Ryse: Son of Rome

Collectibles and Gold


Earning gold in the colosseum takes a while, but you can get an easy 150 gold to get you closer to that first booster pack.

There are 50 gold coins to be found in each issue of the Ryse: Sword of Damocles comic on Xbox.com. You can find gold in some of the pages in the form of pouches or coins. Click on them and insert your gamertag to redeem them. You will get a message every time you find some gold and once you have collected all 50 coins for the issue. When you start the game again you will receive a message stating you have received the gold.

Some gold pouches contain larger amounts, so you may not need to visit all the pages to reach the 50 gold goal.
Issue 1: look on pages 5, 6, 8, 14, 17, 19.
Issue 2: look on pages 4, 7, 10, 14, 20.
Issue 3: look on pages 5, 6, 15, 17, 19, 23.


Chapter 1: The Beginning

Scroll #1: On the bridge, you see a wooden platform with the dead legionnaire. Climb it and look left to find a corpse that has it.

Vista #1: After using the scorpio turret, go up the stairs. Before entering the palace look left to find it.

Chronicle #1: Once you get the objective to escort Nero, you'll see a hallway with two statues. Turn left just after you enter the next room and look in the dark corner.

Chronicle #2: Go up the stairs to the right of where Nero is hiding. You will see it around the first large pillar, on the left.

Vista #2: From Chronicle #2, keep going down the hallway. You will find it at the end against a pillar to the left.

Chronicle #3: After Nero hides at the top of the stairs, go up the steps to the left and follow the hallway all the way down. Look at the balcony to the right to find it.

Chapter 2: S.P.Q.R.

Vista #3: As the chapter starts, to the left of the courtyard against a bench.

Scroll #2: After collecting Vista #3, go forward to a shadowed area. You will see the dead soldier.

Chronicle #4: Turn right from the dead soldier. You will see it inn the corner near the locked gate and a fountain.

Vista #4: When trying to reach Marius' father, you’ll enter a shadowy curved hallway going down. It will be on the left wall about halfway in.

Scroll #3: In a courtyard with a pool, in the far right corner a man kneels by a body with a scroll.

Chronicle #5: After cutting the rope on the bridge and climbing down into a house. Once you get the checkpoint, turn right and follow the wall to see the chronicle on a doorstep.

Chronicle #6: Before entering the market area where you must drop the bridge, turn right and look behind the cart with a barrel.

Vista #5: After catching up with Marius' father again, you will go up a dark alley. It will be against the left wall before you reach the open area ahead.

Chapter 3: Trial by Fire

Scroll #4: Right after the chapter begins, you pass through a wrecked ship. Look to the left as you come out of it to find the body with the scroll.

Vista #6: Climb up to the deck of the wrecked ship, look left.

Chronicle #7: Continue across the deck of the ship and drop down through a hole. Turn around to find it hiding in the darkness.

Scroll #5: On the beach, after fighting a group of enemies, go forward and to the right to find another body.

Chronicle #8: Jumping down from another ship, go along the water to the left, following the rocks. A ship will be in front of you and a tower to your right. Turn around and you will spot it near the pointy rocks.

Chronicle #9: After dealing with the archers, look in the dark alcove located to the left of the fire.

Vista #7: Inside the tower with archers and more barbarians, look by the windows overlooking the ocean. Make sure you get it before you defeat all waves of enemies, or you will miss it.

Chronicle #10: Before commanding the formation on the beach, go right next to a spiked fenced to find this chronicle.

Vista #8: After commanding the formation and climbing the platform, look to the left at the barrels by one of your archers.

Chronicle #11: Drop down, clear the courtyard and before moving to the next formation banner, go right from the platform along a fence.

Chronicle #12: After defeating the archers, a new path opens to the right. Jump over the log and hug the right wall to find a narrow passage leading to the chronicle.

Scroll #6: After you pick up the last chronicle, go forward to find the body next to a barrel in an open area.

Scroll #7: After dropping the bridge, go up the steps and turn left. You will see the body in your path.

Vista #9: In the spot where you need to destroy the catapult, the vista is near the turret. You can't pick it up until you defeat a few enemies.

Chapter 4: The King

Vista #10: Jumping down into the river, look left to see it leaning against a tall boulder.

Chronicle #13: After jumping down and killing the barbarians, go right, duck under a log and find it by the water near a wrecked boat.

Scroll #8: After the barbarian ambush and before crossing the river, go left along the water to find the body.

Chronicle #14: You will duck under a log and pass a rock with circular symbols. Immediately turn right after the next large rock with a painted deer to see the chronicle in a dark corner.

