Virtual Villagers

Hints and Puzzle Solutions

Gameplay Hints

- Building huts are the way to allow your population to grow. The first hut will let you have 15 villagers. The second hut allows for a maximum of 30 villagers. The third and last hut will allow an increase in population up to 90 villagers.

- Fixing huts, clearing the blockage and restoring the ruins increase building skill. Picking berries, fishing and planting/harvesting/watering crops raise farming skill. Inspecting herbs raises healing skill. Repeatedly trying to mate two villagers increases their breeding skill. Inspecting the four medicinal plants and healing others raises healing skill. Researching obviously raises research skill.

- Try to always keep a villager specialized in each skill.

- If your villagers seem curious about something, that usually means there's a puzzle to be solved involving that object or area.

- Create assembly lines for goals that take long to complete (clearing blockage, restoring ruins, watering field, etc.).

- Don't let your food supply go down too much. Keep an eye on your crops, harvest all the berries you can and have the children pick any mushrooms you see. You will also be able to fish once the beach is clear.

- Mothers become completely unproductive during 2 years of game time, while they are nursing. During this time, the baby will also eat as much as a grown villager, so before you go crazy making babies, make sure you have enough food for everyone.

- Children can't do anything other than pick mushrooms to help the tribe.

Technology Overview

Researching increases the number of tech points, which you use to "buy" technology advancements for your tribe. There are six tech types with three levels each.

  • Medicine: increases life span and resistance to diseases.
  • Fertility: increases the chance of having a baby when trying to mate two villagers.
  • Farming: allows villagers to obtain food from sources other than the berry bush.
  • Construction: allows villagers to build new buildings and solve more complicated puzzles.
  • Science: allows you to gain more tech points from researching.
  • Spirituality: allows you to bury the dead and gives access to religion.

Puzzle Solutions

Drag a villager with building skill to the well to clean it up. Once it's clean, you will have fresh water.
Drag a villager with building skill to the construction site. Once the hut is ready, your population can grow to 15 villagers.
Drag one of your villagers to the debris on the beach to clean it up. It allows for fishing.
Drag a master researcher to the large building to convert it into a school.
You will need Construction level 2 to remove the blockage and allow the creek to flow back in. Drag a villager to the pile of rocks and he will begin clearing them.
Drag a master farmer to the lagoon and he or she will begin hunting for a fertility fish.
The discovery of the cemetery requires Spirituality level 2. When someone dies, a little skeleton is left on the ground. Drag someone to the northeastern part of the village and they will proceed to bury the dead.
Drag one of your villagers to all four medicinal plants. One is a lilly near the cemetery site, one is a cactus near the boulder, the other is down by the ruins and the last one is just a little south of the lagoon. Investigating all the plants increases healing skill, and you will get your first doctor.
Drag some villagers with building skill to the field with the dead flowers on the east side of the village and they will begin to water it with water from the lagoon. It takes a while, but it will bloom.