Faerie Crossword Handbook

The daily crossword puzzle is a fast and sure way to make an easy 600np a day, if you finish the puzzle within 5 minutes. This game can also increase your pet's intelligence and if you're fast enough, you can unlock a secret avatar.

There are sites out there which post the daily puzzle solution every day to make it easier for everyone else. Here is one of them:

Below you will find an extensive database of crossword solutions divided in three categories: starting with a blank space, fill in the blanks and definitions.

Starting with a blank space

_____ 4000; Makes your pet a slippery target: GRUNDOX
_____ aka Donna: POPTART
_____ -A-Victim: PHONE
_____ B; Cheater: BRUCEY
_____ Battle 2000; Space Arena Battledome League: GRUNDO
_____ Battle 4000; Battledome League: BUZZ
_____ Bingo: CHIA
_____ Blaster: GOO
_____ Blue Pencil; Not very sharp: DULL
_____ Boomerang; if used too much it will shatter: CRYSTAL
_____ Buzz; star of Jelly Processing Plant: FOREMAN
_____ Cabbage; fresh from the patch: GREEN
_____ Canyon; Guild Neighbourhood: CORAL
_____ Castle; stay there for 100np a night: FAERIE
_____ Catacombs: ANCIENT
_____ Catcher; finished second in Sacrificers: TIGER
_____ Catcher; Lodger: TIGER
_____ Chicken; Tangy poultry dish makes pets happy: ORANGE
_____ Chocomato - Regular: WILD
_____ Classics; Book: KOUGRA
_____ Collar; the ultimate gift for gothic pets: STUDDED
_____ Cream Cookie: NEGG
_____ Croissant: BREAKFAST
_____ Dagger; mined from depths of the Ice Caves: ICE
_____ Doll: BABY
_____ Dread: DOM
_____ Elixir heals your pet 15 hit points: PUCE
_____ ; Enter the Chia; Whaa!: BRUCECHIA
_____ Extra; Stone Dome Battledome League: EYRIE
_____ Eyeballs: PICKLED
_____ Fever Paintbrush: DISCO
_____ Flowers Easter Negg; features floral design: SPRING
_____ -Force 5000; Reinforced steel helmet: PROTO
_____ Gauntlet; Formidable weapon: GRARRL
_____ Gladiators; Battledome League: GRARRL
_____ Gladiators; Battledome League: GRRARL
_____ Grenade; crack your foes up, then get away: LAUGH
_____ Gummy Rat: ALMOST
_____ Headquarters: GUILD
_____ Heart Seal: LION
_____ Ice Cream; Gross: MUSTARD
_____ in a box: TENT
_____ Indiana; Video: EYRIE
_____ Jacket Potato; just the thing for a cold day: BUTTERED
_____ Jubalee; desert or meal? You decide: CHERRIES
_____ Little; Video: SCORCH
_____ Lupe League; Battledome League: LONE
_____ Lupes; Book: LOYAL
_____ Meatballs; vegetarian treat goes w/ pasta: MEATLESS
_____ Milk: LOWFAT
_____ Mints; so strong, you might lose a tooth: ZOBA
_____ Mousse; Hair care: MOOSE
_____ Muncher; this is one greedy little plant: NEGG
_____ Murdoch; founder of Lupe Consolidated: LUPERT
_____ NeoCrunch: COCO
_____ Nimmos XII; Island Arena Battledome League: MYSTICAL
_____ O Lara; Ski Lodge star of "My Fair Poogle": SCARLET
_____ of Eyeballs: JAR
_____ of Flamebolt: WAND
_____ of Ham: JOINT
_____ of Hot Borovan: CUP
_____ of Korbat; too leathery for some tastes: WING
_____ of the Air Faerie: CIRCLET
_____ of the day: SPONSOR
_____ Pack; contain 3 or more Trading Cards: BOOSTER
_____ Pack; Fires a beam of darkness: BAT
_____ Pango; Retrieved a Volcano Crystal: TSHIMBA
_____ Pie; complete with roots and all!: DIRT
_____ Pool: RAINBOW
_____ Pop: FISH
_____ Pop; Frozen treat: CHIA
_____ Pot Pie: MEATY
_____ Racers: POOGLE
_____ Sausage: VEGGIE
_____ Scorcheski; Ski Lodger: DAVE
_____ Seed; mean plant keeps bugs under control: BAD
_____ Shield; very effective against fire weapons: ICE
_____ Shrimp; a real treat for seafood connosieurs: MINTY
_____ Slush; includes gooseberries & ganboplant: HOLIDAY
_____ Snotball: CRUNCHY
_____ Solitaire: POOGLE
_____ Spotlight: PET
_____ Seed; mean plant keeps bugs under control: BAD
_____ Starfish; baby Kois love this Aquatic Food: LIME
_____ Supplement: IRON
_____ Surprise: PIZAPPLE
_____ tea (very relaxing): MINT
_____ Techo Claw: SUNDRIED
_____ Teeth: FAKE
_____ Teeth; frightful gnashers will terrify foes: FAKE
_____ Times: NEOPIAN
_____ Towers; the NeoLodge's cheapest hotel: COCKROACH
_____ Tree; these are a common sight in Neopia: SANDWICH
_____ Usul Battledome League is in the Stone Dome: UBER
_____ Veggie; double-fisted Vegan delight: TWICE
_____ Visor: SEEK
_____ Weeder; Pull those pesky weeds: HAND
_____ Widow: BLACK
_____ Wish Stick: CHERRY

Fill in the Blanks

A big rasher of _____ bacon - DANISH
Alien Aisha Vending Machines only take _____. - NERKMIDS
All your Neopet _____ belong to us - ARE
Ant _____ Ham - EATEN
Apple _____ Pop - CHIA
Auction _____ - GENIE
Auction _____; Friendly guide - GENIE
Auction Genie motto: making your wishes come _____ - TRUE

