The Sims: House Party

Hosting a Successful Party


House Party at first glance didn't seem like a very interesting expansion, but once you know what to do to throw a nice bash that will be forever in your neighbor's memory, you'll be the talk of the town.

That's where this little guide comes in, to teach you all you need to know to make your party a success, from the food to the music, not forgetting fun activities for your guests to do.

Throwing parties is not only a way to make yourself known, but to improve your relationships with your neighbors.

Preparing in Advance

Before you throw a party, you need to be prepared to receive a good number of guests. First of all, make sure you have enough money (use the "rosebud" cheat if needed), enough room and a good number of neighbors.

A solution to the room problem would be a building detached from your house with all the party goodies, or you can always place everything outdoors.

A few preparations must be made to accommodate everyone and have them stay as long as they possibly can before succumbing to exhaustion. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you decide to invite people over.

  • Toilets.
    Guests will line up to use the bathroom and sometimes end up stuck if there's only one door. Forget Port-a-Potties, no one likes to use them. The solution? A large bathroom, several toilet stalls, two sinks at least and two or three entrances.

  • Food and drink.
    Place a buffet table or two and two end tables with a punch bowl and an espresso machine. Make sure there's enough room for Sims to circulate around them. Outdoors is always a good solution.

  • Seating and surfaces.
    With all that food, your guests will need a place to sit and eat. Place a few single-tile tables, each accomodates four people. A few comfy couches are always nice too. Not enough room in the house? Place them all outside.

  • Entertainment.
    Make sure you have some music playing and planned activities for your guests. No one wants to be bored at a party, so you best have something for them to do.

Fun Activities

There are a lot of things you can do at a party, but the most popular activities are those that many people can do together.

Here are the ones I usually make everyone happy with.

  • Costume Trunk.
    Perfect for themed parties, especially if you like to decorate in extravagant ways. Have everyone change costumes at random times, or make your guests change into their swimsuits if you're having a pool party (make sure you're using tiki furniture for the full luau effect).

  • Exotic Dancers.
    Buy an entertainer cake or two, have a male and female dancer stop by to impress your guests. They're good at socializing too, since after their performance, they will mingle with the crowd.

  • Dance Floor.
    You can turn your house into a nightclub by placing some dance floor tiles, a few dance cages and of course, the ever-so-popular DJ booth. You guests can dance till they drop and you can let the music play or do the DJ's work yourself.

  • Hot Tub.
    You can slip into the hot tub and invite a few people to join you. It's a good way to socialize.

  • Mechanical Bull.
    Tons of fun and bruises guaranteed. Your guests will love it, but they can only experience it one at a time.

  • Pool Table.
    Your guests can pair up and play a few games of pool. The only downside is that a couple of these take a lot of room.

  • Bubble Maker.
    For some reason, Sims love blowing bubbles on this. It's fun and it adds to their comfort.

  • Volleyball Court.
    This was always a hit at my parties. Form a few teams, have a match.

  • Campfire.
    Another of my favorites and the guests' as well. Sing some songs around the campfire or tell some tales, but watch out for the ghost. The campfire can keep up to 8 people entertained.

My must-haves are definitely the Entertainers, Campfire, Volleyball and Dance Floor. Never have my parties gone bad while using these, and even when I have to keep pulling people to join the Campfire or a Volleyball match, in the end it's worth it.

Throwing a Party

So now that you have everything ready for your big bash, what do you do?

  • Get up early in the morning so you can make the most of your partying day.
  • Pick up the phone and select "Throw Party".
  • Then, pick up the phone again, select "Services" and call the Caterer. This way you don't have to worry about filling the buffet table and punch bowls, and everyone will always have food and drinks.
  • If only a few guests show up, pick up the phone a third time and select "Throw Party" again.
  • Make sure you hired the maid to clean up the mess the next day.

Special Guests

There are a couple of special guests that may appear at your house, depending on how the party is going.

If your party has gone wrong, you'll receive the visit of the Mime. This is a sign that you should look around to see what's making your guests unhappy: check for food, bathrooms and entertainment, and provide what is lacking.

A party can go well and you'll still not receive a special guest. This just means that while the party was good, there was still something you could have done to improve it.

When a party is doing well, there's a chance you might get a few party crashers in there. You can't interact with them, but you can ask them to leave. However, they don't care and will be back after a few minutes.

You know you've reached the ultimate level of party hosting when Drew Carey shows at your doorstep. Everyone will stop to go look at the limo and admire him, and although you can't interact with him, he'll go around and talk to people.

Congratulations, you have thrown your first exceptionally good party! May many others follow.