Doom 3
Reviewed by Tiffany Craig
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2005-06-15 Xbox FPS M (Mature) Activision / Id Software / Vicarious Visions

My attachment to first-person shooters began with the cries of 'Mein Leiben!' and was cemented with Doom. I played it with skins, without skins, I could play for five minutes or five hours. I played it on every difficulty and discovered everything about every level. Doom was mother, Doom was father, Doom was all. So it was with grand anticipation that I looked forward to the arrival of Doom 3. I had to wait a little longer than the PC release due to the restrictions of my 1.4 gig processor. After the proven ability of the XBox as a home for first person shooters I knew a release was to come along eventually. Just before I was ready to eat my own arm off for entertainment, it was on the shelves.

I played during the daylight, which is advisable for the first try. A murky environment is well suited to having things jump out whenever you encounter a corner, a room, a door, a stone... When the stunning monster introductions and old revamps fly in fast and furious, you're well prepared to be a little jumpy.

The nasty and occasionally tongue in cheek ambient noises greatly enhance the sci-fi horror aspects of the gaming atmosphere. Stylistically the corporate aspects are very derivative of your friendly interactive computer enticing you to join the marines in Starship Troopers or the not at all biased news coverage of the TV network in Babylon 5.

The storyline would have suffered greater derision without that excess of detail. You are a marine, a marine who smashes demons that some idiot scientist accidentally unleashed. Your wise employer has provided you with a useless gun and no keys for ultimate ease of survival. You will like this game for the same reasons you probably like Vin Diesel movies: there is hardly any thinking involved.

Outside of my rampant praise there are some niggles. The first controller-throwing incident was the PDA, which is only intuitive if you are a developer. The single object carrying is enormously frustrating but eventually becomes satisfying when you use your flashlight to bludgeon one of Satan's minions. As a true child of its predecessors levels become very linear after the first few. I was almost completely devastated by the lack of single Xbox death match. After the resounding success of Quake 3 Arena and Doom 2 as multiplayer environments it rings as an ill advised decision. It does support Xbox Live and networked but I'm not entirely sure that kicking the hell out of my friends is worth more money out of my pocket.

Overall, and like someone whose hair has fallen into her ice cream, I can overlook all of that. As bound as it is the full package still measures up to fairly high standards. Extraordinarily smooth Xbox play, room for jumping and still outstanding graphics only enhance the game experience. If you happen to be into thinking and being ambidextrous, I'd recommend staying away from it. But if you're looking for good fun and an evening of zombie entertainment then this is the game for you.

Note: Doom 3 is also available as an exclusive Limited Collector's Edition. The special edition includes full versions of the original Ultimate Doom and Doom II (playable in single player or 2-4 player split-screen) as well as a special concept art gallery, behind the scenes footage about the making of Doom 3, and interviews with the developers team.