The Rub Rabbits

Memories Mode and Rabbit Hunting Tips

From the review:

"The Rub Rabbits is developer Sonic Team's follow up to the date-centered Nintendo DS launch title Feel the Magic XY/XX released in late 2004. In this iteration of the franchise, the game's new protagonist is gadding about the mall when he spies a beauty heading up the stairs and instantaneously finds love on a escalator. Sounds like the basis for an Aerosmith song, if you ask me. "

This guide will give you tips on scenes in Memories Mode, and also a key part of getting 100% in the game: Rabbit Hunting Tips.

Memories mode is by far the most demanding challenge of the game, as you must beat ten consecutive levels per Scene without failing once. If you can wrap Memories mode, you should theoretically be able to clear all the difficulty levels in Story and Attack mode as well.

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Avoid moving the hero horizontally as much as possible on the escalator while still avoiding obstacles. Stroke the hero's back so he'll keep up with the opposing speed of the escalator.


As you play the keys, ensure that you point the stylus at the bottom-most part of the keys (nearest to you), otherwise the game won't register the note. Also, be sure you're playing the tune fast enough (pay attention to the speed of the metronome).


Aim your blowgun at the center of your rivals then blow hard into the microphone. The most vexing part of this level is centering the blowgun on rivals who are parachuting very quickly to the ground, but it can be done.


Without a doubt, this stage is the most brutal Scene in the game. I was only able to complete it by using an envelope (has to be a white one) to help me direct the love disc. Note: I'm right-handed, so the angles I used for ricocheting the love disc to the girl may not be suitable or comfortable for your aiming style.

Level 1:

line up your envelope to form a link between the disc and the girl who is standing statically at the other end of the yard. Release the love disc using a quick stroke from your stylus.

Level 2:

line up the envelope to form a link between the disc and the left-hand wall halfway down the courtyard. When you let the frisbee loose, hopefully it will ricochet off the wall and make its way to your beloved.

Level 3:

basically the same as level 1, only the girl is walking around slowly, so pay attention to the timing of your disc release.

Level 4:

basically the same as level 2.

Level 5:

basically the same as level 2, except you'll have to time the release of the disc correctly so that it doesn't get intercepted by your opponents.

Level 6:

basically the same as level 1, though you'll have to time the discharge of the disc correctly so that it doesn't get blocked by her other suitors.

Level 7:

basically the same as level 2, except that your crush is walking around rather briskly at the other end of the courtyard. When she reaches a wall and starts to turn around, let go of the frisbee - by the time she strolls to the center of the yard, the disc should have reached her.

Level 8:

basically the same as level 2, but instead of lining up the envelope halfway down the left-hand wall, line it up halfway down the right-hand wall.

Level 9:

basically the same as level 2, but you'll have to be careful of your timing with all the rivals who have surrounded your sweetie at the other end. The girl is also a little further into the courtyard than she was before.

Level 10: basically the same as level 1, though you'll have to watch your timing of the four rivals (two sets of two) who want to intercept your affection. The two sets of suitors, however, exhibit the same movement patterns, so use that to your advantage as you coordinate the release of the disc


The most difficult level in this Scene is level 10 where you have three rings of rivals trying to prevent you from making eye contact with your sweetheart. My best advice is to circle the hero to the other side of the screen where he is facing the heroine. Then pay attention to the movements of your rivals in the two rings nearest the girl. Immediately after two rivals cross paths with one another, release your mojo to get the girl's attention.


There is any number of ways to navigate the hero over to his destination, but keep in mind as you are planning your route that your challengers can only move either up-and-down or left-and-right. Also remember that unlike a real unicycle, you don't have to be moving around all the time to maintain balance (i.e. you can stop for a second). Actually, I've never ridden a unicycle.


In order to beat all the levels in this Scene, you'll have to click off all of the program windows so that the computer screen is entirely blank; the screen can go bare after clicking off just a couple of files or dozens, depending on your speed, so the key to conquering this Scene is to maintain a good head start. More often than not, many virus files will be stacked on top of each other, so if you just hover over a pile of them with your stylus and repeatedly jab the approximate area where the Close buttons should be, you'll get rid of lots of malignant files quickly and easily. Of course, on the tougher levels, you'll want to make sure to minimize benign file windows appropriately.


