Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle


A very simplistic walkthrough for this graphic adventure.

Chapter 1: Trapped in the Jungle

Look at the boxes to the right and pick up a Capote puppy. Look at it in your inventory.Take the shard of glass from the floor near the door of the plane. Try to open the compartment, it's locked.
On the floor to the left of the compartment, near the seats, pick up Gina's hairclip.

Go to the cockpit. Open the central glove compartment and take the binoculars and the bottle of whiskey. There's another glove compartment to the left with a magnifying glass. Check out the Elvis toy. Now pull the small lever to the left and go outside and check the open hatch. Go back to the cockpit and use Gina's hairclip on the lever to keep the hatch open. Go outside again.

You should see a little piece of paper fall from the sky. Pick it up to find Otto's pilot license. Use the binoculars on the treetop to spot Otto's backpack.

Inspect the open hatch on the front of the plane to find a tank of water, a tool and some anti-slippage spray. Now you can leave the area going right.

Look at the goggles in the quicksand. Brian will use a branch to reach and grab them. Now try to climb the rock. Use the spray on the rock, and try to climb again. A pesky lemur will stop you. Use the puppy on the spot on the ground where the lemur was. Watch it sink in the quicksand.

Go back to the plane. Pick up another puppy from the boxes. In your inventory, use the glass shard with the branch. Now use the shard on the goggles to cut the strap. Use the strap with the branch to get a slingshot. Use the slingshot on the treetop to get Otto's bag. Look at the bag in your inventory to get the broken key.

Use the magnifing glass in one of the rays coming through the trees. Use the tool on the magnifying glass. Use the resulting tool with a ray of light. Use the broken key on your improvised welder.

Go inside the plane and use the key to open the compartment and take the snowshoes. Go back to the quicksand area.

Fill the Capote puppy with water. Place the puppy on the spot where the lemur appeared before. The lemur will drink the water, but so much for the puppy. Go back to the plane and get another, this time fill it with whiskey and place it in the same spot. You get a drunken lemur in your inventory.

Climb the rock safely and reach the ledge. Inspect the sign on the bridge. Use the snowshoes to cross the bridge.

Chapter 2: Surfin' Mala

Look at the notebook on the desk to find out Brian's handwriting is similar to the Colonel's son. This will be useful. Talk to the Colonel, pick all the options. Leave the army camp and go right, towards the beach.

Talk to Lokelani at the bar, pick all the options to learn everything. The whole ex-boyfriend talk will be useful. Take the cigar holder from the ashtray on the floor. Take the chalkboard from the bar. Leave the bar and go to the basement doors of the Visitor's Center. Notice the locked board. Look in the garbage container to find a stick of butter.

Go to the surf shack on the beach and look at the cable on the bannister. Try to pull it. Go under the hut to try to get it loose. Use the butter under the hut to finally get the cable. Talk to the monk, pick all options. Give him the chalkboard, talk to him again until you run out of chalk. Go back to the beach, to the Bucking Bronco. Enter the trapdoor. Go back out, to the beach, leave and go up to the Highway to reach Alaula Cove.

Talk to Knife, the surfer. Ask about his boat and learn about Koala. Take the rope and the talcum, on each side of the hut's stairs. Talk to Kai on the hammock. Go to the bottom left of the screen to find the boat and a tool box near it. Take the tool box.

Go back to the beach. Talk to Lokelani about fixing the bucking bronco. Go to the basement entrance and use the cable on the board.

Go back to the surf shack and talk to the monk some more, until he accepts to help fix the bronco. At the bucking bronco, give Joshua the butter and the tool box.

Now go meet the soldier to the left of the Visitor Center. Talk to O'Connor, pick all options and learn how to make chalk. In the inventory, use the talcum powder on the cigar holder. Then use the cigar holder on the trunk of the palmtree nearby.

Use the rope on O'Connor and he will climb the palmtree. While he does, look at the book he had and get Professor Pignon's photo. Now take the hummer to the basement entrance and attach the cable to it to break the board and open the doors. If O'Connor gets back before you've done both things, tell him to climb the tree again.

