Viva Piñata

A Gardener's Guide

We have prepared a small guide to help you obtain all those achievements, find new and more colorful piñatas and find out what items turn into what and how.


Each achievement is worth 20 points.

Green Fingers Grow 5 plants to maturity.
Master Green Fingers Grow 25 plants to maturity.
Horticulturist Full bonus growth for 5 plants. Use the fertilizer on the plants that matches the color of the fruit or flower. Mixed fertilizer works for all.
Master Horticulturist Full bonus growth for 25 plants. Use the fertilizer on the plants that matches the color of the fruit or flower. Mixed fertilizer works for all.
Longevity Played the game for 10 hours (real time).
Longevity Master Played the game for 50 hours (real time).
Piñata Name Caller Custom name one of your Piñatas.
Helper Name Caller Custom name one of your Helpers.
Label Designer Create a custom label.
Land Owner Increase your garden size once.
Master Land Owner Increase your garden to maximum size (reach lvl 21, Expert Gardener title).
Talent Reach Level 10.
Master Talent Reach Level 50.
Diggerling Hire a Diggerling.
Sprinkling Hire a Sprinkling.
Watchling Hire a Watchling.
Weedling Hire a Weedling.
Gatherling Hire a Gatherling.
Piñata Value Have a Piñata worth 5,000 chocolate coins.
Piñata Value Master Have a Piñata worth 10,000 chocolate coins.
Romancer Become a Master Romancer for 5 species.
Master Romancer Become a Master Romancer for 20 species.
Sour Tower Tower of Sour reaches 2 pieces. Whack different sour piñatas until you break them. You will then be able to buy pieces from the store.
Master Sour Tower Tower of Sour reaches 6 pieces.Whack different sour piñatas until you break them. You will then be able to buy pieces from the store.
Shovel Strength Get all the Shovel Handle upgrades.
Super Shovel Get all the Shovel Head upgrades.
Watering Can Do Get all the Watering Can upgrades.
Wealthy Have 25,000 chocolate coins.
Wealth Master Have 100,000 chocolate coins.
Harvester Feed Buzzlegum a few flowers until he's full of honey. Build a honey hive and collect produce.
Taffly Fertilizer Feed fruit to a Taffly so it makes fertilizer. The color of the fruit influences the color of the fertilizer.
Collector Make 5 species resident.
Master Collector Make 50 species resident.
Evolver Evolve 2 species.
Master Evolver Evolve 8 species.
Variants Make 5 color variant Piñatas.
Variants Master Make 20 color variant Piñatas.
Garden Value Garden worth 25,000 chocolate coins.
Garden Value Master Garden worth 100,000 chocolate coins.
Challenger Complete 5 Factory requests.
Master Challenger Complete 20 Factory requests.
Pigxie Prize Cross-breed a Swanana and a Rashberry.
Generosity Turn the Beggar into a Trader, give him 1000 chocolate coins.
Cluckles Hatches Egg Hatch an egg using a Cluckles.
Macaracoon Gift A Macaracoon brings you a Romance Candy.
Crowla Delay Have a sick piñata. When Dastardos appears, direct a Crowla to it.
Sherbat Dance Have a sick piñata. When Dastardos appears, direct a Sherbat to it.
Cocoadile Tears Get a full bonus growth for a plant using Cocoadile tears. Just direct the Cocoadile to the plant and it will water it.
Mallowolf Howl Use the Mallowolf to scare Ruffians.
Chewnicorn Healing Heal a Piñata with a Chewnicorn.

Piñata Color Variations

Arocknid + Bluebell Flower = Blue Arocknid
Arocknid + Water Lilly Flower = Pink Arocknid
Arocknid + Jack'o Lantern = Orange Arocknid

Badgesicle + Apple = Red Badgesicle
Badgesicle + Bluebell Flower = Blue Badgesicle
Badgesicle + Jar of Honey + Water Lilly Flower = Hot Pink Badgesicle

Barkbark + Banana Split = Green and Yellow Barkbark
Barkbark + Bottle of Medicine = Pink and Purple Barkbark
Barkbark + Poison Ivy Flower Head = Green Barkbark

Bonboon + Orchid = White Bonboon
Bonboon + Bluebell Flower = Blue Bonboon
Bonboon + Watercress Seed + Bird of Paradise Seed = Green and Yellow Bonboon

Bunnycomb + Pumpkin = Orange Bunnycomb
Bunnycomb + Water Lilly = Pink Bunnycomb
Bunnycomb + Gooseberry Seed = Green Bunnycomb