Baby Vampire PetPet; Bat_____ - BOY
Bat _____; fires beams of darkness at opponents - PACK
Battle _____; Collection of Battlecards - DECK
Battledome League; _____ Battle 4000 - BUZZ
Battledome League; _____ Eaters Anonymous - NEGG
Battledome League; _____ Me Plenty League - HURT
Battledome League; Battle to the _____ League - DEATH
Battledome League; Deep _____ Divers League - SEA
Battledome League; Mystery Island _____ - MARAUDERS
Bendy Desk Lights are powered by Faerie _____ - DUST
Black _____ Cannon - FROST
Bloaty _____; Disease - FEET
Blueberry _____ Burger - SPAM
Bobs _____ Bonus Bingo - BIG
Book; Chia Don't _____ - CRY
Booster _____ - PACKS
Breakfast _____; stuffed with neggs and bacon - CROISSANT
Bye-Gon _____ - JINX

Carrotberry _____ - SMASH
CEO of Cybun Electromatics, Miss Cyberta _____ - GREEN
Change your _____ often - PASSWORD
Cheat contestant, Princess _____; hates to lose - FERNYPOO
Cheese and _____ Burger; cheesy, on a bun, & gross - EEL
Chia _____ Balls; Battledome League - BINGO
Chia _____; gives wearer strength of Tapatlakettle - BELT
Chicken _____ - KIEV
Chocolate _____; end of the tube is the best part - ECLAIR
Chuffer _____; Cheat contestant who loves to eat: BOB
Coco _____ Slush; a favorite of Myncis - WHIP
Coral _____; only for use by water creatures - ORB
Cosmic _____; Space Battle shop - SHIELD
Creates a bubble of slow time; Temporal _____ - LEAK
Crispy roast _____ neck - DUCK
Crystal _____ Soda; less calories, better taste - ONE
Crystal _____; Will knock your teeth out - CRUNCH

Discount _____ - CARD
Double your fun with a _____ Salad - TWIN
Draw stars and triangles with a Stencil _____ - SET
Dr. Sloth's _____ Ray - MUTATION

Early loser in Sacrificers; Styrofoam _____ - BOB
Earthen _____ Stone - DRAGON
Earthen _____ Stone - SCORCH
'Eata loafa _____ day' - BREADA
"Eau De _____" is a popular brand of Perfume - NEO
Electric _____ Monkey; Lodge murderer's 1st victim - BLUE
Elephante-Be-_____; Omelette Defender weapon - GONE
Endless _____ - PLAINS
Evil Chia warlord, Hubrid _____ - NOX

Faerie _____ - CITY
Faerie _____; can do incredible explosive damage - ACORNS
Faerie Clothing _____ - LTD
Faerieland floats on a _____ above Neopia - CLOUD
Faerieland Game; Wheel of _____ - EXCITEMENT
Faerieland, it's up in the _____ - CLOUDS
Faerieland Purple _____ Battledome League - CLOUD
Fire _____ Volcano - FAERIE
Fire, Fire, Your _____ On Fire Paintbrush - PANTS
Flaming _____ Corndog; coated in super spicy sauce - HOT
Fluff be _____ - GONE
Fresh _____ Pie - GRASS
Frost Bite _____; features rock hard icy coating - EGG

Gadgadsbogen means, literally, "good good _____" - DAY
Gallery of _____ - EVIL
Game; Earth Faerie _____ - ACES
Game; Kiko _____ - MATCH
Game; Techo _____ - SAYS
Garden _____; great for getting at pesky weeds - HOE
God of Mystery Island; _____ Pango - PANGO
Greater ______ of the Fire Faerie - ORB
Green _____ Eraser, only erases green pencil - FAERIE
Grundo _____; cash in Rare Item Codes here - WAREHOUSE
Grundo _____; Spooky food - STIX
Grundo's _____; Pump-Up - GYM
Guild neighborhood; Kiko _____ - LAKE
Guild Neighborhood; Sloth's _____ - LAIR

Highland Chia _____ Hammer; foes will run in fear - WAR
Highland Chia _____ Shield; colourful and sturdy - BATTLE
Home of the Wishing Well; Neopian _____ - BAZAAR
Host of Around the World in Style; _____ Atchley - FERRIN
Hubrid's Puzzle _____; what IS in there - BOX

If you play with a toy too much, it might _____ - BREAK
In the Mynci Contest, Number _____ was just a joke - SIX

Jelly _____; great for visitors; fits in a shoebox - BED
Jewelled Peophin _____ Mask - FACE
Jhudora's Crystal _____; shows opponent's weapons - BALL
Job _____; Ticket to the Employment Agency - COUPON
JubJub _____ League; Space Arena Battledome League - JUGGLING

Kau _____ - KORRALL

Ladies love this Cheat contestant, Agent 00 _____ - HOG
Large Toe _____ With Grundo Pinky Toe - LINT
Light Ability; _____ Blast - PSYCHIC
Lighting _____; Lightweight - GUN
Little _____; young & inexperienced Cheat player - TIMMY
Lodger Mister Pickles' failed book; _____ Masters - MORE
Loyal _____; Book - LUPES
Lucky _____ - DIE

Make someone's day with a Neo_____ - GREETING
Mallowicious _____ - BAR
Martial arts video classic; Karate _____ - JUB
Meat _____ Pizza Block; a carnivore's dream! - FEAST
Meatless _____ - MEATBALLS
Mega Power _____; will do your pet a world of good - PLUSSHROOM
Mister _____; critics say he's all washed up - SHANKLY
Mister _____; Has a tiger squash habit - PICKLES
Mutated _____; held in Ski Lodge's Underground Lab - KACHEEK
My _____ Scorchio; perfect for reading by the fire - SWEET
Mynci Number _____ got the least number of votes - TWO
Mystery _____ Competition; rewards 1st 500 winners - PICTURE

Neil ________. Stock market Kau - KAUVATO
Neo_____; Neopian equivalent of catnip - CRITTER
Neodaq _____ - INDEX
Neopedia claims The Stuff _____ in size each day - DOUBLES
NeoPets _____; all the latest in Neopian merchandise - STUFF
Neopian _____ is currently 2.35% - INFLATION
Neopian Treasure _____ - HUNT
Neopia's Favorite Dice Game; Dice-A-_____ - ROO
Neowaiian _____ - BREAD
Nimmo _____; Video - YOGA

Oink! It's a Pork _____ - SNOUT
Outbreak of ____ Scratchies occurred at Money Tree - ITCHY

