The Evil Within E3 preview
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2013-06-12 Xbox 360 Survival/Horror M (Mature) Bethesda

During the behind closed doors demo at Bethesda, we got a good look at the creepiness of The Evil Within. A game that goes back to the roots of the genre to create an original game, The Evil Within is a pure survival-horror title where you learn how to fight for survival with limited ammo and stealth. The gameplay is a balance of action and horror in third-person.

You play as Detective Sebastian Castillanos. In the demo, he has just arrived at the scene of a crime. Several police cars are parked outside the Beacon Mental Hospital, but there are no officers in sight. Inside the building, bodies and blood are everywhere. A doctor survives, but he's in shock. In one of the security monitors, a strange scene takes place: three officers shoot at something, a human figure in a hood it seems, a scarred face. This figure moves at a supernatural speed, becomes almost transparent in the process, and takes out all three cops. T.he image fades to black.

In the next scene everything is upside down. Corpses dangle from the ceiling, and we see one being picked off and taken to a table, where a man chops it into pieces. Our main character is one of the dangling bodies. He manages to cut lose and fall to the ground. Sneaking, the detective attempts to find a way out of this room, and spots a set of keys hanging where this "butcher" was cutting the victim. He slowly moves around the room, gets the keys and opens the exit.

All of a sudden, an alarm sounds and the butcher begins his pursuit weilding a chainsaw. The detective barely escapes, a leg wounded, as a gate closes behind him. He crosses a room where rows of spinning knife-like blades threaten to come at him from either side. Through a couple of dim-lit, dirty rooms, he reaches a dead end. The butcher catches up. Sebastian sneaks into a locker and watches as he growls, grunts and whacks things with his chainsaw. The whole time, these are the only sounds we hear, plus an increasingly loud pounding hearbeat. This was very reminiscent of Silent Hill 2 and the scene where we hide from Pyramid Head in a closet. We hear Sebastian let out "...if he finds me, I'm dead".

He then sneaks through a ward, using the existing furniture to his advantage. Throws a bottle to get the butcher's attention and sneak past. He runs through a hallway filled with obstacles (chairs, wheelchairs, stretchers clutter the way) but the vicious killer doesn't show signs of slowing down or leaving him alone. Sebastian reaches the elevator just in time and goes up. He finds his way to the exit and goes outside, only to find massive destruction.

The scene changed again, this time to show us combat in "an area where nothing is quite as it seems". It is nighttime and Sebastian walks up a dark path and enters an old cabin. Inside, he finds some syringes (the game's health kits). At the bottom, we see his healthbar and on the top left of the screen, the weapon, ammo and item used (matches).

Muffled screams are heard. Zombie-like creatures attack, which he shoots first then sets of fire. These things are mangled, distorted humanoid creatures, with sharp objects protruding from their bodies. After taking care of the two creatures, Sebastian finds mine traps. He peeks through the windows to see hordes of these creatures outside coming in the direction of the cabin. He sets up the mines by the windows, who set off the traps as they come in.

Sebastian is overwhelmed and runs down a hallway that seems to never end. The hallway changes into something more ominous, a reddish light (Silent Hill reminiscent again). A door at the end bursts open suddenly, and a wave of blood comes rushing through. Sebastian finds himself back at the hospital, but things are once again not what they seem. From a corpse and a puddle of blood, a female monster with creepy long limbs emerges and attacks. The demo ends.

The Evil Within was especially creepy and made an entire room feel uneasy. We can't wait to get our hands on it in 2014. The game will be available for PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4.