The Witcher - Price of Neutrality


The adventure starts as you approach a camp. You will need to distribute your skill points among your attributes. Silver sword is a good choice for fighting all the creatures, as is group style. Definitely develop Igni, if not for damage, at least to light fire and meditate when needed. Unlocking herbalism will also be useful, since there are many herbs to pick and you will be able to create some potions.

After the initial scene, you are placed into a fight with several wolves. Kill them and talk to Merwin outside, and with Sabrina inside the tent. She will tell you abotu Deirdre, and give you a quest to bring back 20 wolf livers. Wolves are easy to find, so roam around from the tent, across the water and to the left. Once you have the livers, go back to Sabrina and you will receive a new steel sword. If you pick the dialog option "You are an unusual woman" after you turn in the livers, you can obtain her card.

Head towards Kaer Mohren, and you will find Lambert near the river. Archespores will appear, help him out and talk to him to learn more about these strangers camping nearby. He tells you to go find Vesemir in Kaer Mohren.

Go to Kaer Mohren, meditate at the campfire below if you need. You will see Vesemir in the courtyard, who tells you more about Deirdre. Go up to the inner courtyard to find her with her wolves. She will give you a quest to get 3 pieces of wyvern meat to feed her wolves. Wyverns are found on the eastern side of the map, across the river (it's marked on your map). On the way there, you will find some packs of wolves and a few giant centipedes. There is also an entrance to the mine where you will find a corpse with some goodies.

Cross the river, kill the wyverns and go back to Deirdre with the meat to receive a Svarog Runestone. Ask her "Why are you looking at me that way?", and "is that a question that befits a princess?" to get her card.

Go back down and talk to Lambert and Vesemir again. Eskel has been exterminating kikimores in the mine. The entrance to the mine is behind Kaer Morhen, so just go around the ramp to find it. You will find a couple of archespores on the way there. At the entrance to the mine, there is a campfire and a skeleton with a few things.

Inside, Eskel needs your help destroying the kikimore coccoons. Drink a Cat potion and follow him. There will be four coccoons in each area, and kikimore workers will keep coming out until you hit the coccoons with Aard. A kikimore worker (or two) will appear once you have destroyed all four. Follow Eskel into the next area to learn more about Deirdre's story and clear the next two areas as well. At the end, you will receive the book The Curse of the Black Sun. This is where the decisions begin, so save your game here if you want to experience all the endings. Leave the cave and go back to where Vesemir and Lambert stand and talk to all three witchers.

If you decide to take Deirdre to Sabrina, Eskel wil be the one telling Deirdre the bad news. She will summon five cursed souls (another version of archespores) and leave you to deal with them. Sabrina will appear after the fight and asks you to stop protecting Deirdre. Depending on what you say, Deirdre's fate is left at the hands of Eskel or Sabrina, and she will die.

If you protect Deirdre, you will first talk to her at Kaer Morhen, then go to the camp and end up fighting all the mercenaries along with Eskel, Lambert and Vesemir. Sabrina will try to convince you to side with her. If you do, you will have to fight Deidre and her wolves. If you don't, she will leave and Deirdre and Merwin will rule their kingdom in peace.


Books: The Curse of the Black Sun

Cards: Sabrina, Deirdre