Beginner's Guide

This little guide is based on my 5 years of fooling around with my Neopets and it's destined to help out those who have just arrived to Neopia. It covers just the basics, but it's enough to get you started and exploring on your own.

Just starting?

Creating your neopet is as easy as ABC. On the navigation bar to the left, click "Create a pet". First, choose a species, then give your pet a name, and finally choose some little features about its personality. You can also choose to adopt one of the abandoned pets at the pound.

You will be given the option of signing up with some sponsors in exchange for some neopoints (neopian currency). Don't do this, it will only result in your mailbox receiving a bunch of spam. Besides, there are better ways to get neopoints out there.

After creating your first pet, go into your inventory (items). A newbie pack will be given to you containing some food and toys to entertain your neopet. This is an example of a recent newbie pack, items may vary.

Taking care of your pet

To check your pet's status, click on your pet's name on the top navigation bar or go here: . That is called the "quickref" (quick reference) page, where you can see the pets you own, the active pet (non-active are faded), their health and mood.

If your pet is bored or sad you can buy him a toy to play with, a book to read or play a game with him. You can also take your pet on the Mystery Island Tour or on the Merry-Go-Round in Roo Island.

If your pet gets hurt, take him to the Healing Springs in Faerieland. The faerie will restore his hit points randomly or give you a potion, and you can return there every hour or so.

If your pet gets ill, check the Hospital for the right cure and the Pharmacy for the treatment. Sometimes these will be very expensive, so in that case try the Healing Springs every chance you get, and hope the faerie casts a spell that says "You pet is fully healed".

If you need to go away for a while and can't have your pet with you, leave him at the Neolodge, he will be fed and taken care of while you are away. Don't trust people saying they will baby-sit your pets for you, this usually has bad results in the end.

How to feed your pet for free

If your balance is under 3000np, the Soup Kitchen will gladly feed your pets for free. You can find it here: .

You can also pick up your daily free piece of omelette in the Tyrannian Plateau and your daily piece of jelly at the Giant Jelly. Don't forget, an untouched piece of omelette will feed your pet three times, a jelly or apple feeds your pet twice, and a whole pizza will feed your pet 6 times (but it's a bit expensive).

Are you low on Neopoints?

Like I said before, signing up with sponsors is a fast way to get neopoints, but it will do no good to your email. Here are a few alternatives:

  • Check the Money Tree. That's where donated items and neopoints go to, and they're free for grabs if you can get them in time. You are allowed to take 5 items a day from the Money Tree.
  • Enter contests. There are tons of them! Pictures, Poems, Site Spotlight, Pet Spotlight, Beauty Contest, Caption, Story Telling, Lenny Conundrum, Mystery Picture... all you have to do is try.
  • Submit an idea to the Neopets Team. If it's used, you'll be rewarded with 1000np.
  • Play games! There are so many to choose from. Most of all, play games that don't cost anything to play. You can win neopoints 3 times a day in most of them, so if you know you can do better, don't click send score right away. Close the window and try again! Some easy ones (and a few of my personal favorites) are Meerca Chase, Ice Cream Machine and Whack-a-Staff-Member.

Also when browsing the site, you can randomly find items or neopoints. Remember, you don't get points for sitting around!


Are you tired of visiting the shops and find them always out of stock? Use the Shop Wizard or the Auction Genie to help you find the best buys. Check the Garage Sale now and again, there is always a bit of everything and at lower prices. All you need to do is a bit of comparison shopping before you buy something.

And don't forget the third day of each month, that's when everything is at half price all over Neopia! The shops will be crowded, so you best get there fast!

Free Things!

Here is a list of things that are free around the Neopets site and that you should do on a daily basis:

Watch out for scammers!

Not everyone in Neopia is an honest, hard-working player. Some just want to get ahead no matter what it costs. Pay close attention to these special cases, and report them right away if you see them. Users reported by these offenses will have their accounts frozen, which is what they rightfully deserve.

User Shop Scams
"Buy an overpriced item at my shop and I'll tell you the secret to make millions of neopoints in a day!"
This is unfortunately too common, and people still fall for it. There is no secret to make millions a day, no fast recipe to win instant neopoints, no cheat program that generates neopoints. The only way these people are getting rich is by scamming others out of their honestly won neopoints.

Free Neopoints and Neopoints Generators
No, you won't find a million neopoints for posting something 10 times on the Neoboards. There is no such thing as a neopoints generator (here's an example of one), that is another scam to get your account info! And people actually advertise these on the Neoboards. Never insert your password anywhere other than the Neopets login page, and don't even think about giving it to someone else for promises of neopoints or expensive items. Nothing good ever comes of it.

Fake Contests
"The person who buys the most items in my shop wins a faerie paintbrush!"
Any contest or competition not hosted by the Neopets team is a scam. Most of the time, these people have overpriced items in their shop and expect to sell them by offering prizes to the 3 topmost buyers. There is no guarantee that a prize will be given, and many people have been fooled by this, so steer away from these 'contests'.

Fake Login Pages
This was the most common scam until recently the login was changed (thank you Neopets staff!). You would be trying to buy something from a shop that was a really good buy, and as you clicked the item you'd be redirected to a login page that didn't start with This was a way to get usernames and passwords from unaware users in order to hack them later. We never know when or if the new login page can be replicated, but pay attention to your address bar just in case.

Password Scams
You might get emails or neomails asking for your password, or to change your email and password to something else in order to get some fabulous prize. Some of these people will claim to be part of the Neopets Team. If the neomail doesn't come from theneopetsteam just report it and ignore it.

Chain Letters and Posts
I still don't see why people find profitable to spam others with chain letters, since they have never worked. Now they even do it on the Neoboards, and it's really annoying. You will not find a million neopoints for posting something 20 times or for sending a dozen emails to random users, so just ignore these.

Trades Scam
Never do a trade with someone without using the Trading Post, since there is no way to be sure you will get the items you're "trading" for.

Babysitting Scam
Some people will offer to babysit your pets if you just give them your login info. If you can't have access to your account for a while (like when you go on vacation), just leave your pets in the Neolodge. You can check them in for up to 28 days, and choose some extras for them to be fed and played with in the meantime.

Unfortunately, there isn't much warning to give about hackers. I woke up one day and logged on to do my daily Neopian routine, when I found I had no access to my account when I had just been logged on the night before.

My first reaction was to panic, so I logged on to one of my gallery accounts and looked up my username to find my Neodeck had been emptied and my valuables were all on the trading post.

I sent an email with all that I could think that would prove that to be my account: name, birthdate, address, a list of my neofriends and I also mentioned some of my neomails to my cousins would be in a different language. It was a matter of hours for me to get my account back, and even though I lost some rare holographic trading cards and a couple of unbuyable paintbrushes, my pets didn't end up in the pound and my neopoints were still in the bank.

If you do get hacked, fill out the Account Access Form as soon as possible:
Give them all the information you think will prove you are the legit owner of this account: neofriends names, trades you might have, what neomails were in your inbox, what was in your Safety Deposit Box, your birthdate, if you own any stocks and which ones.

If you find any other scams, use the Abuse Report Form:
If it's a shop scam, also use the Report Shop link at the top of the user's shop.

And always remember, the Neopets Staff will NEVER EVER ask for your password. Report any known scams and help Neopia be a better place for all the law-abiding Neopians out there.