Still Life


This guide is an extensive, step-by-step illustrated walkthrough of Still Life for Xbox.

Step into the role of Victoria McPherson, a brilliant young FBI agent and the granddaughter of Post Mortem's famed Private Detective, Gustav McPherson. On the hunt for a serial killer, Victoria is up against five dead bodies, a mountain of circumstantial evidence and an angry boss breathing down her neck. Things become more complicated when, on a visit to her childhood home, she comes across one of Gus' old case files dating back more than 75 years. As she reads deeper into the file, she discovers an uncanny number of similarities between her case in Chicago and the gruesome killings in 1920s Prague.

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Chapter 1: The Anatomy Lesson

The 5th victim crime scene

Victoria arrives at the crime scene. Officer Tate is blocking the entrance, so talk to him for a while and give him a cup of coffee. He will tell you that Miller is upstairs waiting for you. Once he moves aside, go in and head upstairs. Talk to Miller, give him some coffee and get his camera. Go through the door behind Miller and you'll be at the actual crime scene.

Don't worry about the evidence right now, since you are still holding coffee and don't have the right tools. Keep walking through the hallway until you see someone else. This is Claire, and she is processing the bathroom. Give her some coffee. She will ask you to gather evidence, so head to the kitchen area (just behind Claire) and inspect her suitcase. Finally, you get rid of the last cup of coffee, and you can now take the forensic tools with you: cotton swabs, luminol, film, tweezers and black light filter. Open your inventory and combine the camera with the film. Now you can take photos.

Go through the doorway to the left. Inspect the dolls hanging from the ceiling and the coat hanger on the left side of the doorway. In the close up, you can see some fibers on the nail. Take a photo. Grab the tweezers and pick up the fibers. Now go through the door near the coat hanger.

Use the camera to take a photo of the bloodstain, and then use a swab on it. Don't bother with the pile of junk - you will come back to that after. Walk to the forensic lamp and use the filter on it. Spray some luminol on the wall to reveal a message: Sanctuary. Use the camera and take a photo. Take the filter from the lamp and move to the next room, which is the bedroom, on the right.

Inspect the bloodstain. Take a photo and then use a swab. Again, use the filter on the lamp. Spray the wall with luminol to reveal another message: "Disturbed". Take a photo with the camera. Leave the bedroom and go to the kitchen, where Claire's suitcase is. Place the evidence in the suitcase. Now you can talk to Claire and actually see the victim in the bathroom.

Claire tells Victoria that she will meet her back at the office. Walk Victoria out of the apartment, towards the staircase. Another cinematic is activated, and the stairs crumble into a pile of rubble. Now you have to find another way out of the building.

Go to the side of the hallway opposite of where Miller is. There is a boarded-up door. Now you can use the pile of junk for something. Go back to it and grab the metal bar from it. Use it on the door to get the boards loose and you'll find yourself on the fire escape. Another cinematic and you're back outside near your 4x4. Click on it and use the navcom to get to the office.

At the office

You arrive at the garage. Walk to the right side and use the elevator to go to the 8th floor. The doorway to the left is the actual office, where Victoria's desk is. Go in here and click on the desk. Click on the answering machine to hear a message and grab the security access card. Take the little Christmas gift as well. You can also inspect the folders on the desk, which have the other victim's files.

Now talk to Miller, sitting at the other desk. He says he will need Claire's report, and that your photos need to be developed so he can use them in the report. Go back to the hallway, across the office entrance, and drop the camera in the evidence chute. Now go back to the elevator. Officer Tate comes out saying that Claire is waiting for you. Get in the elevator and click the B2 button.

Once you get out of the elevator, turn and try to go through the double doors. They're locked, of course. Open your inventory and inspect the security card: VODKA is written on its back. This is the access code for the doors and each letter corresponds to a number on a phone number pad. So vodka will be 86352. Swipe the card and insert the numbers, then press ok. Walk through the doors on your left, and you'll be in the morgue.

Click on Claire to talk to her. She briefs you on what happened at the crime scene, and she says you can take the report that is right by the victim's head. Take the report and go back to the elevator, where Victoria receives a call from her father.