Go down to the basement, there is a room under the stairs. Go inside to find a metal detector. Look at the circuit breaker. Lower the levers for the Visitor Center and the Seafood Kahuna. Raise the Bucking Bronco lever. Go outside, to the bucking bronco, which is now fixed.

Go back to Alaula Cove and talk to Knife about the new way of surfing. He lets you use his boat now.

Go check out the photo stand. Check behind it to see the panel and find out it's not working. Talk to Lokelani at the bar about her job as a makeup artist until she tells you about GreasePaint Pro and the tokens for the photo stand. Go to the basement and set the power back to the Surf Pix (you can turn off the power in Lokelani's place).

Go to the photo stand again and use Little Demon under it. There's a token under there, but the lemur won't give it to you unless you bring him booze. Talk to Lokelani and ask her for a beer. She will quiz you about her boyfriends. The aswers are: Milo, Lopati, Tiroo, Russell. Take the beer and go give it to Little Demon, who hands you the token. Go behind the panel to take a picture, put the token in the slot. Lokelani will join Brian to take the picture. Take the photo souvenir.

Go back to the bar and give Lokelani the photo souvenir and the photo of the professor. Lokelani goes to scan the photos. While Brian decides to get a beer, Little Demon scares the cuckatoo away. Lokelani comes back with the doctored photo and she is very upset about Aolani.

Go to O'Connor and talk to him about the bird. While he shoots Aolani down from the tree, Brian slips the photo back into the book. Take the bird and go talk to Kai in Alaula Cove.

Go to the military camp and ask to speak with the Colonel. When you can, pick up the notebook and write "locate the hut in the northwest part of the island". End the chat with the Colonel as fast as you can and go to the beach. Come back and talk to the Colonel again. You will hear Leslie say the coordinates for the new place.

Go back to the beach and talk to O'Connor to find out a kid took his GPS. Go to Alaula Cove, inside the hut and inspect the videogame Koala is playing with. Use Little Demon with Koala. Go outside and pick up the GPS. Use the coordinates with the GPS to get a new place on the map.

Go to the hut, look around and pick up a turtle shell. Go back to Alaula Cove, use the metal detector on the sand turtle sculpture to find the prosthetic leg. Talk to Kai. Give him the leg.

To the right side of the witch doctor's hut, there's a cemetery. Use the metal detector on one of the graves. When Brian finds the right one, use the turtle shell on the grave to dig.

Chapter 3: Simpler than an Ameba

Look at the briefcase. Look at the computer. Go to the right and inspect the table to get a plastic bag. Go to the left by the boxes and get the socket cam. Try to leave the room. Go up the ladder to the left and grab the duct tape (on the mat). Look at the surveillance camera. Use the socket cam on the surveillance camera. Go to the other side near the tiki statue and inspect the platform controls.

Go back down and leave the room to the left. Inspect the cube and the slot in the middle of it. Go back to the previous room and leave to the right. Hear the men talking and try to go through the middle door. Now exit through the door on the right.

Talk to O'Connor. After the conversation he gives you an envelope from Lokelani. Open the envelope to get the ring. Go back inside to the computer room and use the ring on the briefcase. Picku p the card, the glove and the neuralizer.

Go back outside and talk to O'Conner about everything. Use the neuralizer on him. Pick up the three marbles that fall to the ground.

Go back to the cube room. Use the card on the slot. Look at the bowling ball. Use the marbles on it. Use the glove on it. Go back to the desk and look at the computer notes. Go back to the AMEBA room, insert the card in the slot and use the glove on the ball. Go to Alaula Cove.

Talk to Joshua about the AMEBA. When done, use the portal again to go back to Alaula Cove. Talk to Joshua again to figure out what's going on. Connect to Alaula Cove a third time and ask Joshua for the dental tools.

Go to the platform controls and use the dental tools to activate it. Climb into the titki's mouth. Look at the stone ball to the left. Look under the hat. Look at the legs, and to the left of them there's a leather bag and a whip. Pick them up. Take the Stenchazol from the bag.

