Jackass: The Game (PSP)
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2007-09-17 PSP Mini-games M (Mature) Red Mile Entertainment / Sidhe

After the quick preview, it's now time to give Jackass the full treatment.

As I've mentioned before, this is a collection of mini-games separated into episodes of the show. You play as a replacement director and have to compose a new show by making the usual crew of nutcases perform disgusting and dangerous stunts.

Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Johnny Knoxville, Wee Man, Dave England, Ryan Dunn and Preston Lacy are all in there, waiting to make you laugh as they get hurt doing all sorts of crazy tasks. The characters are lifelike (except Wee Man, he looks a bit off) and the actors have lent their voices to the game.

Each episode of the show is composed of five stunts. Each stunt has three to five goals that you must complete to advance. Stunts are rated in bronze, silver and gold stars according to how many goals you complete.

Each episode of the show is composed of five stunts. Each stunt has a series of goals (three to five) that you must complete in order to advance. Your stunts are rated in bronze, silver and goal stars according to how many goals you complete.

Goals come in all flavors and difficulties, and the more you progress in the game, the tougher they become. I got stuck on Episode 3 with Wee Man trying to juggle balls and avoid lit sticks of dynamite - I'm supposed to make 1000 points for the bronze goal, but all I can manage so far is 421. The good thing is that you don't have to do them all in one try. You can play the same stage over and over again to try to get all the goals, as long as you don't switch the stunt man, then your progress won't be saved for that stunt.

So, I've mentioned five of the crazy stunts in the preview, it's time to learn about what else there is. Knowing Jackass as a movie, I expected some of them to be a bit more... gross, but they're not that bad. At least here are no toy cars in the butt or drinking horse sperm this time around. But moving on!

I enjoyed the Wakeboarding games quite a bit. It works like water skiing, but you ride what seems like a trash can lid as a truck drives around town. As you try not to get hurt too much, you have all sorts of goals to complete: destroy mailboxes and parking meters, flip trash cans, grind fences, push bike messengers out of the way, grind cabs and cop cars to remove their lights, bail out into the subway station? These stages keep you on your toes, since there are all kinds of obstacles, plenty of traffic, and you're never sure which way the truck is turning the first time you play.

Roof Top Cart Stop wasn't as easy as it seemed. You race with a shopping cart on a roof top and the one who stops closer to the edge wins.

Pachinko Precipice, let me tell you, it's one of the stupidest ideas yet. It's like when you decide to roll down a dirt hill for the hell of it, except this hill has rocks, cactuses ("It's cacti!" - "Whatever it is, it hurts!") and ends up in a precipice with a lake below. It uses the same principle of LocoRoco, you tilt the screen with the shoulder buttons to make your stunt-jackass slide down the hill. Goals include reaching the end in a time limit, landing in the water and getting $100,000 worth of injuries.

Snow Job is a Katamari-inspired game where your "stunt jackass" is stuck in a huge snowball and is launched down a hill to roll up fences, snowboarders, snowmobiles, trees and to destroy some log cabins.

Whac A Wee Man is whack-a-mole but with Wee Man popping out of any of the four holes in the crate. Demolition Golf has you shooting explosive golf balls at a house to demolish it.

In Meat Man you run around a junk yard finding bones and dropping off meat to distract the dogs so you can walk around safely. The ultimate goal is to reach the crane and destroy a sports car parked outside the fence - by dropping another car onto it.

Elephant Poo Dive is another that made me laugh a lot. I had Steve-O diving from a roof top down into a big pile of elephant crap, and on the way down you must do the arrow and button combinations that appear on screen. Every time you do a correct combo, he farts and his falling speed slows down a bit. It's the poses he makes and the crazy laughing that make it funny.

No matter who you pick to do your stunts or what stunt it is you're doing, you will see a representation of the guy's face on the bottom left corner. And as he gets hurt, the damage becomes visible with a series of cuts, bruises, broken teeth and black eyes.

You can also save the replays of your stunts, which are quite fun to watch, since while playing you are more concentrated in doing your best rather than see what's going on around you. The replays show the stunt from different camera angles, you can pause, fast-forward and rewind. You can then share them with other PSP users wirelessly.

I found the presentation of the game to be just like that of the movies. Before each stunt, someone will come up and say a little intro, such as "Alright, Ryann Dunn here, and this is called Suburban Catapult..." and you get an overview of the area you will be playing in.

The graphics aren't bad, there are plenty of details and the frame rate is stable. The ragdoll physics are amusing but not completely surreal, and the animations are ok, even if sometimes a bit off. I also would have liked to have seen Chris Pontius do more than a couple of dance moves in Party Boy.

The voice acting includes comments by the original actors - some of them are pretty funny - and a series of screams, moans and grunts as they hurt themselves. The soundtrack is pretty chaotic and fits the theme, but there are some songs with way too much screaming . Fortunately you can adjust music, sound effects and voice volume separately.

Aside from 35 mini-games based on insane original stunts and the ability to share your prowess with others, Jackass also offers some unlockable content in the form of additional characters, character outfits and even bits of bonus footage.

Jackass: The Game isn't intended for everyone - obviously - though it definitely is for me. I like a game that can make me laugh. Fans of the movie and/or the MTV show will want to pick it up. Besides, it's the only way you will get to try these kind of crazy stunts at home without injuring yourself.

Special thanks to David Bruno and Red Mile Entertainment for providing a copy of this title.