Take the elevator and go back to the 8th floor. Give Claire's report to Miller. Tate is resting on a chair, you can talk to him if you want, but you don't have to. Head back to the elevator and click on the B1 button. Walk to the car and use the navcom to get to Pat's house.

Pat's house

This is where Victoria's father lives. They exchange their Christmas presents, and Victoria receives a necklace that used to be her grandmother's. Inspect the necklace - this is a clue for the solution of the next puzzle. Go upstairs into Victoria's bedroom (door on the right side of the hallway) and enter the closet. There's the attic door, but you can't really reach it, so you need something to help you pull it down. Go downstairs and take the umbrella that's on the coat rack. Go back up to the closet and use the umbrella on the attic door to bring the ladder down.

Find the light and activate it, so you can see what's in the attic. There's a big chest on the far side, click on it and you have your first puzzle. The objective is to match the symbols in the order as they are on the necklace.

Chest puzzle solution:

  • Click three times on the second dial from the left.
  • Click once on the middle dial.
  • Click three times on the 4th dial.
  • Click three times on the 5th dial (far right).
  • Click the small button at the bottom.

This chest contains Victoria's grandfather's memoirs, which she will begin to read.

Chapter 2: Persistence of Memory

Under the bridge

You are now playing as Gus McPherson. After a dialog with Skalnic, you find out that there's a serial killer on the loose in the streets of Prague, and it counts already with five victims. Because the victims are prostitutes, Skalnic doesn't really care, so Gus decides to investigate the case on his own. Once you're done talking to Skalnic, walk away from under the bridge and talk to Stasek. At least he is a friendly cop. He gives you some general information about the case and tells you that the coroner is located in an old chapel.

Keep walking along the shore, where you will meet up with Ida and her friend Milena. After questioning Milena, go up the stairs and talk to Ida, who will give you a map to help you get to the chapel. Click past the parked car and this will lead you to the map.

On the way to the chapel, you will trigger an event. Looks like someone doesn't want you snooping around... Open the map and click on the chapel location again.

The chapel

Walk through the left archway to go inside the chapel. Walk further into the chapel until you see the coroner. Talk to him for some information and to find out that he lost the combination to his safe, where the files are. You need those files, so you have to find the combination, which is written on a piece of paper on a bookshelf. The combination reads "74821536".

Walk around the coroner and the victims to the tabernacle. The safe is in the middle, and you need to place the runes according to the number of angles lower or equal to 90 degrees in each one of them.

Tabernacle puzzle solution:

After opening the safe, take the files and walk out. After being bullied by Peter, leave the area and you will have a new location to visit on the map: the park.

The park

Talk to Apolina. Head under the archway towards the park. Once inside, Gus will have a vision of the victim that was murdered here. Once the vision ends, go into the inventory and look for the photo of the murder in the park. Use it. When a photo is in use, you can switch between it and the actual view of the park now. Switch back and forth until you see something that looks different. Can't find it? Here it is:

There is a rock that isn't exactly where it should have been. Click on that spot on the photo to investigate. Gus will move towards that spot on the real scene. You will see a close-up on the rock, where there seems to be some blood and a piece of paper. Pick up the paper, which reads: "The whore wasn't worthy of my devotion, so I proposed to the angel."

Inspect the fountain and click on the statue of the angel. You will see a ring on the angel's hands. Try to pick it up and a new cinematic begins: a crow flies away with the ring, Gus chasing it as fast as he can.

The burnt neighborhood

In the burnt neighborhood, walk all the way to the end of the street and click on the door to the building to get in. Talk to the man sitting upstairs, it's actually an interesting conversation. For a homeless bum, he is pretty intelligent. He will give you the ring back, and then you can go on your way.

Once you step outside, Ida comes to you telling you about a possible survivor. This also unlocks another place on the map, the junkyard.

The junkyard

Go all the way up to the far end of the street and then to the left. There's Peter, cleaning his gun. You won't get past here right now, so walk all the way back and out of this area. On the map, click on the lingerie shop.

The lingerie shop

Click on the door, Otokar will come out. You will have to find a way to free his right hand man from jail (Roman, Peter's brother) and then he will tell Peter to leave you alone. Walk out of the area and on the map click on the Police Station.

