Super Duper Party Pooper
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2016-10-20 PC Music/Rhythm E10 (Everyone 10+) KBros Games

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, I'll start by saying I didn't request this game key, it simply magically appeared in my email one day. Curious as I was, I roamed off to see what this was all about. By the title, I figured it was something based on being a douchebag and ruining people's parties... Well, I wasn't exactly wrong, and we do ruin people's fun, but how is an entirely different story.

Super Duper Party Pooper is a musical game of poops where you aim at dancing people. Yes, ladies and gentlement, that is it. You eat, eat and eat some more, until you can poop enough to aim at the happy dancers and knock them all out. How do I turn this sentence into a 500 word review? I don't know, but I'll give it my best shot.

Basically, this cute character goes around the world eating all the respective country's delicacies, and as the food seems appropriate for each stage, so do the dancers and the music. Your character wobbles to the rhythm and the background dancers do their thing to the music being played.

Then, food will be served coming from the four corners of the screen, and occasionally hovering in from left to right or just appearing in the center. With a tongue that could probably stretch for miles, your character slurps it all up and gobbles it all down in a series of quick-time events, attempting for the best combo possible while filling his tummy.

Once that stomach is nice and full, your character bends over and aims his butt at the unsuspecting dancers. You then use AWSD to adjust aiming horizontally and vertically, and shoot turds with the space bar at the party goers. And if this wasn't weird and hilarious enough, it gets even funnier when you see the dancers being hit in the face and scramble around like crazy until they eventually fall over.

While this seems very simple in practice, it really isn't. For a rhythm game, it doesn't seem to serve the dishes in synch with the music, so it becomes increasingly awkward when the instinct is to click they keys with the music, but instead we have to watch the visual clues for when the hands reveal the food on the plate.

The poop shooting part is much better in execution (wow, did I really just say that?) since the dancers are definitely in synch with the tunes, and their moves make them fairly unpredictable and difficult to hit. Sometimes, it's like they even dodge on purpose!

What this game really has going for it is the ability to add any music you might have on your computer by clicking the "Custom Song" button on the main menu. No browse feature though, so you must manually type the location of the file on your computer and then insert the appropriate BPM for the respective song (there's a handy website called for helping you find that). Once you've done that, you can go back to whatever stage and play it with your custom tune.

This does add a lot of replay value, but it is a very buggy feature. Most times when choosing to restart a stage after losing while using custom songs, the game breaks: the main character won't move at all no matter how much we press those keys. You must then go back to the menu and re-add the custom song and restart the stage.

Overall, Super Duper Party Pooper is a casual, entertaining and silly fun title, with the very cool option to add the music we like for infinite replayability. We can even download a few extra characters from the Steam Workshop to add some more variety, but this feature is also lacking in content. Its major faults are the fact that it is supposedly a rhythm game but it doesn't quite synch up to the beat, the laggy QTE with the red and green lights, and the very glitchy process of playing with said custom tunes.

I guess I can sum this up with... so, what kind of weird shit have you played lately?

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