The LEGO Movie Videogame
Reviewed by Minna Kim Mazza
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2014-05-20 Xbox One Action/Adventure E (Everyone) Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / TT Games

Because you couldn't get enough of the hit movie based on a timeless building toy, or its yellow-faced unsung heroes, or its infectious theme song guaranteed to stick in your head for weeks because EVERYTHING IS AWESOME... we have the official The LEGO Movie Videogame to add to the already successful Lego video game collection, and this review to go along with it.

This was the first game we installed after buying the Xbox One, and being the first Xbox system we have ever owned, it took some getting used to the controller after having played a first-generation Wii for over 8 years. But I don't want to dwell on the Xbox One particulars for now, except that the graphics for the game were clearer than I've ever experienced. But of course, that's not saying much coming from a first-generation Wii.

Now, if you haven't seen the actual movie yet, it's out on the various downloadable video channels, so GO SEE IT NOW before you even start playing the game, otherwise you will be subjected to massive spoilers from the entire movie.

Essentially, you are playing out the story of the movie, just like all of the other Lego games based on movies. However, unlike the other Lego games, this game contains actual footage from the movie as cutscenes, which has a very distinctive animation style that is different from the game itself. For obvious reasons, this works very well as a fond reminder of the awesomeness of the movie.

The game keeps you on course with green "ghost" Legos to guide you to where you need to go next from the main landing areas, as well as containing many other secrets to unlock bonus items or abilities, similar to previous Lego games. It's a bit linear in the storyline, but with free play options it's easy enough to go back and play previous levels to unlock more items and areas.

Like the other Lego games, you're able to flip between characters to perform tasks that are unique to those characters in order to advance. As always, the female character Wyldstyle can do high jumps, and Emmet the construction worker is able to use his construction drill and wrench to solve different puzzles. Vitruvius the blind wizard not only uses his staff, but can cross more perilous bridges because he's unaware of the dangers below him, with accompanying silly remarks such as "I am going to cross this perfectly safe ledge" as the others look on helplessly at the flames below. Unikitty can open up special rainbow colored doors as well as fly into a hysterical rage with an accompanying death metal soundtrack, and Batman can use his grappling hook to open or break certain objects.

My only major frustrations were with the occasional times when the game would not progress properly, and get stuck with no way to get out except to force quit the game and restart, requiring some re-play. It's hard to tell whether it is a flaw with the game itself or with the Xbox One. But it's a constant reminder to use those save checkpoints whenever possible! And the best part is some of the bonus levels you find after you complete the game... again major spoilers for the movie abound!

If I wasn't excited enough about the future of Lego games, this has solidified my desire to buy every single release, and not just for the kids of course! ;) I'm looking forward to many years of continuing the legacy of a classic building block game.