The Police Station

Talk to Stasek inside, and you will find out about his black eye and about his involvement with Apolina. Stasek's wife has been asking about his medal of honor, which is missing. To release Roman from jail, you will need to bring back the medal that Apolina stole from him. Walk outside and out of the area, and go back to the park.

The park

Talk to Apolina. She will explain that Stasek requested her services, but then refused to pay her. She then grabbed the medal and took it as payment. When Stasek came back asking about it, Roman assaulted him and gave him a black eye. She gives you the medal, not without whining about it first, so now you can go back to the Police Station.

The Police Station

Talk to Stasek. Give him the medal and wait for him to bring Roman out. The deal is complete, so now you can head to the lingerie shop to have Otokar do his part.

The lingerie shop

When you get there, Roman is talking to Otokar. Otokar sends roman out to the junkyward to talk to Peter, so he will leave you alone from now on, and to let you talk to Vladanna. Before you leave, Otokar also gives you a lock-picking tool. Leave the area, and click on the junkyard spot on the map.

The junkyard

Peter decides to play a joke on Gus, and it doesn't go very well since the dog ends up loose. Gus finds refuge on this large crane, which is your tool to getting out of there.

Go inside the cabin and look at the wall to the left of the controls: there's a panel here that shows how to unlock the crane. The lock to the crane is on the outside wall, so go out and around the back to find this panel.

You need to move the levers one at a time to have the numbers in the order you saw them on the poster in the cabin: 1, 2 and 3 on the top, 4, 5 and 6 on the bottom.

The trick is to place numbers 1 and 3 first, then 2, then 4 and 6, and finally 5. It's not a hard puzzle, it just takes a little time because you can only move one lever at a time and use that single spot in the middle as an "exchange point".

Once that is done, you can now move the crane. Unfortunately, you can't pick up two crates at the same time, so you need something to cut those chains. Look around on the floor near the crane lock, you will find some heavy cutters. Now you need to move two crates over so you can reach the stacked ones and cut the chains. Then you need to place all four crates in a row so you can cross over to the train wagons. Go inside the cabin to use the crane controls to move them around.

Walk across the "bridge" of crates and enter the train wagon. A cinematic begins, and you will change back to Victoria.

Chapter 3: Orphan Man with Top Hat

Victoria's reading is interrupted by a phone call from Claire, and she seems very upset. Go downstairs and head outside. You can talk to Pat, but you don't really have to. Once in the car, use the navcom to go to the office.

The office

Use the elevator and click the B2 button to go to the morgue. Go through the door (you don't need to swipe the card or enter the code anymore) and you will see a scene of the killer in a mask and cape taking the elevator.

In the morgue, Victoria finds that the stitches on the 5th victim have been torn open. Claire arrives and asks her to check the security cameras. Head out of the room and enter the door in front of the elevator. Inspect the monitor on the lower right side in the security panel. A cinematic begins, with Victoria chasing the killer.

After the chase, go back to the morgue. Clair says that she found a picture, and written on the back are the words, "She's next". She also says that you need to report to Todd.

After the conversation, take the elevator to the 8th floor. Enter the office room, and you will find Todd, who is not in a good mood and wants to talk to you and Miller in his room. And he also wants a cup of coffee.

Get out of the office into the hallway, walk all the way down the hall and enter the last door to the right. Pick up the mug that's on the table. Leave the room. Click on the coffee machine in the hallway and use the mug on it. Pick up the full mug and take it with you. Walk back to the office and enter the door to Todd's office, where Victoria gets into an argument with him.

Back in the office, talk to Miller. He tells you that he found something in common with the last two victims - they both knew this Vaclav Kolar who lives at the university campus. Take Victoria to the garage and use the navcom in the car to go to the new location, the Campus.

The Campus

When you arrive, go inside and walk up the stairs. Kolar's apartment is almost directly in front of the stairs, so click the door. He will let you in to answer your questions. He also mentions that he is writing a thesis about some murders that took place in Prague in the late 20's (coincidence?). Victoria wants a copy of it, and when he leaves the room she wants something to get his fingerprints from. Check under the chair in front of the TV, there's a beer bottle that you can take.

