Buzz! The Mega Quiz
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2008-04-02 PS2 Party E10 (Everyone 10+) Relentless Software / SCEA

My first experience with Buzz! was the Jungle Junior Party edition, which was a pretty hilarious experience. I was never very good a trivia games... I mean, I used to roam around endlessly on a Trivial Pursuit board and would never get more than two, possibly three pieces. I never played any of the Buzz! quizzes before, so I can't tell you how it compares to them. But at least I can tell you how this one is.

Mega Quiz lets you pick from a few game modes: Multiplayer, Single, Team, Quickfire and Quiz Master. Then you pick one of three difficulty levels (Standard, Easy and Hard), and finally you choose what type of game you want to play: a quick game, a regular game or a custom game where you pick the types of mini-games that go in it.

The game is presented in a gameshow style, with your host Buzz, his assistant Rose and representations of the contestants. Each player can pick a character, a costume and a buzzer sound. There are 14 characters are pretty cartoony and very wacky. There's a superhero, a cowboy, a granny, an Einstein clone, an Elvis look-alike, Napoleon, a mime, a cheerleader and others. Even wackier are the buzzer sounds, ranging from a rooster to a scream, and all sorts of animals, horns and alarm sounds in between.

The questions are selected from a variety of themes: music, sports, fashion, history, nature, science, movies and general knowledge. The games are composed of different rounds. Some let the player pick a category, others require you only to be the fastest to buzz in. You might find yourself being asked to re-arrange answers in a certain order (body parts head to toe or movies chronologically for example), navigating a little plane on a globe to pick a destination for region-specific trivia, or facing elimination questions that drop you out for the next round.

There is also a funny pie fight round, a point-stealing round where you can take away your opponent?s much earned points and turn the game around, and a final countdown round where you keep answering questions until there is only one player remaining. These can really turn the odds to someone's favor, even if they haven?t been doing too well throughout the regular rounds.

There are mystery rounds that can be pretty much anything: three-card monty, shooting ducks, betting on a horse race? they're games of luck, really, and sometimes seem really unfair for awarding massive amounts of points just that, a strike of luck.

Call me antisocial, but I like my single-player games, even if I suck at trivia. These are separated into two portions, Time Buidler and Hotseat. First, you answer questions to build up your timer. Then you answer as many questions as possible in the time you accumulated, but you have to bank your points. If you give a wrong answer, you lose your progress in the bar and go back to zero. I discovered that I really know very little about a number of things... but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy participating in my own private gameshows.

Buzz! The Mega Quiz is definitely a party game. You can have up to eight people playing if you have two sets of buzzers, making up for some pretty noisy party game sessions. It may look fairly simplistic in the graphical department, but it is designed to be a game to play among friends and family and most of all, a fun one.

Special thanks to Deilia Jackson, Kimberly Weber and SCEA for providing a copy of this title.