everGirl (PC)
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2005-11-15 PC Mini-games E (Everyone) THQ / Wanako Games

Note: This game was also reviewed for the GBA.

Girly games aren't really my thing, but I wanted to give everGirl the chance to be featured. I mean, what better place for a game aimed at girls it than right here? I'm happy to report that I ended up having a lot of fun with it.

The PC version kept me entertained for hours right on the first day that I received my copy. There are so many different mini-games to play that it's hard to get bored. There is a basic storyline, but it's the choices you make that dictate your everScope (the horoscope in the game) and how your character will progress.

The basics of the game are very simple: you get a request from a friend on your email, meet them at the arranged spot and help them out. Each task is actually a series of four mini-games. You have to complete them all at least once as practice, before finally choosing the one you want to perform for real. But to perform that last task to advance the story, you have to fetch some important item to help you complete it.

You will come across sports games (basketball, soccer), photography sessions, rhythm-based games (cheerleading, DJ or rock concert), Frogger-like stages, delivering newspapers on a bike, catwalk fashion modelling, popping balloons, and dancing the Limbo. There's even an arcade machine in the school cafeteria where you can play a few rounds of Space Invaders if you feel like it.

In between missions, you have to answer a quiz. The answers to the quiz will be what picks your everScope and whatever upcoming tasks you will get, according to your personality. This is a process that makes sure that the player will really enjoy the game.

Ultimately, these choices will dictate the career of your character. My everScope was nearly spot-on about my personality, but my career choice at the end of the game totally surprised me since it had to do with something I hate and don't even pay attention to - politics.

Although the game is pretty short, after you complete it there will be an album with all the mini-games, which you can play for high-scores as well as bronze, silver and gold medals. For some reason, I can't stay away from the rock concert game, I just love it.

I especially like how the game emphasizes teamwork and helping out your friends. A good example: at a certain point in the game you have to help a schoolmate overcome her stage fear. Every task presented also offers a concrete and somewhat educational objective, like putting the school magazine together.

EverGirl turned out to be a title that I would definitely recommend all parents to buy for their little girls, should they own a PC.

Special thanks to Spencer Franklin and THQ for providing copies of this title.