Kolar comes back with a copy of his thesis, and that's all you can do here for now. Go outside; get in the 4x4 and head to the office.

The office

Take the elevator to the morgue, and talk to Claire about prints. She says she doesn't have the time, but that she has everything you need up in the office, on her desk. Go to the 8th floor; enter the office and approach the desk on the far end of the room. Click on the left side of it.

There's a close-up of the tools you need here, and the beer bottle will be placed on the desk. Click on the round powder box, then on the brush, then on the bottle. The brush will apply the powder, making the prints visible. Now rotate the bottle a few times until you can see a full print. Click on the roll of lifting tape and use it on the bottle. Now you have a fingerprint. Head back downstairs and give it to Claire so she can analyze it.

You have to wait for a result, so go to the garage and use the 4x4 to go back to Pat's house.

Pat's house

Victoria's dad wants you to bake your grandmother's holiday cookies. Go into the kitchen and click on the kitchen island to change into the close-up with all the tools and ingredients. To use an ingredient you need to click the utensil first and then the ingredient, so if it's one cup of milk, you pick up the big cup and then click on the milk carton to fill it.

The recipe is "coded" and it reads:

1 cup of love
1/2 cup of generosity
2 cups of commitment
1 cup of sweetness
1/2 cup of integrity
1 tablespoon of romance
1 teaspoon of sensuality
1 common sense
In a bowl, cream together generosity, sweetness and love to give your man a sweetheart.
To give him devotion, sift together commitment, sensuality and romance. Blend devotion to his sweetheart.
Finally, add intelligence, a mix of common sense and integrity and beat it with the rest to make your perfect man.
Give him a form and place in the oven. Remember not to overcook.

Cookies puzzle solution:

Place 1 cup of milk, 1/2 cup of butter and 1 cup of sugar in the mixer. Click the mixer button to blend it.

Place 2 cups of flour, 1 tablespoon of ginge and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon in the mixer. Click the button to blend it.

Place 1 egg and ? cup of molasses in the mixer, click the button to blend it. Click the oven icon (top left of the screen) and there you have it, the cookies are now baking.

Take Victoria upstairs to her bedroom and a new cinematic will begin.

Chapter 4: Jack the Ripper's Bedroom

You are now back to Gus' story, in the junkyard, talking to Vladanna. She says she was attacked after leaving Mark Ackerman's studio, a local artist who pays the prostitutes to model for him. You can now leave the junkyard to find a new location on the map: Mark's studio. Click on it to go there.

Mark's Studio

In case you're wondering, you are on the other side of the archway that you can see from the lingerie shop. The studio is the first door on the left. Go inside, Mark will come to meet you. He says that Skalnic has been trying to incriminate him for the crimes, and then he asks Gus to leave, since he is busy painting Apolina. Mark hints that Gus should talk to Skalnic about the matter at hand.

Leave the area and go to the Police Station.

The Police Station

Talk to officer Stasek. He lets you in behind the counter so you can go upstairs to talk to Skalnic. Skalnic doesn't really want to talk and refuses to give you the files or any information about the other murders. He is also leaving, so he throws you out of the office.

Talk to Stasek again downstairs. He says he can't help you, but mentions that the workers outside might be able to. Go outside to the gate that was closed before. Grab the rope that's on the scaffold, it will fall down. Pick it up and then look on the right side of the gate for a large piece of wood. Pick it up. Combine the wood and the rope in your inventory. Go near the scaffold and use your improvised grappling iron to climb up to the window.

Once inside, click on the desk and pick up the keys. Use them on the file cabinet to get the files and crime scene photos for the previous murders.

You hear Skalnic returning, so you rush out the window. There are two places to go now, the bridge and the burnt neighborhood.

The bridge

Click on the stairs to the left to go to the shore. Gus has another vision here.

Ida arrives on a carriage and there's a scene where they talk and she confesses to be pregnant. After she leaves, use the crime scene photo and compare it to the actual landscape.

Click on one of the benches on the photo and Gus will investigate the spot. Where are the old benches now? Let's go find out. Head to the junkyard.

