World of Warcraft

Lunar Festival

The Lunar Festival is a yearly Druid celebration that takes place in late January/early February. It's also a great opportunity for players to increase their reputation with major factions in exchange for a lot of traveling.

Talk to a Lunar Festival Emissary in any major city to begin your quest. You will have to launch a series of fireworks to get your Lunar Festival Invitation (it ports you to Moonglade, it has a 10 minute cooldown, and it expires within 24 hours online time). The firework launching is a bit tricky (or maybe it was just bugged), since it didn't always work. It seems you have to buy them in one city and launch them in another. You don't really have to do this part to start the Elder hunt, but you need the invitation to port to Moonglade. After that, you can talk to any Lunar Festival Harbinger at any time to get another invitation. To use your invitation, you must stand in a Greater Moonlight beam.

While in Moonglade, you can also use your invitation to port to all major cities from the respective moobeam.

In Nighthaven (town in Moonglade) there are a couple of NPCs you can talk to, both will be offering rewards in return for Coins of Ancestry (scroll down for a list of rewards). Talking to Valadar will give you 4950 experience. Valadar also gives the quest to kill Omen.

The Coins of Ancestry are given by the 50 Elders that are spread all over the world. Each Elder has a small quest, which is just talk to him/her, and they are fairly easy to spot, since they stand in a white pillar of light. Each time you talk to an Elder you get a Coin of Ancestry and 50 reputation to all major factions (+5 if you're human). You will also get a Red Letter in your mailbox from each Elder you find. The letters contain little gifts, such as some fireworks or an Elder Moonstone. The Moonstone is used to create a moonbeam where you are, so you can use your invitation to teleport to Moonglade.

This is the list of where all the Elders are found in the world.

Eastern Kingdoms

Blasted Lands Elder Bellowrage, Dark Portal, near the middle of the crater
Burning Steppes Elder Dawnstrider, Flamecrest, just West of the flight path, off the ramp
Burning Steppes Elder Rumblerock, Dreadmaul Rock, to the right of the highest cave
Dun Morogh Elder Goldwell, Kharanos, just North of the Inn along the outside wall
Eastern Plaguelands Elder Windrun, Crown Guard Tower
Eastern Plaguelands Elder Snowcrown, Light's Hope Chapel
Elwynn Forest Elder Stormbrow, Goldshire, behind the blacksmith shop by the lake
Ironforge Elder Bronzebeard, The Mystic Ward in the central pool
Loch Modan Elder Silvervein, Thelsamar, on the graveyard hill (across from the Griffon Master)
Searing Gorge Elder Ironband, Blackchar Cave
Silverpine Forest Elder Obsidian, Sepulcher, at front gate
Stormwind Elder Hammershout, The Park around the center
Stranglethorn Vale Elder Winterhoof, Booty Bay, on the roof of the bank (get there via the platform with the Wind Rider master)
Stranglethorn Vale Elder Starglade, Zul'Gurub, right outside the instance portal to the south
The Hinterlands Elder Highpeak, on the hill at The Creeping Ruin
The Undercity Elder Darkcore, in the throne room at the city entrance
Tirisfal Glades Elder Graveborn, Brill, by the Inn on the path
Western Plaguelands Elder Moonstrike, Scholomance, right outside the instance on the roof of the portal building
Western Plaguelands Elder Meadowrun, south of Weeping Cavern
Westfall Elder Skychaser, top of the Sentinel Hill tower


Ashenvale Elder Riversong, Astranaar, center of city in a gazebo
Azshara Elder Skygleam, Ravencrest Monument, eastern tip of the fallen green statue
Darnassus Elder Bladeswift, Cenarion Enclave
Darkshore Elder Stargleam, Auberdine, just South of city along beach
Durotar Elder Runetotem, Razor Hill, south of the Razor Hill Barracks
Felwood Elder Nightwind, Jaedenar, North of the first cave, heading towards the river
Feralas Elder Grimtotem, Lariss Pavilion
Feralas Elder Mistwalker, Dire Maul, in the arena
Mulgore Elder Bloodhoof, Bloodhoof Village, next to the bridge on the path leading to Thunder Bluff
Orgrimmar Elder Darkhorn, outside Thrall's chamber in the Valley of Wisdom
Silithus Elder Bladesing, Cenarion Hold, in the moonwell
Silithus Elder Primestone, Crystal Vale, right before the North-west tent
Tanaris Elder Ragetotem, Vallew of the Watchers, behind a pillar on the west side of the giants
Tanaris Elder Dreamseer, Gadgetzan, south gate
Teldrassil Elder Bladeleaf, Dolanaar, just South-East of the Inn next to a moonwell
The Barrens Elder Windtotem, Ratchet, near where the engineer trainer/suppliers are in the North.
The Barrens Elder Moonwarden, The Crossroads, near flight path
The Barrens Elder High Mountain, Camp Taurajo, east gate
Thunder Bluff Elder Proudhorn, Elder Rise
Thousand Needles Elder Skyseer, Freewind Post
Thousand Needles Elder Morningdew, Mirage Raceway, next to the start/finish line
Un'goro Crater Elder Thunderhorn, Slithering Scar, just north of the underground hive.
Winterspring Elder Brightspear, Ruins of Kel'theril, south-east of the frozen lake in the ruins
Winterspring Elder Stonespire, Everlook, outside the bank

Instance Zones

Elder Farwhisper Eastern Plaguelands, 'streets of Stratholme' on the undead side
Elder Starsong Swamp of Sorrows, Sunken Temple, somewhere near dragons
Elder Morndeep Blackrock Depths, Ring of Law, middle of the arena floor
Elder Stonefort Blackrock Spire, LBRS, past the first bridge
Elder Wildmane Tanaris, Zul'Farrak, next to Gahz'rilla's pool
Elder Splitrock Desolace, Maraudon, between Rotgrip and the Inventor

Once you have collected any amount of Coins, you can redeem them for rewards. This is a list of what the NPCs in Moonglade can reward you with.

Rewards from Valadar Starsong

1 Coin Lunar Dumplings (x8), restores 4% of Health and Mana per second for 25 seconds
5 Coins Festive Lunar Dress (pink, green or purple, no stats) and a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack
5 Coins Festive Lunar Pant Suits (black, teal or blue, no stats) and a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack
5 Coins Elune's Candle (unique, shoots a firework at target, 88 charges) and a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack

Rewards from Fariel Starsong

5 Coins Schematic: Firework Launcher (requires 225 Engineering) and a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack
5 Coins Schematic: Firework Cluster Launcher (requires 275 Engineering) and a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack
5 Coins Pattern: Festive Red Dress (requires 250 Tailoring ) and a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack
5 Coins Pattern: Festive Red Pant Suit (requires 250 Tailoring ) and a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack
5 Coins Recipe: Small Rocket (requires 125 Engineering, binds on pick up) and a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack
5 Coins Recipe: Large Rocket (requires 175 Engineering, binds on pick up) and a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack
5 Coins Recipe: Rocket Cluster (requires 225 Engineering, binds on pick up) and a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack
5 Coins Recipe: Large Rocket Cluster (requires 275 Engineering, binds on pick up) and a Lunar Festival Fireworks Pack

Note: Recipes for rockets are available in red, green or blue.