Go to the right to the end of the tunnel. Look through the opening. Listen to the conversation. Look at the opening again, you can move the camera up and down, so inspect the men, the statues, the coliseum structure, the tarantulas and the box below them.

Go back to the leather hat on the stone ball. Use the plastic bag on the hat to get the tarantula (Adelina). Go back to the opening and try to throw Adelina in.

Exit the tiki statue, lower the platform, go down the ladder and exit to the door on the right. Use the Stenchazol with the middle door. Use the dental tools on the Stenchazol. Now use the Stenchazol on the middle door again.

Go back into the catwalk room, up the platform, into the tiki statue's mouth. Throw Adelina through the opening. Click on the opening again and go get the walkie-talkie on the table. Go back to the mouth. Use the whip on the left earring of the tiki statue. Brian needs a distraction, so he'll use the walkie-talkie automatically.

Chapter 4: He Who Knows Does Not Speak

Talk to Joshua and try to get him to remember the password. Take the knife from the drawer on the cupboard. Take the oil dispenser from the fireplace mantle. Take the firewood from the box near the bunk bed. Leave the shelter through the left.

Pick up the gas tank to the left of the door. Go to the bottom left to exit the area. Keep heading left until you find Ben, talk to him about everything. Go back to the shelter and tell Joshua Tranton has been destroyed. Find out about his Japanese roots.

Go back to Ben and tak to him about sushi and Archibald. Take a leaf from the plant near him. Go to the bottom left to the frozen river. There's a tower cabin in the middle of the woods. Go there and climb the ladder. Take the chainsaw next to the bed. Take the hockey stick by the door. Take one of the perfume bottles. Take the guitar and Brian will go outside to play. Archibald finds you.

Talk to him about everything, he'll agree to make the sushi if you get all the items. You get a whistle to call him when done. You have the leaf, so now you need the mat. Go up to the cabin and take the bamboo sign from the door. Out in the balcony, take the bottle of bleach. Look in the barrel and take the tube. Climb down the ladder. Use the firewood on the axe to get chopsticks.

Go back to the shelter. Go right. Use the tube on the truck to get some gasoline. In the inventory, mix the oil with the gasoline. Pour some into the chainsaw. Cut the moose with the chainsaw.

Go back to the frozen river. Cut a hole in the ice with the chainsaw. A bear comes to fish in it. Go back to Ben.

In your inventory, use the chainsaw on the moose head. Use the knife on the moose head. Use the bleach on the moose head. Now you can give the "bear head" to Ben. Talk to him about the bear and he'll go down to the river. While he's gone, switch the perfume bottle in your inventory with the one in his backpack. Ben comes back. Convince him to go back down again.

Go back to the frozen river. Use the hockey stick to pick up the bear claw. Try to fish with your hand in the hole. Use the hockey stick on the hole. Use the bear claw with the hockey stick. Use the bear style fishing device on the hole to get a salmon.

Go back to the cabin. Use the whistle between the large rocks. Talk to Archibald about how long it will take to make the sushi and get it delivered. Brian loses his cell phone. Watch Joshua recover.

Go to the right and look at the cable. Open the truck's door. Open the hood. Use the hockey stick on the hood. In your inventory, use the knife on the chainsaw to get a spark plug. Use the spark plug with the engine. Open the door and start the truck.

Chapter 5: Shipped to the Past

Inspect the door and the keypad. Try to use the keypad. Look at the painting. Walk to the left and look at the diving suit. Go into the next room. Inspect the Neptune statue to take the trident. Go back to the previous room. Look at the tube to the left of the diver's suit and Brian automatically gets in the elevator.

You will automatically talk to Sushi to know what happened, what she has discovered and where exactly are you. When the dialog comes up, chat with Sushi some more to find out the password for the keypad: 0512.

Go through to the deck, bottom left of the screen. Talk to Rutger.Try to take the telepathic helmet from near his chair. Inspect the gardening supplies to forcedly get a bag of sand. Look at Rutger's bong. Look at the refrigerator to the left of Rutger. Take the broom leaning against it.