The most perplexing screen in this Scene is level 10. Near the end of that level, your would-be girlfriend slides an uninterrupted string of rotten food down the very center of the table. The sneak will then simultaneously inch a delicious cake slowly down the very left-hand side of the counter, so you'll want to make sure that the hero shifts over to the left side of the table before your hostess skitters the nasty dishes down the middle. Also be sure the hero holds his position as he waits for the cake until he actually eats it.


Unfortunately, I was unable to discern any stable pattern within the hero's admirer's attacks. My best advice is just to lie in the middle of the room and wait until the last second to wriggle yourself out of the way of her blasts. Also be aware that at the end of levels 5 and 10, your antagonist jumps off the balcony to try to embrace you, so you'll have to be quick to roll out of her way and evade her grasp.


The early levels of this scene are fairly easy to complete - simply avoid the obstacles and small crocodiles while rowing your way to the island. In levels 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10, however, you'll have to deal with really large crocodiles who rather selfishly hog up the waterway. The most efficient way to avoid these monsters is to maneuver slowly around them: once I'm safely out of harm's way of these crocs, I often stop for a second and analyze where the next set of crocodiles will attack from and do my best to get out of dodge.


The way to beat this stage is to decipher the flight patterns of the birds that prevent you from getting at the fruit, then tossing your girlfriend into the tree during significant pauses between flocks.

Level 1:

no birds.

Level 2:

one bird with long pauses in between.

Level 3:

three birds with long pauses in between.

Level 4:

three birds close together then one bird shortly after that; throw your girlfriend into the air to catch the two fruit after the three birds pass by.

Level 5:

one bird with medium pauses in between.

Level 6:

see level 1.

Level 7:

see level 3.

Level 8:

four birds with long pauses in between.

Level 9:

five birds with long pauses in between.

Level 10: one static bird in the middle of the screen; throw your girlfriend in an arc over the bird.


In this Scene, two types of fish exist in the pond adjacent to your significant other's bath: eels and piranhas. Piranhas swim swiftly and are quick to bite the girl, while eels swim and attack slowly, but emit an electric shock that prevents you from dipping your fingers in the water to lure away other fish. To coax away piranhas from your beloved, dip a finger in the water and hold it until the "!" appears next to one or more fish, then speedily move your finger to the waterfall. To get rid of eels, dip your finger in the water until the "!" appears, but remove your appendage immediately afterward or you'll be electrocuted. In levels where both eels and piranhas have worn out their welcome, dispose of piranha fish first.

The trickiest level in this Scene is level 10 where you're confronted with the removal of about a half-dozen quick swimming piranhas. At the beginning of the level, the fish swim around somewhat absently; take advantage of this momentary lapse by luring away maybe two or three of them right off the start. By this point, several fish should be hovering around the top of the touch screen ready to help themselves to your honey, so you'll want to bait several of them next. Even if you don't coax these fish into the waterfall right away, you'll at least buy some precious time segregating them from your girlfriend.


Lay out the tracks to fit the following patterns for this Scene's levels. Note: in a pinch, you can steal a piece of track the cart has already run over and use it again if need be.

Level 1:

down, down, left-turn, straight, straight, straight, straight, straight, up-turn, up, up

Level 2:

down, down, left-turn, straight, down-turn, left-turn, straight, up-turn, up, left-turn, straight, up-turn, up.

Level 3:

down, down, left-turn, straight, up-turn, up, up, down, down, left-turn, straight, up-turn, up, up.

Level 4:

down, down, left-turn, down-turn, left-turn, up-turn, up, up, up, down, down, left-turn, straight, up-turn, up, up.

Level 5:

move all pieces of track up one position as quickly as possible.

Level 6:

down, down, down, left-turn, up-turn, up, up, up, down, left-turn, down-turn, left-turn, up-turn, up, up.

Level 7:

down, down, down, down, left-turn, straight, up-turn, up, up, left-turn, straight, straight, up-turn, left-turn, up-turn.

Level 8:

down, down, down, left-turn, straight, up-turn, up, up, left-turn, straight, down-turn, down, down, left-turn, straight, up-turn, up, up, up.

Level 9:

down, left-turn, straight, up-turn, up, left-turn, up-turn.