Pet _____; showcases Neopia's finest pets - SPOTLIGHT
Phone-A-_____ - VICTIM
Plastic moustache; Hairy _____ - TASH
Platinum _____ Bow - TECH
Popular Neopian soft drink, Neo_____ - COLA
Popular video; _____ Don't Cry - CHIA
Popular video: 'The Thingi From _____' - MAJINGI
Prepare for battle with Highland Chias War _____ - PAINT
Pumpkin _____; Favourite food of ghouls and demons - SLICE
Puppy______ - BLEW

Real Cheese _____ made almost entirely from cheese - CHEESECAKE

Sacrificers Contestant; Bye-_____ Jinx - GON
Sacrificer Contestant; fell down waterfall; #_____ - SIX
Safety Deposit _____ - BOX
Scary _____; set free when his box broke - JACK
Shoyru Battle _____; keep opponents in their place - HOOK
Sir _____; if used right his shields serve well - CHEEKALOT
Ski Lodge Contestant; Dom _____ - DREAD
Ski Lodge contestant; The _____ Spender - BIG
Social _____; Book - SKILLS
Something has _____!!! - HAPPENED
Something weird happened to this toy; _____ Kiko - ENCHANTED
Space Arena Battledome League; _____ Match! - MEERCA
Space Arena Battledome League; VirtuPets _____ - ANONYMOUS
Spiced _____ Pie - APPLE
Stay at the _____ Lodge for 30 NP a night - MOUNTAIN
Stay at the _____ Neopian for only 80 NP a night - ROYAL
Stone _____; rare item that erodes Stone Snowballs - HOURGLASS
Stone Dome Battledome League; Kacheeks Over _____ - ALL
Strawnella _____ - SHAKE
Submit your poem to the Poetry _____ - CORNER

Telescoping _____; Steal an opponent's item - GRABBER
Terror _____ Scratchcard - TROVE
Terror Mountain _____ Lodge - SKI
The _____ Neopian; 80 NP a night - ROYAL
The _____ Pumpkin Patch - HAUNTED
The _____ Says - GRINCH
The Big Book of _____ - KARMA
The book Care of _____ shows how to treat this pet - KOI
The Greasy _____; Cockroach Towers' restaurant - SPOON
Theme _____ - PARK
This ability's a girl's best friend; Diamond _____ - DUST
This PetPet only comes out at night; _____ Boy - BAT
Tiger Catcher's favorite food is Liver and _____ - ONIONS
Tonu _____ Shield; make your opponent jealous - LEATHER
Transmogrification _____ - POTION
Trident of _____ Power - COMMON

Unicorn _____; said to come from unicorn's tear - GEM
Use your wit; _____ Contest - CAPTION

Vegetarian _____ Tacos have kelp and coral in them - SEA
Video; Cooking with _____ - LENNY
Video; Karate _____ - JUB
Video; The Good The Kacheek, and the _____ - UGLY
Vitamin A _____ - BOOSTER

War _____; Flame Ability makes pet more aggressive - CRY
Water Arena Battledome League; Super _____ Acaras - STRONG
Water Arena Battledome League; Water Faerie _____ - WANDERERS
Watering _____; Help your seedlings grow - CAN
Wellington _____ - BOOTS
Whack a _____ - BEAST
Whack the beasts not the _____ or Jubjub - QUIGGLE
Where Neggs _____; Book - GROW
Wishing _____ - WELL
Wobbly _____; wobbles when you write, how useless! - PEN

Yellow _____ Tree; Adds colour to any garden - EESA

Zygorax patrols in an X-Scrub 4000 Walker _____ - BOT
Zygorax patrols space in an X-Scrub 4000 _____ Bot - WALKER


100% natural fruit - ORGANIC
24-karat paintbrush - GOLD
40th NeoPet - MEERCA

A clammy surprise for your NeoPet! - CLAMCHOPS
A deck of these is great for passing time - CARDS
A depressed mushroom that nobody likes - UGLY
A flavor of Achyfi Cola - ELDERBERRY
A frozen drink - SLUSHIE
A great place to put your precious keepsakes - JEWELRYBOX
A great tool for planting bulbs - AWL
A hot Mote - LAVA
A hot plant - FIREBUSH
A little devil for your pet - REDTAIL
A long way to go to get into a fight! - SPACEARENA
A Medicinal Mud Bath cures this disease - LUMPS
A mysterious and succulent fruit - SCABU
A Neopian delicacy - NEGG
A night in this NeoLodge Hotel costs 500 NPs - ASTROVILLA
A pair of these hang in the Lodge's Master Bedroom - SPEARS
A "Peanutty" Slush - CHARLIE
A pinching robot PetPet - PINCERON
A rest easy gift for your pet - PILLOW
A special token - NEOCOIN
A sweet and meaty sandwich - BUNWICH
A very giving tree - MONEYTREE
Acara Battledome Ability - TUMBLE
Accidentally sold the Transmogrification Potions - KAUVARA
Added to your Neopian Bank Account each day - INTEREST
Advice giving cookie - FORTUNE
Afraid of the dark? Read this book - LIGHTOFDAY
After this book, you won't need a night light - INTHEDARK
Air Ability; Allows you to take to the skies - FLIGHT
Air ability that allows you to move faster - HASTE
Air Faerie's book - BREATHE
Aisha Battledome Ability - POUNCE
Aisha Battledome League located in Space Arena - ACROBATS
All the fashion tips you need in this book - NEOFASHION
All your pets are belong to this shopkeeper - CATS
Alter your pet with one of these potions - MORPHING
An "Eggy" Underwater delicacy - YOLKBEANS
An Italian apple treat - PIZAPPLE
An uplifting mushroom - LEVELUP
Aquatic creatures need special care; Book - CAREOFKOI
Aquatic Pet capable of juggling 28 balls at a time - LEGS
Aquatic PetPet; receives radio transmissions - AUNTIE
Aquatic PetPet with wisdom galore - SLUGGO
Archery savvy Korbat - ASPHODELIA
At 5 NP a day NeoLodge Bars serve these, not drinks - BURGERS
At 20 NP a night, this place lives up to its name - CHEAPHOTEL
Ate Fortune Cookies; now gives advice - MYSTIC
Attraction of Lilac Island - ICESLIDES
Available at the Apothecary - MUSHROOMS