Go back downstairs. Go to the Neptune room and talk to Saturn by the bar. Pick all options. Go back to the room with the locked keypad. Use the keypad. Talk to the French girl, Camille. Talk to Dean. Look at the fire extinguisher, the monitor and the sea-lock chamber. Go back upstairs.

Inspect the glass cases on the wall (hose and axe) and the fire hydrant. You need a key to open the glass cases. Use the keypad on the door in the back. Look at the big tank. Go down the stairs. Open the valve to the left of the tank to empty it. Inspect the panel and the intercom to the right of the tank. Look at the cargo hold door #2. Push the red button to the right of it. Use the broom on the door. Brian finds a bag of white plastic ties inside.

Go up the stairs and use the keypad. Use the keypad on the door in the hallway. Use the elevator and go talk to Sushi. Ask her for the glass case key.

Go back down to the hallway with the glass cases. The hose is gone. Go down to where Camille and Dean are. Keep walking right, past the sea-lock into the storage room with diving supplies. Take two tubes from the box.

In your inventory, use the white plastic ties on the tubes. Get another tube from the box and Brian will start putting together a makeshift hose. No back to the hallway upstairs and use the improvised hose on the fire hydrant. We must come back later.

Unlock the door to the room with the painting and see Joshua go upstairs. Go back to the hallway to find Camille again. Talk to her, pick all the options to learn about the magazine pages and the wine. Go downstairs to the sea-lock room. Talk to Dean when there's a break in the taping, ask him for the paper he wrapped his lunch with.

Go back upstairs, leave to the room with the painting and come back in. Camille is back and brought you the wine. Go back out and use the wine with the Staterooms. Brian will try the wine. Look at the empty wine bottles in your inventory.

Go to the Neptune room. Try to take Saturn's sketchpad. In your inventory, use the sand with the wine bottles. Combine the wine bottles with the plastic ties to get an hourglass. Use the hourglass with the trident to get the watch-fork. Give it to Saturn. Brian takes the sketchpad. Grab a marker from the cup on the bar.

Go back to the hallway to see Joshua sneak into the "Reserved" door. Go in after him, down to the sea-lock. Use the sketchpad on Dean. Brian gets the magazine pages. Talk to Saturn and ask what to say to Rutger.

Take the elevator up to the bridge and go out to the deck. Talk to Rutger about what Saturn said. Said his hat is off to you. Go back downstairs and talk to Saturn. Tell him Rutger sent him a message and pick the one about his techno-art not getting the deserved air time. Back upstairs, tell Rutger the "translated" reggae message: he gets so happy he flaps his wings like a duck.

Back downstairs, tell Saturn that he feels wacko for not having gone to the Burning Man Festival. He sends a new message for Rutger about the Jamaican olympic bobsled team. The translation is "he'll buy you an olympic-size bong".

Finally, you can take the helmet and find the trantonite. Brian has to go diving to place the scanner. Watch the second dive to find out you need to clean the lichen.

Go downstairs. Look at the diving suit, the helmet is missing. Go to the cargo hold. Go down the stairs and look in the tool box to get a saw. Use the saw with the broom holding the door to get a brush. Go up the stairs and use the keypad. Go back downstairs and use the intercom to talk to Sushi.

Use the button next to the intercom to open the hatches. Climb the ladder. Go into the bridge. Talk to Sushi and ask to go down to the galleon. Brian will clean the sphere but it turns out to be empty. Brian goes for another dive to check the stateroom in the galleon. The door is stuck.

You learn Joshua was using a crowbar to open crates in the cargo hold. Go out to the deck. Go down to the cargo hold. The broom holding the door is gone, so is the ladder. Go down the stairs and push the red button to open the door. The crowbar is still in there. Open the hatches. Go upstairs to the bridge and out to the deck. On the far right you can cross over to the other part of the deck above cargo hold #2.

Go back to the deck, go downstairs and talk to Saturn in the Neptune room. Talk to him and take the electro-magnets. Go back to the cargo hold. Use the magnets on the hatch to climb up.