Buzzenge + Buttercup = Yellow Buzzenge
Buzzenge + Bluebell Seed = Blue Buzzenge
Buzzenge + Bottle of Medicine = Pink Buzzenge

Buzzlegum + Venus Pinata Trap = Orange Buzzlegum
Buzzlegum + Bottle of Medicine = Pink Buzzlegum
Buzzlegum + Gem Tree Seed = Purple and White Buzzlegum

Candary + Water Lilly Seed = Pink Candary
Candary + Bluebell = Blue Candary
Candary + Gooseberry Fool = Green Candary

Chewnicorn + Water Lilly Seed = Pink Chewnicorn
Chewnicorn + Ear of Corn = Yellow Chewnicorn
Chewnicorn + Water Lilly Flower + Bluebell Flower = Blue Chewnicorn

Chippopotamus + Water Cress Flower + Mushroom = Green and Yellow Chippopotamus
Chippopotamus + Bottle of Medicine + Jar of Jam = Pink and Purple Chippopotamus
Chippopotamus + Water Lilly Seed + Bird of Paradise Flower = Pink Chippopotamus

Cinnamonkey + Chili = Red Cinnamonkey
Cinnamonkey + Blackberry Seed = Purple Cinnamonkey
Cinnamonkey + Water Lilly Flower = Pink Cinnamonkey

Cluckles + Bluebell Seed = Blue Cluckles
Cluckles + Oak Seed = Green Cluckles
Cluckles + Bottle of Medicine = Pink Cluckles

Cocoadile + Buttercup Seed = Yellow Cocoadile
Cocoadile + Bluebell = Blue Cocoadile
Cocoadile + Water Lilly Seed = Pink Cocoadile

Crowla + Water Lilly = Pink Crowla
Crowla + Bluebell Seed = Blue Crowla
Crowla + Bird of Paradise = Orange Crowla

Doenut + Jack'o Lantern + Ear of Corn = Orange Doenut
Doenut + Oak Seed = Green Doenut
Doenut + Thistle Flower + Gooseberry Fool = Purple Doenut

Dragonache egg hatches on hard soil = Orange Dragonache
Dragonache egg hatches on soft soil = Brown Dragonache
Dragonache egg hatches on grass = Green Dragonache
Dragonache egg hatches on water = Blue Dragonache

Dragumfly + Pumpkin = Orange Dragumfly
Dragumfly + Bluebell Seed = Blue Dragumfly
Dragumfly + Poison Ivy Flower = Green Dragumfly

Eaglair + Buttercup Seed = Yellow Eaglair
Eaglair + Bluebell Seed = Blue Eaglair
Eaglair + Bottle of Milk = White Eaglair

Elephanilla + Bluebell = Blue Elephanilla
Elephanilla + Poppy Seed = Red Elephanilla
Elephanilla + Buttercup = Orange Elephanilla

Fizzlybear + Sunflower Seed = Yellow Fizzlybear
Fizzlybear + Carrott = Orange and Pink Fizzlybear
Fizzlybear + Watercress Seed = Green Fizzlybear

Fourheads + Bottle of Medicine = Pink Fourheads
Fourheads + Honey = Yellow Fourheads
Fourheads + Bluebell Flower = Blue Fourheads

Fudgehog + Chili = Red Fudgehog
Fudgehog + Poison Ivy Flower = Green Fudgehog
Fudgehog + Bluebell Seed = Blue Fudgehog

Galagoogoo + Sunflower = Yellow Galagoogoo
Galagoogoo + Piece of Bread = Purple Galagoogoo
Galagoogoo + Poison Ivy Flower = Green Galagoogoo

Goobaa + Water Lilly Seed = Pink Goobaa
Goobaa + Bluebell = Blue Goobaa
Goobaa + Tulip Seed = Black Goobaa

Horstachio + Watercress Flower = Green Horstachio
Horstachio + Bluebell Flower = Blue Horstachio
Horstachio + Chili Seed = Red Horstachio

Jamelon + Carrot Cake = Red Jamelon
Jamelon + Bluebell Seed = Blue Jamelon
Jamelon + Orchid Flower + Bottle of Medicine = White Jamelon

Juicygoose + Banana = Yellow and Pink Juicygoose
Juicygoose + Water Lilly Seed + Bird of Paradise Seed + Poppy Flower Head = Pink and Orange Juicygoose
Juicygoose + Oak Seed = Green and Yellow Juicygoose

Kittyfloss + Bottle of Medicine = Pink Kittyfloss
Kittyfloss + Bluebell = Blue Kittyfloss
Kittyfloss + Water Lilly = White and Pink Kittyfloss