Baby pig PetPet - SNORKLE
Bacon, lettuce, tomato - BLT
Baked dough filled with jelly - JAMPASTRY
Baked sugar, cinnamon and dough - CHURROS
Barrier of compressed air; stops Earth attacks - INERTIA
Bash your opponent on the head with this - BASHER
Battle Faerie's trusty steed - LEGACY
Battle healing mote - NOVA
Battledome Item; neutralizes Attack Forks - BENTFORK
Battledome item with magic of genie trapped inside - GENIEORB
Battledome League location - STONEDOME
Beastly 10-pound melon - PLANTMELON
Belle of the ball; Ski Lodger - BUBBLES
Bellhop at The Presidential Palace - ELBRIT
Berry that increases pet's health - MAGICBERRY
Better check your mailbox - NEOMAIL
Big-hearted Faerie PetPet - PIKIS
Birthplace of Cupcake - KIKOLAKE
Bite down hard on this metallic pastry - MECHADONUT
Blame your pet's insanity on this carrot - RAINBOW
Blast the Evil Fuzzles with this Grundo - ZYGORAX Blinding ability - FLASH
Blumaroo Battledome Ability - DODGE Blumaroo Battledome Ability - PUNCH
Book; allows your pet to limber up and have fun - NIMMOSYOGA
Book with only two pages; what a rip off! - EXERCISE
Book with the secret of leaving Neopian Central - TIMETRAVEL
Bounces on its tail - BLUMAROO
Brand of Neo Baby Food - GAGAGRUB
Broil, fry, or bake this steak - PORKSTEAK
Bruce Battledome Ability - SLIDE
Bruce shopkeeper who's a big opera fan - VALKYRIE
Brush your pet's teeth with this plant - BLUESTICKS

Cabbage tasting plant - GLANT
Cake for all ice ages - SNOWCAKE
Can be cured with Mystical Fungus - NEOWARTS
Candy; flavors include Lemon, Orange & Assorted - NEODROPS
Candy; flavors include Lemon, Orange & Assorted - NEOPOPS
Capable of invisibility; Love to eat Chias - FROILER
Carassa's garage sale partner - MIKA
Causes Krawk petpets to become pets - FUNGUS
Chairman and CEO of Dice-A-Roo Industries PLC. - KINGROO
Cheat advice giving PetPet - PINKLET
Cheat contestant; left ear twitches while playing - KALORA
Cheat contestant; lord of the dance floor - BRANSTON
Cheating Kyrii - CAPARA Cheating Meerca - CHUFFERBOB
Cheesy chips - NACHOS Chewy meat for teething pets - MEATSTARS
Chia Battledome Ability - SMILE
Chia Battledome Ability Level 13 - GIGGLE
Chia stuck in Ice Cream Blitz - ADEE
Chia with an extensive collection of kilts - HIGHLAND
Chief coconut - MUMBOPANGO
Chocolate and tomato mixed tropical veggie - CHOKATO
Clear the screen of Evil Fuzzles with one of these - SMARTBOMB
Cold drink made from baby planets - SPACESLUSH
Collect pieces of these for a secret location - MAP
Company founded by David Fuzio and JubJub Yang - YIPPEE
Company slogan: For our power is your power! - NAKRON
Connoseiurs love this Tyrannian cheese - GREEN
Considered a relative of the Thornberry - LEMANIAC
Contents of this jug: Liquid Fire - FIREJUG
Coolest boots in Neopia - WELLINGTON
Costs 6 million NPs, but creates 3 Novas a turn - RODOFNOVA
Cover star of How To Stay Fit - LENNY
Crazy lipstick for hippy chicks - TYEDYE
Creamy and crunchy chicken - CHICKAYO
Curable with Fluff-Be-Gone powder - FUZZITUS
Cure for Achy Head - MAGICGOOP
Cure for this sneezing fit is Neopkins - DACHOO
Currency of the site - NEOPOINTS
Cute Guild Neighbourhood - CUTECITY
Cybunny Battledome Ability - HOP

Darkness Ability; lets you steal health from foes - DRAINLIFE
Defeat the evil Spectre and win this game - CHEAT
Delicious chocolate covered strawberry - STROCHAL
Delicious mix of veggies and ice cream - DELIGHT
Deluxe NeoLodge hotels receive this many stars - FIVE
Director of the Neopian Pound - MSWORLEY
Discovered the first Manchu Bow - ZANNIK
Disease cured by Hot Herbal Drink - BUBBLES
Does it really matter how this ham turned red? - CRIMSON
Dont like pizza in slices? Get it in this shape - BLOCK
Don't spare any expense when you dress up your pet - BOWTIE
Don't touch this pet's hair - KYRII
Donut looking and tasting tropical fruit - DONUFRUIT
Duck that wails like a hyena - MALLARD

Earth Ability; creates food - GREATFEAST
Earth Ability; toughens pet, makes 'em hard to hit - TOUGHSKIN
Eighth month of the Neopian calendar - HIDING
Elephante Battledome Ability (Level 15) - TRUMPET
Entered the Snowager's cavern - KEBLIN
Evil colour thief - THEDRO
Evil fish - JETSAM Evil scroll - DARK
Expensive mushroom shop - APOTHECARY
Extra powerful Faeries - UBER
Eyrie Battledome Ability - DIVE
Eyrie Battledome Ability - SCRATCH