Scroll #9: Passing through the pile of dead bodies, climb up two platforms and turn right to see the fallen soldier.

Chronicle #15: When you reach the room with the glowing yellow crate that you need to push to move on, look to the right of the desk nearby, behind a crate.

Scroll #10: After the archer ambush, climb up the platform with the blue banner and turn right to find a body between the barrels.

Chronicle #16: After taking the lift up, move towards your goal and look right to see a low barrier. Hop over it to find this chronicle. Near a bunch of barrels and crates.

Scroll #11: In the area with the flowing red flags, look right near a small wooden structure and a stone block to find a body.

Chronicle #17: Enter the dark cave and keep going up to the illuminated boulder, circle around and look behind it.

Vista #11: After the formation sequence in the cavern, you will find a group of soldiers near a large door. Don't walk towards the checkpoint. Look to the right of the soldiers near a lit up torch to find the vista.

Chronicle #18: On the opposite site of the last vista, on the ground near the left side lit torch. Again, be careful not to get close to the checkpoint.

Chapter 5: Edge of the World

Chronicle #19: At the start of the level, when the soldiers ask you to move on, turn around, go up the hill a bit and you will see it on your left, behind where your unit stands.

Chronicle #20: A little bit after that, your soldiers will be stopped again on a hill facing down. Turn around, go up the hill to the left to find the chronicle near the rocks.

Vista #12: After being kicked off the cliff, you will fight a minotaur. Kill it and walk up to the left to find it by a burning torch and a sort of tribal stick figure on a rock.

Chronicle #21: Go past the campfire, hop over the log and go along the left to find the chronicle hiding in a small tree.

Scroll #12: You will come to a spot where you are attacked by barbarians and archers will be shooting fire arrows at you. Follow the path to the right, passing over and under logs, to an area where you can pick up a bunch of spears. The dead soldier with the scroll is next to the piles of spears.

Chronicle #22: Drop down into another campsite with a bonfire in the middle and more prisoners. Turn left, facing the waterfall to find the chronicle.

Scroll #13: After freeing the soldiers, you will go down a path and across a stone bridge. Turn left to find the body near a burnt out bonfire.

Chronicle #23: After saving the first group of soldiers from the cave, you’ll have a command on screen to “get those cages open”. With the bonfire to your left, go straight into the canyon and all the way to the end of it to find the chronicle.

Scroll #14: Right after opening the cages, you'll have another formation banner. Run past it through the large gate and turn left to find a body by a tree.

Vista #13: After the formation in the ravine, you can find this vista on your right.

Chronicle #24: After releasing more soldiers from burning cages in the swamp, step out and to the left of the spiked fenced area.

Scroll #15: After the next battle and before you open the cages, you will notice a domed hut in the area. The body is just to the left of it.

Chapter 6: Pax Romana

Scroll #16: After the wall defense battle is over and you have control of Marius again. Go to the left of the soldier who tells you to take the slums, in a small dead end.

Vista #14: Behind that same soldier, go through the dark alley. The vista is visible inside.

Chronicle #25: Move through the alley and enter the last doorway on the left. It's inside and to the left by the table.

Scroll #17: After you climb the ladder and are told to take down the archers, don't jump down. At the end of the platform, right where the crates are, turn left to find the dead soldier.

Scroll #18: After going through the burning building, go left from the cart you jumped onto and enter the building in flames. The body is to the left.

Chronicle #26: From the same cart, go straight towards the water, turn left and enter the house. The chronicle is by the ovens.

Chronicle #27: Where you meet up with your unit, before you rally the formation at the banner. Turn around and head left, between the house and the cart with barrels. The chronicle is at the end of the platform by the crates.

Scroll #19: After leading the formation, you will climb the ladder, jump over a barrier to the right, and jump down the platform. Turn right and go down the path, onto a floating wooden platform in the water, under the bridge. The body is at the end of it.

Chronicle #28: Jump down into the area with the purple clothes dye. Turn left, jump onto the platform covered in a white sheet and up again. Turn left towards the dark area and left again to find the chronicle in a lit spot.

Chronicle #29: Past the purple dye area, go up the ramp where you can see the city across the river and turn right to find it hidden behind a barrel.

Vista #15: After picking up the previous chronicle, turn around and take the next ramp up. Turn right and you will see it in the shaded area.

Chronicle #30: After following Vitallion through the courthouse, turn left (before going down the stairs) and you will see it as you turn the corner, behind a crate.