Lackatoad + Bluebell = Blue Lackatoad
Lackatoad + Water Lilly Seed = Pink Lackatoad
Lackatoad + Banana Tree Seed = Yellow Lackatoad

Lickatoad + Bluebell Seed= Blue Lickatoad
Lickatoad + Apple + Carrot = Red Lickatoad
Lickatoad + Gooseberry + Bluebell Flower = Green Lickatoad

Macaracoon + Water Lilly Seed = Pink Macaracoon
Macaracoon + Mushroom = Yellow Macaracoon
Macaracoon + Bluebell Seed = Blue Macaracoon

Mallowolf + Blackberry = Purple Mallowolf
Mallowolf + Water Lilly Seed = Pink Mallowolf
Mallowolf + Bluebell Seed = Blue Mallowolf

Moozipan + Sandwich = White Moozipan
Moozipan + Banana Tree Seed = Yellow Moozipan
Moozipan + Water Lilly Seed + Snapdragon Seed = Pink Moozipan

Mothdrop + Daisy Flowerhead = Yellow Mothdrop
Mothdrop + Watercress Flower + Pumpkin = Red and Green Mothdrop
Mothdrop + Bluebell Seed + Turnip + Carrot = Blue and Orange Mothdrop

Mousemallow + Cheese = Yellow Mousemallow
Mousemallow + Bluebell + Daisy = White Mousemallow
Mousemallow + Gooseberry Seed + Daisy = White Mousemallow with darker ears

Neutgat + Bird of Paradise Flower = Orange Neutgat
Neutgat + Water Lilly Seed = Pink Neutgat
Neutgat + Bluebell Flower = Blue Neutgat

Parrybo + Oak Seed + Cheese = Green and Yellow Parrybo
Parrybo + Venus Piñata Trap Flower = Orange Parrybo
Parrybo + Bluebell Flower + Nightshade Berry = Blue Parrybo

Pigxie + Gem Tree Seed + Water Lilly + Poppy = Hot Pink Pigxie
Pigxie + Gooseberry Fool = Green Pigxie
Pigxie + Bluebell Seed = Blue Pigxie

Ponocky + Bread = Mauve Ponocky
Ponocky + Water Lilly Flower = Pink Ponocky
Ponocky + Bluebell Seed = Blue Ponocky

Pretztail + Gooseberry Fool = Green Pretztail
Pretztail + Water Lilly = Pink Pretztail
Pretztail + Bluebell = Blue Pretztail

Profitamole + Nightshade Seed + Bluebell Seed = Blue and White Profitamole
Profitamole + Water Lilly Seed = Pink Profitamole
Profitamole + Watercress = Green Profitamole

Pudgeon + Jam = Purple Pudgeon
Pudgeon + Gooseberry Seed = Green Pudgeon
Pudgeon + Bluebell = Blue Pudgeon

Quackberry + Bird of Paradise Seed = Orange Quackberry
Quackberry + Water Lilly Flower = Pink Quackberry
Quackberry + Bluebell Seed = Blue Quackberry

Raisant + Water Lilly = Pink Raisant
Raisant + Sunflower = Yellow Raisant
Raisant + Bluebell Seed + Blackberry = Purple Raisant

Rashberry + Watercress Seed = Green Rashberry
Rashberry + Poppy Seed = Red Rashberry
Rashberry + Nightshade Berry = Purple Rashberry

Reddhott + Bluebell Seed = Blue Reddhott
Reddhott + Water Lilly Flower = Pink Reddhott
Reddhott + Carrot Cake = Red Reddhott

Roario + Bluebell Seed = Blue Roario
Roario + Bottle of Medicine = Pink Roario
Roario + Sunflower Seed = Yellow Roario

Salamango + Gooseberry = Green Salamango
Salamango + Banana = Yellow Salamango
Salamango + Bottle of Milk + Nightshade Seed = White Salamango

Shellybean + Gooseberry = Green Shellybean
Shellybean + Ear of Corn = Yellow Shellybean
Shellybean + Bluebell Flower = Blue Shellybean

Sherbat + Chili Seed = Red Sherbat
Sherbat + Sunflower Seed = Yellow Sherbat
Sherbat + Bluebell Flower = Blue Sherbat

Sparrowmint + Water Lilly Flower = Pink Sparrowmint
Sparrowmint + Watercress Flower = Green Sparrowmint
Sparrowmint + Thistle Flower Head = Purple Sparrowmint