Faerie Catcher - BALTHAZAR
Faerie Pet from the deserts of Southern Neopia - MIAMOUSE
Faerie PetPet; abandoned by older brothers - CIRRUS
Faerie PetPet; Rhymes with clouds - FLOUDS
Faerie Queen's memoir - ANEWDAY
Faerie who helped defeat Dr. Sloth - SPACE
Faeries are most generous in this month - GATHERING
Famous student of the techo master - RYSHU
Fashion-challenged Kau with her own Battledeck - KALORA
Feeding these pets might help them win the race - POOGLES
Feeds Neopia's less fortunate pets - SOUPFAERIE
Fifth victim in the Ski Lodge - CUPCAKE
Figure this Fruit out before you eat it - PUZZLE
Filled with sage and onion stuffing. Yuk! - FROG
Find all things Usuki on this list - SPOILER
Find something for one of the Faeries - QUEST
Fires stream of sticky web at opponent - WEBCLAW
Fish lay these in Maraqua - FISHEGGS
Fish on a stick - FISHPOP
Fishy snack; low in calories, high in protein - NIBBLES
Flame Ability; Hypnotises opponents - FIERYGAZE
Flame Ability; works well against water creatures - BOIL
Flaming Hot food; served in a bread bowl - CHILLYBOWL
Fleapit Motel; NP per night - TEN
For 5 NP a day the NeoLodge will provide one - SAUNA
Found Cookie's body - DRSETHOR
Fourth month of the Neopian calendar - EATING
Frozen hand - ICYGLOVE
Fruit eaten by young Kougras - FUNDUS
Fruit eaten by young Kougras - JUPPIE
Fruit found on the outskirts of the rainforest - KABUGGLES
Full of calcium for strong bones - MILK
Full of vitamins and a delicious drink - APPLEJUICE

Galactic defender; takes rechargeable batteries - COMBOBOT
Gelert Battledome Ability - BARK
Gelert second-generation Battledome move - FLASH
Get one to clean your hotel room for 5 NP a night - MAID
Get out of their way in Omelette Defender - TONU
Giant sea snail with an edible interior - ESCARGOT
Gift from the Space Faerie; Space Defence - BANDOLARO
Give your pet wings with this paintbrush - FAERIE
Given out for High Score - TROPHY
Glamorous Shopkeeper - GLAMCHIA
Glamorous Ski Lodger - JASMINE
Goes great in a sandwich with cheese - PURPLUM
Going on vacation? Send your pet here - NEOLODGE
Go to other worlds - EXPLORE
Grants temporary invisibility & protects from fire - BUBBLEMOTE
Grarrl Battledome Ability - ROAR
Grarrl Battledome Ability (Level 13) - SWING
Green-coloured paintbrush - GLOWING
Grinch Theater says that this returns on May 11th - THEMUMMY
Grow ten times in size - SUPERSIZE
Grundo Battledome Ability - BLAST

Half dog, half...erm, something else - WARF
Half lobster half anchor - ANCHORFISH
Handmade by Mystery Island artisans - CLAYPOT
Has a bandage on its forehead - KIKO
Has four ears and wears a bell - AISHA
Have your say here - SOAPBOX
Heal while you damage your opponent with this mote - SUPERNOVA
Hero of Omelette Defender game - SHUGGU
Hero of the Ice Caves game - GARON
Hibernating Usuls uses leave from this bush - FURRN
His picture is hanging in the Ski Lodge Hall - DRSLOTH
Ho Ho Ho! Celebrate holidays with this paintbrush - CHRISTMAS
Holiday occurring on the 14th Day of Swimming - WATERGALA
Home of The Missing Chia - ICECAVES
Home of the Scratch Card Kiosk - ICECAVES
Horned pet that got a makeover - ACARA
Huberts super spicy line of foods - FLAMINGHOT
Hug happy PetPet - HUGGY
Hula dancing Blumaroo - HULAROO
Hunts Chias; Species - LUPE

Ice Arena Battledome League; for risk takers - GAMBLERS
Ick! There's a sheep in my caramel - CARAWOOL
Ideal for making frozen julienne fries - ICESWORD
In the clouds - FAERIELAND
Infinite collection of magical cards - BATTLEDECK
Island Faerie - JHUIDAH
Island Faeries love this Porkwich - BBQ
It costs 40NP a night to stay at this Inn - YEOLDESHIP
Items in your shop - STOCK
Item that helped Asphodelia the Korbat beat Thuggo - ARCHERYSET
Its flaming tongue has a reach of over 20ft - LAVAGHOUL

Jetsam Battledome Ability - SPLASH
Jubjub Battledome Ability - ROLL
Juggling AquaPet - LEGS
Juppie smuggling Wocky - MULVINN
Just as happy on land as in water - KIKO

Kacheek Battledome Ability - ROLL
Kacheek Battledome Ability - SNEAK
Kalora's species - KAU
Kau Battledome Ability - KICK
Kauvara mixes up the best - POTIONS
Kauvara's sister - ALLITA
Keep cool and be cool with this Utility Fish - FANFISH
Keep the sun out of your pet's eyes - STRAWHAT
Keep this stinky snow in the jar - DIRTYSNOW
Kiko second-generation Battledome move - STARE
King of all Donuts - FROSTED
Knows a lot of Bedtime stories about Faeries - EPPA
Knows where all the shops are - SHOPWIZARD
Koala looking Faerie PetPet - HARRIS
Koi Battledome Ability - DIVE
Koi Battledome Ability (Level 15) - SPLASH
Kyrii Battledome Ability - GROWL
Kyrii Battledome Ability (level 10 or higher) - TACKLE

Launch these to blast Grarrls in Omelette Defender - NEGG
League of Peril is located in this arena - ICE
Least expensive RoboPet - DIDDLER
Lenny Battledome Ability - PECK
Lenny Battledome Ability; makes them hard to see - FADE
Level 10 JubJub Battledome Ability - SCREAM
Level 10 Kougra Battledome Ability - GROWL
Level 10 Mynci Battledome move - SWING
Level 12 Scorchio Battledome Ability - FLAP
Level Ten Buzz Battledome Ability - DIVE
Light Ability; bright beam that helps defeat evil - SUNRAY
Light Ability; brings your pet back to full health - RESTORE
Lion PetPet - NOIL
Lives beneath the Haunted Woods - ESOPHAGOR
Location of Spooky Forest XII Battledome League - STONEDOME
Lodger Bye-Gon Jinx was key figure of these wars - GRUNDO
Lodger Wolverine received this secret training - MILITARY
Look out for his squirting flower - CHIACLOWN
Looks like a frog but spits fire - FROGAROTT
Lovely border for garden pathways - BLOSSOM
Loves Bedtime Stories about Faeries - KORA
Lupe Battledome Ability (Level 15) - LUNGE