Level 10: down, down, left-turn, straight, straight, up-turn, left-turn, straight, straight, up-turn, up.


It may take practice, but it is possible to reach your girlfriend using the same swimming pattern for each level. You start off each level in the upper right-hand corner of the screen; proceed to swim down the very right edge of the touch screen until you reach the bottom right corner. Then continue to swim across the absolute bottom of the screen, taking care to move quickly enough and generate enough momentum to swim horizontally. Using this method, you'll always be able to glide under all the fish!


In this stage, just like in real life, you'll want to bury the people you've clocked unconscious all at once instead of individually to save both time and effort. Using the stylus, touch your friends to knock them out in a pattern that in some rough way forms a line. Then quickly rub the stylus over their unconscious sacks of skin to bury them in the snow (rotate the DS if need be). Remember that in the later levels, you'll need to touch your companions twice to knock them out.


The only level that should give you any trouble in this Scene is level 9: on that level, be sure to memorize the order in which your friends become sleepy, then quickly give them a couple of slaps each that will buy you enough time to survive until dawn.


On the more difficult levels where you have to hit the snowball multiple times, get in front of the snowball and continue to hit it backwards until you've reached your quota of punches.


To beat all the levels in this scene, just keep all of your sledders running as quickly as possible. Even if you wipe out many times on some of the icier patches, you'll still reach your goal in plenty of time.


Although the order in which your rivals choose rock, paper, and scissors is completely random, that doesn't mean you can't beat this Scene. Whenever your rival is thinking of two different alternatives, choose the stronger of the two as your own option: so if he's thinking of paper and scissors, pick scissors; if he's thinking of rock and paper, choose paper. Ultimately, you'll either beat him or end up in a tie and have to play the game again (though you'll prevail against him eventually). For the last rival who hides his choice from you, I always pick rock, and it seems to work most of the time.


This stage is reminiscent of those scenes in action movies where a police officer is being trained to take down the "bad guys" while avoiding innocent bystanders. The most stressful part of the Scene occurs when the girl with the crush on you attacks you with heart patterns that you must bust apart with your stylus. Unfortunately, while not completely random, your nemesis's attacks do not form a stable pattern either. Be ready for anything she throws at you (quite literally) is my best advice.


The key to beating this Scene is character control: instead of using horizontal strokes of the stylus to shake rivals out of the trees, use rapid diagonal ones. The battle with the crab is divided into two phases.

Phase 1:

The first phase consists of eliminating the smaller crabs climbing the trees. Make sure to use fast, diagonal strokes with the stylus to shake your rivals quickly out of the trees to take out the small crabs.

Phase 2:

This phase consists of battling the giant crab. This boss is pretty sneaky in that he uses a couple of attacks to knock you out of your tree: 1) Laser attack: this assault is easily evaded simply by staying away from the middle tree; 2) Slime strike: the crab will throw slime at you no matter which tree you're hanging on to, so be sure to avoid it.


You must defeat the mechanical bear three times and each battle consists of three phases.

Phase 1:

This phase is the easiest part of the battle - you have oodles of room in which to maneuver, and the bear seldom shoots two simultaneous bombs at you. Character control in this Scene is slippery, so be sure to place the stylus at the hero's feet to move him back and forth, then make small round circles around his hands to throw snowballs (pitching machine style).

Phase 2:

This is the most difficult part of the battle because the bear will frequently shoot two bombs at you simultaneously. It is tough to get a snowball throw in edgewise, but hang in there - as long as you're evading the bear's attacks, you'll live to see another day.

Phase 3: This phase isn't as difficult as it first looks. Yes, it's true you have less room to move around in, but at least the bear won't shoot two bombs at you at once. Instead, he'll usually launch something like three bombs at the same spot. With this is mind, while the bear is raining down several grenades on the same location, exploit your opportunity to give him a facewash he won't soon forget.


As you play this level, imagine that instead of blocking your neighbor's attacks, you're actually kicking against them. I think the arc motion of kicking gives you a better chance at beating this stage. Your adversary uses basically the same attack pattern for each level of this Scene, varying only the size of the heart missiles she lobs at you (obviously smaller hearts will be less easy to evade).


As an experiment, I tried holding my Nintendo DS to a fan while playing this Scene and was able to beat it, even with the fan blowing on a low setting.