The junkyard

Talk to Peter here, he will show you where the old benches are. Click on them to see a close up. There's a ring stuck between two boards, pick it up. Leave the area and go to the burnt neighborhood.

The burnt neighborhood

Go into the alley on the right. Gus has yet another vision here. Use the crime scene photo to compare it to the actual alley. What's the difference?

There's a manger of sorts, empty on the photo, but full of water now. Click on it to investigate. Gus lets the water out and on the bottom it's carved "The slut knows". In the photo you can also see Milena talking to Skalnic, so go over to the park to talk to her. She probably knows something more.

The park

Talk to Milena. She will tell you what happened when she found the victim, and that inspector Skalnic dropped something down the sewers, but she didn't see what it was. Back to the burnt neighborhood we go.

The burnt neighborhood

Go into the alleyway, to the old crime scene. Inspect the manhole. Gus will open it after some effort and go down. There's a ring on the floor, pick it up. Go back up and leave the area. Milena comes to meet you, saying she is worried about Apolina, who's been to Mark's studio but hasn't come back.

Leave the neighborhood and click on Mark's Studio.

Mark's Studio

Click on the door. No one is answering. Now it's time to use the lock pick tools that Otokar gave you before. Lock picking isn't really that easy, since you are presented with this complicated puzzle.

Lock picking solution:

  • Use the circular tool on lock 1A.
  • Use the forked tool on lock 3A.
  • Use the circular tool on lock 2A.
  • Use the forked tool on lock MA.
  • Use the forked tool on lock 1B.
  • Use the circular tool on lock 3B.
  • Use the forked tool on lock 2B.
  • Use the circular tool on lock MB.
  • Use the circular tool on lock 3B.
  • Use the forked tool on lock 3C.
  • Use the circular tool on lock 1C.
  • Use the circular tool on lock 1B, twice.
  • Use the circular tool on itself (click on it to put it back in original position).
  • Use the forked tool on lock 4C.
  • Use the circular tool on lock 1B.
  • Use the forked tool on lock MB, twice.
  • Use the forked tool on lock 3C.
  • Use the circular tool on lock 1C.
  • Use the forked tool on lock 4B, twice.
  • Use the circular tool on lock MB, twice.
  • Use the circular tool on lock 2C.
  • Use the forked tool on lock MC.

Finally, you can get in. Inspect the paintings on the wall if you want, and walk all the way to the end of the room. You will find a telegram directed to Mark, pick it up. Leave the area and go to the Police Station.

The Police Station

No one is at the front desk, so you can go right in and walk upstairs. A cinematic begins, with Skalnic being bribed to incriminate someone else for the murders.

Chapter 5: The Garden of Earthly Delights

Victoria is "awakened" by Miller, who says that the prints match Kolar's. Time to go back to the Campus.

The Campus

Go upstairs, Miller is standing by Kolar's apartment door. Talk to him. Victoria ends up kicking the door in with the excuse that she heard some noises. Look around the apartment and then exit to meet Mia, Kolar's neighbor. After a long chat with her you find that she saw him at her working place. Miller goes ahead to check it out. Once the conversation is done, Officer Tate arrives to guard the door and you can head to the car and check out the new location: the Red Lantern.

The Red Lantern

Miller tells you that his efforts didn't work and that he couldn't go inside. Victoria has an idea. Take her inside, and when you get out the elevator, talk to the bouncer. He won't let you in unless you bring a pass, so it's off to the Campus to talk to Mia again.

The Campus

Go inside, up the stairs and past Officer Tate to the end of the hallway. Click on the last door. Mia has to take a phone call downstairs, so when she leaves, investigate the bedroom. Look at the silver half apple. Click on the photo album on the bed. Click on the bottom left picture to take it. This is the same person that was on the picture found in the morgue.

When Mia comes back, Victoria asks about the person in the picture. Mia says her name is Stephanie and that she forgot to meet her and gives you the address. Victoria rushes out of the room. Walk downstairs, get in the car and go to the new location: Richard's Gallery.

