Destroy All Humans!
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2005-10-15 Xbox Action T (Teen) THQ / Pandemic

Earth being invaded by aliens isn't exactly a new plot for a videogame. However, destroying the world instead of saving it is.

Destroy All Humans! is another game for those who enjoy being the bad guy (or girl in my case). You take on the role of Cryptosporidium 137, a little gray alien with an attitude who is sent to Earth to harvest DNA so their species can survive through cloning and prepare the way for the full Furon invasion. Crypto is also sent to discover what happened to Cryptosporidium 136, who crashed on Earth and is presumed in the hands of the government.

In the beginning, you can't help but to look at Crypto and think, "This scrawny little alien is supposed to take over the world?" But when you see what kind of weaponry he comes equipped with, the odds really change in his favor - big time!

Crypto comes equipped with a Zap-o-Matic (which is a giggle inducer hearing people being electrocuted), Ion Detonator, Sonic Boom and Quantum Deconstructor. You can get rid of humans by means of exploding, disintegrating, electrocuting and anal probing so violently that their brains explode! Either way, it's a hoot!

He also has amazing psychic powers that allow him to levitate and throw things, read minds, influence and give orders (you will have humanity think they are under a communist attack), put people to sleep and extract their brain stems. Ultimately, Crypto can also infiltrate human race by using a typical body-snatching technique that allows him to take on human form.

Crypto's means of transportation (and I don't mean the retractable jetpack) is also a destructive weapon itself. You can hover around in the little saucer abducting cows, humans and vehicles for research, using the tractor beam to hurl stuff as far as you can, or blowing up whatever you feel like. Both weapons and saucer can be upgraded by using DNA as a type of currency.

You will find gameplay very similar to the GTA series. There's a little radar, a wanted level meter (civilian, police, military and Majestic - the Men In Black kind of organization - awareness), collectible probes spread throughout the levels, and a bunch of optional missions to do resembling rampages.

Every time you succeed or fail a mission, the result will be presented as newspaper headlines. You really should take the time to read these, since they're all clever and witty. For example, drop Crypto in the water (instant kill) and you will read something like "Fishboy found in lake!"

The game is full of sci-fi references from the 50's and lots of comic relief in the funny cut-scenes, silly comments when you read people's minds, bits of really bad sci-fi B movies (which play at the drive-in or can be unlocked with gameplay), and hilarious dialogs between Crypto (with his homicidal maniac Jack Nicholson-sound-alike personality) and his superior, Pox.

The six environments in the game are huge, 22 levels spanning through them, packed with buildings, vehicles, people who refer to Crypto as a "commie" and even exploding zombie cows.

Destroy All Humans! also comes with a bonus DVD containing the original Plan 9 From Outer Space movie, your typical "saucers on strings" flick.

Destroy All Humans! kept me grinning for hours. The game is somewhat short, but if you have a twisted sense of humor like me, you will surely enjoy the ending.