This stage is basically the same Scene as Stampede, except robots replace bulls and there's no confrontation with the hot-to-trot girl next door. The biggest challenge of this stage is eliminating the robots that jump out at you halfway down the playfield.


See ROLLING stage.


You are required to defeat the bird three times and each battle consists of three phases.

Phase 1:

In this part of the battle, you must attack the mechanical bird while avoiding its cannonballs. You can tell where the cannonballs are going to land by the location of their shadows. During its rest periods, you can summon a whirlwind to attack the bird by rubbing the stylus with fast diagonal strokes over your characters. Note: you can stand anywhere on the screen and generate a whirlwind that will attack the mechanical bird.

Phase 2:

In this phase of battle, the bird will send out robots to assault you. Evade the robots and generate whirlwind strikes against the mechanical bird as in phase 1.

Phase 3: The mechanical bird will now use both lasers and robots to assail you in this phase. Whenever you see a laser target appear, stand next to it and always keep a step ahead of it (I move the characters around the perimeter of the screen and avoid diagonal movements). During rest periods, blast the mechanical bird's head.


This Scene is pretty easy once you've gotten the controls down. When the level starts, press your stylus on the hero's shadow and hold it there for a second (kind of like it's locking on). Then (without moving too quickly) slide the hero over so he meets up with the girl.


Hold the rose close to your sweetie's nose without touching her with it. Pay attention to the Affection meter to see if you're holding the flower close enough.


You're not required to rush to complete this Scene, so take your time constructing the girl's dress. Make sure not to poke her, though, or she'll tear off some of the leaves you've strung together.


Pause the game to write information down if you're having trouble recalling the poking sequence.


Rub the stylus over the girl's wound to administer the antiseptic. When her knees start to shake with soreness, blow into the microphone to soothe her pain.


This stage is a bit tedious. Incrementally pull down the blanket until it covers mademoiselle's feet.


The instructions say to use diagonal strokes to warm up the girl's skin, but I found that circular motions work best.


In this Scene, you and your girlfriend take turns tossing snowballs at each other. Be sure not to steal her turn! When she throws a snowball at you, have the hero gallantly step into it, even if she pitches wildly in the opposite direction (I mean, she is a girl, after all). When it's your turn, wait until she stops moving, then hold the stylus at a 90 degree angle to the Nintendo DS, and draw a quick line from the middle of the hero's back towards the girl to hurl a snowball.


See POKE stage.


Unfortunately, it would appear that the three magic petals are hidden in the six flower beds in random order, so I was unable to discern a pattern for their placement. The best way to find them is to rub the stylus lightly over each flower bed, then if you notice a golden flower petal, rub the stylus over that spot in a circular motion. Also, I noticed that searching the flower beds in a counterclockwise rotation for the first two levels and clockwise for the last level yielded the most successes.


This stage can be kind of confusing because the instructions say to kiss the girl only while she is facing you. My advice for completing this Scene is simply this: whenever the gold lips icon appears, touch it with your stylus as quickly as possible.



The first rule of rabbit hunting, as Elmer Fudd well knows, is to be "vewy, vewy quiet." Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.

But seriously, folks... If you want to get 100% in Rub Rabbits, you'll have to accept the rabbit hunting challenge. If you access the Maniac menu, you'll notice that in the bottom right corner of the screen, there's a "Rabbits" icon. Touch the icon and you'll notice that there is an entire screen devoted to keeping track of the rabbits you've found in the game and the furry critters you've yet to uncover.

Here’s how it works: right before the beginning of any stage in the game, there is a four-paneled cutscene that looks like a page from a comic book. You can ignore the top two panels because they are not accessible by the touch screen. Using your stylus, poke a spot on the screen that you think is an artistic focal point of the panel - this could be a rose, a face, a hand, etc. If you find a hidden creature, a big blue rabbit face will appear and you'll hear applause.

Though every cutscene contains at least one hidden rabbit, there are many screens that contain several more than that, especially in the later stages. You're only able to find one rabbit at a time, and some rabbits are found in the harder difficulties in the game. Ultimately, you're going to have to play through the entire game to find all the rabbits, including the "Another Story" mode (which contains four hidden animals). Good luck on your Easter egg hunt!


Written by Michelle Thurlow. Last updated 2006-03-18.