Chapter 7: The Wrath of Nemesis

Scroll #20: Enter the market, turn left and left again. The fallen soldier is laying next to a kneeling citizen dressed in white.

Chronicle #31: After the market, you come to a ramp facing a tree. Turn right, jump down the platform and turn right again to find it behind a crate.

Chronicle #32: After kicking open the gate and fighting the praetorians, turn right and hop over the topiary pots to find it hiding behind them in the corner.

Chronicle #33: After getting rid of the barbarians with the turret and the rest of the praetorians, go up the stairs and kick open the next gate. Turn right as soon as you go through and it will be behind the foliage in the corner.

Scroll #21: Where you jump down to the pile of bodies, look immediately to the right to find the soldier containing the scroll.

Vista #16: Jump up from the pile of bodies and look right towards the Colosseum. The vista is resting against the ledge.

Scroll #22: Before entering Villa Titus (if you look up, the name has been taken down), turn left past the gated stairs and before the market stall. It will be in that corner near some wheels.

Vista #17: While the elevator into the arena goes down, look at where the doorway will be, the shield is on the opposite side. You need to be really quick here because this scene goes right to the next checkpoint and if you miss it you need to restart the chapter.

Vista #18: Before going into the arena, you get to roam around the gladiator "waiting area". Once you are able to run, go past the gladiators on the left and a large cage on your right, into a dark corner and the shield will be on the floor, next to a pillar where the sunlight shines.

Chronicle #34: From the vista, face the steps out into the arena. Go forward and turn right where the gladiators are sitting, all the way down to a pile of rope and barrels. Turn right again, keeping the crates on your right, go all the way down to the very dark dead end to find it by the crates.

Vista #19: As you enter the arena, just down the ramp turn immediately to your left and go up the steps to find it resting against the railing.

Scroll #23: jump down from the ship, turn left and left again as you go along the ship to find the dead soldier in the water.

Chronicle #35: As you get near the victory brazier, turn right and hop over the two blocks of stone and it will be hiding right there.

Chronicle #36: Go forward, walking past the blue fabric on the ground and towards the rock ahead. Turn left at the rock to find the chronicle behind the tree.

Chapter 8: Son of Rome

Chronicle #37: Go up the steps, turn left and hop over the crates. Run all the way to the end of the hall and look in the right corner by the broken vase.

Scroll #24: From the previous chronicle, turn around and go straight to the opposite side of the stairs. You are ambushed by barbarians, so dispose of them first. Go forward a bit more and kick open the gate. Go down the stairs and turn right to find the dead soldier behind the pillar.

Chronicle #38: You'll move down a wooden ramp to join other soldiers. Don't move towards them yet. Turn immediately left and keep the ramp to your left, you will see a wood barrier that you can break. Walk all the way to the back, and you will find it near the large barrel on a cart.

Scroll #25: From the wooden ramp, go straight out and jump over the broken column. You'll see the dead soldier right away.

Vista #20: Still before joining the rest of the soldiers, and moving right from the ramp you will see some large stairs on the left. Go up the stairs, turn left, hop over the broken column and climb the ladder to find the vista on the scaffold.

Chronicle #39: Climb down from the scaffold and go down the large stairs. Run straight across and don't join the soldiers yet. Turn right, duck under the wood beam (looks like a broken fence) and turn right again to find the chronicle near a crate and wheel.

Chronicle #40: In a courtyard, when you are told "Head to the riverside" and facing the archway with the red pillar, turn left towards the red curtains. Go through the last red curtain on your left and follow that small hallway to find it at the end near a gate.

Scroll #26: Passing through what looks like a hallway with red and white friezes (sculpted scenes) on the walls and an archway at the end look on the left side by a pile of debris.

Vista #21: After using the scorpio to shoot the cauldron, a soldier unlocks the gate for you. Go through the gate and hop over some crates on the left to find the vista against the railing overlooking the river.

Chronicle #41: After helping the soldiers by the river, you must go through a small alleyway. Don't turn left towards the mark, go straight and turn right where some citizens complain about the invasion. Turn right again to find it by the wall (there's graffiti on it) and a locked gate.

Chronicle #42: When you come up to a road with some mosaic pattern, don't talk to the soldier on the left, turn right instead. Follow the hedge, turn right and open the gate. Turn right again and you will see a wooden barrier on the corner by the potted shrub. Break it down and walk forward to find it in that dark area.

Scroll #27: After shooting down the elephant, and before running after Boudica, jump down the broken staircase and turn right. Follow that path all the way down to see the dead soldier in the right corner.