Jackass: The Game - Preview
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2007-09-02 PSP Mini-games RP (Rating Pending) Red Mile Entertainment / Sidhe

When a preview build of Jackass: The Game was offered, I didn't think twice. My twisted sense of humor and I love Jackass, and even though I have never watched the show, I have both movies. I will always remember the golf cart derby, roller disco truck and fireworks in the van, and every time I do, I still laugh. I expected the game to amuse me as much as the movie did, and I wasn't wrong.

Jackass puts you in the shoes of the new director of the series, so you'll be the one controlling all sorts of crazy stunts and who you want to perform them. There are five stunts per episode and sets of different goals per stunt.

Stunts are represented by mini-games, each stranger than the next, but they are all a lot of fun and had me stuck in a strange combination of grins, giggles and loud laughter.

Party Boy is probably my favorite, so I'll start there. Here you play Chris Pontius as the crazy stripper dude who dances all over the place wearing nothing but his thong (and usually a little bowtie). The game is rhythm based, and as the music goes on, buttons will appear scrolling from left to right. You must press the correct buttons as they pass through the circle.

The longer you manage to keep playing, the more complicated the combos will be, mixing d-pad directions with any of the buttons, and the better your score.

Golf Rally was a lot of fun too. You drive around the mini-golf course, running over the course employees, destroying everything you can, launching whoever is doing the stunt out of the cart and into the huts, causing as many injuries as possible. (Hint: it works fairly well when you drive up the ramp near the gorilla and bail out while still in the air!)

Suburban Catapult has you launching one of the guys from a giant slingshot in someone's back yard, trying to hit all kinds of things: the pool, the glass greenhouse, the trunk of a car. Of course, and as in pretty much almost every other stunt, there is a particular goal for achieving a certain amount of damage and their respective medical bills.

Aluminum trash cans make their appearance as a racing vehicle of sorts in San Fran Trash Can. This stunt places Steve-O in the trash can, rolling down a typical San Franciso hill, trying to avoid obstacles and incoming traffic.

Shoot Johnny places Johnny Knoxville on a spinning wheel, with a scantily-clad Chris Pontius next to him, who makes just as good of a target for the painball gun you will be shooting with.

As you can tell by these examples, the stunt mini-games have the same ridiculous and hilarious factor that you would see on the movies or TV shows. The crazy look and feel is there, so are all your favorite "stunt men" (except Bam Margera), some of them unlockable as you progress through the game. The games will also be available in Challenge Mode as you complete goals, and a multiplayer feature lets you put your own show together by picking your best stunts and share them with others.

As much as I'd love to tell you about all the other strange and hilarious mini-games I've been playing, I can't, so you will have to wait for the full review to learn all about weird stunts involving shopping carts, poo, balls (what kind of balls, you ask?), vomiting and tons of injuries. Yeah, it's Jackass alright. What were you expecting?

Special thanks to David Bruno and Red Mile Entertainment for providing a copy of this title.