Rule of Rose


Rule of Rose is a different style of survival/horror, and you can tell that right away from watching the unsettling intro sequence. While it does play similarly to Resident Evil and Silent Hill (explore, find objects, solve minor puzzles), the chills come from psychological horror instead of graphical horror.

You're not battling zombies or monsters here, you're up against a bunch of sadistic kids who like to mistreat, torture and even murder animals and people alike, for their own pleasure and amusement. This guide will help you through the different challenges and help you find a way out for Jennifer.

March 1930: The Little Princess

Take the path near the bus stop until you reach a fork. Head down off of the main path (it's not that obvious at first), and you will find a shed. Go inside and inspect the shining object to obtain a Boarding Pass and Dog Collar. Leave the shed, go back to the main path, and continue until you reach a mansion.

Walk up to the front gate and then follow the wall to the left until you reach a wooden gate. Use the Boarding Pass. Walk around back to the front of the house and go through the main entrance.

Walk into the main hallway and follow the boy up the stairs. He will open a door, follow him through it to reach another hallway. You should see some laundry baskets on a shelf against one of the walls. Enter the door next to the laundry rack.

Inside this room, inspect the teddy bear tied to a post. Exit the room and backtrack until you find the boy again. Follow him until you see a staircase leading up to the attic. On a table with bloody tools you will find the Orphanage Map. Pick it up.

The boy leads you to a room with a sort of an altar with many candles. Talk to him and then use the book he gave you. Leave the attic, go downstairs and use the door that leads into a courtyard.

April 1930: The Unlucky Clover Field

Use the analog stick to struggle and being a conversation. It doesn't matter how you answer the questions, you will eventually be set free. Inspect the bucket to save the game. Leave the room.

Follow the posters on the wall for directions. You will reach the First Class Guest Sector. Look for an ornate door at the end of a hallway. Inspect the door and read the poster. Go back downstairs.

Once you get to Sector 8 there will be a cutscene with a butterfly. Follow the fat girl until you see a door being slammed shut. Go through it. Turn right and open the door to the Backup Parts Room. Find the Airship Map on the table.

Go back to the previous room and past the dog cage until you reach the Sector 10 Crew Cabin. Go up the stairs in the next room to reach the Guest Room Hall.

Talk to the girl and inspect the buttlerfly on the floor near her. When she leaves, inspect the shining object to pick up a Dessert Fork and Green Butterfly. Inspect the shining object on a chair to find a Copper Leaf.

Go back to Sector 8 where a fight will occur. You don't have to fight, so just run past it. Sneak around the imp, go up the stairs and back to the ornate door. Choose the fourth option to offer the Green Butterfly. Inside, look at the shining object on the floor to find the One-Leaf Key.

Go downstairs towards the Sector 9 Turbine Room. You will see the boy again go through a door that he leaves open. Go through it. Inside, press the button near the cat drawing. Leave the Broom Closet, turn right and enter the door on the right. You'll be back where you started the chapter.

Inspect the Rusty Scissors hanging from a rope near the post. Leave the room and go back to Sector 9 Turbine Area. Find the door across from the entrance to the Backup Parts Room and go through it. Inside the fenced-in area use the Rusty Scissors near the hanging dog. Use the Dog Collar. Command the dog to find the scent of the One-Leaf Key.

When you reach the Guest Room Hall, pick up Martha's Hat. Go to the door that Brown barks at and use the One-Leaf Key. Have Brown find the scent of the Copper Leaf and he will lead you to the Two-Leaf Key. Now have him find the scent of the Two-Leaf Key now and use that key on the Two-Leaf Door.

You'll be inside the 1st Passenger Corridor. Tell the dog to find the scent on Martha's Hat, and he will lead you to Room 9, where you find a Dirty Rag. Find the scent on it to discover the Three-Leaf Key in Sector 11 Maintenance Passage.

Go back to the Guest Room Hall and use the Three-Leaf Key on the door with a three-leaf clover.

Now find the scent of the Green Butterfly to find your way to Room 11. Talk to Amanda and then leave the room. After Amanda leaves, go back to Room 11 and take the Butterfly Case. Find scent on the case and the dog will sniff a blue butterfly. Chase it into the Guest Room Hall. Tun up to it to see a cutscene.

Pick up the shining object on the floor near the statue (Blue Butterfly). Go back to the First Class Guest Sector, avoiding the imps. Go to the ornate door, choose the fourth option, and offer the Blue Butterfly. Inspect the crooked door.

May 1930: Sir Peter

Pick up the Floral Letter on the ground. Have Brown find the scent of the letter. Taker the elevator to the upper level. Inspect the ladder to climb to the roof of the blimp.

After the cutscene, take the elevator back to the lower level and keep following Brown until he finds Amanda again. Talk to her and then go outside the Passenger Luggage Cabin.