Launch these to blast Grarrls in Omelette Defender - NEGG
League of Peril is located in this arena - ICE
Least expensive RoboPet - DIDDLER
Lenny Battledome Ability - PECK
Lenny Battledome Ability; makes them hard to see - FADE
Level 10 JubJub Battledome Ability - SCREAM
Level 10 Kougra Battledome Ability - GROWL
Level 10 Mynci Battledome move - SWING
Level 12 Scorchio Battledome Ability - FLAP
Level Ten Buzz Battledome Ability - DIVE
Light Ability; bright beam that helps defeat evil - SUNRAY
Light Ability; brings your pet back to full health - RESTORE
Lion PetPet - NOIL
Lives beneath the Haunted Woods - ESOPHAGOR
Location of Spooky Forest XII Battledome League - STONEDOME
Lodger Bye-Gon Jinx was key figure of these wars - GRUNDO
Lodger Wolverine received this secret training - MILITARY
Look out for his squirting flower - CHIACLOWN
Looks like a frog but spits fire - FROGAROTT
Lovely border for garden pathways - BLOSSOM
Loves Bedtime Stories about Faeries - KORA
Lupe Battledome Ability (Level 15) - LUNGE

Negg; Costs 64 tokens at the Neggery - CACKLING
Negg known for it's rotten Battledome tricks - EVIL
NeoCola's competitor - ACHYFI
Neodaq ticker symbol for The Auction Genie - TAG
NeoPet companion - PETPET
NeoPets screensaver that tells you all about pets - PROFILES
Neopian cultivators have this many prongs - FOUR
Neopian Times version of the funny papers - COMICS
Neopia's creature of the night - KORBAT
Neopia's only stock exchange - NEODAQ
Neopia's only TV network is on this channel - ONE
Neopia's top ranked Gormball player - THYASSA
Never lose your keys again with this vine - RING
Nigel the Chia's sports car is this color - RED
Nimmo Battledome ability - LEAP
Nimmo Battledome Ability - LEVITATE
Not a very tasty Toadstool - PINK
Number of Chairs in the Ski Lodge Library - TWO
Number of Poogles racing - FIVE
Number of Uber-Faeries - SIX
Numbers needed for the Neopian Lottery - SIX

Official headgear of Wocky Fan Club is this color - YELLOW
One a day keeps the doctor away - APPLE
Only a Jubjub is immune to one of these - MONOCEROUS
Orange spaghetti - ORANGETTI
Owner of The Presidential Palace - PJGRUNDONN

Packed with nutrients to make plants big & strong - FERTILIZER
Paintbrush that turns pet into a blue outline - SKETCH
Paintbrush that turns Petpets into nuts & bolts - ROBOT
Paintbrush; The weathered look - CLOUD
Paintbrush; turn your pet into a statue - STONE
Paint your Petpet here - PUDDLE
Pair of these in Cupcake's crime scene - GLASSES
Passport to different lands - TOTEM
Pastoral Guild neighborhood; ideal for grazing - UNIMEADOWS
Pelt a few snow beasts in this game - SNOWTHROW
Peophin Battledome Ability - TRAMPLE
Perfect for first time gardeners - ROCKTREE
Pet can't eat anymore - BLOATED
Pet on the cover of Don't Call Me Cute - UNI
Pet that 'Korralls the Kaus' - GELERT
PetPet doubles in size by storing food in cheeks - BLOOPY
PetPet featured in Bullseye! Game - BUZZER
PetPet; Evil Korbats transformed - BARBAT
PetPet known for brown circle around its right eye - WARF
PetPet; Knows when the Pant Devil is around - WHOOT
PetPet with a magical third eye - TRIFFIN
PetPet with sticky tongue - CARMA
PetPet with toolkit in its head - SCREWTOP
Pets love to play with these bells for hours. - JINGLY
Pick up a cute Faerie Doll in this shop - TOY
Pities the fool that doesn't visit his shop - MRC
Place to store your trading cards - NEODECK
Plant tastes like cabbage - GLANT
Players needed for Earth Faerie Aces - TWO
Poisonous weapon used by thieves and assassins - DART
Poogle Battledome Ability - BITE
Poogle Battledome Ability - ROLL
Pool ball and spot of ink. Spooky! - BLOOP
Potion of the Evil Genie of Darkness - NANKA
Prickly bush smells of aniseed; attracts animals - PLURBY
Proved himself as a true Poogle Racer - MOOGI
Pucker up with this sour treat - SOURMELON
Pudding made with suet and raisins - SPOTTED
Puts its arms around anyone it sees; PetPet - HUGGY

Quenches both your hunger and thirst - WATERDOG
Quiggle Battledome Ability - SPLASH
Quiggle Battledome Ability - STOMP

Rare ingredient of Kauvara's potion - ARBITER
Rarity of the Stone Hour Glass - ARTIFACT
Raw fish - SUSHI
Read anything and everything about NeoPets - NEOPEDIA
Rejected carrot - FUNKY
Rescued Chiazilla from sharks - BIGBETTY
Rich Ski Lodger who has a lot of bachelors waiting - SWEETS
RoboPet rolls around with a smile on his interface - WHEELIE
Rookie Juppie Smuggler - AWLEY
Room where Cookie was found murdered - KITCHEN
Ruled by King Roo - ROOISLAND
Ruler thats liable to cover your paper in slime - SLOTH
Ryshu of the Training School likes these poems - HAIKU
Ryshu the Nimmo's classmate - SEVARIN