Brian gets the crowbar and goes for another dive to open the door inside the galleon.

Chapter 6: The Hidden Beacon of Avernus

Talk to Camille. Look around at the maps, the samurai armor, the swords, the chessboard. Take the paperweight and the dagger (letter opener). Look at the shackles. Look at the nail on the post. Use the letter opener on the nail. Throw the letter opener to Camille. Use the nail with the shackles.

Take the bottle from the table. Open the cabinet. Look at the vase, it's somewhat hidden behind the post. Look at the glass flask above the spittoon. Take the seven-tailed dragon's tongue. Look at it in your inventory.

Spin the globe. The starting point is Spain. Spin it to the right and you will hear it click when it reaches Japan. Spin it to the right some more and it will make another noise.

Go out to the balcony. Listen to the pirates. Get the sunflower seeds from the floor, to the left. Inpect the window on the right. Use the letter opener on the window sill. Get the board and nail.

Go inside and talk to the parrot. Give him the sunflower seeds. Left from Spain to the East, set sail, Empire of the Rising Sun.

Go into the passageway and talk to Russian Mongrel. Tie the dragon's tongue to the bars on the door. Use the paperweight on the tongue. Go through the door. Pick up the paperweight. Inspect the ornamental pirate, the dress and the flag.

Open the door to the left of the skeleton. Use the board on the slot. Go in and get the lemur (Demon Dog). Take "treasure of treaures" to grab a golden idol. Leave the treasure room and go to the passageway corner behind the stairs. Talk to the pirate. Pick whatever name you like. Talk to him about everything and begin your tests to get your Certificate for Pirates with Low Moral Standing.

To pass the Proof of Plundering and Pillaging Test, give Husky Hound the golden idol.

To pass the History of Classical Ruffianism Testa nswer the questions correctly.

1. Who was the ship's cook in the famous crew of the ill-fated Captain Flint? Long John Silver.

2. What was the original trade of Cap'n Blood, which was convenient for someone wantin' to become a bloodthirsty pirate?


3. How did Captain Swallow escape from the island Captain Babossa abandoned him for the first time? By inventing turtle surfing as everyone knows.

4. By means of what ingenious combination of trips did the 4 Pirates of Lentil Cove reach the Caribbean Express' port of call on Chickpea Island? After the explanation, there are four other questions. Answer:

A. Henry Wobblins and Diego el Cojuelo
B. Henry Wobblins
C. Joao de Passoromo and Jean L'Eclope
D. Diego el Cojuelo

To do the Act of Extreme Cruelty walk to the left of Husky Hound and look at the cabinet on the floor. Go to the right back to the passageway. Use Demon Dog with the barrel of water. Go back to the cabinet to pick up a bar of soap. Use the soap with the barrel in the passageway. Use Demon Dog with the barrel. Go back to Husky Hound and show him Demon Dog. Go back to the Captain's cabin and get a certificate from the cabinet. Take it to Husky Hound and receive your Certificate for Pirates with Low Moral Standing.

Take the empty bottle out of your inventory and give it to Husky Hound to get some grog. Go back tot he treasure room. Click anywhere on the treasure to take something. Brian empties the room and gets the voucher for huge treasure. Go down the stairs and grab the funnel. Go to the cabin and go out into the balcony. Look at the empty bottle hanging from a rope to the right. Use the board from the window sill in your inventory with the window. Now use your grog with the hanging empty bottle. Enter the cabin and go back out to the balcony. Look in the pile of seeds to find a few more sunflower seeds. Go feed them to the parrot to hear the rest.

Left from Spain to the east, set sail...
Empire of the Rising Sun...
Then traveled west to Newfoundland.
Then veered east to entry of Hell in Greek isles...

Go to the globe. Starting in Spain, spin it west until you land back in Spain, hear a click. Spin it to the east until you reach Japan, you'll hear another click. Now spin west to Newfoundland and hear another click. Finally spin east to Greece and the globe opens.

The end!

...boggles the mind, huh? :)