Go back to where you started the chapter and on the way you will see a rabbit. Chase it into the Filth Room. Pick up the Sir Peter storybook and Peter's Droppings. Find the scent on Peter's Droppings and Brown will chase the rabbit around. If he chases it into a blocked doorway, use the map and navigate to a section near the blocked doorway so he can "reset" his scent. Eventually Brown leads you to the Men's Lavatory and starts barking at one of the stalls. Knock at the stall door. If you hear water dripping, you can open it. If someone knocks back, leave the room and get Brown to find the rabbit's scent again.

You will be lead to the Middle Class Luggage room. Look inside one of the suitcases to continue the chase. Keep following Brown until you reach a boss battle.

Boss fight:

Equip the Iron Pipe. Adjust your position to always stay behind him and hit him with the tip of the pipe. Stay out of range of the counter-attacks, these reach his back side too, and if you're standing close enough you get hit. If the lunge attack hits you, shake out of it just like from an imp fight. You can't hit him while he's getting up.

Pick up the Warm Bag from the floor. Go to the First Class Guest Sector and use it while standing in front of Amanda. Walk up to the offering door and inspect it.

June 1930: Bird of Happiness

Leave the Salon. Get close to the donation door to activate a cutscene. Look at the shining object to find a Red Feather. Find the scent of the feather.

Go upstairs through the One-Leaf Door and into one of the stalls in the Women's Lavatory. Leave the room and talk to Meg and Diana.

Look for Room 26. You will hear a bird when you are near it, at the south end of the 2nd Passenger Corridor. Inside Room 26 there's a box with a combination lock and the Kingdom Sketch. The population number on the sketch is the combination to the lock. Insert the number into the combination lock (use the D-pad) and press X to open it. Get the Torn Diet Chart and have Brown find the scent of it. You will eventually find yourself in the Shower. The other half of the chart is in the middle stall. Make a note of the weight of the Mayor (124).

Go back to to Room 26 and input 124 into the slightly smaller combination lock. Take the Sketch Piece from the floor. Find the scent of the sketch to be lead to Room 15 where you sketch piece with become the Torn Family Sketch. Find the scent of the thorn sketch. Go up a stairway, avoid the birds, and you should find the last portion of the Torn Family Sketch. The colors of the birds are oragen for Daddy, greeen for Mommy and yellow for Daughter. In the 2nd Passenger Corridor there are bird drawings on the walls with numbers: Daddy 55, Mommy 45,Daughter 12. Add them up and insert the total (112) into the box in Room 26 to find the last locked box and a News Article.

Find the scent of the article and you will end up in Room 9. Inspect the body on the floor. Note the number 30 in headline of the newspaper when you investigate the body. Look at the News Article. You should read that 60 pounds have been taken. Deduct 30 and 60 from the initial bank account amount and you get 275. Insert the number on the final combination lock in Room 26.

Back in the Salon, look for a piece of paper on the sofa.

September 1930: The Goat Sisters

Pick up Meg's Pencil from the chair. Find the scent of the pencil. Following the same procedure, you will find Aristocrat Oath, Stray Dog List and Secret Love Letter. Find the scent of the Love Letter and Brown will lead you to Meg's Notebook.

Talk to Diana and Eleanor. She will give you a Torn Letter. Find the scent of the letter to obtain the other half. You will have to fight and defeat the two Goat bosses. When done, investigate the clock. After the cutscene, inspect the goat doll and the piece of paper on the floor in Meg's Lab.

August 1930: Mermaid Princess

Leave the VIP Room and exit the First Class Guest Corridor. Go downstairs. After the cut-scene, talk to Meg and Eleanor. When they leave, inspect the shining object on the floor to find a Fish Scale.

Find the scent of the Fish Scale. Brown will lead you to the stern of the airship. Pick up the Meat Cleaver and Fish Head from the top of a box. Find the scent of the Fish Head until you find Doll Legs. Find the scent on the Doll Legs. Run past the fish enemies to reach the Mermaid's Room. Inside, walk up to the bed to trigger a boss fight.

Boss fight:

Equip the Ice Pick. This boss has three attacks: she drops down from the ceiling, swings her arms around and vomits acid. You can tell where she is dropping down from the little amount of acid that appears before she does, or you can command Brown to find scent with no object in the "find" slot and he will tell you where she will be dropping.

Stay in the middle of the room near the foot of the bed, so you can see the entire room. Watch where the acid drops, run to that spot and attack when she comes down. After she falls, she will either swing her arms or vomit, so listen to the sound she makes. You can interrupt her, but you can only hit her once, since she becomes invincible for a short time after each hit.

After defeating her and finding yourself back in the VIP room, inspect the aquarium.

June 1930: The Gingerbread House

Leave the Rose Garden and walk towards the man. Enter the house through the front door and go walk through the main hallway until you reach the back of the house. Go to the Basement.

