Hints and Tips

City Growth

Connecting your cities with roads allows them to grow faster. Each piece of road costs 5 followers to build, unless you have the Architect with you (they will cost only one). The more cities you connect together, the faster they grow. Some cities will contain a plague. Don't connect them or the plague will spread and the cities won't grow.

Searching For Treasure

You can search your cities by clicking on them. Searching cities can unveil treasures that will help you defend them from attacks. You can search them more than once to either find another treasure or a small amount of Scarab Power. Treasures will show on top of the map screen, if there are any to find.

Swords give a +2 damage bonus in combat, so an extra enemy will be defeated for each enemy damaged. Spears give a +3 damage bonus, so for each damaged enemy you defeat another one and a half. Hammers give a +4 damage bonus so two extra enemies will be defeated for each damaged enemy. The Gem will add 1000 points to your final score (if that city survives) and the Magic Lamp will give you extra scarab power. A city with an Advisor, a Lamp or a Gem won't have any other treasures.

Deploying Troops

At the end of your turns, the number of followers remaining will be added to the first city you click on. Make sure that you place them on the first city to be attacked by the barbarians. If that city is connected to others by roads, you can gather more troops by clicking it repeatedly to deploy all available citizens to defend it, while the connecting cities will be left will only 10 citizens.

Defending Your Cities

Always try to find the barbarian origin spot on the map (blue cairn, or an outpost in higher levels). This way you can see which city they will attack first and you can concentrate your troops on that city. Barbarians will attack the closest city they can get to without crossing mountains.

If the barbarians defeat several cities in a row, they gain a strength bonus and become impossible to stop. Once all cities are destroyed, they will attack the obelisk. When they do, 50 barbarians will automatically be killed.

Scarab Power

When all of your cities have been destroyed, your staff is your last resource weapon. If your Scarab Power number is higher than the remaining number of barbarians, then you win and move on to the next level.

Obelisk Uses

Clicking the obelisk repeatedly can have several beneficial effects: it can give you extra turns, lots of extra Scarab Power and faster technology research (mining).

The Saboteur

Sometimes searching a city will reveal a Saboteur. This character will help the barbarians destroy your city. If the hordes reach a city with a Saboteur, that city will be instantly devastated. If you find the saboteur in time, he will flee to a barbarian cairn.

Bonus Levels

Collecting all five letters of OASIS is done by finding obelisks and their respective glyphs (uncovering all the water) will give you access to a bonus level where only 10 barbarians will attack the only existant city. These bonus levels are great oportunities to fill your Scarab Power.

Exploring Tips

Nomad camps are located in desert areas and they consist of a large central tent, an inner circle of 5 little tents per square and an outter circle of 3 little tents per square. These give you respectively 9, 5 and 3 followers each.

The barbarian cairn is usually found at the edge of the map. If there is more than one, they will be labeled with numbers, and will be at least 5 tiles apart.

  • Each level has an obelisk. The obelisk is usually located on a lake at the edge of the map. Uncover the entire lake to gain a Glyph of Power. When you have earned 12 Glyphs you will win the game.

  • Pressing the TAB key will let the game decide your next move by itself.

  • Cities have crops around them, so if you find a grassy green area you know a city is nearby. Darker fields are adjacent to two or more cities. A crop square will give you one follower per adjacent city.

  • In jungle terrains you have to spend an extra turn destroying trees to build a road. Clearing 10 jungle tiles willl unlock a new technology.

  • Stepping on a red river square drains 1 Scarab Point.

  • Massive hailstones/meteors can break mountains, allowing you to pass through. However, they also leave craters on which you can't build roads, and they will even destroy entire cities. Even if a hailstone destroys a barbarian cairn, that doesn't mean it destroyed the barbarians as well. They will still attack when your turns are over.

  • A map will usually have between one and three mines.

List of Advisors:

Mother Sepabee gives you an extra 20 starting followers and places a nomad village on the map where you can recruit more followers by clicking on it several times.

The Engineer lets you build roads using 1 follower instead of 5, and you can build roads through mines.

The Scout will reveal mountain ranges and whatever is on the squares adjacent to your position.

The General makes your cities fight with a +2 bonus and redeploys troops between Barbarian waves.

The Architect grants you a bonus city, larger cities and faster city growth.

The Alchemist gives you a bonus mine and makes mining faster.

List of technology advancements:

  • Bows, Crossbows and Swords increase your soldiers' damage done to barbarians.
  • Helmets and Armor protect your soldiers by reducing the chance of fatal blows.
  • Catapults and Balistas inflict huge amounts of damage on the barbarian hordes.
  • Traps ensnare 20 barbarians once they arrive at a city.
  • Spikes defeat 10 barbarians at the start of the attack on a city.
  • Pikes allow you to gain 20 new soldiers at the start of a battle. This number of soldiers may exceed the city's population limit.
  • Maps reveal the location of 5 important places on the map.

The more followers you place on the mines, the faster you will research a new technology. Once you have found all the possible technology advancements, researching will give you +100 extra Scarab Power each time you advance.