Richard's Gallery

Go through the front door. Talk to Richard at the front desk and ask him to see the artists' studios. Follow him to arrive at the studio a bit too late and find the 6th victim. Mia walks in a little later to leave screaming. Richard leaves to call the Police and to find Mia.

Take the elevator down and inspect the purse. Grab the club pass. Check to see what's stuck under the elevator. Walk over to Stephanie's dead body and take the picture that's on her chest. Now walk to the door where Mia entered from and pull the chain. Pick it up. Go back to the elevator and take it upstairs. Now on the pathway use the chain on the hook above you. Victoria slides down, and can now grab whatever was stuck under the elevator: a silver rose.

The investigating team arrives and Todd will tell you to meet Miller at the office and interrogate Kolar.

Leave through the half-open door, walk to the upper right corner of the scene into the alleyway and keep going right to find yourself outside the gallery again. Go inside, behind Richard's desk, and move your cursor around until you can catch the computer to zoom in on the desk. Click on it and grab the picture of Victoria that's next to it. Leave and head to the office.

The office

Take the elevator to the 8th floor. Walk to the end of the hallway and enter the interrogation room on the right. After a few pointless questions, Todd walks in and lets the suspect go. Miller starts arguing with him and that's Victoria's queue to leave.

Go into the office, to Claire's desk. Use the club pass on the paper cutter. Now use Victoria's picture on the paper cutter. Move over to the spot where the print lifting tools are. In the inventory, combine Victoria's picture with the pass. Use the fake pass on the plastifying machine, and you have your own Red Lantern pass. Go down to the garage and use the navcom to get to the Red Lantern.

The Red Lantern

Once upstairs, use the pass on the bouncer to get in. Inspect the closed door. It has a riddle on it: "In my memoirs you shall find the instrument of my suffering with which we celebrate our vows". Walk to the doorway on the right, and in the next room, go right again.

Inspect the painting on the wall: it's called "Reminder" and it has the numbers 4 and 2. Leave this room and on the next screen take the top doorway.

Inspect the weapons on the wall, you find the numbers 3 and 6. Inspect the masks on the wall. Take the silver mask and the nail that it was hanging from. Lastly, inspect the painting: it's called "Dark Wedding" and it has the numbers 1 and 5.

Go back to the door with the riddle. Enter the numbers in this order: 4, 2, 3, 6, 1, 5. You are now in the statue room. Leave them as they are for now.

At the center of the room there is a bowl of fruit, with half of a silver apple. Pick it up. Now you will need the other half that you saw in Mia's apartment, which means you need the keys to get in first. Go back to the car and go to Richard's Gallery.

Richard's Gallery

Walk inside and talk to Mia. She will give Victoria her keys. Go back outside and head to the Campus.

The Campus

Go upstairs to Mia's apartment. Use the keys on the door. Walk into the bedroom and grab the other half of the silver apple. Open your inventory and combine both pieces.

Check the photo album again and take the written reminder for the statue puzzle. It reads:

"Let us be behind a veil, left to our secret designs. Then present me with the object of your desire and I will show you the meaning of temptation. Be ready, because our passion will flow like blood that runs through your veins and at the end you will be ready to welcome the blissful pain that will open to you, a new world."

Go back to the Red Lantern.

The Red Lantern

Walk into the statue room. Using the note from Mia's album, you will have to place the appropriate object on each statue, in the right order.

Statue puzzle solution:

  1. "I am the Queen of Secrets. Give me what I desire the most." - Place the mask on the statue's face.
  2. "I am Lady Temptation. Give me what I desire the most." - Place the silver apple on the snake's mouth.
  3. "I am the Baroness of Blood. Give me what I desire the most." - Place the silver rose in the statue's mouth.
  4. "I am the Mistress of Pain. Give me what I desire the most." - Place the nail on the statue's hand.

A secret passage will open to reveal a spiral staircase.

In the new area, walk into the room closest to the staircase. On the fireplace, grab the key and the puzzle piece. Go back to the previous room and take the door to the right, into another very kinky bedroom.

Click on the fireplace, it's time for a sliding puzzle.