Go down the stairs and enter the solitary room. Inspect the wardrobe three times. Pick up the Teddy Bear. Wait for Wendy (about a minute) and then use the door, which should be unlocked now. Go upstairs and follow Wendy into the Study. Talk to her.

Leave the house and chase Wendy along Rose Way. If you go to the sides of the yard, you run into Gregory and will have to restart from the basement.

Talk to Wendy in the Rose Garden.

October 1930: Rag Princess

Go to the Sector 8 Cargo Bay. Pick up the storybook Gregory leaves behind to get Rag Princess.

Enter the Working Class Luggage and approach Amanda. Take the stairs back to the First Class Guest Sector and enter the Sickroom. Talk to the girl lying on the floor. Go back to Working Class Luggage and walk towards Diana. After she speaks, look at the sewing box nearby. Pick the Bear's Tail from the floor. Find the scent on the Bear's Tail. Follow the dog until you see Amanda using the elevator and the lights go out.

Go back to the Sector 8 Cargo Bay and find a a Half-Eaten Biscuit near Nicholas. Find the smell of the biscuit and follow Brown. You have to kill the first pig monster you find, but you can ran past the others. You will find Xavier stealing something.

Open the door leading to the Sewage Treatment Room. When Xavier runs away, enter the Sewage Treatment Room, pick up another biscuit and find the scent of it. Brown will try to go through the Kitchen, but you have to go through the Smoking Room. He will pick up the scent again in the Smoking Room, but will try to go the wrong way again. Once you get near the Pantry, ignore the dog and find the back entrance to the Pantry. Inside you will find the Generator Lever.

Find the scent of the level to get back to the Generator Room. Walk up to Generator 1 and use the lever. The elevatorss will start working. Use the Sector 6 elevator to find Amanda, go to the upper level.

After the cutscene, get back on the elevator and go to the middle section of the airship. You wil see the boy once again, follow him through a series of passageways where a few fights await you. Eventually you will reach the Sector 13 elevator. Take it to the lower level.

Find the scent on the Bear's Tail and follow Brown to the First Class Guest Sector, where you will find Joshua the Bear. When the door opens, go through it.

November 1930: The Funeral

Call Brown three times to be set free. Go downstairs to trigger a cutscene.

Now you will have to talk to several orphans in the mansion. On the ground floor, you will find the Tearful Princess in the Kitchen and both Sloppy Prince and Gluttonous Prince at the Front Entrance. On the first floor, you will find the Strong-Willed Princess in the Dormitory, the Small-Hearted Girl in the Sewing Room, the Wise Princess in the Library, the Mischievous Prince in the Play Area, and the Cold Princess in the Balcony.

Each time you check an area and talk to the orphan(s) there, a piece of paper will be thrown at you. Pick them up and read them. After talking to all the children, go to the main hall and you will be pushed down the stairs. On the floor there will be another piece of crumpled paper, read it.

When night comes, open the door that leads to the back Hallway, then take the exit to the Rear Stairway. Go to the Kitchen for a mini-boss fight, then head back tot he Rear Stairway. Go upstairs, to the right Hallway and into the Library for another mini-boss fight.

Leave the Library and go back down until you find the Sewing Room and another mini-boss. Next, go into the Dormitory for another mini-boss (kill the rat instead of chasing the rabbits).

Go back to the Rear Stairway, go downstairs and back to the main hall. Another fight, with two mini-bosses.

Go to the Inner Court and inspect the shining objects on the wooden crate. Go back in the mansion and up the stairs to the Attic. Find a door similar to the offering door on the airship and go through it.

December 1930: Stray Dog and the Lying Princess

Leave the Filth Room and head to the front staircase. Walk up to the two girls whispering to each other. Go downstairs. Enter the Hallway leading to the Classroom. Talk to the girls holding candles, then go to the front of the Classroom. When everyone leaves, go to the mansion's front entrance for a boss fight.

Boss fight:

This monster is much like the one in the Sir Peter chapter, only much stronger and slower. Equip something with long reach (Shovel or Rusty Sword will do) and attack with the tip. Stand behind him on a diagonal position and keep enough distance to avoid the counter-attacks (arms swinging around). The rest of his attacks you can avoid by watching where he is lunging to.

Leave the orphanage thruogh the front door. After the cutscene, you will receive Gregory's Gun for the final battle in the game.

If you kill Gregory, you will get the bad ending. If you attack and wait until he says "I'm sorry, don't shoot!" and then use Gregory's Gun, you will get the good ending and access the following chapter.

January 1930: Once Upon a Time

This is a story-based chapter so you can explore the orphanage. To end this chapter and the game, leave through the front gate, walk down to the shed, and inspect the puppy and Bucket Knight.