Squazzil + Water Lilly Seed = Pink Squazzil
Squazzil + Snapdragon Blossom = Purple Squazzil
Squazzil + Watercress Seed = Green Squazzil

Swanana + Bottle of Medicine = Pink Swanana
Swanana + Snapdragon Flower Head = Purple Swanana
Swanana + Gooseberry Seed = Green Swanana

Sweetooth + Bottle of Medicine = Pink Sweetooth
Sweetooth + Bluebell = Purple Sweetooth
Sweetooth + Sunflower = Yellow Sweetooth

Syrupent + Buttercup Flower = Yellow Syrupent
Syrupent + Bluebell Seed = Blue Syrupent
Syrupent + Bottle of Medicine = Pink Syrupent

Taffly + Poison Ivy Flower Head = Green Taffly
Taffly + Buttercup Seed = Yellow Taffly
Taffly + Blackberry Seed = Purple Taffly

Twingersnap + Venus Piñata Trap = Yellow Twingersnap
Twingersnap + Snapdragon Seed = Purple Twingersnap
Twingersnap + Bottle of Medicine = Pink Twingersnap

Whirlm + Turnip = Purple Whirlm
Whirlm + Water Lilly Seed = Pink Whirlm
Whirlm + Watercress Seed = Green Whirlm

White Flutterscotch + Buttercup Flower = Yellow Flutterscotch
White Flutterscotch + Water Lilly Flower = Pink Flutterscotch
White Flutterscotch + Bluebell Flower = Blue Flutterscotch
White Flutterscotch + Tulip Flower = Tulip Flutterscotch
White Flutterscotch + Bullrush = Brown Flutterscotch
White Flutterscotch + Bird of Paradise Flower = Orange Flutterscotch
White Flutterscotch + Thistle Flower = Purple Flutterscotch
White Flutterscotch + Poppy Flower = Red Flutterscotch
White Flutterscotch + Watercress Flower = Green Flutterscotch

Zumbug + Water Lilly Seed = Pink Zumbug
Zumbug + Bluebell Seed = Blue Zumbug
Zumbug + Banana Split + Carrot Cake = Orange and Yellow Zumbug

Piñata Mutations

Horstachio --> Zumbug
Feed daisy flowers and blackberries to a Horstachio.

Lickatoad --> Lackatoad
Feed a nightshade berry to a Lickatoad, then hit it with the shovel before it gets sick.

Newtgat --> Salamango
Feed a Chili to a Newtgat.

Build the mystery house available from Willy the Builder. Romance a Swanana and a Rashberry and the egg will hatch with a Pigxie.

Quackberry --> Juicygoose
Feed a Quackberry some gooseberries.

Sparrowmint --> Candary
Feed a Buttercup flower head to a Sparrowmint.

Syrupent --> Twingersnap
Romance a couple of Syrupents. Wait for the egg to start hopping. When it does a big jump (just before it's about to hatch), whack it with the shovel as right after it lands to get a baby Twingersnap.

Taffly --> Reddhott
Purchase a Firebrand from the store. Command a Taffly to go to it so it catches on fire. Quickly use the watering can to put the fire out and the Taffly will turn into a Reddhot.

Twingersnap --> Fourheads
Romance a couple of Twingersnaps. Wait for the egg to start hopping. When it does a big jump (just before it's about to hatch), whack it with the shovel as right after it lands to get a baby Fourheads.

Item Transformation

Certain items are important to the discovery of new color variations, to make pinatas your residents or to get them to romance. But these items aren't available right away, so you must finda way to transform existing items into new ones.

At a certain point in your career as a Gardener, a new shop becomes available: Bart's Exchange. Bart is a tinkerer, and your chances of getting an item transformed depend on the token you purchase from him.

The Bronze Token is the cheapest, and it gives you a 25% chance of success.
The Silver Token is the happy medium, and it gives you a 50% chance of success.
The Gold Token is the most expensive, but it gives you 100% chance of success.

So as you can see, there really is no point in gambling with losing items and money by buying the cheaper tokens.

To transform an item, purchase the token and then select the item you want to transform. Here is a list of what you can transform and what it turns into.

  • Apple -> Toffee Apple
  • Banana -> Banana Split
  • Blackberry -> Jam
  • Bread -> Sandwich
  • Carrot -> Carrot Cake
  • Corn -> Bread
  • Gem -> Rainbow Gem
  • Gooseberry -> Gooseberry Fool
  • Honey -> Bottle of Medicine
  • Monkey Nut -> Peanut Butter
  • Pumpkin -> Jack'o Lantern
  • Milk -> Cheese
  • Toadstool -> Mushroom