The Witcher - Side Effects


The goal of this adventure is to raise enough oren to get Dandelion out of jail, and the best way to do that is to do as much as possible: quest, fist fights, dice poker, selling items.

You begin with Geralt at level 5, and you won't be able to level up during the adventure, so spend your talents wisely. I recommend Herbalism (more to sell) and Fistfight under Dexterity (since you will be fighting quite a bit).

Start by talking to Dandelion, to find out how he got into this mess, to the guard and Ralf. Go outside, and one of Glover's men will approach you. Grab the notes on the notice board for ideas for how to earn some money.

Temple Quarter Map Legend

1. Jail
2. Milka's House
3. Merchant
4. Temple
5. Merchant's House
6. Sewers
7. Glover's House
8. Eager Thighs Brothel
9. Blacksmith
10. Blacksmith's Storehouse
11. Hairy Bear
12. Everden's Mansion
13. Cemetery Gate

Head to the sewer entrance and talk to the guard. Go to the Hairy Bear. On the way, talk to Drevin. He will tell you the location of a treasure if you bring him some buttermilk.

In the Hairy Bear, talk to Sargeant Orel. You need 7 weak beers to outdrink him, and he will give you the sewer key and a traveler's journal.

Talk to Milka to learn that her house is haunted, but she will only give you the key if you bring her a turquoise ring. You can play dice poker with her.

Challenge the first Fist Fighter for 25 orens, the Experienced Fist Fighter for 50 orens, and finally Gruzil for 75 orens. When you beat him, he gives you buttermilk and tells you to talk to the innkeeper. Talk to him to learn about the illegal fights. Look in the jewelry box near the innkeeper to find a book about Hellebore Petals.

Wino also challenges you for a drinking contest.

Go outside, give the buttermilk to Drevin to receive warehouse key. Inside, cast Aard three times on the Wayfarer's Stone to teleport to the sewers. Kill the wraith and open the trunk to find a Sephirah. Cast Aard three times on the stone to go back.

Go to Glover's house, talk to him in the basement. There's a sapphire in a cupboard. Leave and a dwarf approaches you, telling you about a treasure, but you must earn the trust of the Brotherhood members first. Go back to the Hairy Bear and talk to innkeeper Griffarin, tell him Gunn sent you. To outdrink him, you need 7 weak beers. He will give you a delicious pot roast.

Go to the merchant's house near the temple and try to open the door. Give the pot roast to the guard dog. Inside, you will find a turquoise ring in a trunk. Give it to Milka to receive the house key. Her house is the abandoned house behind the temple. Go in, and downstairs you will need to kill two wraiths. There is a necklace in a crate.

Go to the temple and look in the books to find an Argentia Formula scroll. Donate food to the altar to receive Mistletoe. You can sell herbs to Mother Nirka during the day.

Go to the jail at night time and enter the three fights by talking to Ralf. Lizard costs 75 orens to challenge, Wrymouth costs 125 orens, and the Rivian 225 orens. Rest before the last fight if you're injured. You can choose to throw the fight and let the Rivian go if you want, but there really is no consequence for doing this. Even though he says he will help you with Glover, he doesn't. The most you get is a thank you when you find him out in the slums, so you might as well defeat him for the money.

Go to Everden's mansion. Pick up a Crinfrid Oil formula from the safe, and a book on Green Mold from the bookshelf. Talk to Everden. Give him the traveler's journal to receive 50 orens and Book of Fleders. Talk to him again, give him the Sephirah and receive 50 orens and Bryonia book. Give him the pendant to receive 50 orens and buttermilk. You can also sell your used books and monster parts to him.

Talk to Lorethiel in the Blacksmith's Storehouse about the cemetery key. Go towards the cemetery gate to find Navik. You must beat him in a game of dice poker, and he will give you Mage's Staff. Deliver it to Everden to receive 50 orens and a turquoise ring.

Talk to Gunn at the Blacksmith's place. You have to win a sword fight against him. Use fast style and if you don't break your chain, he won't even get a single hit off. He will give you a magic stone that can be used in the cemetery.

You should easily have the 2000 orens now, so you have a few options. You can go explore the sewers and the cemetery to complete all that is to do, or you can talk to Glover and pay Dandelion's debt to end the adventure.

If you talk to Glover and hand him the 2000 orens, he will tell you there's another 1000 orens interest to be paid. There are a few options to handle the situation. Leave the house, and Gunn will meet you outside with the Brethren. Go back into Glover's house, talk to him and introduce him to your friends.

If you tell him to leave you be, you can go pick up Dandelion and leave Vizima. If you tell him you want to test your killing abilities, Glover's men will attack you and the Brethren will fight with you. However, Glover will rush to the basement, and if you chase him down you will have to fight him and his two wyverns alone. Kill him, pick up Dandelion and leave Vizima.

If you decide to get the extra 1000 orens, there's still enough to do.


Books: Hellebore Petals, Argentia Formula, Green Mold, Crinfrid Oil Formula, Vampire Oil Formula, Fools Parsley

Cards: Prostitute

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