Wii Fit Plus
Reviewed by Didi Cardoso
Review Date Platform Genre Rating Production
2009-12-08 Wii Sports E (Everyone) Nintendo

This Wii Fit Plus experience is my attempt at coming to terms with Wii Fit after calling me a fat cow with the balance of a drunken whore (who trips up the stairs a lot...). It's a love-hate relationship, where I love to hate it, but that doesn't mean I entirely dislike it!

Wii Fit Plus may seem exactly the same as Wii Fit, but basically it improves the original title by adding some extra features that would have been welcome back then.

Essentially, this is still a collection of yoga, strength and balance mini-games, most of them making use of the balance board (my worst enemy in conjunction with my inner ear, apparently!). All activities are now accessible right away, instead of being unlocked progressively. These include all the mini-games available in Wii Fit, plus around 20 new ones. So along with the good old hula-hoops, tight rope, soccer practice and step activities, you can now engage in cycling, skateboarding, juggling, snowball fights, kung-fu (so much fun!), even a marching band if you feel so inclined, and the VERY challenging table tilt.

There are also activities targeted at both mind and body which basically require you to maintain a certain position or do certain movements while making quick decisions. For example, you will be swinging your hips to hit mushrooms and add numbers to a total of 10.

The main innovation is the ability to create your own exercise routines by combining the activities you like the most. This may not be the best way for you to stay fit, but it ensures that at least you are having fun with your favorite exercises. Custom-made routines can be as long as an hour, but there are also pre-set routines available, focusing on Lifestyle, Health, Youth, and Form (the latter particularly targetting certain areas of the body).

Another welcome addition is the multiplayer feature. Unfortunately, this only applies to nine of the available activities...

Wii Fit Plus will import your Wii Fit saved data, transferring your history and set goals. But it will also add a new calorie counter that tells you how many calories you have burned while performing a certain activity. There is also a list of foods and respective calorie amounts required to burn them while exercising, a feature that will probably make you frustrated at how much work it takes to counter that slice of apple pie you had for dessert last night. You can set any of the food items as your goal for the day in terms of calorie burning.

You can even get your pets involved now, creating a pet profile (cat or dog) and tracking their weight as well. While your pets can't participate in the activities, they will appear in some of them to keep you company while you exercise.

Overall, Wii Fit Plus has more to keep you entertained, active and having fun. The game is simple and user-friendly, the presentation is still pleasant, and the new activities and features are very welcome. It still has some control issues and some of the activities can be downright frustrating. But for those who don't own the original game, Wii Fit Plus is the way to go: it has all the "old" stuff, plus the new goodies. For everyone who already has the original with the balance board, it's a very affordable ($20) addition for their Wii games library and a good excuse to dust off the balance board.