Satisfy your pet's sweet tooth with this gift - CHOCOLATES
Scary Paintbrush - HALLOWEEN
Sections of the Neopian Times - SIX
Self-appointed ruler of cheat - SPECTRE
Sells freaky PetPets - DRPETROV
Served on a bed of wild rice with chervil - DUCKPATE
Shhhh, it's a secret - SECRETLAB
Shiny Paintbrush - SILVER
Shopkeeper; enter the chia. whaaa! - BRUCECHEE
Shopkeeper with great radio reception - MRPLAID
Shoyru Battledome Ability - AIRBLOCK
Shoyru Battledome Ability - FIRESTARE
Sizzling pork link - SAUSAGE
Skeith Battledome Ability - SQUASH
Skeith Battledome Move - GLARE
Skeith beaten by Korbat in Neopedia - THUGGO
Ski Lodge Cellar is filled with bottles of this - WINE
Ski Lodge Contestant; Lenny Trivia master - CUPCAKE
Ski Lodge contestant; looking for 9th husband - BLACKWIDOW
Ski Lodge contestant; Neopia's foremost socialite - BUBBLES
Ski Lodge contestant; Reigning Gormball champ - SCORCHESKI
Ski Lodge contestant; socialite rival of Bubbles - RHIANNON
Ski Lodge Killer's sixth victim - JASMINE
Ski Lodge murderer's second victim - BLACKWIDOW
Ski Lodge Murder Mystery held on this mountain - TERROR
Ski Lodge supermodel looking for Mr. Right - JASMINE
Ski Lodger; brains of Neopian Grooming Parlours - THEBEADER
Ski Lodger; exec at Neopian Stock Exchange - MAVERICK
Ski Lodger; insane freak or brilliant mastermind? - THOR
Ski Lodger looking to pull off a major heist - MRBLACK
Ski Lodger Maverick works this many hours a day - SIXTEEN
Ski Lodger; musical genius; Mister Shankly's rival - LAZARUS
Ski Lodger who found Black Widow - MRPLAID
Ski Lodger who found Black Widow; sells vacuums - MRPLAID
Ski Lodger who learned how to ski from a Uni - MRROBOTO
Ski Lodger who just shot the cover of Fashion Now! - JASMINE
Ski Lodger who recently left J. Boogie - SWEETS
Ski Lodger who tried parachuting over Terror Mtn. - MONSTERBOY
Ski Lodger who works for Cybun Electromatics - JIMMYJAMES
Slick-Haired Stock Broker - NIGEL Slimy sucker - LOLLYSNOT
Slogan: For Our Power Is Your Power - NAKRON
Slogan: We are the frame work of the world - CHIASTEEL
Sloth did experiments in this underground hideout - LAIR
Smoothie flavor combines raspberry & watermelon - RASMELON
So spicy your nostrils will flare - RADISHDOG
Soup Kitchen is run on these from the Money Tree - DONATIONS
Souped-up Blue Healthshroom - GREEN
Sparkling clam juice - CLAMADE
Special medicated tissues - NEOPKINS
Species of Cheat's self-appointed leader - JETSAM
Species of pet running The Food Shop - CHIA
Species of pet runs the Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe - SHOYRU
Species of pet who discovered Ancient Manchu Bows - KOUGRA
Species of the Bread Master - KACHEEK
Species of the Missing Link - CHIA
Spider with a "Why" - SPYDER
Spinach and the fun of Lime - SPLIME
Spooky PetPet; sees the future - PSIMOUSE
Stay at this crummy motel for 10 NP a day - FLEAPIT
Stock Ticker symbol for Balthazar's company - BOTT
Stock Ticker symbol for Bob's Big Bonus Bingo - BBBB
Stock Ticker symbol for ChiaTech Password Security - CHPS
Stock ticker symbol for Stuff-A-Pet Inc. - STFP
Stock Ticker symbol for Super Splime Shakes - SSS
Stock Ticker Symbol for The Chia Actor's Guild - TCAG
Stock Ticker Symbol for The Powlex Corporation - POWL
Stock Ticker symbol for The Shoyru Company - TSRC
Stock ticker symbol of Confederation of Fish Lovers - COFL
Stock Ticker symbol of Neopia's only TV station - NTV
Stock Ticker symbol of Skeith Feeding Ltd. - SKEI
Stone made from tears of a broken hearted Faerie - SOUL
Striped banana - ZEENANA
Stuffed pet toys for your pet to enjoy - PLUSHIES
Submit your drawing to this gallery - ART
Surprise your enemy with this Air Ability - DIVE
Swat your opponent with this battle item - SWATTER
Symbol of The Presidential Palace - TPP
Symptoms include itchy red blotches - NEOPOX
Symptoms include sore throat and coughing fits - KIKOUGHELA
Symptoms include swollen gums; hard to swallow - NEOGITUS

