot the first-aid boxes, clocks and ammo.

The longer you stay alive, the better your score will be. Scores seem to be calculated more or less by doubling the number of hits. Even in a bad round you can get an average of 300np.

The Castle of Eliv Thade

Here are a couple of links to online anagram unscramblers that will help you obtain a better score in this word game. Just type in the letters and wait for the results. With one of these as your helper, you can keep solving anagrams to get a higher score.

One Across Anagram Search:
Brendan's Online Anagram Generator:
Internet Anagram Server:
A2Z Jumble Wordfinder:

The best way to move around the board is to get the relics from the rooms in the following order: Dining Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Library and Crypt. Don't step on the cracked squares, even if you solve the word you might fall through and lose a life. You will need your lifes to solve extra anagrams, but always leave the last one for the Crypt puzzle, just in case.

In the image below, I have marked the board with numbers for the least amount of moves you need in order to get all the relics. One you reach position 10, countdown back to number 1 on the squares you already stepped on. At this point you should still have at least 2 lives, so hop back and forth on numbers 11 and 12 to get a higher score, then when you have only one life left, enter the Crypt.

Get a score of at least 350 before entering the Crypt to solve the last anagram. This way, your total score will assure you the top prize: 1000np.

Sometimes you will get a neopet related word (some that I have found are: kougras, vonroo, kyrii), or a word the unscrambler can't find. First, try all the anagram solvers. Then use a bonus letter at a time to see if you can figure it out.

Oh, and if you haven't figured it out yet, Eliv Thade is an anagram for Evil Death.

Faerie Crossword Solutions

The daily crossword puzzle is a fast and sure way to make an easy 600np a day, if you finish the puzzle within 5 minutes. This game can also increase your pet's intelligence. Here's a website that will post the daily puzzle solution every day to make it easier for everyone else:


Below is the score table for all the characters you can whack in this game. Try to hit them in the order as they appear, or if too many appear at once, choose the ones with the highest score. Do not hit any of the neopets, you'll be deducted 10 points for each pet you hit.

2 points 3 points 4 points 6 points 8 points 9 points

10 points 11 points 12 points 13 points 15 points 20 points

Secret Game Codes

These codes are random prizes given while playing the Wheel of Knowledge and landing on the question mark.

Game Code to type Effect
Advert Attack nopopups clear all pop-ups; once per game
Attack of the Slorgs marrow extra life
Carnival of Terror custard extra time
Castle of Eliv Thade rehaxtint extra letter
Destruct-o-Match 2 boohooiwanttheoldgameback play original game when typed on "select game"
destroyboulders destroy random color
Dubloon Disaster scallywags create whirlpool; once per game
Faerie Bubbles bubbles all bubbles become of the same type
faerieland current bubble becomes rainbow
slumberberry push bubbles back to top
stardust current bubble becomes nova
Frumball kougra skip level
frumball extra life
Gourmet Club Bowls sheperd double score
superbowl skip level
Grand Theft Ummagine ummaginethief skip level and reset score
Hasee Bounce doughnutfruit reset timer
Ice Cream Machine strawberryvanillachocolate extra life
Jelly Blobs of Doom fishnegg create fish negg
rainbownegg create rainbow negg
Korbat's Lab spiderbite extra life
Kreludan Mining Corp. kreludor extra life
Meepit Juice Break juice-o-matic reset all meepit timers
hungrymeepits extra life
Meriball kougra skip level and reset score
 Moon Rock Rampage novisitors 30 second bonus time
superlaser twice laser range; once per game
rampage extra life
Mynci Beach Volleyball dirigibles flying kiko appears
turdle turdle appears on opponent side
Petpet Sitter oscillabot extra life
Sutek's Tomb scarabaeus 30 second bonus time
pyramibread show next move
plzsutekcanihavemoretime 30 second bonus time
Snowmuncher buuuurrrrrrrrp reduce bloat by 50%; once per game
dieter reduce bloat to zero
Ultimate Bullseye catapult free bonus
Volcano Run lava shield
Warf Rescue Team trappedkadoaties extra life
Whack-a-Staff-Member a5paragu5 mallet becomes bigger

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