Sliding puzzle solution:

Click the pieces in the following order: 6, 3, 2, 1, 4, 7, 8, 5, 2, 3, 6, 5, 4, 7, 8, 9, 6, 5, 2, 3, 6, 5, 2, 1, 4, 5.

When you're done, you will have the image on the right. Use the final piece (which is in your inventory) on the middle square. The safe will open, grab the key handle that's inside.

Go back to the room near the staircase. In your inventory, combine both pieces of the key. Use the key on the fireplace. Go through the fireplace. Inspect the book. You will see some familiar names on the guest list: Mark Ackerman and Todd Browning. Now you know why Todd dismissed Kolav from the interrogation.

Chapter 6: The Scream

We see Gus beating up Skalnic and leaving. Once downstairs, Stasek tells you there has been another murder in the Old Mill, but that you can't get there because the bridge is out. After the caht, leave the area. Click on the map and go to the Shore.

The Shore

Go down to the river's edge, turn left and go under the bridge. Hop onto the boat. Gus will automatically row to the Old Mill.

The Old Mill

The little rowboat gets caught under the wheel and stops it. Click on the wheel to have Gus climb it. Walk around the water tank until you see the dead body. Click on it to find another ring.

There's a scene where Skalnic arrives and opens fire on Gus, who finds refuge inside the mill. Since the only way out is through the ladder, go down.

Inspect the oil machine. The container holds 5 litres; the bucket holds 3 litres, so you need to figure out a way to keep only 4 litres in the container in order to empty the water tank.

Oil pressure puzzle solution:

  • Click on the top valve to fill the oil tank with 5 litres.
  • Click on the bucket. Click on the lower valve to fill it (it takes 3 litres).
  • Empty the bucket by clicking on the drain.
  • Click on the lower valve to drain the remaining 2 litres into the bucket.
  • Hang the bucket on the wall.
  • Click on the upper valve to fill the oil tank with 5 litres again.
  • Pick up the bucket.
  • Click on the lower valve to fill the bucket (still with 2 litres in it), draining 1 litre from the container.
  • Hang the bucket on the wall. Now you have 4 litres on the container.
  • Press the red button.

You will see the water tank emptying. Go back outside, around the tank, towards the sewer entrance. Click on it and Gus will descend.

Follow the path marked with the red arrow to find another victim. Inspect it to find another ring. Follow the red path back and take the blue one to the exit.

Finally, you get to use all those rings to open the lock on the door. The first part of this puzzle consists in rotating all six rings into the right position and placing them on the grid.

From left to right:

  • Grab the first ring. Rotate it counter-clockwise once. Place it on the top row, middle slot.
  • Grab the second ring. Rotate it clockwise three times. Place it on the second row, left slot.
  • Grab the third ring. Rotate it counter-clockwise five times. Place it on the top row, left slot.
  • Grab the fourth ring. Rotate it clockwise five times. Place it on the top row, right slot.
  • Grab the fifth ring. Rotate it clockwise three times. Place it on the second row, right slot.
  • Grab the sixth ring. Rotate it clockwise once. Place it on the second row, middle slot.

Now the complicated lock becomes another sliding puzzle, with a twist. You need to place the key on the top row by pushing and pulling the different rows. This puzzle doesn't reset, so save your progress before you start, just in case.

Click the letters in this order, regardless of what ring or key piece is on that position: C, M, Q, U, J, G, B, M, P, T, J, F, A, I, O, S, L, E, A, B, C.

When you're done, click on the handle on the top left corner to push the key in.

A new cinematic is launched as Gus opens the door. You will now find out why his memories of Prague are something he wouldn't talk about. It's a very sad and disturbing story.

Chapter 7: Death Do Us Part

Richard is giving Victoria a tour of the Ackerman exhibit in the gallery. The paintings seem a lot more than just coincidence. We need to know more about this "artist", so let's investigate at the office.

The office

In the garage, grab the fire extinguisher that's on the pillar just before the elevator. You will need it later. Go upstairs to the 8th floor. Victoria will try to hack Claire's computer to get access to old files but Claire catches her. Talk to her to find out that you need Level 4 access, and the only person who has it is Todd.

You need to get into his office, and for that you need keys. Conveniently, the janitor has the keys, but you need to make him leave the room.