Take your pet camping - TENT
Takes three R's to spell this pet - GRARRL
Tastes like a strawberry but it's not - STROCHAL
Tatsu evolved - EYRIE
Techo Battledome Ability - GLARE
Techo Battledome Ability - JAB
Techo Safari's sidekick - BLOOPLUM
Teenager Islanders exchange these as gifts - CUBTOOTH
Tell your story here - CAMPFIRE
The Crystal Boomerang was found in this Tower - HIDDEN
The cure for this disease is Jelly Pills - NEOFLU
The cure for this is a magic cookie - SNEEZLES
The dotted paintbrush - SPOTTED
The Employment Agency put this Elephante to work - IRISITA
The "F" in Dr. F. Sloth - FRANK
The food of the gods - ASPARAGUS
The grossest stuff ever - THESTUFF
The kitchen fell on this lodger - COOKIE
The Library Faerie needs your help with this - CROSSWORD
The perfect tool for drawing circles - COMPASS
The rarest of all Juppies - GOLDEN
The Ski Lodge murderer's fourth victim - COOKIE
The Snitch of Maraqua - TOMSNITCH
The ultimate luxury sandwich - SUPERSUB
These aquatic pets are from Maraqua - KOI
These biscuits go great with coffee - AMARETTO
These can be used to cure The NeoFlu - JELLYPILLS
These Candy Carrots are healthy but very fattening - COTTON
These carrots are so good it's crazy! - RAINBOW
These eggs are a delicacy in Maraqua - FISH
These ferns are known for their brilliant blooms - LIGHTNING
These fishies go great with Oyster Salad - ANCHOVIES
These horses have wings - UNI
These Island toys don't squeak, they roar! - PLUSHCUB
These little fish are great with oyster salad - ANCHOVIES
These migraines can be cured with Magic Goop - ACHYHEAD
These pets love to ski! - USUL
These Pizza Blocks are a cheese lovers delite- NINECHEESE
These rolls are a perfect midnight snack - CHOCOLATE
These roses will never die - PAPER
These Rubber Gloves will reduce static - ULTRA
These sticks include dip sauce that is to die for - CHO
These tacos are transparent - CRYSTAL
These toys are great for splashing around - BATHBUDDY
Third Ski Lodge victim - BUBBLES
This angora wrap might keep you from a sore throat - SCARF
This Aquatic PetPet can stick to any surface - ALFY
This arena is home to the Gambler's League - ICE
This Berry will make you powerful for 30 minutes - STRONG
This book might hold the thieves guild's secrets - MYSTERIOUS
This "cakey" plant is usually eaten for breakfast - PLANTCAKE
This Cave acts as a Guild Neighborhood - SCARY
This cheesy Space Food is fattening but good - MANICOTTI
This Chomby Cake is a gourmet food - LIME
This creamy Java is pure heaven in a cup! - THORNBERRY
This creature guards its treasure in the Ice Cave - SNOWAGER
This creepy Guild neighbourhood is a mouthful - SCARYCAVE
This deli treat's delicious plain or in a sandwich - TURKEY
This dip is good for your skin and tasty, too - MUDNMAYO
This disease's cure is Herbal Scrambled Eggs - CHICKAROO
This Earth Faerie game now has 1 or 2 player mode - ACES
This disease makes your pet think it's a chicken - CHICKAROO
This Easter Negg fills room with a floral scent - SCENTED
This Easter Negg is a true work of art - PINKSWIRLY
This Easter Negg is almost too pretty to eat - FLORAL
This Faerie's game requires two players - EARTH
This Fruit and pasta dish is a tangy treat - ORANGETTI
This gum will make you laugh - TICKLEGUM
This Insect Removal company's stock symbol is BUZZ - BUZZAWAY
This island has three large monuments - TIKUTAKU
This lonely outcast lives in the Haunted Woods - WEREWOLF
This mirror makes even the ugliest pet handsome - GOLD
This Negg's ideal for boosting your pet's strength - POWERNEGG
This NeoLodge Hotel is only 50 NP a night - HOTELOPERA
This paintbrush makes pets real hard to find - INVISIBLE
This paintbrush turns your pet into a high flier - FAERIE
This paintbrush turns your pet into nuts & bolts - ROBOT
This paintbrush turns your pet the color black - SHADOW
This pastry has a strawberry filling. Yummy! - JAM
This penguin dances in the cold snow - BRUCE
This pet loves to go skiing - USUL
This PetPet is part octopus, part fashion designer - CLEO
This PetPet is too big for its shell - TURDLE
This PetPet knows how to cheat all the card games - PINKLET
This plant provides a dazzling light show - ORB
This Quiggle is on a health kick - HEALTHFROG
This robot was a project gone wrong - WHEELIE
This robot will fetch anything - NEOTRAK
This sandwich has got your tongue - TONGUEWICH
This shield keeps your spirits up, no matter what - SUNSHINE
This Shroom really stinks - SMELLY
This Ski Lodge contestant is one crazy guy! - MRINSANE
This Ski Lodger was on her way to a wedding - SNOWFLAKE
This squash will have you roaring with delight - TIGER
This Starchy treat should be boiled first - PANGOCHUTE
This stew is packed with protein - MAGGOTSTEW
This stone contains a pure drop of evil - NIGHT
This tropical food is hard to find but worth it - PIPPER
This Tyrannian cheese comes with baked crackers - SOFT
This Tyrannian treat goes well with crackers - CHEESE
This visor gives you perfect vision in the dark - SEEK
This wand melts three different kinds of snowballs - FLAMEBOLT
This whistle played its last tune - BROKEN
This will take you right to your Guild - TELEPORT
This wine goes great with Red Meats - RED
This wine is known for its delicious flavor. - ROSE
This witch works in the Haunted Woods - EDNA
Thor was getting one of these when Cookie died - SMOOTHIE
Three headed PetPet - BEAROG Thyora's brother - PONFRIE
Ticker symbol; Dice-A-Roo Industries PLC - DROO
Ticker symbol for BOOM! Boom Boxes! - BOOM
Ticker symbol for Jacko and Sons Painting Ltd. - JCK
Ticker symbol for Kacheek Telecommunications - KATE
Ticker symbol for Mynci Banana Imports - MYNC
Ticker symbol for PD Secure Storage - PDSS
Ticker symbol for Powlex Corporation - POWL
Ticker symbol for Unis Beauty Salon - UNIB
Ticker symbol for Yippee! - YIPP
Ticker symbol of company that only takes Nerkmids - AAVL
Ticker symbol of Lou Poogleman's company - TSRC
Ticker symbol of The Presidential Palace - TPP
Tonu weapon; makes you look more fierce - FACEMASK
Tools for hand-eye coordination - NEOBLOCKS
Trained six years just for Gormball - URSULA
Transmogrification Potion makes pets into these - MUTANTS
Transmogrification Potions weight this many ounces - NINE
Transparent Negg - FROZENNEGG
Travel in herds and go Moooo - KAU
Tree thirsty for knowledge - BRAINTREE
Trekked Terror Mountain's icy wilderness - WOLVERINE
Trick or Treat paintbrush - HALLOWEEN
Trimmed to perfection, these need daily feeding - BONSAICHIA
Trivia Master - LENNY
Tropical food filled with liquid sugar - PURPLUM
Tropical Food with ants inside - SCABERGY
Twenty-nine of these on Nigel the Chia's cake - CANDLES
Two tone paintbrush - SPLIT
Type of Faerie that runs the Healing Springs - WATER
Type of government in Faerieland - MONARCHY
Type of pet running the auctions - SCORCHIO

Uggh! Why'd they make this flavour of Jelly Beans? - CHARCOAL
Underground Lodge room w/ Mutated Kacheek inside - LAB
Underwater City - MARAQUA
Uni Battledome Ability - KICK
Uni Battledome Ability - SLAP
Unknown Ski Lodge Contestant - SNOT
Used to be the Fuzio - KYRII
Use these to update weapons in Evil Fuzzles - VIRTUCREDS
Use twice a day for the cleanest NeoPet - SOAP
Usul Battledome Ability - BITE
Usul Battledome Ability - GROWL
Usul shopkeeper who needs to lay off the eyeliner - GOTHIC
Usul Star of Usuki Frenzy - SALLY
Utility Fish; great for digging up treasure - SHOVELFISH

Varieties include Vo, Zei, and Main - CODESTONE
Vegetable given out on St. David's - LEEK
Vet gone bad - DRDEATH
Villain of 'Scorchio's Quest' game - PANTDEVIL
Volcano home to the famous crystal - PIKUPAKU