Go down the hallway to the coffee machine. Grab a napkin from the dispenser. Use the napkin on the coffee machine. Turn the coffee machine on, and you'll spill coffee everywhere.

Go back to the office and tell the janitor that you've made a mess. Once he's out of the room, grab the keys and screwdriver from his cart.

Use the keys on Todd's office door. Inside, grab the taser from the cabinet on the left. Click on Todd's desk. Click on his computer. A scene shows Victoria trying to access the files about Ackerman, with no luck. She has to go to the central archive room. Leave the desk. Click on the safe on the right wall. It has a fingerprint scanner, so you need Todd's prints. Click on the desk again and grab the coffee mug.

Go back outside and click on Claire's working station, on the far left side. Open the round powder box, grab the brush, use it on the powder and then use it on the mug. Rotate the mug until you see a full print. Click on the lifting tape and use it on the print.

Go back to Todd's office and use the fingerprint on the safe. Get the access key that's inside, leave his office and take the elevator. In the elevator, use the access key on the button panel. Click on the B3 button.

The archives

Approach the first door to your right. Click on the magnetic lock on the wall near the door. Use the screwdriver on it. Use the taser on it. Go into the room. Near the next door, there's an air duct panel. Click on it and then use the screwdriver on each screw to remove it.

Now walk over to the computer console. Press the release button. Press the remote button. You are now controlling the little robot in the next room. You goal is to fry the circuits for the door lock so you can go in.

Move the robot forward twice, turn to face the door. Move the robot forward three times and turn facing the lock.

Walk Victoria out of the control room and into the room where the robot was in. Use the fire extinguisher to reveal all the lasers. Go back to the control panel for the robot. Press release, then remote.

You need to navigate the little robot all the way across the room to reach the next control panel, which will deactivate the lasers. Use the images as reference and practice turning and moving around quickly before you begin. You can't save during the robot's course, so if a laser touches the robot, you need to restart.

The red lines are the robot's path; the green lines show the laser movements. Wait on the spots marked and study the next laser movement. You will need to move quickly and time them right.

When the robot reaches the next panel, it will zap the circuits and the lasers will be deactivated. You can now bring Victoria inside and through the next door, into the actual archives room.

Click on the desk. Victoria will activate the computer and search for the Ackerman files, but they have all been deleted. It seems that they've been missing since the 1930's (but were there even computers then?) and that her grandfather has deleted them. Maybe he kept them somewhere. Let's take Victoria back to Pat's house.

When you get up to leave, Todd enters and a big argument begins. Victoria quits her job at the FBI and threatens to go public with the names on the Red Lantern's list, but that doesn't mean she'll drop the case. Go to the garage and head to Pat's house.

Pat's house

Go upstairs, all the way down the hallway, into the study. Inspect the painting on the wall. Examine the back of the painting. Go back downstairs and enter the jacuzzi room, to the right of the kitchen. Grab the exacto knife from the toolbox. Go back upstairs and use the knife on the back of the painting.

You will see a scene explaining what happened to Gus and Milena after Ida's murder. It also explains what became of Mark Ackerman, who was admitted to a mental institution. So if Mark is out of the picture, who is committing these crimes?

The phone rings, and it's Richard telling Victoria that he doesn't know where Mia is. Get in the car and head to the Campus.

The Campus

Go upstairs to Mia's apartment. Another cinematic launches, with Victoria struggling with the killer in the apartment. When Victoria wakes up, look for Mia's purse and take her gun. Get in the car and go to Richard's Gallery.

Richard's Gallery

The purpose is to inspect the paintings for clues. Walk around and find the painting of the woman in front of the bridge. Make sure you click on the bridge, and take note that words appear on the top right of the screen.

Go back to the entrance and click on the front desk. Use the computer to do a search and enter the three words: Prague, Chicago and Bridge (if you inspected the painting correctly, they will be on a list on the right column in the computer screen). Read the article that the search brings up.

There's a new location on the map, so go outside and get in the car. Click on the new location on the far right of the navcom: Tominova Bridge.

Tominova Bridge

Watch the ending scene. And wait for the credits to roll, since there's another short scene after that.